Julie, Part IIIJulie, Part III

Ava Addams

Part Three

Chapter Fifteen

Julie heard the alarm and thought it must not be set correctly for she had just lain down, maybe Harry would fix it, she felt him roll over and he turned it off and set on the bed side for a second and then got up and went to the bath room. She rolled over and looked at the clock and saw that night was gone and it was time to get up, she was certain that she hadn’t turned over all night. She waited until she heard the toilet flush and got up heading for the bathroom as he came out going to the shower.

“Baby, don’t get up we can handle everything, you sleep late, do you want me to set the alarm?”

“No, just wake me when you leave I need to get ready before Emily comes.”

She went back to bed after using the toilet and was asleep in minutes. She did hear Harry leave the bedroom to go wake Jimmy as she sank into the blackness of sleep.

Harry showered, dressed in a clean work uniform, and went to the kitchen to brush his teeth and checked on Jimmy who was coming out of the bathroom and hurrying to get dressed. He grabbed a sheet from the scratch pad and wrote Julie a note, ‘good luck on your mission,’ and left it on the counter. He went to Jimmy’s room and asked if he was ready and getting an affirmative answer went to the master bedroom and kissed Julie and as she roused he said we’ll gone baby she nodded and he went to the living room. As Jimmy came out of his room he said let’s go and they left, locking up as they went out.

Julie lay in bed a moment and almost went back to sleep but finally rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot. She went to the bathroom and inspected her body, she expected to see bruises and red welts on her wrists and breasts but was surprised that there was no sign of the bondage of last evening and night.

However as she moved and twisted around she saw something running down her leg and realized it was cum from Harry or Jimmy or maybe both. She mused it was a wonder that it wasn’t running out her ears with all that had gone in her, she went to the scale and found she had lost two more pounds since she weighed yesterday.

She cleaned up her leg and went back to the kitchen and got some coffee even though it hadn’t completely finished making. She walked around inspecting the house to make sure it was clean and straight, then she went to the back door and looked out to check the weather, it was clear and the sun was beginning to cover the area she sun tanned in.

Walking back to the living room she checked the front, opening the blinds she remembered her walk to the street last night and shivered as she recalled the excitement and fear. She stood in front of the window remembering and drinking the coffee. That bought to her mind the flashing of her breasts at the movie and the free passes she got, she giggled as she thought that made her a whore taking payment for letting him see her tits, wondering if she could get free steaks at the grocery store she giggled again, it was fun although a little dangerous.

Then she was surprised to feel her nipples harden and she rubbed them and a tingle started in her cunt, oh no I can’t be horny already, she suddenly saw a man in front of the house jogging and he was looking right at her, she grabbed the blind cord and quickly closed it.

Maybe he couldn’t see inside was her hope, just looking at the house. Julie went to the kitchen and got some cereal and milk for her breakfast. She sat at the counter and ate but her mind kept wandering to yesterday and then today, she hoped everything worked out ok and Emily didn’t freak when she tried to ease the subject around to Harry and getting a chance to watch. Julie went to the bathroom and turned the hot water on in the tub putting some bath oil in it and then brushed her teeth. She brushed her hair and went to the tub to soak a while. Remembering the phone she went and got it and brought it to the bathroom, the water was to hot so she had to wait so she went to the living room and then Jimmy’s room checking to make sure everything was straight. As she turned to leave she saw a piece of cloth caught in the night stand bottom drawer and opened it, it was the end of the towel strip he had used to bind her with. She pulled it and the other three out and below them were two long green zucchinis and the lubricant.

She picked them up and as she looked at them she felt a rush of emotion hit her, mostly in the stomach area just above her cunt. As she looked at the biggest she remembered how stuffed she had been with it in her and then the smaller also at the same crowding her from the back side.

Julie sank to the floor feeling weak from the memory and leaned her back against the bed, she knew she was going to try it again and right now. She rubbed the large one on her cunt slit and laid her head on the bed closing her eyes and reliving the feeling of last night as she prepared her cunt for the invasion. She wished Jimmy was here to tie her and then make her take them in both holes as she lay helpless and cumming around them.

She pulled her feet up against her body sliding her ass away from the bed to a reclining position and placed the zucchini end against her cunt opening and began to insert it slowly twisting it to get it wet from her cunt fluid. As she was getting the first inch she could feel her heart beating in her chest and also in her clit, working carefully and enjoying the slow intrusion she continued to gain inch after inch until she had six inches buried in her cunt. She stopped and just held it there wanting to experience the stuffed feeling and decided to try another inch and wait again. The phone rang in the living room!

Julie moaned in despair, just when she could feel the ache starting! She removed it quickly almost sobbing and jumped up running to the phone holding her temporary lover.


“Julie, it’s just me, called to see if you were up.”

“Yes I’m up Emily, just going to get in the tub and soak in some bath oil it helps loosen your pores and you get a smoother tan. What time are you coming over?”

“Well if you are ready I can come now, soaking sounds like a good idea, could I use your tub? Preferable with you in it?”

“That sounds like something that would be fun. You certainly can but I hope Keith isn’t hearing this.”

“No, his golf time isn’t until two so he just left to finish some stuff at the office, said he wasn’t going to stay here if I was gone he wouldn’t have anything to play with, can you imagine him saying that, the man is turning into a sex maniac, thank god.”

“It’s not his fault that he lives with the sexiest woman west of the Mississippi, he can’t control himself with your sexy butt wiggling around the house half naked.”

“Not half, yesterday it was total.”

“Oh my god, that’s awful you should be whipped, tell me about it quickly.”

“No, I’ll tell you when I get there, do you want me pick up anything?”

“Yeah, get a short piece of rope, I’m going to strangle you when you get here. You do this all the time, tease me with a bit of information and then ‘ I’ll tell you later, bye’.”

“I’ll hurry, leave the door unlocked and be naked when I get there in ten minutes.”

“I’m already naked and you are wasting time.”

“Wow, make that five, bye.”

The phone went dead and Julie pictured Emily running for the car. She smiled and thought that she really did love Emily and not only sexually but she always made her feel good to talk and carry on foolishness, it lighten her mood and now she felt strengthen. As she returned to Jimmy’s room carrying the zucchini she went by the front door and unlocked it. Reaching the night stand she put away the strips and her green lovers kissing each one and said later guys as she closed the drawer.

She went to the kitchen and refilled her cup and filled one for Emily taking both to the bath room and placing them on the tub. She checked the water and then slid into the tub, taking a drink of coffee she rubbed the oil on her shoulders and neck and then just relaxed. As she let pleasant pictures run through her mind, she thought about how good life was and all the people that liked her and she felt on top of the world. Relaxed and rested she was never the less excited about Emily’s arrival and could feel her nipples stiffen even in the hot water. She heard Emily’s car horn beep twice. Seconds passed and then.

“It’s me. I smell coffee.”

“Your cup is back here waiting for you.”

Emily came in the bathroom door and stopped looking at Julie lounging in the tub.

“Now that’s a scene for the movies, beautiful woman naked in tub about to be ravaged. I’m dying for some coffee where did you hide it to torture me.”

“It’s right here waiting for you, but you can’t have any until you get out of those clothes, only naked women are allowed in this house. And you’re wrong it’s not about to be ravaged, it’s wanting to be ravaged, hurry , naked means coffee then you tell me about last night.”

“Ohhh, you’re so bossy I don’t know why I love you so much.” Emily began undressing fast and Julie noted she did not have bra or thong on. Emily shucked off her shorts and shirt blouse and laid them on the vanity and came to the tub, getting on her knees she leaned to Julie and kissed her on the lips. Julie kissed her also and it was a lingering kiss. Breaking away Emily said.

“That’s one reason, you are a fantastic kisser, and here are two more.” She slid her hand to Julie’s breasts and rubbed them and ran her fingers over the nipples. They kissed again and Julie grasped one of Emily’s breasts and rubbed it tweaking the nipple with her fingers. This kiss had a lot more intensity as both were beginning to respond to each other.

“Emily, get in this tub and drink your coffee before you make me so hot the water boils away.”

Emily climbed in and they squirmed around trying to get two bodies in a one person tub facing each other. Finally they determined that the best way was with each having a leg between the other’s leg. Emily took a long drink of coffee.

“Girl, that is good coffee, I’m going to marry you just for your coffee, never mind that you’re the sexiest girl in the state and the most beautiful, the coffee is enough for me.”

“Quit stalling, you didn’t bring the rope but I can still drown you, talk.”

Emily giggled and started talking. She told Julie that she left the school and went to Willow Bend and got something and then drove back but the classes at school were late ending and she didn’t get home until just before Keith. She was just getting out of the shower when he drove up and she wrapped a towel around her and rushed to the door to greet him but the towel fell off just as she opened the door and there she stood naked and he was reaching for the door knob.

He dropped his briefcase and just stood there in shock, she was frozen not knowing what to say and all that came out was welcome home darling. He stepped to her and crushed her in his arms kissing her lips, face, and neck while his hands roamed her body. They went straight to bed and were there for a half hour before satisfaction reminded them that they didn’t have dinner ready.

Keith said they could go out and eat if she would spend the rest of the night at home naked, she agreed and they made love twice more before going to sleep. This morning was toast and jam with both of them nude and a long slow lovely fuck.

“And it all happened by accident, I’m not going to let anything happen to that towel it will be worn only when it needs to fall off.” As she talked, Emily, by accident of course, had slid her foot into Julie’s crotch and was rubbing her toe gently against her clit, she could feel it sticking out of it’s protective hood. Julie was enjoying her story
and her rubbing and returned the favor. They relaxed in the hot oil bath and just talked and played with each other’s cunt, drinking coffee, giggling and smiling. Both of them were getting turned on.

“We had better get out of here the water is cooling and
we won’t get any sun, Emily.”

“Yeah, you’re right but this is great isn’t it! How are we going to dry off without getting oil all over the towel?””It won’t hurt the towel it will wash right out, but don’t rub dry just blot so the oil remains on your skin, I’ll blot you and you can blot me, that sounds obscene doesn’t it?”

“When I get my hands on you it will be obscene because I plan to blot you all over with my tongue.”

“Talk, talk, talk. I want action not words, sexy butt.”

Emily scrambled to get at Julie but she was slick and the tub was slick and Julie was slick and they were slipping and sliding and splashing water, laughing and giggling until they both lay in the tub trying to keep their heads above water.

Emily said, “Now I know what it’s like to be in a cooking oil wrestling match, don’t pull the plug or we’ll both shoot down the drain like boiled okra.”

Julie tried to stop laughing to respond but couldn’t and Emily got tickled and they both laughed until their eyes were filled with tears. Finally they stopped laughing and tried to get up but kept slipping back to the bottom. Julie told Emily to hold her legs and then she was able to rise up to a sitting position, she braced Emily with her legs so she could turn over and then sit up with her back to Julie and her knees under her chin.

Julie pulled her back against her so she could get comfortable and put her hands on her breasts sliding them all around and trying to pinch the slick nipples, Emily leaned her head back against Julie’s shoulder and sighed rubbing Julie’s legs with her hands and sliding her back against her breasts.

“That feels so good, sweetheart. I could stay here all day and let you do that except I want to do you also, can we get out and blot and make it to the couch or somewhere so I can hug and kiss your lovely body?”

Julie squeezed her breasts and kissed the side of her face and then they started getting up and pulling the plug of the tub. Being careful and holding each other they made it out without slipping and got the towel and Julie began to blot Emily and vice versa. Taking the towel and a wash cloth Julie led the way to the kitchen, Emily had the coffee cups, they refilled their cups and stood at the counter sipping coffee and touching each other with occasional kisses.

“Julie, I have to tell you something please don’t kill me!”

“Sweetheart, I would never kill you out right I would have to torture you for at least a week first.”

“Seriously now, you remember Sarah?”


“Well, when I got to school she was waiting for me at the door. She asked could she sit with me and wanted to know if we should wait for you so we could be sure of sitting together. I told her only teachers had to suffer today that you were still asleep most likely. Well we sat together and then went to our training class by departments and she wanted to know if we could have lunch together when we met in the lunch room, of course I agreed and she steered us to the back so we could be alone.”

“Don’t stop now, Emily you got my interest.”

“Well, she started telling me about her life and she was all most in tears and could hardly eat. Julie, she met her husband in school and they dated, went steady, for almost three years. Got married and went away for college, she worked as a cashier in a grocery store so he could go to school full time. He worked on Saturdays, she worked six days a week, after two years she started to school and worked the night shift at the store six nights a week.

“He didn’t work at all. When he became a senior and only had two quarters to go he told her he wanted a divorce that he had found a girl that would be a better wife for his career and she was prettier than Sarah and Sarah was never at home when he wanted sex or to cook his meals.”

“Emily you’re kidding right, nobody can be that cruel, can they?”

“Apparently, hard to believe isn’t it. Anyway she finished school with good reports but was a quarter late because of working and missed the hiring season. She says she was lucky to find this opening otherwise she would have had to work somewhere until the hiring started again this summer. Julie, she doesn’t know anyone here, all the other teachers are nice but look at her like she was a student, she found an apartment that is mostly retired people and they go to bed at nine so all she can do is grade papers and go to bed.

“She said you and I were the only ones that treated her like she was alive and didn’t talk down to her, and she thanked us and asked could we help her try to put her life back together by just being her friend. Julie, while I was listening to her, I could see myself and it hurt because I know the pain she was in and I was almost in tears myself.”

“I guess so, Emily, who wouldn’t be. It makes me sad to just hear it from you.”

“Anyway I asked her to go shopping with us this afternoon, just to get her out of that apartment. I didn’t have time to run it by you but it seemed to be the right thing to do. I didn’t mess up our plans did I?”

“No, you did the right thing, in fact I’m proud of you. You are a good person, Emily. In fact I like you to much maybe, but you amaze me the way you are now so much more relaxed and fun to be with, you aren’t as uptight and nervous.”

“You know why I’m different, Julie, my whole life has changed. You gave me some advice and for once I did something that someone told me to rather than thinking that I could solve all my troubles if I just worked harder. And you know I think that Kurt is much happier also, let’s face it I was smothering him to death trying to please him and myself.”

“Hey stop that, let’s change the subject, next we’ll be drinking beer and crying.”

“Yeah, I ruined that mood didn’t I, sorry. What do you want to do?”

“Let’s get some more coffee and those cookies I got hidden in the pantry and then we can slop on the tanning oil and go tan our sexy bodies so we can make grown men cry when we show them a little leg.”

“Oh my, that sounds like fun, especially the part about the cookies. Lead on, madam.”

Julie got the cookies while Emily was pouring coffee and they sat at the counter. Julie pulled the bar stools together as she and Jimmy had the day before and when Emily sat down she pull her legs apart and put her leg between them. Emily smiled and put her hand on Julie’s leg and rubbed up to her hip, Julie put her hand on Emily’s breast and rubbed it. They ate about four cookies and drank coffee just playing and looking at each.

“Julie, I’m getting horny again, can we go to the couch? I want to get some tan but I want you worse, your nipples are driving me crazy, and you’re sitting on something that I want to kiss.”

Julie smiled at her and got up from the stool and slid between her legs and kissed her on the lips slipping her tongue in Emily’s mouth . Emily moaned and sucked on it. Julie grasped both her nipples and pulled them away from her breasts and squeezed, Emily broke the kiss and looked at Julie’s fingers and said.

“Oh, that feels good, I’ve wanted that, I wanted you to do it to me so bad. It’s crazy but I love it when you hurt my nipples like that. Let’s go to the couch, please . I want you to do this while I kiss your cunt will you please?”

“Are you sure? Don’t unless you really want to, I will do it for you without you loving my cunt but if you want to I will love it and I’ll cum all over your face because I can’t help it.”

“That’s what I want, hurry.”

They went to the couch carrying the wash cloth and towel putting the towel on the couch and the wash cloth on the coffee table. Julie lay on the couch and pulled a pillow under her head to elevate it. She motioned Emily to get on the couch above her head with her knees on each side of Julie’s face, then she spread her legs one on the floor and the other over the back of the couch. Emily leaned over Julie and rubbed her cunt lips with her fingers, Julie gasped when Emily’s finger rubbed over her clit. Emily lowered her head and licked Julie’s clit and licked down her slit then she closed her lips over the clit and began to suck.

Julie almost screamed from the pleasure she was receiving, she grabbed Emily’s nipples and pinched them hard, making Emily moan but she didn’t quit sucking. Julie reached up and with both hands pulled Emily’s hips down until she could stick her tongue in Emily’s cunt opening. Ramming it in as far as she could get it she began to tongue fuck her cunt. Julie’s ache started it’s journey from her stomach to her cunt and she could feel the moisture trickling from the bottom of her slit, then Emily moved down to her slit and her tongue went inside Julie. When she tasted the juices there she moaned and redoubled her efforts plastering her mouth to the opening and licking and sucking Julie’s pre-cum into her mouth. Julie also sped up her action on Emily’s cunt which was also secreting her fluids and she knew that they both would cum quickly.

Suddenly Emily’s cunt was convulsing and she was pushing it down against Julie’s mouth. When Julie felt the flow she began to suck and swallow the cunt juices and her own climax hit her, they both moaned into the other’s cunt and licked and sucked until their peak was over and they began to relax and just lay kissing and licking each other. Finally both found the other’s clit and kissed it sucking a little and licking then kissing again.

“Julie, I’ve found something that I like to kiss as much as I love to kiss your sweet lips. You have to promise me that I can kiss it anytime I want to, promise?”

“How could I ever refuse you after this Emily? You made me blast off like a geyser, that was wonderful but you will have to promise me the same, promise?”

“Yes, you can have me anyway you want, I belong to you.”

“Right now I want you naked and slick with oil lying in the sun, so I can see your body and touch it while we tan. Then I will mostly want you back on this couch cumming and moaning like you are being killed.”

Emily rolled her body away and stood up looking down at Julie, she laughed.

“Sweetheart I wet your face all over I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it.”

“Your not exactly dry yourself that’s a drop hanging on your nose and another on your chin, get the wash cloth on the table.”

Emily got the cloth and knelt by the couch and started to wipe Julie’s face but then she leaned over and licked her lips and tasted her own cum and then kissed her and began to lick all over her face. Julie licked at her every chance she could and they began to laugh together. Finally Emily wiped Julie and then herself and helped her get up.

“We better get outside, I can’t go home with out at least a little redness to show we actually did sun bathing or Kurt will think we did nothing but shop.”

“First I’ve got to wash, there’s a river starting down my leg and you have a streak on yours.”

“I’ll lick yours if you’ll lick mine.”

“Oh no, we’ll wind up back on the couch and miss lunch and maybe dinner, washing much safer.”

They took the suntan oil and another towel then went out the door to the chaise lounges.

Emily said, “Oh it feels absolutely wicked to be outside naked, are you sure no one can see us?”

“No not absolutely, but no one has broken though the fence yet. I was out here yesterday for nearly two hours and didn’t see or hear a thing.”

“I thought Jimmy was here yesterday, did you lay out nude?”

Julie lay the towels on the lounge and opened the bottle of oil, thinking how to answer she turned to Emily and smiled and squirted oil on her boobs and began to rub it on her.

“Well yes, normally I don’t lay out with him here but he is used to seeing me in various states of undressed and so I told him that I was and for him to not peek.”

“Oh of course, and he didn’t I sure, he’s is a fine young man, well mannered and always respectful to everybody, follows the rules. Come on Julie, that’s blood running though his veins and his hormones have kicked in, he’s developing a man’s body, I bet he jacked off six times looking at your sexy body. Don’t be mad I’m just joking.”

“I’m not mad, we try to have an open attitude about nudity and sex and think that if you make it a taboo then it just becomes more appealing, so far it seems that it is okay as he doesn’t run away to the bathroom whenever your bring your sexy butt around him. But I am curious, how do you know about his manly body and hormones are you flirting with my son and leering at his muscles?”

“You should have been a lawyer, Julie, you sure know how to shift attention away from the subject when you want to. I think you are right about the attitude towards nudity and sex. And it should be taught at home not in the class room, but what do I know about sex, it was never mentioned in our house.

“Yes, I’m guilty of leering at Jimmy’s body, he has sure grown in the last year, he’s about four inches taller than most of the other boys and also I notice that a lot of the girls are leering also, so you don’t have to worry about me but you should be worried. Let me oil you, it’s dripping off my nipples, you got distracted and oiled my tits three times.”

They finished oiling each other and lay on their backs sunning and talking, occasionally touching and smiling at each other. They discussed school, people, and any subject that came to mind. After twenty minutes they oiled up their backs and lay on their stomachs as this was their plan to keep from getting to much at one time and changing positions helped to ease the discomfort of lying in one position a long time.

Julie ran inside and got them a cold drink and then the talk turned back to Sarah.

“Julie, would you let another woman love your body, if you liked her, I mean beside me and I asked you to?”

“I don’t know Emily, never thought about it why do you ask?”

“Well, I keep thinking about Sarah, and I know how she must feel and what she needs. And I remember how good it was when you let me put my hand on your leg and I realized that you liked me and was concerned about me and wanted me to be happy. I feel like she needs that same thing, the feeling that someone cares and wants her to be happy and maybe more important that they don’t feel sorry for her and are just being nice. That they really want her for herself and to give her affection and let her give affection in return.”

“You’re saying to give her emotional stability, mental comfort, and sexual satisfaction?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m trying to say, I’m not very good at it.”

“But what if she is turned off by one of those? For an example suppose she wants to be friends and share in things to fight loneliness but when it comes to sexual contact she views sex with a woman as perverted and dirty, so there goes the friendship and your reputation.”

“That’s why I’m asking you, I don’t know. All I know is what I feel, I am drawn to her but I don’t know if it is pity or sexual attraction. Maybe I’m just a lesbian and don’t know it, maybe I’m a bull dyke with the body of a movie star. Don’t laugh, it’s serious!”

“Sorry I can’t picture you as a bull dyke, you’re too cute. So anyway, you don’t know it you want to kiss away her tears and rock her to sleep or lick her cunt until she blasts off like a rocket.”

Emily laughed, “Well yeah, that’s what I love about you, you cut to the heart of a matter but it does sound crazy doesn’t it?”

“Emily, I think you want to do both, maybe you’re confusing the issue because you want to be involved but being involved means you can’t think out the problem and let a solution work itself out slowly.”

“What? You’re going to fast for me. I’m good at understanding math problems but real slow on emotions. Are you saying that I should leave it alone?”

“No, I think if you and I don’t do something then nothing will change. She will be unhappy and look for another assignment and hope that things will change and they might or they might not. Meanwhile she is unhappy.
Your assessment of the problem and what the solution should be is correct, and if it works she will be happy and you will have done a great thing. She might stay here and everything works out or she goes away with new confidence and things work out.”

“You said you and I, that’s means you are going to help, doesn’t it? Julie you make me so happy, I want to kiss you all over.”

“Oooooweee, you might get that chance, quit wiggling your cute ass around you’ll never get a tan with it in constant motion.”

“I can’t help it, when I look at you I can only think of one thing and that starts my motor to running. Well do you have plan of action?”

“We start at lunch and see how things progress, how Sarah reacts and let things develop slowly or fast whichever way looks best, ok?”

“Ok. How much longer do we lay on our stomachs? I want to look at your nipples, it’s been weeks since I last saw them or at least it seems that long.”

“Five more minutes will make thirty, then we do ten for the front and give it up. Ok, your horny little imp?”

“Great, then I get to show you my surprise.”

“What surprise, I can see everything about you, did you change something?”

“No and I not going to tell you cause it’s a surprise!”

They lay still and quiet for the next five minutes and then turned over. They decided they didn’t need more oil for just ten minutes and drank the balance of their drinks which was hot. Emily lay looking at Julie.

“Emily stop staring at me, I feel like a steak laying in the display case with you licking your lips and thinking about broiling me.”

“More like a chocolate morsel than a steak, and I going to devour you and savor every bite.”

Julie giggled and turned to look at Emily. They exchanged smiles the kind lovers do when they know they are thinking the same thing.

“You didn’t answer my question, Julie. Would you let another woman love you like I do if I asked you to?”

“Would depend on who she was. If it is Sarah and for you I think I would. Now let me have a turn, would you let a man make love to you and let him watch as we made love, if I asked you to?”

“Oh my god.” Emily thought a while before going on. “I would want to do anything for you, you know that so I guess my answer is the same as yours’, it would depend on who it was. I know you wouldn’t ask me to if it was a sickee or a wino so it must be somebody that you love and then my answer would be yes. Especially if it was Harry or Jimmy. When do you want me to do it?” Emily was grinning when she finished.

“Hold on. Don’t get carried away. That wasn’t an offer just a thought provoking question, I hope. Your thoughts are going the wrong way. But it’s interesting that you answered so quickly and positively, I think I should watch you from now on and not let you get alone with my men. What if it was Keith?”

“Of course I would make love with him, and if he wanted to watch us then it would be ok, since I love both of you that wouldn’t be a problem. Now you’re going to make it tougher aren’t you, I can see you smiling.”

“What if it was you and Sarah and maybe he would want both of you?”

“Oh hell, I knew you would mess up my mind, let me think about that.”

“Think fast I’ve got to go potty. Would you or could you watch your husband fucking another woman?”

“I don’t know Julie, if it was you I think I could handle it but anyone else I’m not sure I could.”

“Me either, I think it would ruin the marriage but then I think about you and I and now we are including Sarah or planning to, and no matter what great things we want to accomplish with her or ourselves it still would be the same thing as him fucking her or Keith fucking her, wouldn’t it?”

“But Julie, I love you. Doesn’t that make a difference?”

“Only to you and I. Suppose he told you he loved someone at work and wanted to fuck her but he still loved you and wanted you to accept her as his lover.”

“Ok I see, you’re right. As my mother always said ‘ what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’, not sure she visualized that kind of situation but it fits. But what can we do I don’t want to lose what we have?”

“I don’t either, I don’t like being dishonest to Harry and sneaking around but I don’t know how to tell him that you and I are sharing ourselves without offering to share him also and share you with him. But then I should be prepared to give him the same freedom and I’m not ready for sharing him with anyone other than you and certainly not wanting him to share me with others, women or men.”

“Why did you have to bring this up Julie? Now I’m depressed. Couldn’t we have just continued to enjoy what we had and not worry about it?”

“Not what we had Emily, what we have, we still have it, nothing’s changed except we are discussing it as normal people should and looking for a reasonable solution or maybe just a justified reason as to why we should take an action or not.”

“Well all this sounds ok and I trust you to make the right decision but I don’t trust myself to make a decision or even to understand what we’re talking about. So just tell me what you want to do.”

Julie looked at Emily and realized that she was saddened, she rose and grabbed her hand pulling her to the side of the lounge and embraced her. Emily clutched her and squeezed her tightly. Julie kissed her and she turned her head and kissed Julie fully on the lips with passion and longing.

“Don’t let it upset you sweetheart we will work it out, meanwhile we can continue with things like they are now and just be careful when we aren’t alone so we don’t give our secret away, ok.”

“Ok, Julie it scares me to think that I might lose what we have now. I feel so good just knowing that you love me and we can share our selves. I love everything you do to me, even pain feels wonderful and the cums that you give me are the best ever and they get better every time we make love. I’m such a wimp, I need you like a drunk needs a drink and I crave your body as though I am starved. Just hold me a minute and I’ll get alright.”

“We’ve got enough sun let’s go inside so we can hold each other close and you can tell me about your surprise. We’ll have some coffee and I’ll make it up to you for making you sad, I never want to make you sad.”

They left all their stuff and went inside with their arms around each other. Julie led Emily to the shower and turned on the hot water, they got in together and Julie bathed her and as she did she noticed that Emily was looking at her with adoration in her eyes. She washed the oil off of her and then played around rubbing her breasts and washing her cunt several times. Emily had her side to Julie and she leaned back with her arm around Julie for support and her legs spread giving her access to her cunt and then kissed her holding it for a long time and moving her lips around on Julie’s.

“Julie, will you fuck me from behind on my knees and slap my ass for me until I cum?”

“Baby, I don’t want to leave hand prints on you but I will spank you lightly if you want it. Why do you want me to spank you? Let me do something else to you that should be just as thrilling. Wash my back and get the oil off me so we can go to the living room.”

“I want you to know that I am yours, that you can do anything to me. I have submitted my body to you and I love everything you do to me, I want you to whip me, pinch my nipples, fuck me with baseball bats, any thing you want, so that you know I am yours totally.”

“Emily, I know that and I don’t need to hurt you to test your love, I want to hold you and caress you while kissing you and give you pleasure. We may get a little rough with each other because a little pain enhances sex, at least for me and I hope for you, but if it gets to bad we can stop because I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to own you. I want us to love each other equally and share with one another the pleasures and joy of just being lovers without commitment. But if you have a need and feel like you must submit yourself to me I will accept you as part of my joy is in giving you joy. Think about it and tell me later, ok?”

“I can tell you now, I want you to fuck me from behind and spank my ass, that is something that I want to experience maybe just once maybe often and I want you to do it because I trust you, will you do it for me?”

“Yes, let’s get out of here, I know the perfect place in the living room.”

They dried quickly, Julie hadn’t really washed herself just rinsed under the shower and her body was still glistening with the oil that had soaked in her skin. She grabbed a towel and washcloth and told Emily to bring her towel. They walked to the kitchen and Julie got the coffee and warmed it in the microwave and set two cups on the counter. Emily was watching her and waiting.

“Are we going to eat, I’m confused Julie.”

“No, I’m going to torture you a little and make you wait for your dream to come true. But first call Sarah and tell her we will pick her up and go eat and that we are going to wear shorts and sexy blouses so don’t dress like a school teacher.”

Emily got the phone and her handbag to look for the number and Julie went to Jimmy’s room and got the towel strips, lube, and zucchinis folded them in a towel and returned to living room putting everything under the coffee table. She returned to the kitchen hearing Emily saying ‘ we’ll call you when we leave, bring plenty of money, love you, bye’. Emily clicked the phone off and turned to Julie.

“Nice touch, Emily, love you. You’re a lot sharper than I been giving you credit for, I’m going to have to watch you closely around Jimmy, you could bewitch him with those flirting eyes and cute ass.”

Smiling Emily said, “She will get ready and dress when we call that we are leaving. She sounded excited and said she was worried that we would forget her, all her shorts are loose fitting so I told her to get the tightest she had and a midriff blouse with buttons in front.”

Julie took Emily’s hand and led her to the counter where her coffee was, moving the stool out of the way she turned her to face her and stepped up close so that their nipples were only a few inches apart. She handed her the coffee cup and took her own and they drank looking at each other.

“Emily did you know that you are naked?”

“Yes and I love to be able to be with you naked, I feel so free, so uninhibited, so sexy with nothing to be ashamed of, you look at me and I know that you aren’t going to be critical that you accept me with all my blemishes.”

“Sweetheart you don’t have any blemishes that’s self being critical of self, you are perfect just like you are.”

Julie leaned to Emily and kissed her lips leaving her eyes open she watched her and bringing her free hand up she cupped her tit and squeezed it. Emily opened her lips and sought Julie’s tongue which was in her mouth in a flash. Emily closed her eyes and swayed against Julie’s hand pushing her tit harder against it. Julie removed her tongue and lips and saw that Emily’s hand with the coffee cup was shaking.

“Drink your coffee baby and put the cup down. I’ll want your body free to play with so you will be hot and wet between your legs.” Emily drank the coffee in gulps and set the cup on the counter. “Close your eyes and spread your legs for me. Now put your hands on your breasts and cup them like I just did and squeeze them just a little. Move your hand up until your nipples are between the fingers, good, now close your finger slowly and make your nipples hurt as they get bigger. Squeeze and pinch at the same time.”

Julie had one hand on Emily’s stomach and she stepped to the side and put the other on her ass cheek. She rubbed both and slowly moved her hand down Emily’s stomach inch by inch towards her cunt, when she was about to the top of her slit Emily’s legs began to shake and she was breathing hard. A low moan came from her open mouth when Julie’s finger touched the top of her slit.

“Cum for me sweetheart lube up your cunt so I can feel your wetness when I put you to your knees to be fucked.”

Emily gasped at the thought and she began to shudder and Julie knew she was in the beginning of cumming so she lightly rubbed her finger on the slit directly over Emily’s clit and the same time moving her other hand to her ass crack and sliding down to touch her asshole. Emily came unglued and began to hunch against Julie’s fingers back and front, as she came. It was a small and fast one, and she became still but still shaking, not squeezing her breasts as hard but still working on them and her nipples.

“That’s beautiful Emily, I wish we had a video camera so we could capture that and look at it over and over. Keep your eyes closed, turn and put your hands on the counter now back up so you are leaning forward and stick you ass out for me. That’s right spread your legs a little. That is a beautiful ass, it needs to be kissed not spanked, but you have been a bad girl lying outside naked thinking about getting Sarah’s hot little cunt wrapped around your tongue.”

Julie slapped one ass cheek with the flat part of her hand, it wasn’t that hard but it sounded like a shot in the house. Emily jumped and moaned so loud and pitiful that it scared Julie.

“Are you ok, Emily?”

“Yes don’t stop, it was wonderful it was like an electrical shock to my cunt and it’s still tingling.”

“Are you sure, baby, I can’t stand to hurt you. It hurts me to hurt you.”

“I want it, Julie, you have to spank me I’ve been a bad girl running around naked thinking about Jimmy and wanting to see his cock. And planning how I could get him away from… Aghh! Yes spank me again. Wondering how it would feel to have him fucking me from behind, Ooooohhhh! And Harry in front of, ohhhh my… my… my burning ass… me with his big cock in my mouth… YES! AGH! And, and both of them cumming in me at once.”

Julie suddenly stopped as she realized she had forgotten how hard she was hitting Emily, she saw her shaking all over, her ass was twisting as she shifted her weigh from leg to leg. Julie pulled her upright and around hugging her Emily was trembling and her eyes were filled with tears running down her face.

“Oh god, Emily, you did that purposely so I would lose myself and spank you hard. I am so sorry I didn’t want to hurt you, I love you. Please baby stop crying, you’re shaking all over. Talk to me, say something, please answer please, do you hate me?”

Emily shook her head and clung to Julie with her head on her shoulder and upper breast. Julie kissed her as she continued to tremble and her hips withered and squirmed against Julie. Finally she looked up at Julie and smiled a weak smile and barely mumbled, “I’m cumming, I love you too.” Julie squeezed her hard and they sank to the floor as Julie’s legs lost their strength as relief flooded though her, Julie had her in her lap and rocked her like a baby kissing Emily’s lips and tears running down both her cheeks and dripping on Emily’s face.

They stayed like that for a long time with Emily beginning to regain strength and returning Julie’s kisses and rubbing her breasts. Emily smiled at Julie and wiped tears from her face with her tongue tasting the salty tang and kissing her eyes.

“Julie you cried for me and said you loved me. That gives me the greatest feeling that I have ever had. My heart feels like it is going to burst with love for you. I want to return the love and make you feel the same way, can I fuck you?”

“Yes, but I haven’t finished your request and did you from behind, do you want it now?”

“No, I want you first then if we have time you can fuck me, please?”

“Ok lets go to the living room, let me help you up.”

They went to the living room and when Emily saw the towel spread on the coffee table she said it would be perfect. Julie knew she was expected to get on her knees and lay on the table and memories flooded her mind as she remembered last night and how she had lain there tied and blind folded and fucked senseless. She also remembered the zucchini in her ass and she clenched her butt together at the thought. But Emily had gone to the couch end table where she had placed a bag when she arrived and reaching in pulled out something with straps hanging from it. She turned to Julie and held it out and said.

“This is my surprise.”

Chapter Sixteen

“My god, what is it?”

“It’s a dildo with harness so you can wear it and fuck like a man. See the penis, it came with two, the other one is smaller for anal intercourse. Feel of it, it’s almost the same as a good hard cock.”

Julie felt of it and rubbed it, looking at the shape and how it had molded veins just like a real cock. She said. “Are you going to fuck me with this?”

“Yes, I got it yesterday at an adult gift shop in Willow Bend and that’s a story I’ll have to tell later, and it has been sterilized.”

“Have you tried it out or am I going to?”

“Well, just a little bit. It was fantastic! Help me get it on and I’ll let you play with it, do you like to play with cocks little girl?”

“Oh, I don’t know sir, I’ve never seen one before.” Julie held Emily’s arm as she stepped into the harness and pulled it up until the base of the cock fit over the curve of her cunt, Emily told her to hold it and as she did she realized how long it was, her hand only covered about a third of its length. Emily tighten the straps which were velcro and then they both looked at it as it hang at a forty five degree angle from her cunt, Julie was still holding it.

“Mercy, Emily are you going to drill for oil with that thing? Look at the length of it! It must a foot long!”

“Exactly. I’ll bet that you come before I can get all of it in you. Just think how that is going to feel sliding into your womb.”

“Baby, I can’t take that, I would be ruined for life. I’m used to normal human beings not something from outer space. That’s as scary as the horn of a charging bull heading for you, you know there is going to be some more pain when it gets there.”

“But isn’t it amazing.”


“Kinda makes you want to try it doesn’t it?”

“Well a little.”

“Wonder how it feels, you know sliding in deep.”

“Ooohhh, not sure I want to know.”

“It would reach places nothing else has ever touched. We could go real slow and you could experience it without fear of pain or injury until you were sure that you could take it all, let’s try.”

“I don’t want a plastic cock, wouldn’t be very exciting.”

“Not interested?”


“Why do you keep rubbing it, you liar.”

“Emily, don’t tease me, you know that I want to try it just like you do, but I’m little concerned about the size of this thing. Can we do it and not get carried away and damage me?”

“Yes, you take all you want as you become accustomed to it, all I will do is hold steady and give you more if you ask for it or less if you say so. I’ve got some lube for it and you get down on the coffee table and relax until I get it ready. Would you like to suck it first to see how it feels?”

“Well, I normally don’t suck on the first date unless there’s wine and steaks involved, but I could make an exception this time I guess.”

“On your knees wench, service this love giving instrument with your mouth to prepare it for plumbing the depths of your womanhood.”

“What nasty novels have you been reading?”

Emily laughed and pulled Julie to her removing her hand from the dildo and placing the cock between her legs, Julie squealed as it rubbed along her cunt and out the back pass her ass and butt. She was riding it like a rail fence and she spread her legs a little so it would slide into her slit. They kissed and Emily moved her hips forward sliding the cock in the slit which was wet and it rubbed her clit.

“Oh Emily, that’s going to kill me I know but I don’t know which would be worse to die from it or from wanting it. The length of it scares me but that is what I want to feel. Help me!”

Emily hugged Julie to her body and rubbed her tits against Julie’s kissing her and playing her hands on her ass. Julie kissed her back and began to rub herself against Emily, as she moved the dildo would rub her cunt slit and clit. Julie was whimpering and moaning softly as she got hotter and hotter and she knew that she must have it in her cunt and as deep as she could take it. Emily could feel Julie’s nipples getting harder than normal and her breasts were hot like with a fever, she felt Julie begin to move her hips in the fucking motion making her cunt and clit slide back and forth on the dildo. Suddenly Julie broke their kiss and leaned back causing the cock to touch her asshole, her eyes were blazing with lust and the need to be fucked and she wanted the cock in her.

“Emily baby, fuck me with it I want it as deep as I can take it.”

Emily nodded and kissed Julie, saying to her, “Lay down sweetheart I’ll be behind you in a second and you guide me, talk to me, tell me more or less and how it feels.”

Emily reached for the lube in the shopping bag as Julie turned and got a pillow and put it on the coffee table for her hips and lay across it, she shivered as she waited. To her it seemed like each second was a minute as Emily rubbed lube on the cock. Finally she felt Emily’s hands on her ass and then the cock touched her cunt. She moaned with need at the touch and she wanted to tell her to hurry and fuck it into her but she forced herself to wait. Emily rubbed the slick head up and down her slit spreading the lube along the cunt lips so as not to irritate them and then down to nudge the head against the clit standing hard from the slit.

“Please lover, put it in.” Julie could not bear it any longer her stomach was aching almost to the cramping stage and she could feel moisture dripping from her clit as it was coming from her cunt.

Emily placed the head at Julie’s entrance and moved slowly forward and saw the cock disappearing in Julie inch by inch.

“Talk to me baby, tell me how to fuck you, tell me what it feels like and how much you want.”

“It’s good, keep giving it to me just like that. Oh god, it must all be in there by now… Stop! Oh! Ohhh it’s rubbing against something, don’t move. Oh my god, I never felt that before pull it out a little, Emily it’s awful and wonderful at the same time, yes that’s good the ache is gone.”

Julie began to rotate her hips in a circle and gasping for breath with short quick moans and squeals with an occasional squeaking. Suddenly she began to hump back onto the dildo, Emily placed her hands on her ass as she was afraid that Julie would lose control and jam back to hard. She knew Julie was approaching a climax as she was moaning constantly and swinging her head from side to side. It came quickly with Julie freezing her movements and just lying there shaking and quivering moaning continuously. Emily was amazed at the quickness of her climax, she wondered if she was that hot or if the dildo was that good. She knew she would have to try it now!

Emily waited until Julie began to settle and her moans got softer, then she pulled the dildo out a few inches and slid it back in slowly. She repeated this for about ten times rubbing Julie’s ass as she did. Julie begin to make a soft sound like a mewing of a small kitten and her hips began to rotate again, Emily thought to herself, ‘ heavens she is still hot and going to accept more it must be wonderful,’. She increased the speed of her fucking motion and saw fluid begin to seep from Julie’s cunt and run onto her clit, dripping on the towel below.

“Do you want to cum again Julie is it that good, I’m dying to know how it feels, can you talk?”

“Oh Emily, I can’t describe the feeling, it’s touching me in places that have never been touched, and it hurts a little but it’s a thrilling hurt. And when I tighten my muscles I can feel the sensation all the way in my womb and ovaries.”

“Do it for me baby. Tighten up and let me fuck you, hold it as long as you can.”

She felt when Julie tighten her muscles and heard a slurping sound coming from her cunt as a suction was being created in the tight wet channel. Julie’s head sprang up from the table and she grunted and all Emily heard was a faint word ‘again’ as Julie began to tremble and shake as another climax hit her hard. Emily continued to work the dildo in and out watching in awe the beautiful woman as she reached ecstasy and begin to lie still again until she realized that Julie’s mouth was moving trying to say something. She leaned close being careful not to ram deeper in her cunt and heard Julie whisper, “Enough, please, enough I can’t take any more.”

Emily removed the dildo from her cunt watching cum running out and then she leaned over and kissed Julie’s back and neck rubbing her breasts on her back.

“I love you Julie, are you alright?” Julie nodded. “That was awesome. Twice in five minutes, you just don’t know how beautiful you looked, the ecstasy that was on your face as you came. Oh how I wish we had a camera and could have made a recording of that, I think I could cum just looking at it.”

Julie didn’t respond she was still feeling shocks ripple through her and her body was ultra sensitive as she could feel each drop of her cum as it trickled between her cunt lips and ran slowly down her slit to the clit and over it before dropping to the towel. She wanted to just lie on the table and sleep a while. But there was a nagging thought in her mind that said you need to get up and help Emily to feel this same way after what she has done for you.

“Emily, could I have some more coffee? I’m so thirsty and I need something to perk me up I feel so sluggish.”

“Oh, I wonder why, you sexy hottie! Thank goodness you are ok, for a while I was afraid you were in Neverland with Peter Pan. Hold tight I’ll be right back.”

Emily stood up and removed the straps stepping out of the harness and went to the kitchen. Pouring the last of the coffee in two cups she heated them in the microwave and returned to the living room. Julie had risen from the table and was sitting on the towel leaning against the coffee table and moping between her legs with one end of the towel. She looked at Emily and smiled embarrassed and feeling vulnerable as she had revealed a deep secret that no other woman knew about her.

“Don’t look at me Emily, I’m a mess. I’m so sorry, I lost my cool and acted like a slut, rutting like some animal in heat, you must be disgusted by my display.”

“Disgusted? Julie that was the most lovely thing I have ever seen! Don’t ever be ashamed of showing me anything! I can’t even describe how it made me feel to see you like that and knowing that I was part of making you feel so wonderful. I just hope that I am woman enough to come close to sharing my orgasm like that with you so you can watch me go crazy with lust and know that you are the reason for it. Oh baby, I love you much it hurts me sometimes.”

Emily placed the coffee on the table and sat beside Julie and kissed her and they hugged and kissed as two lovers delighting in the feel of each other and their lips tingling when they touched. They would drink coffee and kiss then giggle and kiss again.

Julie rubbed Emily’s breasts and told her that she thought they were growing and they giggled and kissed, Emily said they were trying to match hers and they kissed again. Julie felt better now and she got to her knees and took the dildo and started trying to get it on but finally had to stand to step into it. Emily watched and her eyes were shining as she waited.

“Emily, we need to give this thing a name because it deserves some recognition for its wonderful power to transform normal women into lust crazed sluts.”

“Yeah, let’s name it the magic wand.”

They laughed. Julie reached for the wash cloth she had brought but Emily said wait before she could start to clean the magic wand. Julie stopped and looked at her as she got to her knees and pulled Julie to her and licked the end of the wand. Julie said it’s got my cum all over it and Emily replied I know and continued to lick , then she opened her mouth and slid it over the wand as far as she could and sucked it.

“You taste delicious, sweetheart, don’t wipe it just put it in me like that.”

“What if you get pregnant, the pill doesn’t cover women just men, it also doesn’t cover dogs or horses. What if you have a girl and it looks like me?”

Emily laughed and said, “You got so hot it must have cooked your brain, I know I’m gullible but I’m not about to believe that, well maybe the part about dogs and horses.”

They laughed and Julie reached for her hand and she knee walked over to the coffee table. Emily’s heart was beginning to pound in her chest like it always did as she approached sex with Julie. She drank down the last of her coffee and handed Julie hers to drink and then looked at Julie saying I love you as she lay across the table adjusting the pillow to place her ass as high as she could. Julie got the lube and put some on the magic wand and spread it with her finger then got more and rubbed it on Emily’s cunt slit. Emily sighed as she was touched but flinched when the finger with more lube rubbed her asshole and then begin to insinuate itself into her there.

“Julie what are you going to do? Not fuck me there I hope.”

“No lover, the magic wand is for your cunt only, I am going to stimulate you a little to get you wet and hot.”

“Ok, you have my permission.”

“Didn’t know I needed it, I remember you saying I could do anything to you and you would love it, didn’t you mean it?”

“Yes, I meant it and still do, if you want to fuck my ass go ahead but gag me, I will scream.”

Julie slid the magic wand between Emily’s legs and then raised her up from the table letting it slide along her cunt as Emily had done to her. She reached under the table and pulled the rolled up towel out and got the strip that Jimmy had blindfolded her with and put it over Emily’s eyes and tied it. She got the other strip and pulled her hands behind her and tied them loosely


“Shhhhh, baby don’t make a sound.”

Julie got the strip that was used on her breasts and begin binding Emily’s tits pulling them tight, Emily began to shiver and her legs were shaking. Julie reached between Emily’s legs and removing the wand place her hand on her cunt and stroked it, inserting one finger in the slit and letting it move up and down from her clit to her cunt opening. Emily was whimpering and quivering.

“Lover, now you know what it is like to be totally under someone else’s control and not be able to stop whatever they wish to do to you. This is what it’s like when you say that I can do anything to you that I want, if you want to stop just shake your head no and I will release you, if you want to explore nod yes.”

Emily nodded. Julie continued to stroke her cunt and shortly Emily begin to moan and tried to hunch down to get the finger in her but was not successful and she came, writhing about and gasping, Julie could hear her whispering please, please. Emily wanted to lay down but Julie held her until she stopped convulsing and then reached around and rubbed her tight and aching tits.

“Yes, we need a camera bad, can you imagine what your tits look like, tight and swollen, the nipples are an inch long and hard as rocks. Maybe I should take you home like this for Keith to see, I bet he would have a lot of fun playing with you. He would want to try all three holes but you would be so hot you would beg for a cock in your ass and hot cum pumping in you.”

Emily groaned and Julie realized she was cumming again, but just continued to rub her breasts and leaned against her back and turned her head and kissed her lips as she shuttered though her climax. Julie whispered in her ear, “I love you, Emily, more than and in a way I can’t explain.” Emily moaned louder and answered, “I love you Julie, with all my heart. Please fuck me, I don’t think I can stop cumming and I want you in me making me cum, please.”

Julie eased her forward to the coffee table and moved back to get the dildo centered in her opening and started easing it forward into her. Emily cried out ‘ oh yes yes’, Julie continued to move it in slowly and Emily began to whimper as it passed into virgin areas of her cunt.

“Oh yes, Julie, it’s wonderful, oh my, I need this oh how good it feels. Ohhhhh yes! AGH! It’s hit the back.”

Julie stopped pushing in, held still for a moment and then rotated her hips rubbing the sides of Emily’s cunt with the dildo and discovered that the base was putting pressure on her clit and it really felt good.

Meanwhile Emily was cooing like a dove in mating season and moving back and forth to take in the magic wand until it hit bottom and then relieving the pressure. Her head was swimming from the ecstasy racing though her cunt and stomach to her tits tightly bound and beginning to ache. She moaned as the pain, pressure, and ache begin to grow towards another climax. Suddenly she felt something press against her asshole and thought if Julie sticks her finger in me I’ll blast off like dynamite.

“Yes sweetheart, do it to me I want it in my ass.”

Julie eased the zucchini into Emily’s ass and heard her cry out but it wasn’t from pain but the feeling of being double penetrated as she began to cum for the third time. But the object in her ass didn’t stop after a few inches and continued to slide in filling her completely and still easing in. Emily didn’t notice as she couldn’t concentrate with her cunt convulsing around the dildo, she was feeling weak and the ache in her stomach seemed to be increasing instead of diminishing.

A pain hit her and she cried out loudly, Julie immediately backed the zucchini out about an inch and Emily sank on the table tired but still cumming and she was aware now that the object in her ass was deep and much bigger than a finger and she was stuffed in both holes.

She tried to rotate her ass without assistance from her hands but put more pressure on her tits mashing into the table and she began to sob as she felt completely helpless and couldn’t see and was being fucked to death. She started to beg Julie to stop but realized that her cumming was starting to lose its intensity and the convulsing was getting further apart so she lay still except for her ass which quivered and jerked against the dildo and zucchini buried in her.

She was aware that Julie was doing something behind her but couldn’t determine what it was, but movements and funny sounds she felt the magic wand being removed slowly from her cunt until it escaped the hot channel. But another object touch her cunt and pressed into her and she realized it was much bigger in fact it was the biggest thing she had ever felt against her slit. It was well greased and she was wet as a swamp frog so it didn’t hesitate at her opening just parted her lips and moved on in and she groaned as her cunt was forced to expand as the monster filled her cunt cavity to capacity.

When it reached the back side of her cunt and nudged against her womb her breath exploded from her lungs in a long groan. Julie stopped the inward pressure and let Emily lay quietly except her ass hole was milking at the object stuffed in it and she was cooing again. Julie took the towel she had wrapped everything in and lay it over Emily’s rear and took one more strip and wrapped it around the table legs, Emily and the towel and tied it to hold the zucchinis in and she got up an walked to Emily’s head taking the harness off as she went.

Emily had no idea what was happening until she felt Julie’s lips touch hers. Julie kissed her and touched her lips with her tongue and when Emily opened her mouth she placed the dildo head in it and Emily moaned as she realized that she was tasting her own juices she licked and sucked the magic wand.

“Take it as deep as you can and hold it sweetheart until I get back.”

Julie went to the bathroom and relieved her bladder. She cleaned her cunt slit but knew it would get wet again as long as they kept fucking each other but they had to quit for time was running out and they needed to get ready for Sarah. She returned to the living room and Emily was holding the dildo in her mouth and sucking at the end, Julie knelt beside her.

“You were magnificent baby, do you want more, are you recovered enough to go again? You and I have set a record for cums today we should be well satisfied but I could make another and I think you can to.”

Emily moved her mouth away from the dildo and said, “I am yours to do as you wish Julie, I will take what ever you do to me, even if you want to kill me I will hold my head up for you to slash my throat. Fuck me again and again if you want to, fuck me till I die for I will be happy.”

Julie grinned but Emily couldn’t see it and said. “I know you don’t mean that you are just trying to remind me that you love me and I know that also, and I hope you know that I love you just as strongly. But I want you to be happy not my slave so I’m giving you free choice, do you want to cum again or rest?”

“I don’t know it I could cum again, I feel completely drained. I had two more small ones while you were gone and I will cum again as long as I am stuffed with whatever you put in me. This is the most amazing feeling in the world it is painful but wonderful and my poor cunt is going to be large enough to park trucks in but I don’t care right now. But I need to get up, I have to go to the bathroom and I’m hurting all over. Please take them out and untie me.”

“Ok, would you like to see what you look like bound and restricted before I untie you, I can help you to the mirror.”

“How do I look? I feel like I must look terrible. Oh Julie help me, I don’t know what I want I don’t want to cum again but yet I do what is happening to me? Did you put something in my coffee? I’m so hot that it scares me.”

“You feel like you could fuck and be fucked forever don’t you, you don’t want this feeling to ever end. Right now you would fuck anything or anybody that came along just to feel yourself cumming and be filled by a cock and hot cum.”

“Yes. Help me!”

“What help do you want, to be let go or to be made to cum again, chose one and it is yours, baby.”

“Make me cum and let me see myself, then untie me.” Emily whimpered.

Julie loosened the strip holding the towel over the zucchinis and removed it. She grasped the two and began to move them slightly in and out of Emily’s ass and cunt, fucking her with them. Emily moaned and began to wiggle her hips trying to move by rocking her body on the table. Julie held both of them in one hand putting pressure on both and moving them deeper, then she began to spank Emily’s ass cheeks lightly with her other hand.

Emily rocked harder a few times and then stiffen as she hit the peak and started a painful and electrifying climax, grunting, groaning, and straining to fuck her self on the intruding objects. She began to sob as she was overcome by the joy and ecstasy of being totally dominated and made into a sexual slave where every thing was demanded of her and she freely gave everything.

Julie could tell when Emily began to reach her limit and she stopped spanking and slowly begin to remove the zucchini from her cunt watching as the cum fluid began to drip from it. Emily seemed to deflate once it was completely out and she lay still breathing hard and covered in sweat. Julie whispered to her to relax and began to fuck her ass with the last zucchini as she began the outward journey with it, she would fuck two stokes and ease out one inch. She looked at Emily and saw a smile on her face.

“Is it good lover, do you like being fucked in the ass?”

“Yes, it doesn’t hurt anymore, I love for you to fuck my ass it makes me feel good all over.”

“You should get Keith to fuck you in the ass it makes a man feel powerful to take his woman from the rear and hear her groaning.”

Julie was nearly all the way out with it and she slowly removed it from Emily and heard her sigh Elvankent Escort as it slipped out. She took both to the trash and disposed of them. Then she returned and cleaned her with the towels and took both soaked towels to the laundry room and put them in the washer. She thought Emily was asleep when she returned as she lay still and breathing normally with that little smile on her face.

“Emily baby are you ok, wake up sweetheart.”

“I’m not asleep, I’m in heaven, this is best feeling I’ve ever had in my life, Julie.”

“Aren’t you hurting?”

“Yes but it’s a good hurt, I’m hurting from love but love that is given to me not love denied that makes it good.”

“Let me help you up and get some blood circulating in your brain, so you can think straight.”

Julie raised Emily to her knees and checked to see if she was dripping and she was so she took the last towel and wiped her cunt, lay it under her and opened her cunt lips with her fingers to let any left out. Emily wiggled her hips when she felt the fingers on her cunt. Julie couldn’t help but smile. She held the towel and blotted her and then helped her to her feet, Emily wobbled trying to get her balance while unable to see. Julie kissed her and telling her to follow closely took her arm and led her to the bathroom, Emily stumbling and wobbling on uncertain legs.

Entering the master bath Julie turned on all the lights and told her to keep her eyes closed as she removed the blindfold as her eyes needed to adjust. She took her hair brush and brushed Emily’s hair to remove the tangles and checked her over, there were tear streaks on her cheeks and she washed her face and smoothed her eye brows. She stepped to the side and said ok you can look now.

Emily opened her eyes and blinked to clear them and then as her vision cleared she registered shock as she saw herself in the mirror.

“Oh my god!”

She was looking at a woman with her breasts stuck out from her hands being tied behind her back and also bound with cloth and red from restricted blood flow, the nipples were twice as long as normal and looked as if they were bursting with something in them. As she stared as them she saw a drop of milky fluid ease from the end of one and hang there. She felt her tits swelling with desire even as she watched, beginning to ache.

Julie was standing beside her and saw the milky drop on her nipple and she reached to gather it on her fingertip and showed it to Emily and put her finger to Emily’s mouth and watched as she licked it off. Emily shivered, the taste was bland but the situation was making her hot as a firecracker. She looked at her tits straining against the strips which compressed them.

“Well, do you think Kurt would enjoy playing with those? I could take you home just like that, call and tell him you had a fever and he should hurry home. The fever wouldn’t be a lie would it?”

“Julie don’t tease me, I had no idea that I would look like that. I look like a… a… a slut.”

“No you don’t, you look like a captive of a gang of rapist who are going to torture you and fuck you in every hole you have until you die from fucking.”

Julie rubbed Emily’s breasts, “Would you like to feel of them? The skin is tight and smooth as glass and they are cold, look at those nipples they are going to explode.” She touched the nipples and then squeezed them lightly and more fluid came out the end of both.

“Oh look, you are milking I bet you are pregnant and I hope it is mine (Emily shook her head smiling at the joke) do you want to taste it again? (Emily nodded her head) You don’t mine if I get some fresh from the source do you? (Emily shook her head) Maybe I can squeeze some out in my hand for you. I guess I could just suck mine out couldn’t I?” Emily moaned at the suggestion.

Julie put her hand around Emily’s tit and cupped her other palm under the nipple, she squeezed the tit and a little came to the end, Emily moaned at the pressure. Julie squeezed again and only got a little more which she wiped into her palm, then she used thumb and forefinger to strip the tit down to the nipple like milking a cow and this time she got two drops.

Emily’s legs started shaking, Julie repeated the procedure twice more and finally had a small puddle in her palm which she put to Emily’s mouth to be licked quickly. Julie quickly bent down and sucked the other nipple into her mouth and sucked it taking more of the breast in her mouth and sucking harder she was rewarded with the bland milk.

“Oh god Julie, you’re killing me, you’re sucking the life out of me, I’m getting dizzy. Stop please stop, I not just saying that, I can’t take it, stop.”

Julie stopped and looked at Emily, and saw in her eyes that she was being pushed to the limit, she saw fear and weakness on her face. She quickly spun Emily around and untied the strip and removed it from her breasts, Emily sagged against her leaning back as she untied her hands and then Julie turned her and wrapped her arms around her body and kissing they sank to the floor of the bathroom.

The two lay on the cool tile embracing with Julie rubbing Emily all over, Emily was still, nestled in Julie’s arms with her eyes closed she had her face unturned for Julie to kiss her lips and one hand on Julie’s breast. They lay for there about five minutes and Julie would kiss Emily murmuring to her calling her baby, sweet- heart and other loving names.

“Emily, sweetheart, are you okay? Talk to me baby, tell me you are alright. Oh, we get so carried away and don’t have enough sense to know when it’s enough. Please be alright!”

Emily didn’t not respond but her hand slipped from Julie’s breast and slid down to her cunt and one finger went in the slit and pressed against the clit which immediately began to stiffen and extend. Julie leaned and kissed Emily’s lips and was shocked when Emily’s tongue slid into her mouth.

“Emily, stop that! You’re alright, you’re teasing me, making me worry about you and you thinking about sex.”

“I couldn’t resist, you were saying such sweet things that I just wanted to lay and listen. But then I heard your clit saying it needed to be loved so naturally I had to rub it. I’m okay, not sure what happened but suddenly I felt like I was fainting, dizzy and everything starting turning gray, it scared me.”

“Well, we’re idiots for one thing, we haven’t had any thing to eat not much to drink except coffee, we are hungry and dehydrated and we keep our blood pressure revved up to the max. Should expect to feel faint I think. Let’s shower, freshen up and go pick up Sarah for some food.”

“Sounds good to me I am hungry and a shower will maybe perk me up.”

Emily kissed Julie’s lips and slipped her tongue in her mouth for a second.

“Emily, sweetheart.”

“Yes lover?”

“Stop kissing me and take your finger off my clit or we’re going to get started again and you will die with the magic wand in your cunt.”

Laughing Emily rolled away from Julie, they got up and Emily headed for the toilet while Julie went to the shower and turned on the water and started bathing. Emily joined her and they washed hurriedly but completely. Then they went to the vanity and worked on their hair and small amount of makeup that each wore.

“Are we going to wear thongs and bras, Julie?”

“Of course, we’re not sluts. At least not yet, just working on it.”

Emily giggled and then they both laughed. Checking the clock they saw it was two minutes until twelve and rushed to get dressed but used liberal amounts of lotion to make their bodies glister first. Starting for the door and grabbing handbags they stopped at the same time.

“Got to call Sarah, almost forgot.”

While Emily dialed the number, Julie sprayed the living and bed rooms with air freshener just in case.

“Sarah, we’re on our way out the door, get dressed but don’t wear much we’re in shorts and midriff shirts with two inch heels, be there shortly unless we get lost, and we are hungry as horses, bye.”

Emily drove her car since she knew the way. Julie sprayed cologne from her purse on both of them. The trip was uneventful and they made good time, the only talk was on where they could eat. Julie said she needed something with lots of protein like a juicy big cheeseburger and a milkshake. Emily said ok but after wards they had to stop and load Sarah up with a margarita or two or three. Julie smiled at her and shook her head, and said, “Always plotting aren’t you!”

When they reached the apartment complex Sarah was waiting outside. Julie jumped out and told her to get in the middle and away they went chattering like chipmunks. When they asked Sarah did she have a place she wanted to eat at she said it didn’t matter, Julie mentioned the burger and Sarah said there was a family style cafe just a few miles down the road and they decided to try it.

Arriving they found it crowded with men and a few women on lunch break and most were eating from the buffet. The three of them got a lot of looks as they found a table near the back. A young girl came over and took their order and went away to enter it in the kitchen window and prepare their drinks.

Emily didn’t waste time getting the subject started in the direction she wanted it to go. She said, “Our shorts have to have burn marks on them from those guys eyes, I could the feel the heat on my butt as we walked by.”

Julie; “Yeah, it got real quite when we came in the door and some guy reached for Sarah’s ass but stopped himself just in time.”

Sarah; “Really!”

Julie; “It is cute, but those shorts are way to big for her, don’t you think, Emily?”

Emily; “Looks like she’s going to a girl scout meeting, we got to get her a better pair first thing.”

Sarah; “I don’t wear shorts much and all I have are the ones we wore at college picnics. They’re a little old fashioned, I sorry.”

Emily; “Don’t sweat it, we can fix it in a second, first store we go to will be for shorts and you can change there. That is if you want to.”

Sarah; “Sure, I would love to look as pretty as you two do but I don’t have the body shape to look like that.”

Emily; “I bet you do, look at us, we aren’t alike, Julie’s rounded, curvy, and voluptuous there’s something about her that radiates sexy. I’m slimmer,,”

Julie; “and slinky with that long torso that men drool over and bouncy little butt that even makes me want to touch it.”

Emily; “Ooouuu, I didn’t know that you lusted for my butt, buy me an ice cream cone and I’ll let you touch it.”

Sarah was smiling she felt better than she had in months, finally she had friends that weren’t stuffy and so reserved. She knew that they were just teasing each other and wanted to be part of it.

Emily; “Excuse us while we run to the ladies room and I get my ice cream cone, chocolate, do you want to watch?”

Sarah; “Love to, how long are you going to give Julie?”

Julie; “Not long cause I’m going to spank her!”

They all giggled, about that time as the girl started their way with the drinks, the cook came to the door and yelled out: “How do you ladies want them hamburgers well, medium, or rare?” All three yelled out, well, and said thank you and waved as if they had known him for years. He had a big smile as he turned to the kitchen door and gave the other men a smug look. The girl set her tray down and put their drinks on the table.

“You ladies really rate, he usually doesn’t want to know how people want something cooked he just cooks it like he wants to. He is a great cook and can prepare a wonderful dish, he went to chef school but they expelled him, he was told to prepare a crepe and a sauce for it using herbs and wine and he told them that men didn’t eat like that. That tub of lard at the register is his wife and you can tell she likes his cooking. He was going to open a big club with bands and food but she got so fat that she had to have both knees replaced and now she needs a new hip. Be back with your burgers and fries shortly.”

All three were silent for a minute until she got away, then Emily said: “That was much more than I really wanted to know.” Covering their mouths they giggled.

Emily; “Anyway, you have your own beauty and your legs are great, you just need to use clothes that reveal that beauty, I bet you have a great body hidden under those shorts and junglejim blouse. Loose clothes are comfortable and cooler but that doesn’t mean you can’t show flashes of yourself to let people know there is a woman in there.”

Sarah; “You mean to flash people?”

Emily; “No, no, I didn’t say it right. Let me try to say it another way. Look at Julie’s blouse it looks very modest but notice she has left the top two buttons undone that way you can catch a quick flash of her cleavage when she moves or bends over and that’s very intriguing.”

Julie; “Plus you have a beautiful smile, your teeth are perfect, and you have an air of innocence about you that you need to use as much as possible. There is nothing that attracts men as much as a beautiful but innocent young girl.”

Sarah’s face clouded slightly and the laughter left her eyes: “I’m not sure that I want to attract men I,,,, I had a bad experience and don’t want that to ever happen again.”

Emily; “Sarah, I’ve told Julie about your sorry ass husband.”

Julie: “Don’t be bitter and let it spoil your life, hate the no good bastard but don’t let him effect you. You are to nice to spend the rest of your life alone.”

Emily; “Right and while you are putting everything back in order, we want you to call on us as your friends to help any time you need us. If you get down pick up the phone and we will be there for you.”

Sarah, in a broken voice; “Thank you, it helps to know that you are willing to share your life with me, and sometimes I do get lonely and depressed and so frustrated when,, well you know.”

Emily; “Yeah, we know one time Kurt was gone to a big meeting for ten days and I was seriously considering getting engaged to the wine bottle.”

Julie was sucking on her milkshake and almost got choked and Sarah burst out laughing and covered her mouth as everyone was looking at them.

Julie; “Shame on you Emily. She comes up these gems all the time but it still surprises me every time, if you want to hang out with us try to be prepared for stuff like that.”

Emily; “Say that’s a good idea, why don’t we let Sarah join our club, she has all the qualifications two arms, two legs, and two tits.”

Sarah; “What club do you belong to, is it a social or service club?”

Emily; “Both, I guess, or maybe neither, what do you think Julie?”

Julie; “Beats me, never really thought about it, maybe it’s closer to being just a ‘let’s have fun club’.”

Sarah; “What’s the name of the club?”

Emily; “Julie?”

Julie; “I guess it’s the Thong Club. That’s how it got started.”

Emily; “You see Sarah, there only two members, Julie and I. We don’t have dues or membership fees, she and I are co-presidents. If you want to join we will make you a co-president also, but you have to accept the by-laws and pass the initiation plus you must swear on penalty of shaving your head that you will not ever breathe a word about the club or what goes on at the meetings.”

Sarah looked at them and waited to see if they would smile or laugh to let her know that it was a joke but both sat looking at her waiting for her to speak. Finally unable to bear it any longer she said. “You’re pulling a joke on me, aren’t you?”

Julie; “No we’re dead serious, we can’t tell you more until we know if you wish to join. If not we will never mention it again and deny this conversation ever took place.”

Sarah; “You really are serious?”

Neither Julie or Emily responded, they just sat and waited. Sarah looked at them took a drink of her tea, swallowed and then burst out. “I want to join your club, if you will have me.”

Julie; ” Good, we will tell you about it and the initiation and see if you still want to join, we call it the Thong Club because we wear nothing but thongs and the more daring the better. We enjoy time together doing things like we are doing now, we give love and support to each other and we share ourselves, we will share our clothes, makeup, time, and our bodies.

“We dress as sexy as possible without looking cheap and we don’t get offended if men or women want to look down our blouse or up our skirt. We flirt, we will flash a leg or breast if the conditions are right, all in good fun and keep all our contact with others as friendly and respectful as possible.”

Emily; “We love our families, sex, and each other. We spend as much time as possible together but we don’t neglect our duties to family or jobs. We have developed our relationship from friends to sisters and now to a higher plane which I don’t really know a word for, other than love.

“If I’m stressed out Julie helps me to work it out, if I get emotional and what woman doesn’t, she takes me in her arms and hugs me till I get control. If I hurt she kisses me and makes it go away. So I’m not sure what stage we are in but it’s wonderful! So most of the time we have fun teasing each other and playing around but we also have times when we need each other, just to be there, I’m sure you have times when you need someone to just be there and listen, just hold you and let you cry, kiss your tears and tell you that they love you. That’s kind of what the Thong Club is. That’s what we are offering you, the name is just something to call it, we’re really asking you to share in our love, respect, and support of each other.”

Julie; “The initiation is secret and there will be no pain involved. But you have to do everything we tell you to do, freely, without embarrassment or reluctance. Now do you still want to become a member?”

Julie and Emily looked at Sarah closely, her eyes were shining but not with excitement, they could see they were brimming with tears. Both reached out at the same time and took her hands in theirs squeezing.

“Yes, I want to belong, you just don’t know how much I want someone to just care for me like you do for each other. And you are so nice to me, and fun to be with and both of you are so beautiful. I will just die if you don’t want me as your friend, please let me a part of the club.”

Emily; “I vote to accept, how about you Julie?”

Julie; “Yes, definitely accept. Welcome to the Thong Club. We will have to check your thong and see if it can be approved but we will go to the restroom.”

Sarah; “I don’t have a thong on, I don’t have a thong at all, but I can buy one.”

Emily; “You can’t mean that you wear granny panties.”

Sarah; “No they’re not, they are bikini panties, I always wear bikini panties.”

Emily; “Not any more you don’t. All those have to go, well you can save one pair in case you have to go to the hospital. We will just have to buy some today and get you in them as quickly as possible. You must wear them everyday or nothing at all. If you are doing house work or just laying around in shorts it’s thong or nothing, got it? OK?”

Sarah nodded and smiling squeezed their hands.

Chapter Seventeen

About that time the cook rang the bell and yelled out, “Three delicious burgers with fries for the beautiful ladies.” and seconds later opened the kitchen door came over as the girl came with three plates heaping with a huge burger and piles of fries plus pickles and lettuce, tomato, and onions.

He smiled at them and walked to Julie’s side of the table so he could peek down her shirt, as he approached she turned slightly towards him and put her arm on the back of the chair gaping her shirt even more. He introduced himself as Henry and said thank you for stopping by as he needed a higher class of patrons. Julie smiled at him and introduced herself, Emily, and Sarah.

“Thanks for the fast service, Henry, I am starving, and this milkshake is delicious also. If the burger is as good I will be coming back any time we are going shopping.”

“Well you ladies just tell me what you think when you finish and thanks again.”

The girl placed the food in front of them and as he walked away, she shook her head and whispered he would be on cloud nine the rest of the day.

She left to check other tables and Julie said let’s eat, it smells wonderful. They started and each said they really were the best burgers they had ever had. They ate in silence except for a few hmmm’s as they discovered hidden favors as they progressed though the burgers.

Emily; “I wonder what he marinates these in, I can taste a bit of this and that, some things that I have no idea what they are. But heavens it is good.”

Sarah; “Yes it is, do you think that he would give us his recipe?”

Emily; “It’s a secret recipe most likely and he wouldn’t share it with anyone but I bet he would give it to Julie. Ask him Julie.”

Julie; “Me? Why me?”

Emily; “Because we all saw how he was looking at you, you had him bewitched the minute he stepped out the door. Hell, he doesn’t even remember what we look like, he couldn’t take his eyes off you. Right Sarah?” Sarah nodded, she was thrilled to be included in the group and join in the teasing. Emily continued, “Run over to the window and ask him, I dare you to undo another button and wiggle over there, if it doesn’t work these other guys will beat him for you just to see those hips sway.”

Sarah giggled and Julie looked at her. “Sarah, don’t believe anything she says, she will get you in all kinds of trouble. She would dance nude on this table just to see you do it and then laugh like hell when you started a riot of horny men.”

Sarah; “But I sure would like this recipe so I could cook and have both of you over for a pool party. Could you try for me?”

Julie; “Oh no, now there’s two conniving members in this group I can hardly hold my own against one, what am I to do!”

Sarah; “Please?”

Julie; “Ok, but let me eat first.”

As they started back munching, Julie glanced quickly at Emily while Sarah’s head was down and Emily winked at her. They tried to talk a little but it wasn’t working as everyone’s mouth was full most of the time. Julie noticed that everyone else in the cafe was quietly eating and looking at them. She smiled to herself as she thought that all people were the same, their main concern was getting something in their stomachs to ease the hunger pains and someone in bed to relieve the pain in their cocks or cunts. She, Emily, and Sarah were no different than the man sitting alone at the small table in the corner, they all just wanted to enjoy life and wanted someone to want them.

Finishing her fries she saw the other two were also about to get finished. She looked around as she drank the last of her shake and scooped out the ice cream that hadn’t melted and noticed that the woman behind the register was gone and the girl waiting on tables was not busy as no new customers were coming in, lunch time was about over. Then her eyes stuck on an object in the back corner.

“Look, they’ve got an old time juke box! Wow, I haven’t seen one in years. I remember the few times we got to eat out my daddy would always give me a dime and tell me play B 24. Thrills are cheap and simple when you are a child.”

Emily; “Do you think it will still work?”

Julie; “I don’t know but there’s a way to find out.”

Emily; as Julie rose from her chair, “Don’t forget the button.”

Julie sat back down and leaned forward towards Emily and said you got a spanking coming girl, Sarah’s mouth opened in surprise as she noticed that Julie’s fingers were unbuttoning that button between her breasts. Julie got up and went to the girl and all eyes followed her. She asked the girl if the juke box would play and she said yes but it took a quarter and all the songs were so old that no one played it except Henry and he wouldn’t let anybody put any new type players in.

Julie walked through the tables having to brush close by some of them to get to the box and she looked at B 24 it was her daddy’s song on an old 45, Help Me Make It Though The Night.

Julie squealed making some of the customers jump and one man sitting directly behind her got choked on his tea sitting the glass down and grabbing his napkin to catch that running out his nose. Julie turned and patting him on the back squatted down beside him asking if he was ok and putting her other hand on his knee. He recovered enough to look at her cleavage as she smiled at him and apologized for scaring him.

He nodded and said in a strained voice that he was fine. Julie took his napkin and wiped his mouth and asked if he was sure and not just saying that make her feel better, he said yeah he was ok, Julie stretched up and kissed his cheek and said thanks for being a gentleman.

She walked towards the cook’s window and saw Henry standing looking at her, she stopped in the middle of the tables and said to him.

“Henry, can I play your juke box there’s a song on it that I haven’t heard in a long time and I want to hear it, they don’t play it on the radio anymore.”

“You sure can darling, what song is it?”

“It’s B 24, remember it? My daddy used to let me put my feet on his shoes and he would dance me around to that song, it was his favorite.”

“Hold on, I’ll get you a quarter.” Henry started for the door digging in his pocket for change.

Emily gripped Sarah’s leg, not hard, leaned to her and whispered watch her. “Isn’t it amazing how she can turn men into willing slaves? That’s what we were talking about and she helped me to realize that I could do the same thing and you can also if you’ll take a little help. And she does it almost as if she doesn’t realize that she is doing it, I haven’t been able to figure out if she unaware of her power or just smart enough to let people think that.”

“What’s she going to do, Emily?”

“No way to tell, maybe she doesn’t have a plan just uses whatever situation arises and makes it work for her, just watch.” Emily turned so she could watch and slid her hand up Sarah’s leg and her fingers went under the shorts leg for about two inches and she rubbed with her fingers. “Oh this is so exciting don’t you think so?”

Sarah slid forward in her chair and put her elbows on the table and her hands under her chin, her movement allowed Emily’s hand to move another five inches up her leg and the fingers were now rubbing close to four inches from the vee that extended downward to her cunt.

“It is, my heart is beating faster, look at her legs, they are gorgeous.”

Julie had waited for Henry to emerge from the kitchen and approach her with a quarter in his hand. She smiled at him and took the quarter, turning to the juke box she went to place it in the slot and he followed her. When the music started Julie turned and began to sway slowly and move her feet in time with the slow song, she smiled at Henry. Henry couldn’t believe his eyes or his good luck, here was a gorgeous creature the kind you see in those slick magazines and she was dancing in front of him and acted like he, a lowly cook, was just as equal as any millionaire with boats and planes. He couldn’t afford to pass up the chance to hold an angel in his arms, the worse she could do was spit on him.

“Want to dance with me and be that little girl again?”

“Would it be alright, you wouldn’t get in trouble would you?”

“Nope, all these folks are my friends and they wouldn’t report us to the cops.”

Julie smiled and swayed up to him and held out her arms as she danced into his. They danced but there wasn’t much room between the tables so it really was just a little swaying in rhythm and moving their feet a few inches. Julie smiled at him and looked at the other men and women smiling at them as if this was the best time she had ever had, most smiled back but all were in shock as it was obvious this woman was way above them in beauty and class but she was just like them and accepted them as equals. She was just one of them and like them trying to enjoy life and get as much fun from it as possible.

Julie looked back at Henry and he seemed to be dazed that this was really happening. She tightened her arms around him pulling her body closer and her breasts brushed against his chest.

“Wooo Henry, your cologne smells like hamburgers and a little bit of onions. You should patent it and make a line of men’s toiletries it would drive hungry women crazy.”

Henry laughed and said, ” You should come on Fridays that’s fish day.”

“Yukee.” Julie shuddered making her nipples dance on Henry’s chest. She laid her head on his shoulder and Henry grew a little bolder and slid his hand down to the small of Julie’s back and pulled her against him. Julie didn’t resist she let her body mold into his and could feel his cock hardening against her stomach just above her cunt. It was getting to be nice size, she leaned back looking into his eyes which pressed her lower half harder against him and smiled at him then moved close again and whispered in his ear; “Shame on you Henry, you’re supposed to be my father.”

“Well, it’s hard to pretend you’re a little girl for very long, but I’ll try harder.”

Julie and Henry danced and she could feel him getting bigger and harder, she smiled to herself and swayed farther side to side rubbing her lower stomach against him. She waved at Emily and Sarah and they waved back, she noticed one of Emily’s hand and arm was under the table and she thought ‘that girl is fast’. They were both smiling so everything must be alright with Sarah, in fact her eyes were shiny and bright and she didn’t have that stressed look that was just under the surface every time Julie had seen her.

The song ended and Julie and Henry parted, reluctantly on his side, all the people around them broke into applause and Julie looked around and covered her mouth in surprise, then she bowed to them and turning bowed to each side of the room. She turned to Henry and thanked him for the chance to relive a dream, he said he said it was his pleasure, which was the truth. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “I’ve got a quarter” and another said “I can borrow one.”

Julie said, “Thank you for offering but I can’t, my friends and I have some serious shopping to do, besides it I dance with you then I would dance with everyone that has a quarter and we would wear out Henry’s memory box. Thank you for letting me be a little girl for just a little while, but now it’s back to the real world. Thanks again and bye for now.”

Julie took Henry’s hand, to his surprise, and led him to the counter, she turned and said.

“Henry, do you think you could me a small favor?”

“Anything darling, just ask and it’s yours.”

“Well, Sarah, she’s the cute blond with the innocence face, wants to have a all girl sun-tanning party, and she was going to grill some burgers but now that she has tasted yours she wants to change to hotdogs. She said no way that she could even come close to matching yours and she wasn’t going to ever eat another burger unless it was yours’, Henry I hate hotdogs, could you possibly give her your recipe? I promise we wouldn’t tell a soul about it or what it was, please?”

“Of course, for you I’ll do it, actually there are four recipes, I swap them so folks can’t figure out what it is, I’ll give you the one I used today.”

“Thank you, Henry. I hated to ask you but you are so nice and I hoped you wouldn’t mind.”

“You are a nice lady too, and I would love to cook those burgers for you just to see you in a bikini, but I never have time to do anything but work in the kitchen. This business is life consuming.”

“Well you go get the recipe and I’ll will make sure you get a picture, but you will have to keep it hidden and promise that you will never ever let anyone see it, promise?”

“Promise, cross my heart and hope to die.”


Julie went to the table, Emily and Sarah were sitting looking with a slight smile as she approached. She slid into her chair and looked at them and they starting giggling.

“Ok, what’s the joke? What are you two scheming up now? I can’t leave you alone for five seconds without you getting into some kind of trouble or planning one.”

Emily; “We couldn’t help it, you had to notice! His pants struck out so far in front that it looked like a circus tent. And you were rubbing your stomach all over it. We just about called 911, we were sure that a heart attack was coming or maybe he would just explode right there!”

Sarah was giggling so hard that she was turning red. Julie looked at her and Emily, shaking her head.

“Sarah get yourself under control, he’s coming with your recipe, and you are deep in debt to me. All this is your fault anyway.”

“He’s going to give me the recipe?”

Emily broke in, “Of course, he would do anything that Julie asked him to right now, and all she had to do was treat him nice. Here he comes make room so he can sit beside you and rub your knee on his leg occasionally, give him that sweet innocent smile.”

Sure enough the door from the kitchen opened and out came Henry with a card in his hand, Emily reached behind her and got a chair from the table next to them and pulled it between Sarah and herself. Henry came to the table and Emily motioned him to the chair between them where he sat and giving the card to Sarah began to explain how long to let the marinate sit before applying to the meat and other tips on how to enhance the flavor.

Sarah asked if she needed to copy the card and he said no that it was an extra one and she could have, she made notes on the back as he talked. He was having trouble keeping his train of thought so Julie and Emily knew that Sarah’s knee was working. When he finished he asked if she would let him know how she made out and if she needed any tips to call. She wrote his phone number and the name of the cafe on the back.

When he was finished, Julie said they needed to go and thanked him and said she would be back again for another burger on one of his other recipes. When they all stood up, Sarah thanked him and said she would call when she grilled them and then she, standing on tiptoes kissed him on the cheek. Not to be outdone Emily also kissed him half on the cheek and half mouth. Henry was getting red in the face but he was smiling from ear to ear.

Julie stepped up to him and said, “Quit smooching with my dance partner.” She kissed him on the mouth and said bye see you soon.

They went to the counter, the girl was smiling and waiting at the register. They said they needed separate tickets, but the girl looking towards Henry as he shook his head said there was no charge it was on the house.

Julie turned as he was going into the kitchen, “Henry you shouldn’t do that let us pay for the meal.”

“No way, there aren’t many pleasures in life but meeting the three of you was the greatest one I have ever had, just promise that you will come back.”

“Ok, we promise, but next time we pay, promise?”



He disappeared and they left going to the car and getting in, Emily said put your seat belts on and hurry, I need to get away from here before they hear me laughing.

Sarah; “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that, Julie, you had that whole room full of people in a trance.They stopped eating and just sat there looking at you.”

Emily; “They were mesmerized by her butt swaying back and forth, like a cobra looking at the flute swaying in front of him.”

Julie; “I’ve got to get me a new set of friends you two are going to get me in trouble. Where are we going and hurry I’ve got to go to the bathroom?”

Emily; “The biggest mall around here, the only mall around here, it’s about two more miles. Stuff a rag in it.”

Sarah giggled, “I’ve got to go to, and I don’t have a rag.”

Julie; “I know we going to the mall, what store are we going to? Never mind, just park close to the main entrance that’s where the restrooms are.”

Emily; “Julie be honest now was that your father’s favorite song and it was the same number as when you were a little girl or were you playing around with them?”

Julie; “Yes, isn’t it amazing! Honestly my father would dance me on his shoes holding my hands and everyone in the place would clap when the number was finished. You know I never knew why that was his favorite song it’s kind of sad really not a happy song but it meant something to him.”

Sarah; “You said was, does that mean he is no longer alive?”

Julie; “Yes he died just before I finished school, mother said he had cancer but wouldn’t take any treatments and wouldn’t tell anyone but her. But let’s not talk about sad things we need to celebrate our new member. Emily do you realize the club just grew by 33 percent?”

Emily; “33 and one third, when you talk math you must be accurate or I’ll give you a C.”

Sarah giggling; “Remind me to never talk math around her.”

They reached the mall, parked and went to the rest room and then to the moderate price department store at the end of the mall. Entering they went to the lingerie section and looked for thongs, and was surprised to find a large selection, from dump bin priced at three dollars each to the packaged singles much higher. Sarah picked out three but Emily made her put them back as they were not skimpy enough, instead she found her a medium price rack and made her pick out three that were more to her liking.

Sarah said that they were too small and they wouldn’t cover her hair, making her look gross, Emily said not to worry she wouldn’t have any hair. Sarah just stood there looking at her with her mouth open, then she looked at Julie and said ‘Julie’, who answered that no one had public hair anymore they shaved it off.

“Do you shave down there?”


“Show her Julie.”

“Sure, I’m going to strip naked right here in the store and show everybody, I don’t think so. Don’t worry we’re going to take care of you, remember? I want to get you that black one with the lace front and the string back for your initiation gift in the small so it will be real tight.”

“And I will give you this light blue that almost matches your eyes it will set them off so everyone will notice your eyes quicker.”

“Now you are confusing me things are moving to fast, no one is going to see if they match my eyes, will they? Emily? Julie?”

“What if you want them to see them?” Julie asked her.

“I’m getting dizzy.”

Emily; ” Are you hot?”

Sarah; “No it’s very comfortable in here.” Emily and Julie both laughed and shook their heads. “Oh you meant the other kind of hot, well… it’s just… I don’t know, you have me confused I don’t know what to say, you’re teasing me aren’t you?”

“Sometimes, sometimes not, you got to figure which is which and when.”

“Let’s look for shorts and then we can just window shop and dream a little.”

After they rejected most of the shorts that Sarah picked out they settled on some and she got two pair but complained that she would get arrested if she wore them in public, they made her try them on and then come out of the dressing room and walk around the counter so everyone in the store could see her. Sarah was blushing deeply but secretly she was excited to be the center of attention.

Then they had to repeat the whole process on tops and she was about to die when they brought her bare midriff tops that were so tight that she could feel them pushing her breasts up. She looked at herself in the dressing mirror and gasped when she saw how high the top was at her breast bottom and how low the shorts hugged her hips. She told them that half her body was naked not even counting her legs. They answered ‘ yeah ‘ and licked their lips. She fled to the changing room.

They finally settled on two tops and decided that they would just do some looking and began to walk the mall store looking at everything in all the stores. When they went by a store that was a everything for a buck Julie and Emily took her in and made her buy some razors and shaving foam and then they continued looking, Julie and Emily bought some small items. Emily said she was thirsty for them to get something to drink and she led them to the end of the mall where there was a bar and grill. They went in and found a small round booth in the rear and when the waitress came Emily said they wanted three salty dogs.

Julie preferred wine but didn’t say anything as she thought Emily had a reason for ordering such a strong drink. They had placed Sarah in the middle and crowded in so that their hips were touching. When the waitress brought the drinks Julie said for her to bring three more as these wouldn’t last long. Emily picked up her drink and said a toast to Sarah’s membership and said we have to kill this one without stopping so drink it all without taking it down from your lips. They touched glasses and everyone turned them up and drank until they were empty.

Sarah set her glass down and said my heavens, that is a strong drink, I can’t hardly get my breath and it’s burning my stomach. Emily told them the latest jokes she had heard and they were laughing when the second round came and they drank some and talked some about work and the latest development in the cheerleader boyfriend mess and that now none of the girls on the squad would date him and he was mad at a team member who asked out his first girl friend. They agreed that it served him right for being a asshole.

Sarah said she had to go to the restroom and they all got up and went together, Emily lagged behind and talked to the waitress and she nodded. No one was in the restroom as no one was in the bar and grill at this time of day. When they finished and were standing at the mirror checking their makeup Emily said that Sarah should go get one of her shorts and put it on, Sarah said oh no. Emily told her she would have to lighten up she was way to sensitive about her body.

“Look at Julie she is always cool she never gets uptight and she takes whatever situation arises and makes the best of it.” Emily said.

Sarah; ” Yeah but I don’t look as good as Julie, look at her and look at me, she has a beautiful face and her hair is gorgeous, her breasts my god, I would love to have those, and she is curvy in all the right places and her legs, how can you even describe them. And you have that long torso, a tiny waist and a cute ass that ripples when you walk and the muscles in your legs give them such a sexy shape. When I look at the two of you I almost wish I was a man.”

Emily and Julie burst out laughing. Julie stepped to Sarah and put her hands on her shoulders and said “You are precious, Sarah.” and kissed her on the lips and let her lips linger. She moved back and Sarah’s eyes were dazed looking at her, “Emily and I usually kiss when we get together but not in public and I would like to kiss you also if you don’t mind.”

Sarah shook her head without taking her eyes from Julie and said, “I don’t mind.”

Julie kissed her again a little longer this time and when she broke away Emily was standing ready and pulled Sarah around and kissed her also, Julie stepped to them and hugged both as they kissed. When they broke the kiss they could hear Sarah breathing hard and she was trembling, the three of them stood hugging each other for a while. Emily turned Sarah’s head towards Julie and kissed her ear and Julie heard her whisper to
Sarah, “Can I touch your breast?”

Sarah, looking at Julie’s lips whispered “Yes, can I kiss you again?” Julie didn’t answer instead she leaned and kissed Sarah’s lips being as tender as possible but still with feeling as she moved her lips around on Sarah’s, suddenly Sarah moaned and shuttered all over and Julie knew Emily was rubbing her breast. She put her tongue tip between her lips and teased Sarah’s mouth with it until she slowly parted her lips and opened her mouth slightly, Julie didn’t put her tongue in she just teased it along the lips and corners of her mouth. Sarah was beginning to shake.

“Sarah, can we take you home and continue your initiation there? We can be comfortable and not worry about being disturbed?”


“As part of the initiation you must take off your bra and go without it, we will help you but need your permission.”

Sarah nodded, she was looking at Julie and her eyes never left her face looking mostly at her lips. Her head was still turned towards Julie and her back was arched slightly as Emily rubbed and squeezed her breast. Julie began to unbutton her shirt.

“Julie, there’s a surprise in there, that big floppy shirt is hiding two large breasts and they feel firm.”

Julie and Emily peeled the shirt from Sarah and pulled it off her. She was looking from one to the other as they disrobed her.

“See Julie, my god that bra has them mashed flat, Sarah why do you wear a bra like that?” Emily asked as she turned her towards Julie and begin to unsnap the bra back and remove it.

“Men only want to go out with me because they want to play with them and fuck me, they don’t care about me all they want is sex, they called me hooter girl and said I was all tits and no brains.” A tear slid from Sarah’s eye and trickled down her cheek as she looked at Julie. “They said if I wouldn’t let them fuck me then why would they want to take me out. A girl that I thought was my friend asked me to date her guys frat brother, that he had broke up with his girlfriend and needed some sex like that was all I was, a live receptacle for sperm.” Sarah was sobbing softly.

Julie and Emily both were hugging her, one on each side and kissing her cheeks.

“Emily let’s get out of here, I don’t want to shop any more, let’s take Sarah home and give her some TLC, she deserves it.”

“Yeah, put her shirt on while I go settle our bill and get our bags, throw that damn bra in the trash, look at her tits and nipples, they were mashed flat but they are still beautiful.” Emily tried not to look directly at Julie but Julie could see her eyes were moist with tears.

“Emily, you are really a softie at heart. Look at her Sarah, she has tears because she loves you and it makes her sad to see you hurt.”

Sarah said I’m sorry and they hugged again. Emily said to them hurry as she wiped her eyes and smiled at Sarah and went to the door. Julie helped Sarah into her shirt and got some tissue from her bag and wiped both their eyes and looking at each other they began to laugh because they were so emotional. They checked their smudged makeup and said not worth fixing and laughing left the restroom. Emily was at the counter with all their stuff, the waitress was giving her change, and the bartender was pouring their drinks into paper cups with straws.

Going out the back of the mall they started the long walk to the car sipping on their drinks. Emily noticed Julie had the bra balled up in her fist and was putting it in her bag. She said that she thought they were going to throw it in the trash. Julie smiled and said maybe they would like to have a bra burning in the near future. Emily laughed and said sounds like we can plan a party, a coming out party.

Sarah; “Thanks guys for being so understanding, wow this drink is good but it’s strong or is it just me?”

Emily; “When I asked the bartender if we could take them out, he refreshed them and he put in more so they would be full, I thought he was a little heavy on the liquor but wasn’t about to complain. He wanted us out of there as he and the waitress were behind the counter and both his hands were on her ass when I rounded the corner.”

Laughing Julie said, “It’s a virus outbreak, it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere.”

Emily; “Even between the vodka and Jim Beam bottles.” They laughed all the way to the car. When they got settled in the car with seat belts fastened Emily turned to Sarah and told her to lay her head back and close her eyes and keep them closed. Sarah asked if they were afraid she would know where they were going, after all it was her apartment. Emily said no they wanted her to relax and rest, she would gain control of her emotions and feel better, just let them help her to relax.

Sarah lay her head back on the seat and closed her eyes, she said “I’m ok now, it’s feels better since I told you, it helps to talk to someone I guess, and you are so nice to me it makes me feel good again just to be with you.”

Julie; “Do you trust us not to cause you hurt, Sarah?” “Yes, I trust you.”

“Then just relax and let me take some of the tension out of you as we go to your apartment. Here drink the rest of your drink and I’ll get rid of the empties at the next trash barrel. Drink up Emily but drive slow we don’t want a ticket.”

Emily; “Ahaaaa, that guy makes a good salty dog. Here, we’re on our way, I’m going out the back and take that street, there is less traffic and no patrols.”

Julie twisted in her seat after loosening the seatbelt, she began to rub Sarah’s neck and shoulders, Sarah sighed and said it felt good. Julie told her to just relax and let all the tension out of her body. She continued to rub with one hand and started to unbutton Sarah’s shirt with the other.

“Sarah, I’m going to unbutton your shirt and rub your chest, no one can see inside the car because of the tinted windows, so just relax, ok.”

Sarah; “Ok.”

When the shirt was unbuttoned all the way to the bottom she pulled it aside to bare Sarah’s breasts, Sarah felt the coolness on her breasts and her nipples began to stiffen, she breathed deeply then gasped when Julie’s hands rubbed over her breasts.

“Julie, I trust you, but I’m scared.”

“Why are you scared Sarah?”

“It’s been a long time since, since, you know?”

Julie; “Since you had sex, Sarah? How long has it been?”

Sarah; “Almost two years.”

Emily: “Oh my god, you poor thing.”

Julie; “Does my rubbing feel good or you hate it?”

Sarah; “It feels wonderful but I’m afraid that I will get excited and well you know.”

Julie; “Don’t be afraid, if it happens it just happens. Just relax and enjoy it. Emily she has lovely breasts don’t you think so? Her nipples are pink I never saw pink nipples they are so delicate looking and makes me want to kiss them to see it they are sweet like cotton candy.”

Emily; “They are lovely she should wear tops that are open to show the sides of them in a deep cleavage cut. And she doesn’t need to wear a bra they are perfect just like that, absolutely no sag in them at all. Wait until we get to her apartment and we both can kiss a nipple at the same time. Can we do that Sarah, please?”

Sarah; “Oh, you are going to kill me please don’t ask me just do whatever you want.”

Julie motioned to Emily to stop the car, she put both hands on Sarah’s breasts and began to squeeze them as she rubbed. Emily found a spot where there wasn’t a house close by and no one was around and rolled to a stop and undid her seat belt, she and Julie engulfed a nipple in their mouths sucking and licking with their tongues and Sarah stiffened, cried out, and started cumming immediately. She twisted in the seat pushing one breast at Julie’s sucking mouth and then the other to Emily rolling her head from side to side. For about one minute she rocked though a strong climax and then suddenly slumped in her seat.

Julie and Emily continued to suck and tongue her nipples lessening the intensity until they were just kissing and licking them and finally stopping, Julie returned to rubbing her breasts and Emily got the car to rolling again.

No one said a word, Sarah lay against the seat with her eyes stilled closed, she was limp. Julie squeezed her nipples and she moaned, but did not move. Julie looked at Emily and when she glanced at them Julie pointed to Sarah’s crotch and raised her eyebrows in question. Emily nodded and with her mouth formed the word hurry. Julie put her hand on Sarah’s cunt covered by her shorts and rubbed along where the slit would be with her middle finger.

“Oh yes, oh my god yes, oh Julie I love you.”

Emily; “We’re almost there better wrap up.”

Julie; “Hold on Sarah, we will finish when we get inside, let me button you up.”

As Julie pulled Sarah shirt over her breasts and pulled it tighter to fasten the buttons she moaned again from the material rubbing her nipples.

“Julie I’m sorry, I’m so ashamed.”

“Why sweetheart, why are you ashamed, didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Yes it was wonderful, but I soiled my panties they are soaked.”

Emily, “Don’t worry about it, baby. We will have bags to carry and no one will see anything even it some soaks through your shorts. Just relax and think about how good it feels and how good the next one will be.”

Sarah; “Are you going to… to do me?”

Julie; “Yes you are going to cum until you can’t stand up anymore, that will be your initiation along with the shave. When we get inside your apartment we are going to strip you naked and kiss you all over and then shave you and kiss some more. We are giving you our love emotionally and physically. Are you willing to submit your body and your love to us?”

Sarah; “Yes I will do anything for your love and friendship.”

Emily was pulling into the apartment complex and searched for a parking place as close to the stairs as possible. When they found one they unloaded their packages and gave two to Sarah to carry and followed her up the stairs and to her apartment. Sarah wobbled a little and looked back at them grinning and said she thought she was a little drunk.

She found her keys and unlocked the door and they went in making the appropriate comments about how nice it was, neat as a pin, and just right for one person. Placing their packages on the kitchen counter they followed Sarah on a tour of the rooms which was just one bedroom and a decent size bathroom beside the living area and kitchenette.

Julie; “Do you have a large towel, like a beach towel, that we can use to put over the couch?”

Sarah: “Yes, in the linen closet in the bathroom, I’ll get it.”

Julie; whispering to Emily; ” Get her clothes off as quick as you can before she gets cold feet.”

Emily; “I don’t think she will get cold feet, she is hot for this I believe, and she is hot for you. When you kissed her it was like suddenly she was a different person, I rubbed her tits but she was fascinated by your lips, I can understand that, I am fascinated by you also.”

Julie; “When we get her undressed and hot I’ll demonstrate on you how to kiss with passion, because I am passionate about you that will be easy.”

Emily; “I’ll undress you she will like that… here she comes.”

Julie; “I need a small pan to hold hot water, Sarah.”

Sarah; “Under the kitchen sink is a small yellow plastic one that I use to scrub.”

Emily went to get the pan but she didn’t fill it with water just placed it on the sink. She returned to the living room just as the others were laying the towel over the couch. As all three came together in front of the couch, Sarah looked from one to the other and asked if anyone needed to go to the bathroom and all agreed that would be a good idea, but Emily stopped Sarah by holding her arm and said she wanted to catch up with Julie and took Sarah in her arms and kissed her deeply and long.

When she finally broke the kiss Sarah was breathing hard and they held the embrace looking at each other. Julie moved close and reached around Sarah and unbuttoned her shirt removing it from her arms and tossed it aside, as she was doing this her hands were rubbing across Emily’s breasts also as they were that close together. Then Julie started unfastening the buttons on Emily’s shirt and walked behind her and pulled it off then undid her bra and removed it also.

“Feel her breasts, Sarah, they are soft and yet firm, and they are beautiful.

Sarah put her hands on Emily’s breasts and rubbed then squeezed them, Emily sighed and said in a low husky voice as she felt of Sarah’s breasts, “Oh Sarah that feels so good please keep doing it for me.”

Julie reached around and undid Emily’s shorts and pulled them along with her thong off and as she picked up her feet took them completely off. Emily was naked except for her heels. Julie walked around them to get behind Sarah and reaching around started on her shorts to remove them. Sarah looked over her shoulder and said that she needed to wash but Emily pulled her head back to face her and said we’ll do that for you and kissed her lips.

Julie took Sarah’s right arm and put her hand on Emily’s ass and then her left and placed her hand on Emily’s cunt. Sarah had played with herself enough to know what to do to make a good feeling and she began to rub it. Julie then returned to her shorts and slid them and her panties down to her ankles, Sarah picked her feet up one at a time and let her remove them and balling them up she tossed them on the shirt.

Both Emily and Sarah were naked and kissing, Emily placed her hands on Sarah’s ass and cunt and Julie heard a sharp intake of breath from Sarah. Slowly they leaned their upper bodies into each other until their breasts were mashed against each other’s. Julie left them and went to the kitchen and turned the water on in the sink until it was hot and filled the pan about half full. She got the razor and shaving cream from the bag and went to the living room where Emily and Sarah were still kissing and rubbing cunts and asses. Julie grinned as she noticed that both had moisture running down their inner thighs.

She told them it was time to shave Sarah’s cunt if they could break away a moment. Emily stopped kissing Sarah but continued to rub her cunt.

Emily; “Sarah let’s undress Julie and play with her tits and cunt for just a little while, do you want to kiss her magnificent nipples and see her naked?”

Sarah; “Oh yes she is so beautiful and it would be wonderful to see her naked, would you let me Julie?”

Julie; “Of course sweetheart, come here and start where ever you want and do anything you want.”

Emily and Sarah came over to Julie and began to remove her clothing when her shirt came off Sarah couldn’t wait and placed her hands on Julie’s breasts and bra and stoked them with her fingertips. Seeing that Sarah’s eyes were almost glued to Julie’s breasts, Emily waited to let her enjoy the moment and then slipped the strap over Julie’s shoulder and slowly pulled the sheer half cup down until the nipple was in view, pausing for a moment she then pulled it completely down exposing Julie’s left breast to Sarah.

Sarah touched the nipple with her finger tip and a soft sigh escaped her lips. Emily moved behind Julie and repeated the process with Julie’s right breast then as Sarah rubbed that nipple with her other hand cupped under the globe of tit, Emily undid the hook and remove the bra.

Sarah; “Oh my god, they’re even more beautiful than I dreamed they would be.”

Emily; “Have you been dreaming about Julie’s tits, Sarah?”

Sarah; “Yes, I dreamed about both of you last night, but I couldn’t imagine you looking this beautiful and now I can see you.”

Emily; “I am going to remove Julie’s shorts and show you something even more beautiful, she has a beautiful cunt and it is hot and wet most of the time, begging to be fucked.”

Emily reached around Julie and unfastened her shorts and began to peel them off her ass and hips, Julie wiggled her ass to try helping her. When the shorts were at her ankles she stepped out of them and stood in her heels and thong before Sarah. Sarah was frozen except for her eyes which were roaming over Julie’s body. Emily stepped to Sarah’s side and put one hand on her ass with her finger tips in the crack and the other on her breast.

“Touch her cunt Sarah and see how wet her thong is and rub it a little to make her clit hard, then you can take her thong off and you will see it sticking straight out like a small cock, it will get hot and hard and she will be ready to cum for you any way you would want her to.”

Sarah’s hand moved slowly to Julie’s crotch and she placed it on Julie’s cunt rubbing with her finger in the slit. Julie moaned and her head went back she stood there with her hands at her sides as Sarah made love to her with her finger and hand.

“Take her thong off, baby, yes slowly, look at the top of her slit, see how the strip of hair ends right above the slit. You can get a better view on your knees, see about an inch above, that gives a clean and sexy look to the slit and is great to lick. Oooo, the clit is already out, you’re got her hot, take the thong on down out of the way so we can see. Lift your feet Julie. Spread your legs. Yessss, isn’t that beautiful the clit is easing out between the lips, look at how smooth her lips are around the slit, just like a little girl’s.”

Emily had got behind Sarah, both on their knees in front of Julie’s naked hot cunt, and she rubbed her nipples on Sarah’s back and played with her breast with her hands. Sarah was trembling, her nipples were hard as rocks and her breasts were hot and flushed pink her eyes were fixed on Julie’s cunt and her mouth was slightly open.

“Sarah I’ve got to kiss her clit and lick it, but it’s your day and you can go first, but don’t stop if she starts cumming, keep loving it until she reaches full satisfaction. Put your hands on her ass and pull her to you, that will make the clit stand out further and you can suck it in your mouth like a small cock, she loves that. That’s right, before you kiss her blow your breath on it and the slit, listen to her whimpering she wants it badly, she will do anything now to get something in her cunt. Yes, kiss it all over, now lick it yessss, make her moan again, put one hand, palm up just at the bottom of her cunt and catch the juice as it runs out.

“God girl, you are good, suck it harder she is about to cum do whatever you want ram your fingers in her cunt or anything she will take anything you’ve got or want to do, you own her right now. She is yours, you own everything that she has, you are her master. Oh my, you are cumming too, Julie, Sarah is cumming from loving you she is showing her love for you and sharing herself with you.”

Julie was whimpering and twisting her cunt against Sarah’s lips which were locked around her clit and the suction had her clit extended to almost a inch and a half long and pain was shooting from her clit to her womb as she climaxed hard. She was in ecstasy as she had been hot and wanting since dancing in front of all the people with Henry and seeing the hunger in everyone’s eyes even some of the women as they devoured her body with their eyes, there was nothing that would make her horny quicker than to know someone wanted to fuck her.

She had thought that she would have to wait until she got alone with Emily before she could get satisfaction but Sarah had proved to be as hot as she was and very willing to be loved and share her body with them. Now she was proving to be a quick learner and very willing to give as well as receive.

Emily recognized that Julie’s climax was not a quick flash and she raised up getting beside her she grasped her breast and squeezed it, her other hand she put on Julie’s ass with the fingers sliding in her crack to wiggle.

“Kiss me Julie and give me your tongue to suck while you cum.”

“Oh god, Emily make her stop. She is sucking the life out of me, I can’t stop cumming and my legs are getting weak. She is ravenous, my clit is aching and my cunt is burning like fire, please make her stop.”

“Julie, you know you really don’t want her to stop, you want to hurt and cum until you can’t bear it anymore and then cum some more. Tell me the truth do you want me to stop her?”

Whimpering and twisting her hips Julie turned her head and looked at Emily with her tortured eyes: “Oh, oh, oh, no, no, no I want to cum until I faint but I will look like a slut to her, but that’s what I am a hot horny shameless slut.” Julie plastered her lips to Emily’s and ran her tongue into her mouth and moaned as her climax gained intensity.

Emily sucked her tongue as deep as she could into her mouth with her tongue underneath Julie’s and slipped her finger down to Julie’s asshole and massaged it with the tip. Julie sagged against Emily as she tried to cry out in agony and ecstasy but could only make gulping noises in her throat. The pain that hit her cunt and lower stomach as she gushed was wonderful and almost unbearable and she stiffened as her cunt begin to slow its convulsing and she shuttered like an earthquake was rumbling though her body.

Emily read the signs and she grasped Sarah’s arm and pulled her, reluctantly, away from Julie’s cunt and up to stand before the naked woman who was slowly beginning to relax but still quivering. Emily removed her mouth from Julie’s tongue and pulled Sarah close enough to touch Julie’s nipples with her own.

“Julie look at your lover that bought you such joy and ecstasy. Look at the love in her eyes and the cum on her lips.”

Julie opened her eyes and looked at Sarah, she smiled and leaned to Sarah and kissed her slipping her tongue in her mouth. Sarah moaned as she felt the heat and intensity of Julie’s lips on her own and she tried to match it as she sucked Julie’s tongue with the same passion as she had just sucked her clit. Emily kissed both of their cheeks then she realized that Sarah’s hand was being held away from her body and cupped to hold the cum from Julie’s cunt. She ran her hand between them and almost had to pry them apart until finally they broke away.

“Look Julie, Sarah saved some of love juice for us to share. Give me your hand , oh my, it’s almost full.”

Emily dipped her finger into Sarah’s cupped palm and wet it, bringing it to her mouth she placed it on her tongue and sucked it clean. She repeated it but this time she went to Sarah’s mouth and when she opened it placed her finger on her tongue and Sarah sucked it cleaned. Next she did the same with Julie and as they had done this before when Julie sucked it clean she kissed Emily’s lips and then kissed Sarah and Emily kissed Sarah also.

Then Emily stuck her tongue in Sarah’s hand and got it wet and went to Sarah’s mouth which opened and accepted the cum coated tongue cleaning it completely. Emily then did Julie who followed the ritual. Julie leaned and stuck her tongue in the cum and did Sarah and Emily. Then it was Sarah’s turn and she didn’t hesitant but did the same as they had, when she finished they all three kissed. Emily looked at Sarah’s hand and saw there was hardly any love juice left mostly just a wet sticky palm.

“Well, the well as been depleted so I suggest we each lick one time and it will be gone, you first Sarah but don’t be a hog.”

Sarah grinned as she bought her hand to her mouth and licked it and then stuck it to Emily and then Julie.

“While we are settling down I could use something to drink, do you have any colas Emily? Julie and I prefer coffee but you most likely don’t drink coffee.”

“I drink coffee in the morning but my coffee maker is only a four cup and that is small cups but we can make two or more pots if we want to.”

“Great lets do it. I will run to the bathroom and hurry back and make it while you go if you will set the makings out. Come on Julie, hold my hand while I leak.”

Upon reaching the bathroom Emily whispered to Julie, “Wow she was hot, she melted like July snow when you kissed her. She went for your clit like a starved animal, was she good?”

“I told you she was draining the life right out of me, it was wonderful. Hurry I’ve got to go bad. Get a wash cloth we all need to clean up a little so we don’t attract wild beasts from the mountains.”

“At least let me wipe, dawdler around when you finish, I will send her in here, and you can keep her hot.”

Emily jumped up and went to the wash basin to wash her hands and look for a wash cloth, finding a clean one she went to kitchenette and Sarah was washing her hands in the sink. Emily walked to her back and hugged her mashing her breasts against her back and kissing her neck, Sarah leaned back against her and grabbed a hand towel to dry her hands and then turned to offer Elvankent Escort Bayan her lips to Emily. They kissed and hugged eachother, tit against tit, Sarah rubbed her tits across Emily brazenly signaling that she was still hot.

“Was it ok, sweetheart? No regrets?”

“Yes I loved it! I hope it isn’t over.”

“No baby, it’s not over, we still got hair to remove and I’ll bet you ten dollars that you cum before we are finished.”

“Can’t take that bet, you’ve got a sure thing! I’m already excited enough to—– cum from your nipples on mine.”

“While I make the coffee you go help Julie, she is still recovering from your loving just kiss her nipples don’t suck them, I don’t want to come in there and throw cold water on you two. Oh, and don’t touch her cunt she is hot as a firecracker and if you touch it we’ll never get you shaved today. Go!”

Emily started looking and found the coffee pot and coffee where Sarah had put them. She started filling it with water and getting it ready to turn-on and she smiled as she thought that Sarah wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off that cunt for two minutes, wow what a hot woman she turned out to be.

Sarah hurried to the bathroom and found Julie just getting up from the toilet. She looked ok as she smiled but kind of stumbled as she walked to the vanity. Sarah squeezed by her in the small bath room and her hip rubbed against Julie’s ass as she passed. She used the toilet and tried to wipe with toilet paper but was sticky and had to blot her cunt lips, when she flushed Julie said she was going to use the wash cloth if it was ok. Sarah answered sure but I can get you another if you want.

When she went out to where Julie was running the water to get it warm and wetting the cloth she stopped and leaned on the counter looking at Julie breasts as they swayed and jiggled and felt her nipples harden. Julie turned to her and stepped close with the cloth in her hand.

Chapter Eighteen

“Open your legs Sarah and let me wash you.”

Sarah suddenly couldn’t swallow, her throat had constricted from the thought of beautiful and sexy Julie washing her cunt. No one had washed her cunt since she was a little girl and very few of the guys she dated or the man she married cared about loving her cunt all they wanted was to get their cocks in it. She spread her legs and looking at Julie said, “You don’t have to do this for me Julie.”

Julie looked at her, smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I know Sarah, but I want to, I love you and you belong to me and Emily and we belong to you, I want to do it for you but if you don’t want me to I understand and I won’t.”

“I want you to, please do it for me but I will probably mess it up again before you finish.”

“Then I’ll just keep doing it and enjoying it every minute.”



“I’m confused, things have been happening so fast today that I can’t think straight, oh my god! You’re going to make me cum. Oh, oh! That’s feels so good I can’t stand it, stop a minute, please.”

“Ok what are you trying to get straight?” Julie held the warm cloth against Sarah’s cunt as she stopped rubbing it and stood looking in her eyes. She saw a woman fighting to get herself under control so she could talk coherently but when her eyes looked at Julie’s eyes she immediately changed into a look of adoration.

“Oh god, Julie I love you and Emily, I just as well admit it. I am confused because I love you and want you. Not like you love a friend but like you love, well the way you should love a man I guess. So I think that I am a lesbian and just never realized before. That probably will make you sick and I wouldn’t blame you at all if it does. When you say you love me I get giddy all inside but I love you and want you like all the men do, I’m all confused and I’m confusing you because I don’t understand it or how to say it.”

“Wait a second this is something we all need to talk about, let me get Emily in here.”

Julie called Emily and when she came in she explained the conversation that had just taken place. Emily and she walked back to Sarah who was leaning on the vanity counter with her head down and they could see her eyes lashes were wet with tears, her legs were still spread in the position that she had taken for Julie. Emily looked at Julie and back at Sarah, they shrugged their shoulders, Emily reached took Sarah’s chin and raised her head, her eyes were brimming with tears.

“Why are you crying Sarah? Are you unhappy? You were so full of joy just a few minutes ago what changed? Tell me?” Emily asked.

“Emily I was so happy and then I realized that Julie and you were not just trying to make me feel better but you really loved me and I would lose that when you realized that I was a lesbian. I wouldn’t even have your friendship anymore and it breaks my heart but I can’t lie to you and betray your trust and love.”

Julie; “You said you had just realized that you were a lesbian, what made you realize it?”

Sarah: “When you said you was going to wash me because you loved me and wanted to do it for me. I wanted you to do so bad and I wanted to do it for you because I loved you and wanted to wash your cunt, kiss it, love it, suck it and have you do the same for me.”

Julie; “Do you think that Emily and I are lesbians?”

Sarah; “Oh no.”

Julie; “Why not? We want to wash you cunt, kiss it, love it, suck it and have you do the same for us.”

Sarah; “Well, I guess… I guess because you do it to give me enjoyment and I want to do it because I will get enjoyment, I guess.”

Emily; “Oh Sarah, why do you have to think about those things and worry needlessly. You are wrong and you need to just relax and enjoy what we have. Julie you know I’m not very good at explaining emotional feeling but you are. Make her see where she is wrong.”

Julie; “Lets get out of the bathroom and go drink coffee and talk. We need to rest anyway, we were trying to kill ourselves.”

Julie stepped back to Sarah and turned the water on to warm the cloth again. When she was ready she told Emily to get in line she needed a cleaning also. Emily said, “Oh, this is going to be fun, glad I didn’t miss it.”

Julie started on Sarah washing her face first and wiping away the tears when she finished she placed the cloth on her cunt and leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. She washed Sarah’s cunt and squatted to open the lips holding them open and washed the inside. Sarah was whispering oh, oh, oh each time she got her breath as she was breathing hard and fast.
Julie rinsed the cloth and rewarmed it and went to Emily and repeated the process kissing her as she had Sarah and then she handed the cloth to Sarah and leaned against the counter and spread her legs, saying to her, do me please.

Sarah fell to her knees in front of Julie and leaned forwarded kissing Julie’s cunt and licking it with her tongue.

“Oh Sarah, that’s wonderful but you’re suppose to use the wash cloth.”

“But I want to, Julie, please let me.”

“Just a little baby, you’re going to kill me.”

Sarah continued licking and kissing until Julie was quivering again and her clit began to rise from it’s folded sheath, Sarah whispered so low that they barely heard her, “So beautiful, so beautiful.” Then she looked at Emily and asked is she mine can I do anything to her now. Emily smiled and told her that she could have done anything she wanted without asking or getting her hot. You still don’t realize what we are telling you, kiss her and then finish washing her and let’s go talk and rest a little.

Sarah looked at Julie’s cunt again and then sucked the clit into her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue tip, she did this for a full minute as Julie squirmed above her. Finally she released the clit kissed it and washed her cunt and crawled over to Emily and began to kiss her cunt, Emily spread her legs to give her access and leaned back on the counter, she was breathing hard. She moaned when Sarah’s tongue tip found her clit inside the hood and rubbed it, Sarah continued until Emily was moaning and twisting her torso when she finally stopped and rose to her feet with shining eyes.

Julie and Emily enfolded her in their arms kissing her lips, cheeks, and eyes. Taking her hand they led her to the kitchen area and made her sit at the counter while they poured three cups of coffee and made another pot. They took the coffee to the living room and then came back and got Sarah and took her to the living room sitting her in the center of the couch and sat themselves one on each side of her close enough so that their legs touched hers and their shoulder were against hers.

They sat turned towards Sarah and she had a breast of each against her arm, Sarah was smiling happily. They sipped the coffee and didn’t talk at all, occasionally Julie or Emily would brush a stray hair from Sarah’s face or trace the line of her jaw, lightly touch her lip, rub a fingertip on her nipples, whatever they wanted to check was felt of and Sarah was happy and pleased that she was the center of attention and thrilled at the thought that she could do the same to them. But mainly she was happy as the two beautiful friends showed their love for her. She wanted them to touch her any where they wished and was getting excited wanting them to touch her cunt again and do anything they wanted to.

“Drink your coffee baby, it’s going to get cold.” Emily told her. She drank it down without stopping and Emily placed the cup on the coffee table. “Are you calm and relaxed now, can we talk without getting emotional, if that’s possible for women to do.”

“Yes I’m much better, I’ll listen.”

Emily nodded to Julie, who shrugged her shoulders to signal that she wasn’t sure where or how to approach this problem.

“Sarah, do you believe that Emily and I love you?”


“Why do you believe that?”

“I don’t know, I guess because you show me.”

“Do you think that we are lesbians and we just want your body for sex?”

“Oh no, no way you are.”

“Tell me why.”

“Because you are both beautiful, not dominant, you are happily married and you like men plus you are sexy, lesbians are frumpy.”

Emily giggled, she leaned over and kissed Sarah’s cheek and said thanks sweetheart.

“Are you attracted to Emily and I?”

“Oh yes, I dreamed about you last night.”

“Why are you attracted to us and not other women?”

“I don’t know, the first time I saw Emily she smiled at me, said good morning, and introduced herself. She accepted me as a fellow teacher and not a replacement just because someone was sick. And I watched her going around with confidence among teachers and students and I wanted to be like her and I wanted her to like me. I guess I was like a puppy just running after her wagging my tail wanting to be petted.

“Then she introduced me to you and you were the same way, beautiful, sexy, but accepted me like we were old friends, let me join in on your fun. Both of you have something that I can’t describe, you are yourselves you don’t pretend about things, and that seems to give you a power over people, they like you and that’s what I want to be or at least be a part of.”

Julie looked at Emily who was looking at her, she could see that Emily’s eyes were misty and her lips were lips were tight, she was moved by Sarah’s words and close to crying.

“Emily let’s think a minute, could you get some more coffee? Just bring the pot.”

“Ok, I need some caffeine in my veins. I’ll put some ice in the cups and it will cool enough to drink faster.”

Emily was grateful that Julie recognized she was getting emotional and provided her with a break. She went to the kitchen and got the coffee busying herself with getting ice and returned to the couch bending over to pour the coffee.

“Sarah, look at Emily’s butt, isn’t that the cutest thing you ever saw, let’s rub it!”

“Oh my god, you are going to make me pour coffee all over everything, but don’t stop.”

“Look at her ass as she walks away. That’s beautiful.”

Julie leaned her head back on the couch, and Sarah did also and turned her face to Julie, their lips were only a few inches apart. They just relaxed and looked at each other, Sarah’s hand moved from her thigh to Julie’s thigh and she slid it up against Julie’s stomach and rubbed gently with her fingers. Emily came back and sat down putting her arm over the back of the couch and her breast against Sarah’s arm again.

Sarah’s other hand went to Emily’s thigh and she rubbed it moving closer to Emily’s crotch. Emily opened her legs by putting her foot on the couch and Sarah looked at her and moved the back of her hand to Emily’s cunt and rubbed lightly. She would look from one to the other.

Julie said: “You’re getting me excited, Sarah. But we need to finish talking before we make love, I won’t stop you if you’re horny for it’s important that you satisfy your sexual needs but I will ask you if you could wait just a little while longer.”

“Yes I will but I don’t want to.”

“Ok, I’ll hurry but you have to listen closely. Put your knees together and your hands in your lap like a demure young lady.”

Sarah giggled and said: “It’s hard to be a demure young lady when you’re naked as a jay bird and looking at two beautiful naked bodies that you want badly.”

Julie and Emily smiled.

“Sarah, here’s what I think. You’re not a lesbian so don’t even think that anymore, you are a confused girl that was wronged by someone you loved and trusted and had no one to turn to when you needed a friend to help you. You fought your battles with depression and it beat you down until you began to question your own worth.

“As you tried to pull yourself up you got blind sided by some idiots that were just looking to get a piece of tail from a beautiful confused girl that they thought would just be desperate for sex. So you tried to insulate yourself from pain by hiding your beauty and attractiveness in oversized clothes and a mousey demeanor. But all the time your inner self the real beautiful woman was crying to get out but you kept it shoved back because you couldn’t stand to be hurt again.”

Sarah was looking in Julie’s eyes as she listened and her eyes were beginning to shine but Julie realized it wasn’t from tears but a glimmer of hope coming into them. Sarah desperately wanted to believe Julie she knew deep down that she was not what she wanted to be.

“So to get to the present you are comfortable with feeling safe but unhappy because of the price it costs you in friends, fun, and the chance of going on with life, finding someone that cares and is kind to you and maybe just start new relationships that could develop into love. That’s what you see in Emily and I and we are happy for you because you make us happy. But we can only be a temporary boost along your path not a solution however we can help you prepare to continue with confidence, strength of self worth, and joy in being your full self again.

“Also we will always be there for you, crying when you cry, laughing with you, and celebrating with you when you win, and you will win. I see a need inside you wanting to get moving on making a better life and reaching the goals you have for yourself, something is holding you back fear, uncertainty, or bitterness or maybe all three and those have to go, you have to want to them to go.”

When Julie finished it was silent for quite awhile. Julie looked at Emily and she was looking at Julie, neither spoke but Emily raised her eyebrows in question, Julie shrugged her shoulders. They both looked at Sarah. She was sitting with her eyes closed, suddenly she began to sniff and then a sob escaped her mouth and she broke down crying like her heart was broken.

Julie and Emily both grabbed her and held her rubbing her hair, face and arms trying to console her and ask why was she crying so hard. Sarah could not answer her body was shaking and she could hardly get her breath before the next sob expelled it from her lungs, she rocked in their arms almost wailing. Julie and Emily began to cry as they were hurting watching her in her wracking sobbing and gasping.

For almost five minutes Sarah was unable to relieve her grief but finally she just cried with her mouth open Julie and Emily were wiping her tears and their own and each others. Finally all three were cried out and just sat holding each other and kissing , noses were running and their naked laps were wet with tears.

Julie; “I’m sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean to hurt you, tell us what is wrong, please. It’s all my fault, I…”

Sarah put her fingers over Julie’s lips to stop her and tried to get her breath to speak but her voice broke and she sobbed again, a dry sob as she had no more tears. She put her hand on Julie’s face and rubbed it trying to convey her feelings and did the same to Emily. They rubbed her face in return and just sat for a while.

Emily; “Hand her the coffee, we all need to drink something and lighten up a bit. We’re bubbling like a bunch of women that just heard Elvis had died.”

Julie reached and got the coffee and handed it to Emily, who gave Sarah a sip, and then drank some of her own, Julie also drank her coffee as they waited for Sarah to gain control of her emotions. Finally she began to speak in a strained voice and drank some more coffee.

“It’s not your fault, Julie nor Emily’s, you only told me what I didn’t want to believe but knew was the truth. I was devastated when Rick told me that he wanted a divorce, I sat there in that trailer we rented and listened to him and watched him get his stuff and leave. I cried a little but mostly I just sat and wondered what did I do that was wrong.

“I convinced myself that he would be back after a few days that he was just stressed and if he got away for a while, but he didn’t. And then I felt like the bitch would throw him out after a week or two and he would come begging for forgiveness, really I was just making excuses. After a while I got so depressed that I thought I would go get drunk at a bar and they were there, I hid and stared at them as they danced and had a good time and I went home and just sat. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t do anything but sit and think.”

Julie and Emily where holding Sarah’s hands, squeezing and rubbing her arms.

“I guess I must have rethought our marriage a thousand times looking for what mistakes I had made. I made up situations that I thought would happen so he would forgive me and come back and give me another chance and I would agree to any conditions he would make. She could sleep with him and I would sleep on the couch, you know crazy stuff like that. I was convinced that I was a poor wife, not good in bed, ugly, tits to big or little, or that he couldn’t stand to look at me naked.

“So I began to dress to hide myself, hoping he would see me and think I wasn’t too bad. I got clothes from Goodwill and always made sure that they were too big. But I had to wear uniforms at the grocery store where I worked and they were cotton and drew up and were tight and guys and married men there would try to get me to go out with them and I would tell them that I was married but I forgot that the divorce was listed in the paper and they knew I was lying.”

Sarah drank some coffee and they could see in her eyes that she was straining to get it out of her system and she needed to. “One day I was in the restroom washing my hands for break and two guys were in the men’s room and I could hear them talking about me, they said I was a dyke that one had seen me in a granny dress and I looked like I was fifty years old he almost didn’t recognize me.

Rick and his new wife graduated and left for their careers and I had saved enough money to enroll so I tried to get back into college life but it just wouldn’t work. All the seniors were hooked up, married, engaged or committed and all the dates I got were wild idiots that didn’t come to college to get an education, just to get drunk, party and fuck. I was the divorcee with big hooters and since I wasn’t married I had to be horny and desperate to have their cocks in me.

Julie; “Baby do you want to take a break?”

“No, I need to tell you, you are my only friends. I don’t want to lose you because I’m not what you think I am pretending to be.”

Emily; “You won’t lose us, Sarah.”

“Anyway I won’t tell you all the sordid details. Just that I tried to make myself as inconspicuous as possible so that no one would ask me out, if some really bad off sex fiend did I would lie and say my husband was killed in the service and I had committed myself to his memory for life.

“When I finished school I tried to get normal again, I would go to buy clothes that were attractive so I could get a job, no one wants to hire a twenty four year old teacher that looks fifty, but when I tried them on in the dressing room the mirror would show me a street walker, so I would get a larger and looser size. The first time I saw Emily I almost died because I knew I could look like that. She was dressed sharp, you could see her breasts outlined in her blouse, her butt was shapely and her dress was above her knee, all the students’ and male teachers’ eyes followed her walking down the hall.

“Something in me wanted to be like that but I couldn’t make myself do it. I followed her to the lounge and sat in the corner watching how everyone liked her and admired her and I could feel something eating me up inside. And then I saw the two of you together and how you laughed and had fun and both of you were beautiful and sexy and I thought if I just could be friends with them maybe I could get to be like that.”

“You are right Julie, I am bitter, full of fear, and I have no self confidence except when I teach. It’s not just one it’s all three and maybe even others that I don’t know about. The worse thing is that I know it, and that’s why I was crying. First because I thought no one would notice and now I realize that everyone except me knows, and second because you, my two only friends know, and you had to tell me something that I should have been mature enough to know, well I guess I knew just wouldn’t admit to myself. I’m not a very good person to have as a friend am I.”

Emily and Julie both grabbed Sarah hugged and kissed her. They were near tears themselves.

Emily; “Baby you’re perfect just the way you are, really all you need is a little polishing you have been treating yourself bad and you want to change so all you have to do is start working on changing. Right, Julie?”

Julie; “Absolutely, and that makes you the best kind of friend that we could ever have. We get to go with you as you shop for exciting clothes and share all your adventures, we might even get the chance to teach you how to pick up men, flirt, and entice them into slobbering animals, wow I’m excited.”

Emily; “Me too, when do we start?”

Julie; “Right now, we are already behind schedule, we must get the water hot again and get her ready for the thong. I’ll do the water you soak her with a hot wash cloth and apply the shave cream. Sarah grab a pillow for your spine and slip out to the edge of the couch. We don’t want you be humpbacked. Emily did you bring the magic wand in, we will need it soon I think?”

Emily; “Yeah, it’s in the bag on the bed, want it now or later?”

Sarah; “Magic wand?”

Emily; “No questions from you young lady, just follow instructions and we won’t have to kill you.”

Julie; “Later. Get going, we’re burning daylight.”

Sarah laughing; “You’re both crazy, aren’t you?”

Emily; “Absolutely, but we have a good time.”

They went about their preparations and soon Emily was back with a hot wash cloth and got on her knees between Sarah’s legs and placed it on her cunt. Sarah squealed when it touched her tender labia but Emily held it there and opened her legs as wide as they would go opening the labia more and then pressed it in the opening.

Sarah slammed her head back against the sofa and her hands beat a tattoo on the couch cushions but she did not try to close her legs. Emily held the cloth for a short time and then rubbed to clean her, moving it higher to cover the fine blond hair on Sarah’s lower stomach she saw that her nubbin of a clit was in view and pulsing each time her heart beat.

“Sarah, are you alright”

“No, I am in pain, my stomach is cramping me but it is a weird aching type of cramp.”

Julie, hearing this asked, “What’s wrong Emily?”

“I don’t know Sarah is hurting in her stomach.”

Julie came into the living room and knelt beside Sarah and Emily, she laid her hand on Sarah’s stomach and felt it quivering, Emily told her what she had said and pointed to her clit. Julie looked at it and then felt of Sarah’s breasts, they were hot with feverous like heat. Julie asked Sarah if her breasts ached and she nodded, then asked if they had been aching for a while and getting worse and spread to her stomach, again she nodded. Julie reached and gripped a nipple and pinched it, Sarah moaned and twisted her shoulders.

“What are you doing Julie, what’s wrong with her, don’t make her hurt.”

Julie leaned to Emily and whispered in her ear and Emily’s eyes widened and her lips formed the words no way, Julie nodded and whispered again and Emily’s hand slowly went to the other nipple and pinched it. Sarah moaned again and stopped twisting, laying on the couch just quivering.

“Do you want us to stop Sarah or is it feeling too good to stop?”

“It hurts but it feels good, I don’t understand, what’s wrong with me?”

“Baby, you are on the verge of the best feeling you have ever had in your life, will you trust us and let us take you there?”


Julie nodded to Emily and looked at Sarah’s clit, Emily leaned forward and licked it with the flat part of her tongue and Sarah stiffened with unseeing eyes looking towards the ceiling. Emily dipped to the bottom of her vagina opening and licked it all the way to her clit and lapped at it like a dog drinking water.

Sarah gasped and a long low moan escaped her open mouth. Julie tighten her pressure on the nipple she was pinching and Sarah tried to raise up against her hand either to see or cause more pressure or both, she remained, straining to see what Emily’s tongue was doing to her. Julie saw her beginning to tremble and shake, squeezed hard as she could and grabbed Emily’s fingers around the other nipple and clamped down hard on them to make both nipples hurt.

Sarah could no longer contain herself and began to hump against Emily’s face rising up on her toes and moaning constantly as she entered the first phase of her climax. She began to shake her head from side to side and only her toes in the heels and her neck and head touched the floor and couch. She remained gasping, moaning, and fucking against Emily’s lips which were now locked around her clit, she began to slow down and the moans got a little softer as she passed the climax zenith and began to descend.

Julie released Sarah’s nipples and she collapsed to the
couch. Julie whispered to Emily to keep her excited and
went for the pan of water and razor. On return she
watched a second as Emily continued to lick and suck at
Sarah’s now very wet cunt. She whispered for Emily to
wet her tongue and french kiss Sarah and play with her
breasts while she shaved her, then to get the magic

Emily ran her tongue in Sarah’s cunt as far as she
could and then moved to lie beside her on the couch and
licked her lips and plunged her tongue deep into her
mouth. Julie applied the shave cream to her hand and
rubbed it on the hair of Sarah’s cunt and lower stomach
and began to shave her except for a strip just about
her slit.

When she began to shave around her lips and labia she
placed her thumb in the slit and moved it along with
the razor up and down her slit touching the clit and
her vagina opening letting her thumb slid inside a
little each time. Soon Sarah was whimpering and sucking
at Emily’s tongue harder. Julie shaved all the fine
blond hair around her cunt and any she saw around her
asshole again using her thumb, this time to cover the
little tan hole which was squeezed tightly shut.

When she had finished she cleaned away the cream and
applied lotion to Sarah rubbing it in all that time
massaging her asshole with her thumb. Julie began to
notice Sarah was shifting her hips slightly which let
her know that she was enjoying it and would be
agreeable to taking a little more into her. She probed
lightly using her knuckle so her nail wouldn’t scratch
the tender flesh and as she pushed found the asshole
not so tightly closed. Sarah whimpered .

Julie punched Emily and whispered it was time to bring
it in, Emily nodded and rose up and went to the
bedroom. Julie continued to probe and rub the lotion
with her other hand. She realized that Sarah was
watching her and her hips were moving a little more
with each moment.

“Do you feel better now, baby? Some of the tension and
stress gone?”

“Yes Julie, I feel wonderful, this feels so good, I
should be ashamed of liking this but it is to good to
not like. I never had anyone make love to me like you
do, you seem to know exactly what to do to make me cum.
Are you going to make me cum like this, I can?”

“No sweetheart, we will save that for another time when
we can really enjoy it and make it slow and long. Would
you like something in you there, in your ass, would you
like to be fucked in the ass?”

“I would like to, but it would have to be you or Emily
can you do it?”

“Yes, you think about it and we will talk about it, if
you really want to.”

“Ok, soon.”

Emily came walking in, with the magic wand in place,
Sarah’s eyes widened and her mouth opened in
astonishment, she whispered: “Oh my god.”

Emily approached the couch and Julie moved to the side
but continued to rub Sarah’s cunt and asshole. Emily
kneeled between Sarah’s legs and placed the Magic Wand
tip against her cunt and rubbed it in the slit as Julie
relinquished her task. Sarah’s eyes were glued to the
dildo as it massaged her from the bottom to her clit at
the top. Slowly her eyes closed as the sensation begin
to grow and her head rolled to one side and a sigh
escaped her lips.

Emily eased the Magic Wand to her cunt opening and
applied forward pressure sliding in about an inch and
then stopping to let Sarah adjust. But Sarah wasn’t
interested in adjusting she wanted more and began to
rotate her hips and moaned deep in her throat. Emily
gave her another inch and she groaned and spoke only
one word, more.

Julie got up and went to the other side where Sarah was
facing and lying half on the couch and half on her
knees she placed her hand on her breast, holding it and
caressing the nipple. Julie kissed Sarah’s lips and she
kissed back, Emily realizing that Sarah was not having
any problem taking the dildo even though it was tight
began to press forward and slide into Sarah’s cunt and
was amazed at how she responded, lifting her hips and
humping towards it, hungry for it.

Sarah began to whimper around Julie’s mouth even though
she had a tongue two inches in and sucking it madly.
One hand reached to her cunt and rubbed along the slit
pushing the lips against the Magic Wand, the other hand
was on Julie’s breast and squeezing it with one finger
rubbing across the nipple. Sarah cried out as she began
to cum, humping to the dildo and now squeezing her own
cunt around it.

Emily continued to slip into the wet cunt of Sarah and
now it was creating a sucking sound as Sarah humped
forward and then back.

Emily knew she was about seven inches deep in her cunt
and would have to hit the back soon, she lowered her
ass and bought the angle up and Sarah froze as the tip
touched her womb. Emily stopped pressing and they were
all three still as a picture for thirty seconds. And
then Sarah gasped and tore her mouth from Julie’s and
let out a long “Aaaaahhhh!” as her climax intensified
and she began to rotate her hips again causing the
dildo the rub her womb.

Emily held still for a while but saw Sarah was speeding
up her movements and flinging her head from side to
side so she pressed another inch into her cunt. Sarah
was like a wild person, she was squirming, humping,
rubbing her cunt and squeezing Julie’s breast in a vise
like grip. Emily saw cum running out around the dildo
and dripping on the towel, she was afraid to go any
deeper and just held it there as Sarah rocketed though
the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Julie was concerned as Sarah showed no signs of
reaching the peak and starting down and she looked at
Emily who shook her head to signify she had never see
any thing like this either. Julie continued to rub
Sarah’s breast and bent over engulfing the nipple in
her mouth and sucking it hard moving her hand to the
other nipple and pinching it to try and get Sarah over
the hump of her peak ecstasy. Emily reached up and
massaged her stomach which was knotted with her efforts
to rotate and hump her hips plus the convulsions of her

But the more Julie and Emily did to Sarah the harder
her climax grew, she was groaning now as pain began to
radiate downward towards her cunt and sweat broke out
on her but she still slammed upwards to the dildo.
Emily knew she was hitting the back of Sarah’s cunt as
the dildo was jolting back against her clit which was
right under the base and she could feel her own climax

“Oh, help me please, fuck me Emily. I’m going to die
it’s so good. The pain is awful but don’t stop, make me
cum forever.” Sarah cried out.

Emily: “I’m going to cum also, Julie. Help me to make

Julie lifted her mouth from Sarah’s nipple which was
red and swollen from her sucking and Sarah’s lust. She
reached to Emily and mashed her nipple with her thumb
and finger as hard as she thought she could stand. She
looked at Emily whose eyes were closed and her head
back and at Sarah writhing on the couch as she pinched
nipples of both. She remembered how the pain felt and
how she always came almost instantly when Jimmy had
thumped her nipples, she knew both of them needed to
climax and come down to earth so she removed her hand
from Sarah’s nipple and thumped Emily’s with it.
Emily’s eyes shot open and she cried out as the pain
radiated throughout her.

Julie did the same to Sarah’s nipple, the one swollen,
and she gasped and moaned loudly. She returned to
Emily’s and as she watched thumped it harder twice.
Emily began to gasp and Julie could see the dazed look
before she closed her eyes as her climax shot
throughout her body. She did the same to Sarah’s nipple
and after the second hard thump Sarah arched her body
against the Magic Wand and just ground against it as
she at last arced over the top of her climax. Julie
watched, somewhat envious, as Emily and Sarah gasping
and moaning began to come down from their ecstasy high
and rubbed them as they slowly collapsed onto each

To Julie’s amazement as their bodies met and tits were
mashed together, Emily did not ease back to decrease
the deepness of the Magic Wand, she kept it all the way
in and Sarah lifted her legs and locked them behind
Emily’s back and squeezed with them to increase the
pressure against her womb, and she and Emily locked
their lips to each other. Julie realized they were not
ready to give up the ecstasy immediately, and they
might even stay hot and start over. To herself she
thought, what a pair of hot sluts I have as my best

She got up and gathered up the pan, shaving cream, and
razor and took them to the kitchen rinsing them and put
them on the counter. She got some coffee and went to
the bathroom using the toilet and washing herself. She
returned to the kitchen and looking at the couch saw
Emily and Sarah were squirming against each other and
Emily’s hips were thrusting into Sarah’s crotch and
Sarah’s legs were pulling her in tighter on each
thrust. Julie sat down at the counter with her coffee
and watched the two lovers making love and getting
faster and more excited with each passing moment.

She considered joining them but knew she didn’t need to
get excited and cum again as she still had two men at
home that would expect her to give herself to them and
while they might be tired they would still give her all
the sex she could take. As she thought of Harry and
Jimmy she could feel her nipples hardening and looked
down at them , yes they were ready also. She checked
the clock and wondered what they would do for dinner if
this went on much longer.

She looked at the two as she heard a squeal from Sarah
and saw her twisting and pumping back at the Magic Wand
and Emily’s head was thrown back as she moaned lowly as
she slammed into Sarah’s cunt. They were at the climax
stage already. It lasted for about a minute and both
collapsed with Emily rolling over on the couch pulling
the dildo from Sarah, they lay still breathing hard.

Julie went to them and removed the dildo from Emily’s
hips, she placed the tip at Sarah’s mouth and it opened
letting her slide it in a little and Sarah licked it
without even opening her eyes. But she was too tired to
do much and just let it rest in her mouth. Julie
removed it and went to the kitchen and cleaned it. She
checked Emily and Sarah and they looked like they were
asleep. She placed her hand on Emily and shook her
lightly, she looked at Julie and smiled.

Sweetheart, we better get to moving, I’ve got a dinner
to prepare and sometimes on Saturdays Harry knocks off
early. Can you move or are you dead?”

“I’m most likely dead for I’m feeling wonderful and
looking at an angel. You are beautiful all the time but
naked and bending over with those magnificent tits
hanging you are a wet dream.”

“Well I see you haven’t lost your ability to lie but it
won’t do you any good, you’re not getting in my pants
anymore today. I’ve got to save some for my men and you
better do the same.”

Emily noted that Julie said men and she wondered if
that was a slip of the tongue and she meant man or did
she have a secret lover that no one was aware of. She
got up from the couch.

“You’re right as usual. I can shower at home. I’ll run
to the bath room and get dressed. You see if Sarah is
still with us.”

Julie moved to Sarah and tried to shake her and Sarah
looked at her and started to raise up but fell back to
the couch.

“Sarah, we have to go, are you okay? Sweetheart look at
me are you feeling okay?”

“Julie I’m okay, I’m just washed out. I don’t have any
energy, I’m sorry but I need to rest a little and I’ll
help you then.”

“Baby, we don’t need any help, you need to eat
something your energy level is low and food will start
your energy to rebuild. Do you have anything ready to

“Yes but I need to rest first.”

Julie went to the refrigerator and found some milk. She
poured a glass and looked in the pantry finding some
ready mixed chocolate and spooned it in the milk
stirring it in. She went back to Sarah and she lay just
like she was with her legs spread, her cunt was
partially open and was dripping on the towel. Julie got
the wash cloth and wet it in the kitchen sink with hot
water and went back to Sarah and knelt between her legs
and began to wash her as tenderly as she could as her
cunt was red from the shave and all the activity it had
just recently.

As she washed her Sarah raised up and looked at her
between her legs and put her hands on each side of
Julie’s face and leaned forward and kissed her lips.

“That’s feels so good, you are so good to me nobody as
ever washed me there. Are you going to do me again? It
feels so good when you love me Julie. I will try to cum
again for you if you want to fuck me again.”

“No baby, you need to rest, I’m just trying to clean
you, then you must drink some chocolate milk for me and
then we are going to put you to bed and go home. Do you
have my phone number?” Sarah shook her head. “I will
write it down for you and put it on the kitchen counter
and promise me that you will call me tomorrow and let
me know how you are, promise?”

“Yes I promise. Do you have to go can’t you stay?”

“I would love to stay but I have to go home and cook
dinner, I’m sorry but you need to rest anyway and so do
I and Emily. But don’t forget that I love you and will
be thinking about you.”

“Oh Julie I love you also. It makes me happy to hear
you say you love me, can I kiss you?”

“Of course, I want you to kiss me when we are alone
when ever you want to, you don’t have to ask!”

Sarah kissed Julie with passion and her lips were
lightly sucking Julie’s as if she was drawing sweetness
from her. Emily came in from the bathroom and saw them
embracing and thought that Sarah was recovering fast
and wondered if they had time to let Julie fuck her.
She walked to the lovers and touched Julie on the

“Emily, help me get Sarah to bed, Sarah drink your
milk, please.”

The two of them helped Sarah to her feet after she had
downed the chocolate milk, and she wobbled as they went
to the bedroom.

“Ooooo, I’m dizzy.”

“Your be alright baby after you rest a while, get some
sleep and don’t forget to call me in the morning, if
you don’t feel good anytime call me, promise?”

“Yes, promise.”

They slipped her in bed and covered her with the sheet
and both kissed her and told her they loved her. Then
they went out shutting the door. Julie dressed
hurriedly as Emily straightened up the room and put
Sarah’s new thongs, tops, and shorts on the counter
writing a note on a note pad and leaving it beside

Julie wrote her telephone number on another sheet and
left it on the counter. She and Emily looked around the
room and made sure it was decent looking, grabbing the
bag Emily had brought in with Magic Wand they went out
and made sure the door was locked and hurried to the
car. Starting the car and pulling into traffic they
then looked at each other and Emily spoke first.

“My god, I can’t believe how turned on she was, she was
insatiable, she was willing to do anything!”

“Yeah, it’s kind of scary, I thought we might be able
to gain her trust and get to hugging and maybe, just
maybe, kissing like friends. She is dying for someone
to love, isn’t she, at least I think so, what do you

“I agree, I was thinking that she’s dying for someone
to love her but you are correct, now that I think about
it, she wants to love someone. She was trying to give
us her love, she loved it when we loved her but she
wanted to give us her love also.”

“I guess it’s been bottled up in her so long that she
was bursting with the need to express it, and sex was
and is a good way to get it out. This is awful to say
but I can still feel her lips and tongue on my clit,
honestly Emily, never in my life has anyone done it
like that to me, I could feel my life being sucked out
of me.”

“She was hungry, no she was starving for love and to
give love. What will we do now? What I thought was
going to be just fun and excitement suddenly has taken
a serious turn, we certainly can’t add to her problems.
We got in deep quickly didn’t we?”

“Yeah we did, one thing for sure we can’t back off, she
will just fall deeper into depression. I think we will
have to continue and try to guide her back to a normal
relationship until she gains confidence in herself and
gets interested in male/female love. You know that is
what she needs, a man that she can trust and will love
her, give her confidence to be herself, and then accept
her love.”

“Yes, I know but what and how can we do that?”

“Well first I think we are going to have to live each
day as it comes and let her know that we are always
there for her, that we love her and accept her love.
Then someway we have to integrate her back into a
social life, with fun things with us and then to
broadening her circle of friends to include men.”

“The first part sounds like fun and lots of loving and
I’m all for that but the second part is going to be
hard. Lets face it you and I don’t have a fun lifestyle
to include her in and I don’t know of any men that I
party with, in fact I don’t know any men period. I’m
just a working housewife and depend on my husband on
all the sex I’m going to get and all the social life
too. Just like you unless you got one socked away that
I don’t know about.”

“Hardly baby hardly, I’ve got all I can handle at home
and a beautiful sex fiend for a best friend. I’m not
sure that I can live though that, must less another
stud. But I do have an idea that will help you and I
find more time to be together because we can’t count on
every Saturday, and we could work with Sarah also.”

“Well, are you going to tell me or do I stop this car
and throw you out, if you run you could get home in
time to cook?”

“Patience sweetheart, I’m just now formulating a plan
my brain is tired and needs time to think.”

They drove in silence until they were about a block
from Julie’s house when she turned to Emily and asked.
“What are you going to prepare for dinner tonight?”

“Julie! You are mean, if I didn’t love you I could hate

“Now you know how I feel when you play those games with
me, I learned it from you. Besides you are so cute when
you pout. Anyway here’s it is: Suppose we declare that
we want a girl’s night out every week and are willing
to give the boys a night out to be fair. We could just
visit, including Sarah of course, go to a movie, shop,
and maybe occasionally hit a bar for a short time and
see if she begins to loosen up, if we lead maybe she
will follow. What do you think?”

“Sounds like fun, I have always wanted a night out with
girlfriends but never had any since we graduated and
moved here. Didn’t have many in college come to think
of it. I vote yes.”

“Ok, I will approach Harry and you bribe Keith and we
will talk tomorrow, we should start with a movie and
work in the bars later, unless she makes a big surprise
jump on us like she did today.”


They were sitting in Julie’s driveway now and she
leaned over and kissed Emily and said love you, bye.
Emily said love you too, talk tomorrow. She backed out
and headed home and Julie rushed inside and headed for
the shower.

Chapter Nineteen
When Harry and Jimmy pulled into the driveway and
honked, Julie had dinner going and busy mixing the
salad, she hurried to the door and opened it waiting
for them on the steps as they stepped up the bottom
step. They greeted and kissed hugging her and asking
each other how the day had been.

Julie rushed back to the kitchen and checked the steaks
broiling in the oven letting the aroma fill the area.
Harry and Jimmy exclaimed how great dinner smelled and
she smiled telling them that they had about twenty
minutes to shower and get dressed before it was on the

Jimmy rushed to his bathroom and started. Harry delayed
till he was gone and grabbed Julie from behind and
kissing her on the neck and feeling of her breasts
which were bra free and only had a thin shirt knotted
at her mid section and two buttons covering them. She
felt his cock prodding her ass though his pants.

“Harry! You’re horny where have you been? You are
supposed to be working not out playing around with hot
girls, stop that , you get me stirred up and there
won’t be any steaks just charcoal.”

“Hey babe, I was fine until we were nearly home and I
got to thinking about you and that’s what happens every
time I picture you standing in this kitchen being a
great wife with that sexy ass and beautiful tits.”

“Well you can’t have either until after dinner, you’re
going to need strength that’s why I cooked steaks, so
you could get some protein in you, get in that shower
I’ll bring you a beer in a minute.”

“Yes boss lady, did you have any luck today?”

“Maybe, I’ll tell you but we have to wait until we are
in bed, get out of here.”

Harry pinched Julie’s nipples and she squealed then he
headed for the shower. Julie muttered to herself, well
at least I know that I’m able to get hot after all that
happened today, my nipples are on fire and hard as
nails. She delayed getting his beer for she didn’t want
to go in there until he got in the shower for he would
grab her tits again and she wouldn’t stop him again.

She needed it as bad as he was but she wondered what
they would do about Jimmy. Would be best to wait until
bedtime, then she wondered if Jimmy needed her too, and
how would they work that. Life can get complicated

She finished the salad and got a beer taking it to the
bathroom asking Harry if he wanted it in the shower and
he quickly said yes . She returned to the kitchen
checking the steaks and seeing that the lima beans were
finished put them on a cool stove burner, the squash
were already finished and in a bowl along with the
cream potatoes. She put the salad in three bowls and
placed them on the table. Next were the glasses of tea
which also were placed on the table.

Jimmy came in the kitchen carrying his dirty work
clothes for the laundry hamper. He came back from the
laundry room and walked straight to Julie and hugged

“It’s great to get home mom, I missed you today. Did
you miss me?”

“Yes baby, I missed you. I wondered if you had enough
to eat and plenty of water and it was hot today, did
you enjoy working?”

Jimmy’s hand went inside Julie’s shirt and fondled her

“Yeah it was fun for a while but the day seemed awfully
long after I got tired. And dad is a tough boss, he
thinks ahead and when you are about half though with a
job he tells you what he wants done next. So you never
have any time to goof off but it was interesting, I
didn’t realize that it takes more than muscle to work,
you have to think and plan ahead and check the
blueprints it takes a lot of brain effort as well as

Julie could feel her breasts beginning to tighten and
the nipples elongating as she answered him. “Well it
sounds like you learned a lot today, it should help you
to realize how important an education is. Baby, I love
your caresses but I’ve got to check the steaks and get
the yeast rolls in the oven, can I finish dinner?”

“Sure mom, sorry, I got carried away it feels so good,
can you find time later?”

“Don’t know honey. I’ll try.”

Jimmy removed his hand and kissed Julie lightly on the
lips. He asked if he could help with dinner, she said
it’s all ready except for the rolls and thanked him
going to the oven and finding the steaks just right
took them out and put the rolls in. She thought to
herself, well that’s answered I’ve got two horny men on
my hands and I’m not going to do anything they will
have to sort it out or maybe it should be they will
have to sort me out.

Maybe they will take turns all night long, that would
be great. But most likely they will get a full stomach,
turn on the TV and go to sleep and I’ll be left with my
beer bottle. Damn I should be whipped what’s got wrong
with me, I’ve had more sex this week than most women
get in a year and it’s all I can think about.

Harry came in and said he was ready and half starved,
she said that the rolls were just about ready to sit
down and eat their salad and she would fix their
plates. She filled their plates with heaping portions
and placed them on the table and got the rolls onto a
plate and on the table and then sat down and started
eating. As they ate they talked about what happened to
each today and she and Harry exchanged smiles as Jimmy
excitedly told her about things that he did and saw,
she knew that he had enjoyed the change and the chance
to associate with men.

Harry told her about the progress they made and that
they would be finished by the end of next week unless
something usual happened, a full eight days ahead of
schedule. All they would need is to test it when the
other construction work was finished. Julie asked what
they would do now and he said he wasn’t sure if they
would come to help locally or go to help the other crew
out of town. The owner was so surprised that they were
almost finished that he would have to rework the work

“But Harry, if you have to help the out of town crew
you would stay all week and only get to come home on
the weekends.”

“I know babe and I hope that doesn’t happen, well it’s
going to happen but I hope it’s not now. We were going
to take turns to make it fair and they are only in
their first week but things change. I don’t think the
company wants to put two crews in a motel at the same
time, but you never know.”

“Your right, no use in worrying about it. We will make
out here if you have to but it sure will be lonesome
without you.”

“Dad, what are we going to do tomorrow?”

“Buddy I plan on resting, taking a nap, and watching
some baseball to recharge for next week. Did you have
something that you wanted to do?”

“Well, if we don’t have any plans I would like to go to
David’s, he has a new game and he said I could play
anytime I wanted. If it’s ok with both of you.”

“Sure son, just as long as it’s not one of those ‘kill
everybody games’.”

“No it’s a quest game where you go to strange lands and
solve puzzles to gain points.”

“Baby, are you talking about morning or afternoon? I
was planning a light lunch and larger dinner.”

“Afternoon right after lunch.”

Julie nodded and they finished dinner mostly in silence
with Harry and Jimmy bragging on the food and how great
a cook she was. After dinner Julie said she would clean
up but Harry said no that they would help her, she
could put up the few leftovers and they would wash and
dry. When she had finished Julie loaded the washer and
started it, shutting the door to hold down the noise.
Then she went to the bedrooms and turned down all the
beds and made sure everything was straight returning to
the kitchen just as they were finishing the dishes.

Harry said to Jimmy that he could watch TV but no later
than nine or hit the sack whenever he wished, that he
and Julie needed to discuss some things and they would
go to bed soon as he was tired. Jimmy said ok and
goodnight and went to the couch. Harry took Julie’s
hand and they went to the bedroom, as they went in the
door, Harry first, she glanced at Jimmy and he blew her
a kiss and his lips formed the words ‘see you later’.
She smiled and said out loud, “Don’t forget to brush
your teeth.”

Closing the door she turned to Harry and he was going
in the bathroom, she followed and they both grabbed
their toothbrushes. Harry applied paste to his and hers
and popped his in his mouth and walked behind Julie
reaching around her and untied the knot of her shirt
and opening the buttons removing the shirt and brushed
his teeth looking at her breasts as they swayed as she
brushed. After they rinsed, Harry removed her shorts
and she started removing his clothes until they were
both naked and in each others arms kissing. Harry took
her hand and led her to the bed and they propped the
pillows so they could sit with their backs against the

“Ahhhh, baby it feels good to home with you and a good
meal inside me. While we get to know each other’s body
why don’t you tell about today.”

“You know this body by heart, it’s yours and you
explore it every night much to my delight.”

“Well I have a short memory so I have to learn it all
over again and again. What happened today how was Emily
did she loosen up when you were alone.”

“I’ll spare you the shopping you wouldn’t be interested
in that. We lay in the sun and talked listening to
music. She was a little shy at first when we were
undressing, as I was; but she loosen up and we talked
about our friend Sarah who has had some problems and we
called her to get her to go shopping with us and she
did. We were out there for nearly two hours and then we
came in for drinks and to shower.

“I led her into the shower and she was a little nervous
and we washed each other. We have always hugged when we
meet if no one is around and recently started kissing
cheeks. That’s why I thought she might go a little
farther, so I took a long time washing her breasts and
I could tell she was getting excited and finally she
put her hands on my breasts and we kissed some, on the

“We both got excited and nervous, I guess because it
was taboo and that makes things more exciting. We got
out of the shower and dried off and I took her in
kitchen, naked of course, and we sat at the counter and
drank coffee talking. I told her I enjoyed being with
her naked, and that I enjoyed kissing and feeling her
body as we washed.

“She said she did also. So I decided to dive right in
and asked her if she would like to go further some
times and she said she wasn’t sure, I explained that I
wasn’t a lesbian and didn’t think she was either. But
that I liked her, I never had made love to a woman and
would like to try it sometimes, and she was the only
woman that appealed to me and then I told her you had a
fantasy about watching two women make love and wouldn’t
have a problem with us having sex as long as you could
watch sometimes.”

“What did she say to that?”

“Nothing, she looked amused and interested, I asked her
if she thought her husband would like to watch, and she
said maybe, he’s a man like all of them. Any way we
fooled around a little, you know, like touching each
other, we played with each others nipples and liked it
and we kissed some more. She suggested that we have a
weekly girl’s night out and just see what developed. I
didn’t want to push and sound desperate or scare her so
I agreed.”

“You mean go to bars and men strip clubs, how is that
going to develop into anything?”

“No, silly man, girls night out means just getting
together, talking, maybe shop some, sometimes a
romantic movie and if no ones at home we could just
stay at home and gossip, kind of like a pajama party.”

“Yeahhh, I always wanted to go to one of those!”

“Men aren’t allowed. Plus we would have known if and
when you are going to be back, wouldn’t want to get
caught with your tongue in a cunt by your husband.”

Julie snuggled up to Harry’s chest and put her hand on
his stomach and slid it down to his cock.

“Harry! You’re hard as steel! You’re turned on at the
thought aren’t you? Don’t lie to me.”

“How can I lie? You’ve got the truth in your hand. I
want to see it, it’s got to be exciting. Wow just think
how it would look with you spread on the bed and her
between your legs and her tongue licking that sweet

“Remember I will have to do her also, how are you going
to feel sucking my tongue after it’s been in her cunt?
Are you going to be disgusted, that worries me.”

“Don’t be worried babe, I will love it but I hope you
will also. I know you are doing this for me but I don’t
want you to do it if you are sickened by it, ok?”

“Ok, right now it’s exciting, maybe it will continue to
be. Like with Jimmy, I was attracted to the idea when
you mentioned it and then it was exciting and scary but
now it like an extension of our love as a family and I
feel almost like he is my husband also and I want to
please him just as I want to please you. But I have a
problem now.”

“What is it?”

“Well like now, I know Jimmy wants me to come to his
room after we are finished and you know what he wants
to do. But I am not sure what I should do, should I ask
you or should he? Should I just go afterwards and how
would you feel about it, should I wait until you are
asleep and slip in there? It would be better if we had
some kind of understanding between the three of us.”

“First and most important is what do you want to do? Do
you feel like you must go to him or you want to go?”

“It makes no sense but both I guess. I feel like I must
because you think that I should, that it is the best
thing for Jimmy. Also I want to, but in some way I feel
guilty about wanting to, like I’m cheating on you
behind your back unless you tell me it’s ok.”

“Do you enjoy having sex with Jimmy, does he make you

“Yes, I do and he does make me cum.”

“Then I say you should fuck him every night at ten
o’clock until twelve or longer if you want to and he
wants to. I will tell him that you will come to his
room, naked and hot for his cock, at ten o’clock every
night except Friday and Sunday. Sunday night is your
night for whatever you want or nothing if you want.
Friday night will be your girl’s night and we will both
be in bed by the time you get home and you will be
tired maybe. But if you want sex you can wake me or
Jimmy or both. Is that clear?”


“Is it acceptable, can you live with it and be happy
with that arrangement? If not tell me what you think
would be. We want you to be happy and satisfied.”

“Yes it will be better this way, I think. And it is
okay if he wants to make love after school?”

“As many times as he and you want to, just be clean and
ready when I get home. Put some lube on your ass and
save some for my cock, after I talk to Jimmy I am going
to fuck your ass deep, long, and slow. All this talk
has me hot as a firecracker.”

Harry climbed out of bed and slid into his pants and
went to the living room. Julie padded, naked into the
bathroom and applied some lube as she had been told and
took it back to the bedroom with her. She was tingling
all over, her cunt was wet, nipples stiff, breasts
swollen, and stomach aching. Also she was feeling good
as everything seemed to be falling into place and that
excited her, now she could have Jimmy and Emily plus
Harry and after awhile Sarah could be worked in also.
This was the best situation that could exist, all the
sex she could want and no sneaking, no guilt, free to
enjoy it and any way she wanted.

She lay on her side to not smear lube on the sheets and
waited for Harry to return and wondered if there would
be any new things tonight that Jimmy had thought up.
She wished Harry would hurry she felt like she was
going to cum just thinking about the next hours,
midnight or more if she wanted more and suddenly she
knew she wanted more. If Jimmy gave out she could
always wake Harry.

Julie realized at that moment she would never get
enough, she might be satisfied for a short time but the
desire to be bought to the boiling point and fucked
again and again would always come back. She now knew
that Harry knew that also and he was doing everything
he could to keep her happy. He had realized that three
times a day was only adequate for her but he couldn’t
sustain that forever and he would be away for days at a

Harry opened the door and entered closing it behind him
softly, Julie moved to the side of the mattress and
watched as he removed his pants and approached her. She
reached out and grasped his cock as soon as it was
near, it was still big but not hard and she pulled him
close to her and kissed the head.

“Tell me while I get you ready for a wonderful treat,

She kissed the cock head again and slipped it into her
mouth rubbing her tongue all around the head as she
slowly engulfed it all the way into her throat without
pausing. Harry sighed as she began to move her head
back and forth fucking it orally.

“Babe, I can hardly talk when you do that, it is
wonderful all right, but it won’t last long with that
kind of loving so stop when it is hard enough to enter
your ass. I’ve been thinking about that all day long.
Everything is set with Jimmy, after I talked to him, he
turned off the TV and headed to his room. I bet he is
laying in bed resting and thinking about fucking you
right now.”

Julie pulled off his cock long enough to say thank you
sweetheart and then plunged back down to his balls with
her mouth. Sensing that his cock was hardening quickly
she gulped once to make her throat clasp it and then
pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. She
sucked it to hold it by suction and reached for the
lube, holding the cock in her mouth she removed the
lube top and squeezed the tube to apply some to the
balance of the cock and then rubbed it all over it
taking it from her mouth to lube up the head.

Finished she pulled her knees under her body and
elevated her ass spreading her legs leaving her head on
the mattress. She whispered to him; “Fuck my ass baby,
make me cum a dozen times and then shoot me full of
your cum. Make me your ass fucking whore, spank my ass
if you want to I love any thing you do to me for I love
you and will forever. I will do any thing you want me
to, stick my tongue up Emily’s cunt and ass if you
want, fuck any time any where any body or any thing,
just tell me what you want me to do.”

Harry was between her legs and placed his cock against
her asshole as she talked. He applied steady pressure
until the head entered her and then slowly began to
fuck in and out going a little deeper on each inward
thrust. Julie began to moan and twist her ass, she
grabbed the pillow and put it under her face and
against her mouth to muffle the noise.

She was cumming from the first slight penetration of
the slick hard cock into her asshole. As Harry reached
the half way point of his ten inches she was moaning
and whimpering and gasping as the ache in her stomach
increased. When she felt his hips touching her ass
cheeks she knew she had at least nine inches of hard
cock stuffing her ass and it was like heaven, she was
nearly swooning from ecstasy and still her cunt was
steadily convulsing from the pressure radiating though
her body starting at her ass.

Harry began to withdrawn a couple of inches and then
slide back to her depths and repeated this slowly,
tantalizing her into harder and deeper convulsions. She
began to toss her head from side to side and cry out
louder, then she began to sense that the room seemed to
be spinning Escort Elvankent and her eyes could not focus as she slipped
into unconsciousness. When she began to sag to the bed
Harry held her by the hips to keep her ass up and
continued to work in and out of her ass, she did not
feel it any more but he did and it was to good to stop.

He fucked her beautiful ass for five more minutes and
shot a powerful and large load of cum into her. As he
let her slip to the bed his cock withdrew and he placed
his finger over the gaping anus hole to keep the cum in
her. She lay as asleep without moving and he knew she
would be groggy when she woke up as this had happened

He went to the bathroom and got a wash cloth and wet it
washing himself, then washed it out and went to the
bedroom and cleaned Julie of the lube as best as he
could. After another trip to sink he washed Julie’s
face and she began to rouse up, he rolled her over on
her back and laid the cloth on her forehead, she opened
her eyes and looked at him.

“I did it again didn’t I baby?”

“Yes sweetheart, are you okay now?”

“I think so, I have trouble thinking when I faint but I
feel okay just shaky.”

“Do you want to rest awhile?”

“No, always before if I get fucked quickly my heart
rate picks up and I recover faster. So I want you to
fuck me and kiss me and fuck me some more.”

“That’s what I want too, let’s snuggle a little and see
if I can go again this quickly.”

Harry put the extra pillow behind Julie’s back and
pulled her up not to her side but about a quarter of
the way and let her recline on the pillow. He slid
between her legs and placed his cock against her cunt,
it was hot to his cock and he could tell she was still
horny even though she had cum multiple times while he
fucked her ass. His assessment that she could not be
satisfied with just one fuck a day was reinforced, she
appeared to be horny all the time.

He kissed her sweet lips and let her suck his tongue as
his cock slowly begin to harden. Julie felt the length
of it grow and increase in size as it lay lengthwise in
her slit and she began to move her hips sliding her
cunt along the hardening cock.

“Oh god, baby, put it in me and let me feel it grow and
harden inside my cunt. I love your cock I wish I could
keep it with me all the time.”

Harry reached down and placed the head at her cunt and
slid forward, the head went in and the rest followed as
Julie was wet and nothing impeded it into the slick
vagina. There was a slurping sound and as it entered it
pushed her cum out and some ran down onto her leg. The
only other sound was a deep satisfied sigh from Julie
as she got what she had wanted all day.

They moved in unison slowly, fucking each other as they
kissed and rubbed along their bodies. Harry would rub
her breasts and pinch her nipples and when he pinched
one she would twist her body so he could then do the
other. Harry’s cock had reached the rock hard stage and
he began to move faster going all the way in and
withdrawing until only the head was in and plunging
back to the bottom. Julie began to hunch to meet his
thrusts, and suddenly she squealed and began to cum.
Harry fucked her to two more cums before he finally
could last no longer and filled her cunt with his
second load.

They lay on the bed wrapped in each others arm with
limp bodies, resting so they could get up and go to the
bathroom. They slowly parted with lots of kisses and
Harry helped Julie to get out of bed and to the
bathroom where they shared the toilet and then cleaned
themselves. Standing at the vanity they kissed and
rubbed their bodies together and Julie began to recover
and get hot again. She reached and grasped his cock and
pumped it with her hand but while it was big it
wouldn’t get hard as it had been. Harry said baby it’s
been a long day and I need sleep to recover some
strength, I’m sorry.

Julie said,” That’s alright sweetheart, I just want to
make sure you are completely satisfied. You are so good
to me that I want to make you happy more than any thing
else in the world. We have time let’s snuggle on the
bed until you are drowsy and then I will get the
clothes out of the dryer and get things ready for

“Ok, just remember at ten naked and hot.”

“I won’t forget.”

They went to the bed and lay in each other arms, not
kissing or playing around with their bodies, just
holding each other. Soon Julie heard Harry’s breathing
get slow and deeper and waited for a while before
turning her head to look at him and saw he was asleep.
She slipped out of bed and went to the kitchen getting
herself a cup of coffee that she had made before dinner
and got it hot in the microwave and drank about half
the cup.

Checking the dryer she thought the clothing was still a
little damp so she turned the dryer on for a quick five
minutes. She went to Jimmy’s room and stopping at the
door she could hear the radio playing softly. She
opened the door and saw Jimmy was sitting on the bed
looking at her. She went in and walking to him she
said. “Baby I’ve got to get the clothes out of the
dryer and fold them and then I will be free, ok?”

“Sure mom, do you need any help?”

“No but you can help if you want to, you know I don’t
mine you helping. In fact I like for you to help.”

Jimmy stood up and reached for Julie, she was waiting
for him to touch her, he put his hand on her hip then
stepping close his other arm went around her back and
pulled her to him and kissed her lips. Julie let him
pull her body against his and placed her hands on his
hips slid them around to his ass cheeks and just held
him giving him free access to her body which he crushed
against his.

“Mom you are so sexy, I never get enough of looking at
you. Thanks for coming to me naked, and thanks for
talking to dad.”

“Baby it just didn’t feel right sneaking around like we
were, hiding the fact that we were lovers. It’s much
better this way.”

“Yes it is, I love you so much.”

“I can feel your love getting hard through your shorts
and it makes me want you. Let’s do the clothes so we
can concentrate on exploring our desire for each other
without interruption. Come on, I’ve got some coffee in
the kitchen that’s getting cold.”

Reluctantly Jimmy let her away from his body and she
took his hand and they went to the kitchen. In the
living area she checked the blinds and when in the
kitchen she turned out the lights and it was dark
except for the light coming from the laundry room. She
got on the bar stool and swiveled it to face him taking
her cup and drinking from it.

Jimmy stepped close to her and placed his hand on her
leg above the knee and Julie looking into his eyes
spread her legs for him to touch her cunt. As his hand
moved up her thigh towards it she raised up from the
stool and moved her hips and ass forward until her cunt
was clear of the cushion so he could feel it freely and
get his finger in her.

“You want it don’t you mom?”

“Yes, I want it bad, I haven’t had your cock in me
today and I missed it. How do you want to take your
slut tonight, lover?”

“Anyway just as long as you want it, do you want me to
tie your hands again and take you outside?”

“Oh baby, I would like that very much but it’s still
early and people might be walking so don’t make me go
to the street naked. I almost cum just thinking about

“What if I take you on the front entry, would that be

“Sweetheart when you say take do you mean walk me there
or take me, fuck me there?”

“Both, walk you out there and lean you against the wall
with your legs spread and fuck you.”

“Oh yes please, but first touch me I need you to play
with my cunt, it’s hurting for you to touch it and let
me hold your cock, then you can do anything to me that
you want.”

Jimmy moved his hand from her upper thigh unto her cunt
and inserting his middle finger into the slit he
rubbed, moving his finger from her clit to her cuntal
opening and back slowly. Julie lips parted and a soft
sigh escaped her mouth as she sat holding the coffee
cup, which was beginning to shake, in her hand. Her
other hand reached for his cock and rubbed it though
his shorts, she took a quick swallow of coffee and set
the cup down and using both hands removed the shorts
and grasped his cock, stroking it as the shorts fell to
the floor.

“Oh baby, you’re getting bigger every day and it’s so
beautiful, the head is like satin so smooth and it’s
hot. Oh I want it so bad please fuck me just a little
before you tie me. We can do it right here, please give
your slut some relief, I’ll walk to the street naked if
you want me to, I’ll suck you on the steps, anything
you want just put it in me.”

“Ok, but just a little, we still have to fold the stuff
in the dryer.”

Jimmy stepped between Julie’s legs and she guided his
cock to her cunt and positioned it for entry but he
didn’t move forward or lean to start entry. Julie was
looking at it but when he didn’t move she looked
questioningly at his face, she rubbed his cock head
with her finger and pulled slightly towards her but
still Jimmy didn’t move forward. He placed both hands
on her breasts and grasped her nipples with his fingers
and rolled them pulling slightly away from her body and
stretching them and pinching a little. Julie moaned.

“Oh baby, don’t make me suffer, don’t tease me, I’m
yours, I’m your slut. Please give me what I need. You
know that I will do anything you want me to. Please let
me have your cock inside me, tell me what I have do to
have it, please!”

“I want to take some pictures of you posing naked with
your legs spread showing your cunt, ass, and tits. Will
you do that for me?”

“Baby, you’re not going to show them to anyone are you?
Why do you want pictures when I am here for you anytime
you want me, naked, hot, begging for you to fuck me?”

“I just want them to look at and remember you when you
are hot and ready to fuck. Also it will prove that you
really will do anything for me that it’s not just an
empty phrase. But if you don’t want to that is

“Oh baby, I really mean it. I will do it, but it scares
me that someone might see them. Promise me that you
will keep them hidden and no one will ever see them.”

“I promise, except you will see them and anyone that
you want to see them.”

“Now baby, now fuck your slut.”

Jimmy pinched hard on Julie’s nipples and she cried out
softly, but he didn’t let up as he moved to her and let
her insert his hard cock into her cunt and slowly kept
feeding it to her until he was against her body and she
had all of it stuffed in her. Julie reached for his
little nipples and rubbed them as he began to pump in
and out of her wet cunt.

“Oh yes, fuck me, make me cum, then take me outside and
fuck me again. I never get enough cock, I never do, I
never will. Fuck me and make me your slut, oh it’s so
good. Pinch my nipples harder, make me cum, make me
hurt so I can remember you fucking me forever. Oh yes,
cumming baby, oooooohhhhh. I love it so much.”

Julie was cumming again and she wanted it to last all
night but knew she would be begging again shortly.
Jimmy seemed to want her to beg, to be his slave to
fuck, he wanted to make her do things and she was sure
that he would want more and more as time went by. She
would resist but she would give in and do what he
wanted, she knew that she would. Even as she was
cumming she was wanting for him to tie her hands and
take her outside to fuck again. When she was tied and
helpless she could pretend that she didn’t want to
stand in the window naked or walk to the street naked
but really she wanted to be forced to do things where
she had no choice.

Slowly her convulsing cunt stopped cumming and she
sighed as satisfaction flowed through her body. It was
a temporary satisfaction but for a small amount of time
she was glowing with peace and contentment and ready to
be brought back to her hot and horny stage again.

“Do you feel better now, lover?”

“Yes so much better. Thank you for giving me what I
needed, I am ready now to be tied and taken anyway you
want to, as I promised.”

“Do you like being tied and fucked?”

“Yes I love the feeling of being helpless and unable to
stop any thing that anyone wanted to do to me>”

“Anyone at all, even some one you didn’t know because
you were blind folded but might know you?”

“Oh baby, don’t talk like that it scares me to think
some one I know would see me naked and helpless to
prevent them from playing with me and making me hot and
then fucking me.”

“Drink your coffee and we will fold the clothes and
then I will tie your hands and take you outside.”

Julie turned the cup up and drank it all without
stopping, then Jimmy took her hand and kissed her and
led her to the laundry room where they folded the
clothes and sheets and lay them on the dryer. Again
taking her hand he went to the bedroom with Julie right
behind him and straight to the night stand. Julie
remembered that she had thrown away the zucchinis when
she and Emily had finished. Jimmy opened the drawer and
stopped and then looked at her, she explained that she
had found them as she dusted and threw them away as
they were spoiled. Her face was red and so was his.

“I’m sorry mom, I should have done that but forgot
about them.”

“It’s ok lover, I was wondering what that was that you
had but never dreamed I was stuffed with vitamin A no
wonder I felt so good.”

They both laughed, a little self consciously, and Jimmy
reached in the drawer and pulled out the strip of towel
which he used to tie her and she had used on Emily. He
looked at her holding the binding and she turned placed
her hands behind her back and backed to him until her
hands touched his cock which was about three quarter
hard and standing out at an angle. Julie grasped it
with one hand and the other cupped his balls and she
rubbed both. It was sticky from her cum which had
almost dried.

“I’m ready sweetheart, tie me now and let me have this

As he tied Julie’s hands he began to talk to her. “I’ve
decided that I want you to suck me on the steps for a
little while, if the moon is shining we will stay under
the entry and then I will take you to the truck and set
you on the hood while I kiss your cunt and then we can
fuck against the wall.”

“Oh baby, don’t make me go to the truck and set on the
hood someone will surely see us and it will be obvious
what we are doing.”

“But you are my slave slut and promised to do anything,
didn’t you?”

“Oh yes baby and I will do it if you make me but I’m
begging you to not make me, I am afraid of being seen
and everybody knowing I am a slut. We would be ruined.
Please don’t make me do it. You can do anything that
you want to me, fuck me, stick baseball bats in me,
beat me with sticks, hurt me all you want but please
don’t make me be a slut where people will see. Don’t
take away my pride and our family’s reputation.”

“You would do anything, fuck anything or anybody if I
told you to?”

“Yes baby, anything or anybody just don’t take me out
to the truck and fuck me where people would see.”

“Ok, you don’t have to go outside at all not even to
the entry unless you want to. Just tell me what you
want and it is yours.”

“Thank you lover, your slut wants you to take her to
bed and make love to her while you are fucking her and
let her love you with her whole body, she wants to give
herself to you for your pleasure and her own.”

Jimmy untied Julie’s hands and whispered to her that he
would tie her again later, she nodded . When he had her
bonds loosen he lay the binding on the night stand and
Julie turned around and grasping his cock she kissed
him and then turned to the bed and lay down spreading
her legs for him to get between and rubbed her cunt in
preparation for his cock.

He lay down, pulled her to his body and slid between
her legs, she reached for his cock and guided it to her
cunt and moved to him and it slid inside her easily.
Julie moaned with desire as this was what she wanted
and she would do almost anything to get it. Jimmy set
the pace moving his hips slowly and pulling her body to
him as he fucked her until they were plastered together
from their kissing lips to his cock in her cunt.

Julie began building towards a climax and was sighing
and moaning low as she rubbed her breasts against his
chest and sucked his tongue into her mouth. This was
what she wanted all the time, someone fucking her,
someone playing with her body, wanting her, wanting to
suck her nipples, fingering her cunt until she could no
longer stand it and would let them do any thing to her
even beg them to take her body.

Julie was a true submissive but she had only realized
this during this week. She was not a slave submissive,
she was submissive only after being made hot and horny,
she wanted people to want her and would tease them with
her body until they took her and then she was willing
to give them anything.

As Jimmy brought her closer to her impending climax,
she was realizing that she would soon be fucking others
whether of her choosing or Harry’s or Jimmy’s. She knew
somehow that both of them were leading her to a point
that she would accept the cock of another person that
they chose and gave her to them. She didn’t know why or
how she knew this but both had hinted at her fucking
others and she knew she would do it when they told her,
she also knew she would do it on her own if they

When the realization hit her, she cried out and her
climax rolled over her like a dam bursting, she shook,
trembled, and moaned through her cumming and fell back
on the bed limp and sweating. Jimmy continued to fuck
her, now using longer strokes since she was still,
pulling nearly out and then sliding back into her cunt
until their bodies joined together. She was making a
throaty sound almost like a cat purring as she began
once again the climb towards another climax. Ten
minutes later she was lying limp again with a smile on
her face and a cunt full of Jimmy’s sperm mixing with
her own.

“Mom, do you feel ok? I thought for a second that you
passed out.”

“No baby, I am fine, it’s so good that I want to lay
and enjoy the sensations running though me. You are a
wonderful lover, I can’t believe that you can fuck so
long without cumming. Sometimes I cum three times
before you do and you recover so quickly and can start
fucking again. Baby I am becoming addicted to your cock
and I think that is what you want isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, I want you to think about us fucking all
the time and want to fuck every chance we get.”

“I already do that baby, you know that. I suck you and
love it, I give you my body to fuck and love it, I come
to you naked, I stand in the door naked, what else can
I do to prove to you that I am yours to use anyway you

“Are you still willing to let me take pictures of you
naked and spread open showing your cunt and ass to me.”

“Yes baby, but how are you going to get them developed
and printed without someone seeing them?”

“David has a digital camera I can borrow and print them
on his printer. And he has a DVD burner that I could
put them on and we could look at them on the TV.”

“But baby how could you do all that and him not see

“Don’t worry about that I will arrange it, that’s not a

Jimmy began to wiggle around in her cunt but his cock
was softer and she was slick from all the cum, his and
hers, and he was slipping out.

“Lover we are going to have a mess on the bed, let me
go to the bathroom and clean up and I will bring a wash
cloth for your cock.”

As Jimmy slid away from her Julie placed her hand over
her cunt and went to the bathroom holding all the love
juice in her. She returned in a few minutes with a warm
cloth and cleaned his cock gently, she milked it when
she was finished and a drop of cum eased from the head.
She almost wiped it with the cloth but looking at it
was so compelling that she leaned and licked it with
her tongue and enjoyed the taste of sperm in her mouth.

Jimmy sighed at the sight and feel of his mother’s
tongue on his cock-head. Julie played with his cock and
balls and kissed it on the side, Jimmy slipped over and
patted the bed and she laid down with her head on his
thigh and brought the cock to her lips kissing and
licking it. She milked it again and another drop
appeared at the slit in the tip, she moaned in desire
and engulfed the head in her mouth licking and sucking
for more.

Julie loved on Jimmy’s cock for ten minutes
occasionally moving to his balls and sucking them into
her mouth after kissing them, she was beginning to
squirm as she was anxious to be fucked again. The cock
in her hands and mouth had reached full length and
hardness and when she sucked his balls she could feel
them moving and knew they were producing a load of
sperm for her cunt or mouth and she wanted it, was mad
for it in either. She begin to moan and look at him
with pleading eyes, wanting him to tell her to stop and
be fucked but he continued to smile at her and rub her
face and lips around his cock.

“Do you want it now, do you want it bad enough to walk
to the street naked and wave at anyone who sees you?”

Julie whimpered but nodded her head and sucked harder.

“Would you let someone fuck you with a blindfold on so
you wouldn’t know who it was if I told you to?”

Her thoughts were interrupted as he finished and turned
her around as he stood and pulled her body to his and
kissed her. Julie melted against him and rubbed her hot
tits against his chest her nipples were hard enough to
scratch his skin. She whimpered again as his tongue
slid into her open mouth and he bent her head back with
the force of his kiss.

As she sucked his tongue and rubbed her tits on his
chest she felt his hand on her cunt and opened her legs
for him and his finger entered her cunt. She moaned
around his tongue and sucked harder and fucked herself
on his finger. Julie was about ready to come apart from
her need and desire but he stopped kissing her and
pulled his finger from her cunt.

“Oooohhh no baby no please, why are you stopping? I
need it! Have mercy on me what more do I have to do?
I’ve already promised you everything you asked and you
still tease me, tell me please.”

“Remember the nipple strings that we used one day and
you promised that you would wear some on your nipples
for me when we were alone?” Julie nodded. “I have some
better ones, I want to put them on you and ask you to
wear them all the time except when dad is home. Even to
work, they can be removed easily and will be tight or
you can loosen them if you nipples get hard. They will
remind you that you belong to me and that you will fuck
anytime we can.”

“Yes lover, make your slut yours I want that also, put
them on me and fuck me.”

Jimmy opened the drawer in the night stand and removed
a box like a bracelet box and opened it showing the
contents to Julie. It contained a small gold chain with
two loop ends and a slide below the loops that could be
slipped to tighten the loop with small notches that the
chain fit in to keep it from loosening. There was a
small but heavy weight that went over the chain with a
hook to make it pull on the nipples or could be removed
to wear under a bra. Julie looked at it in the dim
light, Jimmy turned the switch on the three way lamp to
bright and she looked at it again.

“Oh my, it’s beautiful, where did you get it and it
must have cost a lot how did you pay for it?”

“David ordered it for me from the Internet. And I will
pay him.”

Jimmy removed the nipple chain from the box and as she
watched he loosened the loop and placed it on her
nipple and then pulled it tight and secured the chain
in the slide. He repeated this on her other nipple and
then added the weight to the center of the chain. Julie
felt her nipples getting even harder and then she
realized that the rough cut of the chain made it feel
like little needles were pricking her nipples plus the
weight pulled against her breasts. She knew that she
would always be aware of her nipples when she had the
chain on.

Jimmy took her hand and led her to the bathroom and
shut the door turning on the light and positioned her
in front of the mirror so she could see how they
looked. She was amazed.

“They are beautiful aren’t they mom? You have beautiful
breasts and these just enhance them, it makes your eyes
go right to the nipples and the gold color is wonderful
against your tan.”

“Yes, it is; I didn’t imagine that they would look like
this, I thought it would just be a string of some kind.
I will wear it proudly for you.”

“Thanks, come let’s go to bed and let me love you to
twenty cums to celebrate our wedding night.”

Before she could think of an answer or question him,
the light switch was hit and he led her back to the
bedroom. The weight bumped against her as she walked
and she wondered how it would feel in heels and if she
was braless could it be seen on the outward swing.

She smiled as she felt that she would find out soon
enough. Reaching the bedroom Jimmy helped her to bed
and turned the lamp back to low and adjusted the radio
to where it could just be heard. He slipped into bed
and put a pillow at her back and head so she was
propped up and not laying on her bound hands, then he
got between her legs and placed his cock at her cunt
slit rubbing it in to her clit and opening.

“Baby tell me something and please be truthful. You are
going to make me fuck David aren’t you? I am the
payment for the pictures and the nipple chain. You have
been planning this, haven’t you?”

“Yes, it is the only payment that he wants, to take the
pictures and print them he wants a copy. And the chain
cost was about seventy five dollars and he wants to
make love to you. He always said you were the most
beautiful woman he ever saw and he has jacked off for
two years thinking about you. But you don’t have to do
it, I can work this summer and get the money and he
knows that but he wants and hopes that you will be
willing to be the first woman other than his mom that
he fucks.”

“Oh my god, he fucks his mother!”

“And she fucks him, but she is not as beautiful as you
are but he doesn’t let her know that he wants you.”

Julie was shocked and she found it exciting to think
about David fucking his mother and wanting to fuck her
also. She began to tingle and her clit was protruding
from her cunt slit as Jimmy’s cock slid over it and
back down to her cunt opening. She hunched her hips and
managed to get the head of his cock in her.

“Ooooohhhh, so good, baby fuck your slut, I need to

“You are horny and want a cock don’t you? If David was
here now you would take his cock in a second wouldn’t

“Yes, any cock, I would take any cock, I prefer yours
or Harry, but I would take any cock that is available.”

Jimmy slid in one more inch and she gasped, cooing as
she tried to move her hips.

“Would you fuck a dog if that cock was available to

Julie was shocked, not by the question so much as by
her recent dream and she wondered if he somehow knew
about it. But then she rationalized that was
impossible, he couldn’t know and where did he get such

“Baby! What caused you to think such a thing? Those
things are never discussed, it is a nasty subject. Who
is teaching you such things?”

“Just saw it somewhere and wondered if those things
really happen or is it just fiction like superman and
others. Sorry I guess I should have asked dad but you
are better at giving me answers than he is. But I
should have handled it different it’s just, well, I
wanted to know and I was embarrassed to ask outright.
Forgive me?”

“Of course baby, don’t be embarrassed to ask when you
want to know something, and please never shock me like
that. Just come to me and ask.”

“Ok, well do they?”

“Sweetheart, I have no idea. I have heard the same
things but never had any proof that indicated yes or
no. It is one of those subjects that no one talks
about. Forget it for now and kiss me. I’m sorry I
jumped on you.”

Jimmy was glad to get away from that, he had moved to
fast and had almost messed it up. Now he had to get her
back into a submissive role, the best way was to get
her hot and horny and wanting to be his slut and not
his mother. He pressed his body against her and kissed
her as she had requested and slid in another inch of
cock. Julie sighed and murmured something like so good
and he felt her body relax and begin to press back
against him. He made a mental note to go to David’s
tomorrow and check if there was any bestiality
information available beside porn fiction.

As Jimmy kissed Julie he slowly entered her cunt with
his cock until he was as deep as his length would go.
Then he started fucking her with slow and deep strokes
pulling nearly out and then returning as deep as
possible. He slipped his tongue into her open mouth and
she sucked it greedily and rubbed her tits against his
chest. The chain would get caught between their bodies
and pull on her nipples and Julie loved the feeling as
her nipples responded to the sex and the stretching.

“Oh you are the sexiest slut in this world. I love it
when we are like this sharing each other and our love.
Do you feel comfortable or should I untie your hands so
you can move better? Are your nipples swollen, should I
loosen the nipple chain or is it ok?”

“No lover, I am fine I want to be tied and wearing your
nipple chain, it means I belong to you. I am going to
cum soon and then I want you to take me to the entry
and make me suck you with my cunt juice still on your
cock. Then lean me against the wall and fuck me again
until I cum.”

“You don’t have to do that remember, I said you didn’t
have to go outside at all.”

“But I want to, for you, because I am your slut and you
wanted me to, but you love me and won’t make me do
anything that I don’t want to do. So I want you to take
me out there and do it to me, make me suck you and then
make me accept your cock.”

“Ok, if that is what you want, I will. Cum for me slut,
coat my cock with your juice so you can suck it into
your mouth and taste yourself and swallow it.”

Julie moaned at the nasty thought and redoubled her
efforts to drive her cunt onto his cock, Jimmy slipped
one hand to her ass, rubbed it and then sought her
asshole with his finger. Julie lifted her leg to give
him access and whimpered when his finger touched it and
nestled into the pucker. Jimmy pressed inward and his
finger slipped in to the first knuckle easily, he
realized that it was slick inside. Julie moaned like a
crazy woman as she felt entry into her ass for the
second time tonight, it was a little tender but Jimmy’s
finger was smaller than Harry’s cock and she knew she
could take it.

“You have lube in your ass, slut. Did you want to be
fucked in the ass tonight and came prepared?

“Oh lover that feels so good, do it deeper, deep as you
can. Your slut has already been ass fucked tonight. And
it was wonderful, you can fuck me there also if you
wish, I love to be fucked in the ass. I still remember
you fucking me and putting the zucchini in my ass. That
was the first and only time I have been double fucked
and it was incredible I want you to do it again.”

“Sounds great to me, I can fuck your ass while David
fucks your cunt but the first time you and he need to
be alone as you are to sexy for him to last long. He
will have to fuck you a few times to settle down so we
can last a long time and really do you good.”

Julie’s cunt jerked at his words and squeezed his cock
as she almost came from the thought of having two
lovers at the same time. She knew she should be
horrified that he even mentioned their relationship to
anyone but actually she was turned on.

Her thoughts were running wild through her as she was
being fucked in her cunt by his cock and his finger in
her ass. She would gasp for breath as she responded to
the sensations, she tried to fuck back and forth for
both finger and cock, but all the time she was thinking
about how Jimmy had taken control of her and was and
had been setting up plans to make her fuck others and
shocked at how she not only accepted this but was
beginning to want it.

She was a slut, no doubt now. Something in her memories
triggered a voice heard when she was really young
telling her to love it you little slut. Julie came out
of her mental muse when the climax hit her cunt and it
ached while gushing her juices all over Jimmy’s cock.

As soon as she settled down and was relaxing back on
the pillows Jimmy pulled from her and put his arm under
her shoulder and made her get up, taking her arm he
started out, she was dizzy and wobbled but he held her
all the way to the front door. Opening it he led her
out to the entry and said one word kneel, as she obeyed
she realized he had brought a pillow for her knees and
in her confusion thanked him as she knelt before him
with her hands tied. Cum was running down her leg and
she could still feel her cunt lightly convulsing as it
finished cumming or maybe it was on the verge of
cumming again. The cool air made her nipples harden and
she could feel the chain sticking them and remembered
the weight bumping her and the pull on her nipples as
it swayed. She was experiencing all this as she stared
at Jimmy’s cock, it was light enough outside for her to
see it was glistening with her cum juice and as he
stepped closer she opened her mouth.

Jimmy rubbed the wet head of his cock over Julie’s lips
and she licked at his cock tip tasting her cum and
thinking it was different from Emily’s and Sarah’s but
all were good, Jimmy’s cum was different from Harry’s
and she loved both, she wondered if David’s would also
be different.

Jimmy moved his cock-head into Julie’s mouth and she
began to suck, opening her mouth wider she leaned into
him and took it to the back of her mouth and then
tightened her lips around it sucking, licking, and
moaning her pleasure. She wanted to taste his cum mixed
with hers but if he came then they couldn’t fuck for a
while and she might have stay out here naked while he
played with her and he might make her walk to the
street or eat her on top of the truck. She didn’t care
anymore, whatever he decided.

But Jimmy had other plans and he let her suck until he
begin to feel the sensation that he always got before
he would cum and pulled from her mouth. Julie whimpered
as he moved his cock out of range of her seeking mouth
and knelt in front of her and rubbed her tits and
nipples. Julie whimpered again and when he pulled on
the chain she moaned from the slight pain it caused, he
held the weight up and dropped it jerking her nipples.

She begin to feel dizzy not from the pain as it was not
that much but from the stress of wanting to be fucked
and denied it, yet kept in a high state of constant
arousal and being displayed even though there was no
one to see her, at least she hoped no one was seeing

Jimmy raised up and helped her up and turned her back
to the brick wall and stepped close to her and kissed
her lips. Julie spread her legs without realizing that
she was doing it as she automatically prepared for his

She had accepted him as her dominant lover and looked
forward to him taking her in whatever way he chose, she
had accepted that he would master her and she wanted it
that way. She wanted to be made to fuck when he wanted
to and how he wanted to and if he wanted her to fuck
David she would, and she also was resigned to the fact
that she would even let a dog fuck her if he wanted it.

Julie knew she had always been that way, she didn’t
know why and she only was just becoming aware of it in
the last few days. Harry had always controlled her in
all things sexual but she rationalized it as her
letting him and did things he wanted her to do just to
please him. It also pleased her but she didn’t think
that he was intentionally being her master, they just
enjoyed having fun and some excitement.

But with Jimmy it was different, she gave herself to
him because Harry had told her she should but when
Jimmy said he was going to fuck her and then did, she
suddenly lost all her will power to stop anything he
wanted because she wanted it also and because he would
ask but wouldn’t take no for an answer. If she tried to
reason with him that they shouldn’t he just teased and
played with her until she surrendered and her
surrenders always brought her joy and satisfaction so
she didn’t really want to refuse and reason was out of
the question.

So now she stood on the front entry, naked and her
hands tied behind her, trembling with her legs apart
and tight loops on her nipples with a weight to pull on
them, wanting him to put his cock in her cunt, for just
the anticipation was making her climax approach

Jimmy kissed her and rubbed his cock on her stomach
until he heard her moaning deep in her mouth which was
sucking his tongue and knew she was ready to cum. He
bent his knees and his cock slipped into her slit and
the head rubbed her clit as it went down to her cuntal
opening standing open and ready. He then raised up and
drove his cock into her wet and slick cunt all the way
in without a pause and crushed her breasts and belly
against his body.

Julie gasped at the sudden invasion, moaned louder, and
twisted her hips as she convulsed and her cunt begin to
milk his cock as she climaxed. Julie tore her mouth
away from his and leaned her head back looking in his
eyes with her own which were blazing with lust.

“Oh yessss, fuck me baby, make me cum until I can’t
stand. Oh, I love you, I want this forever, you make me
so hot so weak, all I can think of is you fucking me. I
want to fuck all the time, you have made me your slut,
I can’t live without this. I will do anything for you
to keep you fucking me, I will pose for pictures, I
will fuck David or anyone you want me to, I will fuck a
dog for you, please promise me that you will fuck me
everyday as many times as we can, please. Oh it so

“Everyday, I promise. If we can do it everyday we will
as many times as possible. I will try to keep you
satisfied, if something gets in the way I will help you
find another lover to help.”

Jimmy reached behind Julie and untied her hands so she
could put her arms over his shoulders to help her
balance and he wouldn’t have hold her to keep her from
falling. Julies tried to lean back as far as she could
so he would go deeper but it didn’t help as he wouldn’t
let her saying that the bricks would scratch her. She
wrapped one leg around his hips and felt his cock gain
entry so she wrapped the other on his other hip and
locked her ankles behind him.

That was good as he now was in her cunt with his full
length and her cunt was spread wide around his cock
plus she could leverage herself up and down on his cock
to aid the length of strokes. She was constantly
cumming, gasping, moaning and getting louder, they
fucked in this manner for over a minute and Jimmy could
feel her cum running down his legs and the sound of
cunt slurping was constant. He was giving out holding
her weight and trying to fuck by lifting her up and
down, his legs began to tremble and he was struggling
to keep his balance.

“Mom, let’s go inside so I can lay you down and really
pound into you.”

“No lover, I’m cumming, fuck your slut, keep fucking

Jimmy didn’t know what to do but he knew he couldn’t
keep this up much longer. He grabbed her tighter and
started hobbling to the door carrying her as she
bounced on his cock. He made it to the door and managed
to get it open and went inside shutting the door and
made a desperate trek to his bedroom on wobbly and
weakening legs where he fell with her across the bed
and rolled over on his back. Julie was now on top and
she had unlocked her ankles as they fell and went
immediately to her knees and straighten her body
bouncing on his cock which now she could take all of
and control the speed.

She had hardly missed a beat throughout all the
movement and was still cumming although the frequency
was getting further apart. She was also getting dizzier
and she wanted to lay down before she fainted but she
couldn’t will herself to stop, maybe if she came enough
she would be free from the hunger for a while. As she
fucked she wondered why she didn’t take on Henry the
cook at lunch maybe she wouldn’t have been so horny if
she could have got some relief early. And she loved
Sarah sucking on her clit until it hurt but it was only
temporary like everything else. She needed more and
more build ups and cums, more than ever before.

Suddenly she felt Jimmy’s cock stiffen and shoot hot
cum in her cunt splashing on her womb, so hot it almost
burned it. She exhaled a long moaning groan like a
person in great pain and her cunt locked into a climax
that didn’t stop as his cock emptied it’s hot load into
her and it continued until he was empty and the strong
jerks of his cock stopped. Julie’s climax slowly
loosened it hold on her and seemed to just wither away
as she slid to the side of Jimmy and dropped to the bed
unconscious. Jimmy lay on the bed wet with her cum and
sweat and unable to move as his cock popped from her
cunt, he breathed deeply for a while and faded into

After a short period Julie regained conscience and
looked at Jimmy beside her then snuggled close to him
and lay her head on his chest and her hand on his limp
cock, she was also asleep immediately.

Julie was awake and laying in her bed waiting as she
did almost every Saturday night. Her bedroom was small
and next to her mother and father’s room. She wasn’t
afraid anymore of the dark, she was fifteen years old.
She could hear her parents down the hall of the trailer
in the living/kitchen area, they had just got home from
the bar/dance hall where they went to have fun almost
every Saturday night.

They always told Julie to be good and keep all the
doors locked and curtains closed and they would give
her a reward when they got home, if she was asleep,
that would make her feel good; but if she wasn’t asleep
or woke up she would get punished and she must never
tell anyone about her dreams or they wouldn’t come

Soon the door to her room opened and though slitted
eyes she could see her mother standing naked looking at
her. She left the door and went away, Julie could hear
talking but couldn’t understand what was being said. It
didn’t matter anyway she knew she was the topic and
soon there would be grunts and groans and near screams
from mother and slaps of hand against bare ass and
crying then the slap, slap of flesh against flesh. And
it would go on for a long time, when it got quiet she
would hear the bathroom being used and then all the
lights would go out except for the night light in the

Julie would doze off and on, she would listen when she
was awake but she never heard anything until she felt
the bed give and someone slide under the sheet and next
to her. If she was laying on her side hands would turn
her onto her back and pull her legs apart and slide
into the bottom of her pj’s and touch her where they
told her no one should ever touch. Fingers would tickle
her there and rub her tight little slit, slide inside
it, after a while play with the little button at the
top and probe the opening to the tight channel.

Sometimes Julie couldn’t help herself and would jerk or
wiggle and the finger would stop until she was still
again. Then it would return with a hand and take her
hand and put it on a hard, hot round tube of flesh that
was soft yet hard stiff but yet flexible and squeeze
her hand around it until she would squeeze on her on.
As she squeezed the finger would return to give her
more pleasure. This would continue until the tube in
her hand would jerk and hot stuff would flow from it.
Then the pleasure would stop and the finger would go
away and she could go to sleep.

Tonight at fifteen Julie knew what the tube was and
what the hot stuff was and she had a good idea who
owned the finger but things were going to change. But
earlier, so far back she didn’t know when it started,
she didn’t, and thought it was a dream that she dreamed
a lot and was afraid and ashamed to tell about. But now
she was no longer afraid of the dark or the dream as
long as she didn’t have to tell anyone.

Tonight she was waiting and looking forward to the
visitor, she needed the pleasure to make her stomach
stop hurting and she made a mistake in her anticipation
and when finally she felt the bed shake and the visitor
slide on the bed and next to her, she was already on
her back.

When the finger started to unbutton her pj’s they were
already unbuttoned as she had been playing with herself
and forgot to button up and when the finger slid into
her slit she automatically reached and grasped the huge
cock. The visitor and she froze for a second and when
the finger began to move in her she began to squeeze
the cock and rub her thumb across the head. She had
lost control of herself and wanted it badly.

Then the finger began to talk to her for the first time
ever. It said in a voice familiar to her, “that’s the
way, you love it don’t you, you little slut? Just like
your mother, loves cocks and rather play with it than
eat. You’ve been faking all the time haven’t you, no
telling how many months you’ve been laying here
pretending to be asleep and moving your hand for
pleasure, well you just keep on pretending and all will
be good for you.”

And all was good until later when mother woke up horny
and came looking for her cock, she was shocked but
fascinated also as she turned on a small lamp and
watched. She came and sat on the bed watching for a
while and there were whisperings, Julie heard her ask
if she could try and there was an exchange of fingers
and a much slimmer finger took up the pleasure giving
to be replaced by a pair of lips and Julie lost
everything . She trembled and shook, gasping for breath
and her lower stomach hurt so bad she thought she would
throw up and then something hit her in the stomach and
she passed out.

Julie woke with a start she had been dreaming again,
but this dream was memories that she tried to forget as
quickly as possible. She was sweating and she felt sick
and dizzy, she was still holding Jimmy’s cock in her
hand and she must have been squeezing it for it was
hard as a rock again.

She looked at it and felt the tingle start in her
breasts, she was going to ease her hand off to stop the
rising lust for cock in her but her hand was stuck from
the dried cum, her cum. She almost panicked as she
would wake him if she ripped it off and she couldn’t
get to any water to wet it and suddenly she needed to
go to the bathroom. She looked at her legs and they
were covered in dry cum and his were also, oh you slut
you fucking slut she thought about herself.

Finally she raised up and tried to blow her warm breath
on his cock and her hand to see if that would loosen it
but didn’t seem to help. The only thing she could think
of was to use the spit in her mouth to wet it, she
eased over him moving slowly so as not to wake him and
put her mouth over the cock but she was dry and
couldn’t get much spit.

She put her lips on the head and moved her tongue
around it and tasted the cum his and hers that was on
the head, this helped as the taste produced more
moisture in her mouth and she slid her mouth down to
her hand about two and one half inches and rubbed the
head against her tongue and the roof of her mouth which
produced more moisture from her glands and taste buds.

She continued to work, wetting her hand by letting the
spit run from her mouth to her hand and his cock until
she got one finger to slip free and she engulfed the
exposed cock and continued to work to free most of her
hand. Just as she thought that she was about to get it
wet enough to come loose she became aware that someone
was whimpering and wondered if Jimmy was dreaming or
was her sucking waking him up. She looked at him and
saw it wasn’t him as he still lay still so knew it had
to be her.

‘Oh you fucking slut.’

She went at freeing her hand fast as possible but felt
the tingle starting and spreading from her tits to her
chest and would keep going to her cunt plus now the
chain was starting to stick her nipples as they swelled
from her rising passion.

“Oh my slut, you are wonderful to wake me like this, it
feels so good that I want you to wake me every morning
like that”

Julie turned her head with her mouth full of cock and
saw Jimmy was awake and looking at her sucking his
cock. She knew that an explanation would just make
matters worse so she just turned back to his cock and
took the balance of his cock into her mouth and throat.
Jimmy reached to her ass sticking in the air and put
his finger on her asshole and rubbed it and started the
pressure to push it into her. Julie began to whimper
and moan and she felt like crying as she was trapped
again and would be begging to be fucked in the ass.

Finally she got her whole hand to slide free and she
straighten up just as Jimmy pushed three inches of
finger into her ass. Julie sank slowly back down with
her head laying on his stomach and his cock resting
against her lips. Leaving her ass in the air for his
finger as it was plunging in and out she opened her
mouth and licked at his cock making sounds like a
fretting baby.

“Are you ready to be fucked in the ass slut? ” She
nodded her head and licked.. “Get the lube and get us
ready I want to sink my cock in that hot asshole.”

Julie licked and shook her head.

“You don’t want lube? Are you still slick inside?”

Julie wanted lube but she wasn’t going to the bedroom
and get it and chance Harry waking and seeing her
looking like a fresh fucked whore with dried cum all
over her. She nodded her head and engulfed his cock to
her throat and tried to squeeze as much wetness as she
had on it. She felt his cock grow harder and jerk in
her throat as he began to ascend to a cum. He pushed
her up to get his cock from her throat before it was to
late. She whimpered, she wanted it to cum in her mouth
but she also wanted it in her ass cumming and filling
her again, she had never been ass fucked twice in the
same night.

“Get on the floor and lay your body on the bed, slut,
and begged to be fucked in the ass.”

Julie did as he told her without hesitating. She lay on
the bed and looked over her shoulder as he got on the
floor between her wide spread legs.

“Please fuck your slut’s ass, lover; and fill her with
your cum, stuff her with hot cock, please.”

Julie reached and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Waiting
for him to insert his cock she thought how she must
look holding her ass apart for a cock to skewer her
ass. But rather than being ashamed she was hot and
wished she had a picture so she could see how she

She hoped it wouldn’t be dry and hurt. Suddenly she
felt something wet hit her ass pucker and realized he
had spit on it and then the head of his cock was
pressing and before she could think it was sliding in
and going all the way. She groaned at the feeling of
being stretched but was surprised that there was no
pain after being fucked there earlier.

Jimmy pushed in until his stomach was pressed against
her ass. Julie had released her cheeks and placed her
hands on the bed. Jimmy didn’t fuck he just let it stay
there stuffing her and rubbed his hands from her hips
up to her shoulders and massaged her shoulder and
around her neck. Julie began to coo like a dove, she
loved this, it was better than fucking, she was stuffed
with a hot cock and he was massaging her tired and
aching shoulders, she thought that it would be nice to
get a massage like this every day.

Jimmy was also content to just let his cock soak in her
hot ass, he looked at the swell of her hips from her
waist and thought how beautiful she was and sexy enough
that a blind man could tell. He wished he could play
with her tits but didn’t want to make her strain by
holding her head up while he did.

But the best thing was that all that beauty and sex was
his any time he wanted it and he wanted it most all the
time. And she was so submissive and she would do any
thing that he told her to do. And he wanted her to do a
lot of things, first he wanted to see her being fucked
and see if she was as hot with other cocks as his and
his dad’s.

He flexed his cock like when taking a leak to get the
last drop out, and Julie reacted immediately.

“Oh lover, that’s so good, do it again, oooooo yessss
it feels like oooooo like you are cumming and that
makes better, ooooooo, yessss yes yes.”

Jimmy found out that this wasn’t as easy as he thought
it would be, he flexed his cock several more times
making Julie moan and squirm her ass back against him,
but he was getting tired and he realized that she could
out fuck him. He could cum one more time but each time
was taking a toll on his stamina and this would be his
last one without a longer rest.

If he got her hot again he would have to wake up his
dad. But if he took a long time, going slow, and kept
her hot and maybe with a few mini cums to help she
might just wear down enough for him to finish her with
a big cum as she always blasted when hot cum hit her

Julie wasn’t thinking about anything, she was just
enjoying the stiff cock filling her ass flexing
occasionally, keeping her moving her ass around and the
hands massaging her shoulders. She lay flat on the bed
with her knees parted wide on the floor and her tits
mashed under her and aching.

She wasn’t sure if they ached from being mashed or from
the nipple chain sticking her nipples or was it a
prelude to a building cum. She really didn’t care, all
she cared about was that this last forever. For being
stuffed with cock whether mouth, cunt, ass, or all
three, and hot, horny, and on the verge of cumming was
the best feeling that she had ever known. And it had
always been that way for her.

Jimmy massaged her shoulders and down to her ass
rubbing it as she continued to coo and moan, she had
all the indications of being ready to cum but needed
something to vault her over the top. He couldn’t get to
her nipples to suck and pinch and he would have to pull
out of her ass to get to her cunt and then all he had
to put in her ass was his finger which would be nothing
after his cock. But then he remembered all the times
that Harry and he had spanked her ass and kissed it and
how she would hide her face and muffle her voice but
she couldn’t control the wiggle of her ass after they
had struck it. He was desperate to try any thing.

He rubbed her ass and squeezed the flesh of her ass
cheeks, she went, “oooooo.” He rubbed some more and
squeezed again this time harder, “ooooo lover.”
Emboldened he rubbed and raised his hand and struck her
ass cheek, Julie stiffened and her ass clamped on his
cock and without thinking she cried out, “oooohhh yes
yes.” Jimmy spanked her ass again and Julie’s head came
up and she groaned, “OH MY GOD! FUCK ME!”

But Jimmy was afraid to move his hips as her ass was
wiggling and clamping on his cock and he knew that
about four strokes would blast him to empty. He put his
hand on her back near the tail bone and tried to hold
her still and reached over and spanked her other ass
cheek harder than before, “Oh fuck me lover, make me
cum, fuck my ass, please fuck it.”

Jimmy spanked her ass and switched back to the other
cheek and spanked it, Julie went wild, bucking so hard
that he couldn’t hold her down as she fucked herself on
his cock in her ass. She was moaning, gasping, and up
on her elbows to get better leverage and he felt her
ass clamping around his cock and he couldn’t take it
any longer and started slamming into her ass.

Julie humped to meet his thrusts, whimpering as she
came, Jimmy pulled her hips back to his body and
reached one hand around her and under to her cunt and
stuck his finger in her cunt plunging it in and out
rubbing her hard clit with each movement. Julie’s
climax intensified and she bit the bed sheet to keep
from screaming out her constant cries of fuck my ass.

Jimmy’s cum blasted into Julie’s ass and she felt the
hardness and the warm cum in her gut and she was set
off into another round of strong climax. Both of them
were sweating, heaving their bodies and gasping for air
and Jimmy’s hand was full of Julie’s cum juice and her
ass was full of his cum as they began to give out and
slow their frenzied pounding and subside. Julie stopped
whimpering and went back to a satisfied coo as she
settled onto the bed and Jimmy sank down on her back
mixing their sweat and lay his head on her shoulder.

His weight mashed her tits and nipples harder into the
bed but she didn’t care, she was at peace with
everything. She no longer was hot and wanting to fuck
and be fucked, she was satisfied at present, he was not
sure he would want to fuck again this week.

Jimmy rolled off her back and pulled as she crawled on
the bed, they crawled to the head of the bed and lay in
each others arms and went to sleep. Julie was restless
and moved a lot trying to get comfortable but she never
woke completely and Jimmy would move with her because
she lay on one of his arms and as they cooled he
snuggled close to her and his hand lay on her lower

She jerked in her sleep and he moved the hand to her
cunt with one finger laying on her clit, it rose and
rubbed against the finger as it hardened. Julie stopped
the restless moving and lay still, contentment flowed
through her body and she sank into a deep sleep.

She remembered waking up with mother washing her face
and she and dad were on the bed with her, concern
showing on their face, both were completely naked. Her
pj bottom was around her right ankle and her top was
open with the sides completely off her body. She didn’t
remember when all that happened but no one seemed to be
shocked that she was almost naked. Mother asked if she
was feeling ok and she nodded but said she was really

“We’ll go get something to drink,” and taking her hand
mother helped her sit up and removed the pj bottom and
then to stand and removed the top, she hugged Julie and
her breasts rubbed against Julie’s smaller ones and
they walked to the kitchen. Her father was already
there pouring juice in a glass which all drank from.

The juice tasted funny but it was good more was poured
and drank, the glass was filled again and they went in
to the dark living room and sat on the couch crowded
together. Mother washed her face and the cloth felt
good it was cool and she was hot and dizzy.

Then the cloth was washing between her legs and that
was nice she was given some more juice and told to lay
down on the couch. She did with her head in dad’s lap
and her bottom in mom’s and the cloth was rubbing her
stomach and then her tight pussy. Voices talked to each
other and she could only hear part of it, some thing
like ok but only have ass and once week never
penetration must for marriage.

She was rolled to her side and the hand toy was on her
lips and she was told to kiss, something was cleaning
her little pussy and she opened her legs so it could do
a good job. Her head was whirling and she felt good to
be cleaned but she didn’t understand why the hand toy
had to go in her mouth so deep, she wasn’t dirty there.
There was something at the top of her slit that was
hurting, it was aching and then it was being rubbed and
that made it hurt worse, she moaned and mother asked
what hurts baby, she told her and was told to relax and
suck her candy cane it would hurt but it would get
better soon.

It did as she sucked the funny tasting candy cane the
rubbing of something on the hurt turned it into a
hurting pleasure and she gasped as her little cunt
convulsed into it’s orgasm for the second time. Then
she just lay and let it all be done to her for a long
time, something sucked her nipples and she was aware
that mother was close and telling her that they were

She was picked up and carried to a bed and given some
more juice and told to rest and sleep, lips were on her
lips and she was licked all over, but mostly her cunt
and ass as she was turned over many times. She was
aware that the cloth was gone and there were mouths on
her and tongues licking her in places she thought were
nasty. A pillow was placed under her hips while she lay
on her stomach nearly asleep and a tongue licked her
ass and then asshole. It felt different but was good.
Something cool was placed on her asshole and rubbed
around it then something hard and big was nudging it,
this seemed to go on forever as she would go to sleep
and wake up when it was pushed to hard and started in
her asshole. She thought she was in the bathroom and
instead of the nasty going out it was trying to get
back in. She would clamp down to stop it but dad kept
saying relax and it will ok in a little while. Finally
she gave up and let it in, it hurt.

She asked what was wrong with her and was told she
needed an enema and they would do it for her so she
would be better if she just relaxed and not strained it
would feel good. She did and it did and soon she felt
the warmth of the fluid spurting in her and it made her
feel good. She went to sleep.

Julie was trying to wake up but she didn’t really want
to, something was nagging at her brain and finally she
raised up and saw Jimmy’s hand on her cunt and said oh
no, twisting to look at the clock she almost screamed
as she saw it was a little after four am. She fell back
on the bed and wanted to cry, she just knew that Harry
had missed her and he would be hurt or mad, he might
have even come to check and found her naked, covered
with cum and Jimmy’s hand on her cunt. But maybe he
hadn’t, bolstered by the possibility she rose up and
slipped out of bed and went to Jimmy’s bathroom where
she used the toilet and got in the shower for a quick

She toweled off and headed for her bed, the house was
dark and quiet and she hoped she was lucky, even though
Harry had said later than midnight if she wanted she
didn’t want to him to think she preferred Jimmy to him.

She slipped in the bedroom and eased into bed and lay
still. Harry was breathing deeply and she hoped he
hadn’t woke all night. After a few minutes she began to
relax and her mind turned to her dream which was still
vivid in her mind. A small tear came in her eye as she
remembered her life during and after the part dreamed
about and how she had almost put it out of her mind for
so many years, now it was coming back. That damn song,
she shouldn’t have played it, but there were so many
good memories, mixed in with a few bad ones, that she
wanted to have but you couldn’t pick and choose

Daddy loved me so much, she thought laying there, and I
loved him so much also. He wanted me to be the best and
always encouraged me to try new and difficult things
and told me that I could do anything. Why did he have
to make me into a slut and make me want to be fucked

Julie lay there silently crying and exhausted herself
emotionally until she finally went to sleep.

Harry woke at five thirty like he always did but
remembered it was Sunday and he didn’t have to go to
work. He rolled over and settled in bed putting his
hand on Julie’s naked ass and went back to sleep with a
smile on his face.

Julie moaned and sucked, but Jimmy waited for her
answer and she didn’t want to say it but she could feel
the ache starting to move down towards her cunt and
that a cum was building just from thinking about it.
She wanted to be fucked and right now she didn’t care
who it was that had a cock in her just as long as she
could cum around it.

“I will if you make me hot and horny, wanting a cock.
I’ll do it without a blindfold if you want me to.
Please fuck me now!”

“Promise me mom.”

“I promise baby, please.”

Jimmy made her get off the bed, he sat on the edge and
motioned for her to turn around as he picked up the
binding strip. Julie turned and placed her hands behind
her back and he tied them, she was shivering with
excitement, fear, and desire and wanted him to hurry
and get her in whatever position he wanted, to fuck
her. As he tied her hands she thought about what he had
made her promise, it had happened sooner than she
thought and she shivered. This was a big step, and
suddenly she knew it had to be a young boy, he wouldn’t
or couldn’t get a grown man.

To be continued…

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