Arin’s Inheritance Pt. 12Arin’s Inheritance Pt. 12


Molly followed Arin at a discrete distance as her friend and submissive moved through the grocery store. She smiled as she saw the other customers first register a quizzically expression on his or her face, scanning around themselves, followed by their looks of surprise and shock. The quizzical expression was triggered by the tiny tinkling bell sound that first attracted their attention. They looked around and finally spotted the source – the bell on Arin’s collar. The surprise and shock occurred when they noticed what she was wearing.

Arin was trying to look nonchalant as she shopped, dressed in her French maid’s outfit, done in blacks and whites. Her black stiletto heels adorned feet encased in black netted nylons. The nylons were held up by a frilly black lace garter belt. The garters were clearly visible, because the short poofy black skirt, held out almost horizontally by the layers of stiff, white slip material, barely covered the white lacy panties she was wearing.

If people could tear their eyes away from her legs and panties, they might notice the tight black bodice encasing her torso and emphasizing her tits. If they looked very closely with the lighting just right, they might even be able to discern a hazy shadow of Arin’s areolae showing through the thin black material over her breasts. When she turned sideways, the tiny mounds formed by her erect nipples visibly poked the material forward, because Arin was excited to be out in public, wearing this outfit. A tiny white maid’s cap was pinned to her dark brown hair.

No one complained about Arin’s presence, although a string of shoppers seemed to be quite interested in items located in whatever aisle Arin happened to be occupying at the moment. At the conclusion of her shopping, as her friend checked out at the cash register, Molly could swear that the cute female cashier winked at Arin.

Molly headed outside to open the car. When Arin joined her, she was flushed with excitement. “I take it you enjoyed that, my dear slut,” Molly speculated.

Arin took a deep breath, making her tits swell, and answered, “Oh my. That was amazing, Miss. Thank you for making me do it.”

“You’re not quite done yet, girl,” Molly said, grinning. She drove them to the parking lot of an adult store – the kind that sells sex toys, parking in a rather isolated corner of the lot. “Go inside, and stroll the aisles, girl,” she instructed Arin. “Find the biggest dildo they sell, and buy one. While you’re inside, if any man propositions you, bring him back here to the car with you.”

Arin’s eyes widened. “Bring a man back to the car?” she gasped. Then she composed herself, knowing that if Molly ever asked her to do something beyond her limits, she only had to safeword. She swallowed, and then responded, “Yes, Miss,” and got out of the car, heading into the store.

What Arin didn’t know was that Molly had arranged for her friend Larry to be in the store during this time period. She’d told Larry what she’d planned, and what Arin would be wearing. Larry had agreed to take part in the plan. Molly smiled as she saw Arin emerge from the store, carrying a brown paper bag with her purchase, and trailed by a grinning, bemused Larry.

Arin leaned into the car, saying, “This man approached me in the store, Miss. He complimented my outfit, and said I made him very horny, and asked if I could do anything about that.”

Molly leaned past Arin’s head to look into Larry’s face, pretending not to know him. “Well, the two of you better get into the back seat, then.” As they did so, Molly turned in her driver’s seat to face Larry and said, “So, Sir, my girl made you horny, you say?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he answered. “Seeing her in that outfit gave me an immediate stiffy, if you know what I mean.”

Molly looked down at his tented trouser front. “Yes, I can see the effect she’s had on you. Girl, you’d better help him. Unzip his pants and carefully free his cock. Hook his underpants below his balls.”

It wasn’t easy, but Arin managed to do as she was told. In a minute, Larry’s cock and balls were framed in the opening of his trousers. Subconsciously, Molly licked her lips as she gazed at the two oval testicles shifting inside his scrotum. And rising up with a slight tilt towards Larry’s belly was the magnificent sight of his fully erect cock with its circumcised head. There was even a glint of precum visible at its tip.

“Go on, girl. You got him all excited, so suck him off. Be careful not to spill any of his semen on his trousers,” Molly told Arin.

Arin glanced around the parking lot to see if anyone was nearby. Nervously, she leaned over and cautiously gave Larry’s dick a tentative lick.

“Girl, we don’t have all day! Get to it!” Molly commanded.

Blushing, Arin quickly engulfed Larry’s cock with her warm, wet mouth. Molly could see Arin’s cheeks hollowing as she sucked at his precum. With one of her hands, Arin started massaging Larry’s ball sack, while with the other, she used her thumb and two fingers to pump the base of the cock shaft. Molly knew what a slut at heart her friend bursa escort Arin was, and knew that she was thrilled to be ‘forced’ to do this.

Very quickly, Larry began moaning and making small upward thrusts with his hips. “Gawd, that feels great!” he groaned. “Keep that up, lady, and I’ll be filling that sweet mouth of yours real soon,” he commented. Looking at Molly, he said, “Ma’am, you seem to be in charge. Would it be OK if I played with her tits a little?”

“Yes, if it makes you cum faster. I see people walking through the parking lot, so this better be quick,” Molly answered. There actually wasn’t anybody else in the parking lot. Molly just said that to add to Arin’s excitement at the thrill of possibly being caught. Arin was too busy performing her fellatio to chance looking up now. She became frantic to get Larry to shoot off in her mouth.

Larry cupped one of Arin’s tits through the thin material and began kneading it. He laced his other hand into Arin’s hair, and began thrusting more vigorously with his hips, fucking her lips. In what seemed like moments, his pelvis rose slightly higher and stop moving as he began pumping his semen into Arin’s greedy mouth. She swallowed fast, kneading and mashing his balls trying to drain every drop. She was humming with excitement and he was groaning with release. Molly smiled, watching this intimate tableau.

When Larry had calmed down, Arin carefully sucked her way from the base of his shaft to the head of his cock, making certain that no spillage would occur. Larry slumped back against the car seat as his dick went limp.

“Did you make certain that everything is clean, girl? Better check all of his cock and balls. Once everything is clean, carefully pull back up his underpants, and zip him closed,” Molly told her submissive.

Arin used her cute pink tongue like a kitten, lapping the entire surface of Larry’s scrotum and penis. Licking her lips happily, she then used her delicate fingers to readjust his clothing.

Molly got Larry’s attention, asking, “Are you satisfied now, Sir?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied. “This little slut of yours has a very talented mouth. She sucked me dry and swallowed every drop. I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“We’ll have to see about that,” Molly said with a smile. “My girl enjoyed that so much, we might have to make a regular thing of it.” She winked at Larry as he gratefully patted Arin on her head, and climbed out of the car.

Arin remained in the backseat, as Molly drove them home. Looking into the rear view mirror, Molly noticed that her friend had pulled up the front of her skirt, and was rubbing her pussy through her panties, still aroused from the blow job that she’d given.

“Take your clothes off, you naughty slut,” Molly told her. “If you’re going to play with yourself, do it properly. But I only want you to simmer – no cumming.”

Arin got an mischievous smile on her face, and began stripping, even though there were cars passing nearby. She did stay sort of slumped down in the backseat once she was fully naked, so there was little danger of her actually being observed. She played with her pussy and tits, with her legs spread wide apart. Soon her scent filled the air around both of them.

When they got home, Molly had Arin hand all of the clothes from the maid’s outfit to her, and let Arin walk nude from the car into the house, and then down the steps into the basement. Together they went into the bondage room.

Once they entered their basement bondage room, Molly stopped Arin and attached a spreader bar to her ankles. She also wanted to immobilize her submissive’s hands, and a strange bondage device she’d found in one of the cabinets seemed perfect for the job. Days earlier, Jessica had told her it’s called a ‘fiddle’ as she showed her how it worked.

Molly carefully closed the collar section around Arin’s neck, bringing the two arms of the device in front of her friend. Wrist cuffs at the ends of its arms secured her hands about 8 inches in front of her body. Bringing the two rigid arms completely together, Molly fastened them in place with a small padlock.

“How’s that, slut girl?” Arin was asked.

The naked submissive in question was flushed with excitement, and answered, “Very exciting, Miss.” Her eyes sparkled with pleasure, since she loved being bound like this more and more. Those eyes seemed to grow huge as Molly approached her carrying the metal chastity belt. “OMG, Miss,” she whispered. “That too?”

Molly smiled. “Nothing’s too good for my little fuck toy,” she replied. “I’m even using this one – the one with the metallic dildo.” It was true. Poking up from the base of the chastity belt was a dildo made from stainless steel. It was about 5 inches long, constructed from a series of stacked spheres, the largest at its base, tapering to the smallest at its tip.

Molly thought about lubing it, but when she opened Arin’s labia, cunt juices streamed out, dripping directly onto the floor, since the spreader bar held her friend’s bursa escort bayan legs so far apart. “I see you’re quite juicy enough,” she chuckled as she slid the dildo up into her slut’s cunt. Moments later, both women heard the satisfying ‘click’ as Molly locked the chastity belt to her submissive’s waist.

“Now you look trussed up like a true whore,” Molly said with a grin, lovingly swatting one of her exposed ass cheeks. “How do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful, Miss,” Arin replied with a voice choked with excitement. “You’re really getting adept at this,” she added, complimenting her friend’s gradual advancement as a Domme.

“Thank you, girl,” Molly said. “You, Jessica, and Alice have been instrumental in helping me learn. Speaking of Jessica, she should be here soon. Come this way,” she commanded, beckoning her naked and restrained submissive. It was a treat to see her friend carefully hobbling her way across the floor, her leg movements impeded by the spreader bar. “Take your time. I don’t want you losing your balance and falling over with that fiddle on. You can’t stick out your hands to catch yourself.”

“Thank you, Miss,” Arin said, nodding and walking carefully. Nonetheless, Molly walked close to her, ready to grab her if she saw her start to topple. She walked her friend to the large cage, applied a ball gag to her mouth, and gestured for her to enter.

Once Arin was inside, Molly closed the door made out of metal bars, and secured it. From the contortions on Arin’s face, it was clear that she was close to cumming from all this excitement, but was trying to hold it back. “It’s OK to cum now, my sweet slut,” Molly told her. “I’d regard that as high praise for my actions.”

Given permission, Arin screwed up her eyes a little more, moaned and slobbered around the ball gag, and started shaking, awkwardly holding the bars of the cage as she did so. The scent of her cum perfumed the room. Molly imagined Arin’s cunt was gripping the metal dildo hard as her orgasm peaked.

Jessica strode into the room a few minutes later. Beaming, she approached, and, as was their established custom, ritualistically kissed Molly’s foot, saying, “Greetings, Miss.”

“Hello, girl. Stand up and let me look at you,” Molly commanded.

As she did so, Molly noted that Jessica’s auburn hair had grown down slightly past her shoulders. That hair framed a face exhibiting deep brown eyes, a cute nose, and generous, kissable lips. Molly admired her, not only for her looks, but for that amazing legal mind of hers. Molly considered herself an intelligent woman, and she enjoyed playing with others of similar intelligence. Jessica’s intelligence would be put to the test today, since Molly had told her the overall plan, and made her part of its conspiracy.

“Excellent,” Molly said, finishing her inspection. “What do you think of Arin’s predicament, Jessica?”

As she gazed at Arin, Jessica murmured, “Gagged, caged, hands restricted in a fiddle, chastity belt, legs held open by that spreader bar – I think she feels like she’s in heaven, Miss.”

Arin blushed a lovely shade of red, and averted her eyes, but didn’t shake her head to deny the statement. The two of them taunted the caged girl in a friendly manner for a while, enjoying the glowing flush that crept from her face down her neck to the tops of her breasts. Arin found excitement and arousal from mild humiliation, the two women toying with her knew.

After that, Jessica went over to a cabinet, opened it, and crouched down, peering at a dim lower shelf. “Miss,” she called out to Molly, “have you seen this device?”

Molly walked over to join her, and also crouched and peered. “It’s sure strange looking,” she agreed. “It’s hard to get a good look at it in this light, and I don’t want to touch it without knowing what it is.”

As she was speaking with her back turned to Jessica, Jessica took a cloth, poured some liquid into it, and quickly held it over Molly’s nose and mouth. Arin saw Molly jerk, and heard a sound of protest from her, muffled by the cloth. Within moments, aided by Jessica, Molly slumped onto the floor, and Arin caught a chemical whiff – chloroform!

Arin tried to yell at Jessica to stop, but only garbled noises emerged from around the gag in her mouth. Jessica took notice and called over to Arin, “Don’t worry, slut. I’m not going to hurt her. These are just in case she awakens too soon,” she explained as she confined Molly’s wrists and ankles with zip ties.

Jessica left the room. While she was gone, Arin tried to open the cage to get to Molly, but its door was fastened, and the fiddle device and spreader bar she was wearing inhibited her movements, anyway. She felt so helpless.

Arin was shocked when Jessica returned, because three other people followed her into the basement dungeon. She recognized Alice, but not the two men who entered. Alice was naked, collared, and leashed, and seemed happy, placidly following the man who held her leash.

“Here she is,” Jessica stated, pointing at escort bursa Molly’s still, supine form. “Alice, fetch the cuffs. Kenneth, start undressing her. Ted, cut those zip ties and then help Kenneth get her clothes off.”

The three of them got busy, while Jessica supervised. Arin, banged the metallic fiddle against a cage bar to get someone’s attention. “Who’s that?” Ted asked. Of course, he knew full well who Arin was, since he and Kenneth had fucked her while she was blindfolded on an earlier occasion. But he was not supposed to let her know that.

“That’s one of her submissives, Ted. Doesn’t she look cute like that?” Jessica asked with a grin. “She can’t talk, her wrists are caught, and she can’t bring her legs together. Too bad she has that chastity belt on, or you and Kenneth could have some real fun with her, too. But her tits are on display and very vulnerable. Maybe you can play with those later. And if we can find the key to the chastity belt, I think you’ll find her very fuckable.”

Arin’s pupils dilated with surprise and fear. Her heart pounded faster in her chest, and her breath wheezed in and out of her nostrils as her lungs frantically tried to keep oxygenating her rushing blood. She now had names to associate with these two strange men: Ted and Kenneth.

In short order, the top layer of Molly’s clothes was peeled off her. The two men grabbed Molly’s undergarments and savagely tore them off her unconscious body, making Arin shudder fearfully as she saw them do that. Alice attached cuffs to Molly’s wrists and ankles, and Ted and Kenneth carried her limp form over to the large vertical wheel device. The two men held her up, while Alice and Jessica attached her wrist cuffs and her ankle cuffs to large metal chains firmly attached to the edge of the wheel. Arin had a clear view of her friend’s nude body, spreadeagled on the wheel.

“Here’s the brake release,” Jessica told the others. She did something behind the wheel, and then took hold of the edge. With a gentle push, she slowly sent the wheel into rotation, turning Molly upside down, and then back to upright once again. “You can lock it in any position. I’m sure you’ll find positions in which you can use her easily.”

Maybe it was the change in blood flow to her brain, or maybe just enough time had elapsed, but at this point Molly stirred in her restraints. Opening her eyes, she appeared confused. Arin could see Molly’s arm and leg muscles contract as she instinctively tugged at the wrist and leg cuffs. “Wha… What’s going on?” she slurred.

Jessica walked directly in front of Molly and cupped her chin with one hand. “What’s going on? I’ve turned the tables on you, bitch,” Jessica explained. “You’re at our mercy now, and this yummy hunk of a man is going to use you as his personal fuck toy,” she continued, pointing at Ted.

Arin stared intently at the scenario, hardly daring to believe her ears. Saliva drooled around her mouth gag as she saw Ted undressing. As he pulled off his underpants, it was evident that the thought of having Molly as his sex slave excited him. His cock appeared to be enormous! Not in length – in girth! Jessica casually grasped Ted’s cock, and Arin could tell that her hand only wrapped a little more than half way around the circumference of that mighty shaft.

“You can’t be serious!” Molly almost shouted. “No! Let me down, this instant!” she demanded, tugging even harder in her restraints, making her body writhe against the wheel. Fine drops of sweat were dappling her skin as it started dissipating the heat being generated by her efforts to pull free.

In response, Jessica slapped Molly’s left tit harshly, saying “Silence, bitch!” Arin heard the crack of palm on flesh quite clearly. Molly winced, but didn’t cry out. “You’ll be fucked in any manner Ted decides. Got that?” she continued, slapping Molly’s tit even harder.

“Oww!” Molly yelled. “Stop that! How dare you do this to me!”

“You either shut up, or I’ll gag you like you gagged Arin,” Jessica countered.

Ted spoke up. “No, don’t gag her, at least right away. I want to fuck that pretty little mouth of hers.”

“Very well. She’s all yours,” Jessica told him. Molly continued struggling in her restraints, trying to free herself. Her movements had no effect, other than causing her pelvis to thrust lewdly forward and back, and making her tits bob and sway as she tried to twist her torso.

“You’re all going to regret this!” Molly threatened. She muttered curse words under her breath as she tugged and pulled, suspended on the wheel. Everyone ignored Molly’s protestations and threats. Ted began fondling her exposed flesh, making rude comments about what he was going to do to her.

Alice turned to Kenneth, and reminded him, “Don’t forget. You said if I helped you, you’d fuck my ass. I really want it. I’ve been dreaming about it all week.”

Kenneth was undressing, also, smiling at her. “No problem, girl. You know that’s my specialty. You’re gonna get your ass reamed real good,” he promised. When his cock sprang into view, Arin almost choked on her saliva. Jutting out from his crotch was the thinnest cock she’d ever seen. Fully erect, it may have been 6 or 7 inches long, but its girth was well below average. She could imagine being screwed in her ass by such a cock would be very enjoyable. Little did she know that she’d already experienced that with Kenneth during an earlier encounter.

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