Jessica’s DreamJessica’s Dream


Jessica was sitting at her desk this afternoon, looking out the window and starring at the people walking around on the street below. She allowed herself to watch and daydream, while pondering what went wrong. It was a beautiful sunny early November afternoon and it was a Friday. She was thinking about the weekend or anything else, other than work. Normally, she didn’t mind working in the office; she liked her career very much and she liked the company she worked for. Just today, she wanted to be anywhere other than the office.

Things were not going so well for Jessica today. Her boss was mad at her for not being able to finish her assignment on time for the presentation he was going to give to his superiors at the monthly meeting. She was not sure what went wrong. She normally handles much more complicated assignments; yet, this was not any ordinary assignment, as it was a little beyond her comprehension and a little difficult to complete. There were so many complications and so many parts of the project, in which she had to compensate for numerous data errors. The assignment was time consuming, prone to errors and delays. It was simply very frustrating to do.

She knew she was neither incompetent nor stupid; yet, it was very difficult for her. She could and did ask for help but help was little and very infrequent. Her colleagues didn’t really like to help her. She was not sure why people were reluctant to help her. She was not a bitch; she treated everyone nicely and was friendly to all. She also helped her coworkers whenever they needed help. Yet, they were very reticent to reciprocate.

Jessica thought about that too, as she looked at the sunny sky. She refused to believe that her inability to receive help from her office mates had anything with her youth, beauty and intelligence. Could it be that they were intimidated by her beauty and intelligence. She knew of her intelligence, beauty and talents; yet, she did not flaunt it in the office but she did know how to use it when it was required.

Jessica was a documented beauty, as she won a beauty contest 3 years earlier, while at university. A 23 year old woman, she is a very beautiful and young woman with long shimmering blonde hair and a beautiful, slender and tall hour glass figure with a beautiful and well formed rack of well proportioned and small breasts, a very pretty 36A. Every part of her body was well proportioned with no unwanted fatty parts. Jessica has a sexy and demure demeanour with a warm and bubbly personality. While stunning to look at, she was no dumb blonde. She disproved the popular belief that blondes were dumb. She has an IQ of 165, won several mathematics competitions in high school and university, and graduated with a mathematics degree in university. She specialized in computer science and statistics. With all this intelligence and knowledge, she was surprised when she could not master that assignment. She should have been able to do it with great ease.

At any rate, she was not going to worry about it this afternoon. It was a sunny and warm afternoon, and she decided that she was going to enjoy the rest of the day. Afterall, there are too many such days in November on which one can enjoy sunshine and a little warmth. Therefore, Jessica left work a little earlier and stopped at a local coffee shop for a coffee and light snack. Once outside the office, she called and invited her special girlfriend from university to join her for a cup of coffee. She met Lilly in her second year of university at a Christmas party, hosted by the Mathematics faculty. Lilly was an unlikely woman to meet at this party, since she was studying Psychology and Journalism. Lilly was invited to the party by a male friend she was seeing at the time. Jessica came up to her, started talking to her, and found

that she was both quite pleasant and very intelligent. She had a lot to talk about and her life was full of experiences, even at such a young age. Jessica was impressed and intrigued by her knowledge, experience and intelligence. They became fast friends, even though the male friend, Lilly was seeing, faded out of her life. They weathered a lot of things, life threw at them over the years, and their friendship blossomed over the years. They became friends for life and talk about all kinds of things. They talk regularly in person or by telephone, and exchange ideas, experiences and even each others advice on all matter of things. We all know that there are many roadblocks and bumps along the way for 2 young women.

“Hi Lilly! I need to talk to you about something.” She said in the telephone call. “I am having a bit of a life crisis now, and I need to talk to someone about it.” Lilly was a wonderful friend who was available for Jessica when she had troubles. Lilly was a lovely woman too with a lovely disposition and friends galore. That is probably why they like each other. While her IQ was not as high as Jessica’s, Lilly had a wealth of life experience, which Jessica sometimes lacked. She was also smart, beautiful, and Anadolu Yakası Escort had no shortage of female and male friends. Jessica was a little envious of her success in that department.

Lilly was already sitting at a table in the coffee shop when Jessica arrived. Lilly did not lack in the beauty department either. Lilly was dressed in a lovely pant skirt with beautiful sweater that hugged her curves beautifully. Jessica came to the table with her coffee and sat close right next to Lilly, so close that their hips were touching each other. Jessica really wanted to talk to her about a personal matter, and she wanted to sit close enough so that she didn’t have to talk too loud and risk others hearing them.

Jessica began with a loaded opening question, “Lilly! What is the matter with me? I had a really rough day today.” Lilly sat there and listened attentively. She began to realize rather quickly that this would be an intense conversation.

“You know Lilly that I am a very smart woman, and that I have the education and experience to do my job well. Why is it that I am having trouble with this current assignment? My boss was disappointed in me when I had nothing for his meeting this afternoon,” Jessica continued to say.

“Jessica”, Lilly answered. “I am not certain there is anything wrong with you. This was a complicated assignment. You told me earlier that there were so many complications while doing the assignment. Perhaps, it went beyond your control.”

“Yes, there were many problems with the data with all of those errors,” Jessica answered.

“I believe there is something, other than work, bothering you” Lilly continued to say. Lilly had been observing Jessica recently and she noticed her beautiful and lovely friend was troubled in some way. She hated to see her lovely, and usually bubbly and smiley friend, being so troubled. She wasn’t quite sure what it is, but she was determined to find her problem this afternoon and help her, if she could.

Lilly repeated herself, “I believe there is something personal bothering you. I so love the times we are together. We are like sisters who can talk about anything. However, lately, you are not your usual cheerful self. I miss that bubbly smile and cheery feeling when you talk. Where is that exuberance?”

“Lilly? Yes, there is something troubling me,” she admitted slowly after a few minutes. “I am a little envious of you.”

“What? What do you mean?” Lilly asked.

“I am smart and beautiful. I have a beautiful body that I would imagine men would swoon over. I certainly get a lot of turned heads and looks from men. I am young, talented. I can cook very well as you know. That should be enough to win any man’s heart. What is wrong? Look at you, Lilly! You have so many friends and a wonderful boyfriend.” Jessica really started to say what was on her mind. She opened up and let her emotions flow. Tears were slowly beginning to flow down her cheek.

“I am envious of that. I would like a boyfriend of my own. You have had many male friends in your life. It appears to be so easy for you. How do you do it? Do you know! I never have had a boyfriend, ever. Yes, I have had guys come over to my place many times, but it was always to work on some school assignment or work related project. Never for anything romantic. Why! I am 23 years old and I have not had sex in my life, ever! I sometimes sit at the edge of my bed, after a shower, and peer at my flower between my legs. No man has ever taken my flower, seen it or even touched it. I am still a virgin, for heaven’s sake! That has to be wrong, right?” she continued.

“Well, it might be unusual to not have had sex at 23 years of age.” Lilly said.

“What is it like to have sex? What is it like for a man to take you, seemingly to devour your body and to put his penis in the vagina and fill it with love and juice? What is it like for a man to care for you, to guide you, protect you, and take you to heights, in your life, you have never been before? I have no experience there. I would like someone to swoon over me, to want me, to be with me. I would very much like to be like that couple there, standing at the counter, with the man’s arm around her waist. They seem to be very much in love.” Jessica asked.

A little blushed after hearing her friend, Lilly said, “Jessica, my dear! I am sure that you can find a wonderful man. He will come. However, you do have to go out there and make yourself available. I can help you in that department. I always fancied myself a little bit as a matchmaker. For my friend, I will certainly help you. Yes, you are right! Sex is good and wonderful with the right man. I found a wonderful man now, but I too had a hard time finding a good man, even though, I met a few in the past. Remember when I told you about that bad relationship I had when I was horribly abused?”

“Yes, I do remember! That was bad and I marvel how well you rebounded from that.” Jessica answered.

“I have never said anything in the Pendik Escort past, but I have noticed you were never with a man romantically speaking. I could not understand why, what with your charm, beauty and intelligence. You have more of those qualities than I do; yet, you seem to have trouble finding a decent man. I just attributed it to you wanting to advance your career and putting love second on your list of priorities. However, my dear Jessica, I think it is time to start looking. You are not getting any younger.” Lilly continued.

“One thing bothers me though! Yes, I see that you are troubled now, but why did you decide today to talk about it? What is it now that is really troubling you?” Lilly asked rather quizzically.

Jessica sat in her chair and sipped her coffee for a few minutes. Both women didn’t say a word for several minutes, as they enjoyed their coffee and watched people come into the shop. They took turns just looking at each other, then, returning to watching young and old people buying coffee and food. Some of them appeared to be single; others were arm in arm.

Jessica suddenly asked, “Look Lilly! Why could I not be one of those people?” She was looking at the young couple with the man holding the tall brunette close to him and his arm tightly around her waist.

Jessica then said, “Lilly! You know intelligence isn’t everything. It is sometimes so overrated. I am now thinking that people, men especially, are afraid to be friends with smart women. They are intimidated by them and certainly would not to be romantically involved with them. Sometimes, I wish I were not so smart. It might just be nice to be that dump blonde with guys around her.”

“Jessica! Don’t say that! Don’t sell yourself short! Beauty and brains are rare attributes. So often women have one or the other, but not both. While not as smart as you, I do believe that you and I are lucky to have both in abundance. That is quite probably why we met and became such good friends. We are almost like sisters. We share much together and help each other. I would love to help you. Just tell me how I might do that.” Lilly countered.

“Yes, and, for that, I am very grateful. We are very close; however, I am certain that I would not seek to have sex with you.” Jessica replied.

“Sex between women is possible to a certain degree, but it is not the same as with a man. Yes, I know what you mean! Seriously, how can I help you?” Lilly asked.

“Now, there is something new I did not know about you. Have you actually made out with a woman? Seriously, I am not sure if you can help me find a boyfriend, Miss Matchmaker. I am not sure anyone can help me. Sorry Lilly, I feel a little down on myself today.” Jessica told Lilly.

“I am 23 years old. I have a good career. I travel and been to many places. I have a very good friend in you, Lilly. Yet, there are still things missing in my life. I can not get a man to be romantically involved. I am still a virgin with an aching vagina that wants to be caressed and filled.” Jessica continued to say.

Lilly knew that this was not their regular conversation they usually have together, but she could not have expected to hear what Jessica was about to say next.

“I want to change things in my life. Lilly!” Jessica finally said as the tears really flowed down her cheek. Jessica went back to the counter, took a napkin and wiped her cheeks. She ordered Lilly and herself a second cup of coffee.

“Lilly, I think you will need another coffee by the time I am finished telling you what I is on my mind. I bought you another cup of coffee.” Jessica said when she returned to the table and sat down. This time she moved her chair even closer to Lilly so that even a whisper could easily be heard by Lilly. Lilly sat there, rather confused and puzzled. She was thinking to herself about what she was getting involved in.

Jessica started to talk and Lilly just listened, intermittently sipping her coffee. “I am 23 years old and still a virgin. I am tired of being a virgin and want desperately to experience the feeling of having sex. I desperately want a wonderful man to pop my cherry very soon. I want him to do it before I turn 25. I have that incredible urge to reproduce. Do you? Having seen so many young women with bulging abdomens or pushing baby carriages, I said to myself that I want to be inseminated and reproduce early, while I am still in my 20’s. I don’t want to wait until I am in my 30’s or late 30’s before having a baby. My eggs will be too old by then.”

“Yes, I have thought about reproducing someday, but it is not really that important to me that I have children. Well, Jessica! We had better start soon. You are going to need a man who will inseminate you, or do you want to go the artificial route? Would you want him to stay around to help raise your child?” Lilly asked.

Jessica said that she would rather do it the natural way, since it would be less expensive and troublesome medically, and likely more fun and enjoyable. Kurtköy Escort Lilly agreed on that sentiment. On the matter of him staying with Jessica, after the baby is born, to help raise the child, she really did not care. She has friends and family who would support her.

“That is good! I am glad you want the natural way. A man screwing you and filling you up with that seed is a wonderful and enjoyable feeling. It is incredible and hard to describe. I love being fucked by my man and we do it often.” Lilly told Jessica.

“Why Lilly, I didn’t think of you as a sex fiend. While I don’t think I want to fuck like rabbits, I think it would be wonderful. I would like that too I believe.” Jessica told Lilly.

“Now, Jessica! Do you want this man in your life or just to inseminate you? If you only want him to leave his seed in you, then I could lend you my man. We like each other and share many things. I will even let you share my man. I am sure that he could and would fuck you, if you want his sperm. He has often asked about you, especially when I told him how I was concerned there was no romance in your life.” Lilly told Jessica.

“Really now, Lilly! I could not steal your man. The two of you are so much in love.” Jessica said.

“You know me and how liberally minded I am. I would not be opposed to my boyfriend inseminating you. We would also very much like to help you, and your family and friends, raise your child” Lilly told Jessica.

“You would not be stealing him, since you would have my blessing. Anyway, there would be one less problem for you to worry about. You would have a young man, disease free, ready to fuck you and willing to give you that bun in your oven. You would not have to go dating and find a man. However, remember one thing! I love my man very much and I hope to be married to him one day soon. Therefore, you can not keep him. He is mine.” Lilly continued.

“No fear there. I am not a home wrecker. I know that you are both very much in love. I wish nothing but the best for you both.” Jessica said.

After a couple minutes of silence and a few sips of coffee, she said “Ok! Let’s say I agree with this plan. What happens if I want a second child? I would like the children to have the same father. It is very important for me that both children are biological siblings by the mother and father. Then, what happens if you want to a child of your with this man? Your children will be related to mine. They would be half siblings. Are you alright with that?” Jessica asked.

Lilly appeared to be all right with that and exclaimed, “Then, we would really have a lot in common.”

“Well! I did not see that coming. First of all, I never expected you would be open to sharing your man.” Jessica said after another coffee sip. “I figured you would have mad at me, had I asked you if you would allow me to be inseminated by your man. I had some other idea in mind.” Jessica continued to say.

Jessica started to tell Lilly about her idea and her plan to realize it. No longer contend to be a virgin and tired of not having sex, she told Lilly how she wanted to change things. She vowed that she wanted to reproduce at a young age while her eggs were still young, probably by 25 years of age. She also told her that, not having a male friend, was an obstacle to her plan. While she thanked Lilly for offering her boyfriend as a fucking source, she was not comfortable with stealing him for the purpose of inseminating and helping her reproduce, even though the thought of not having to search for and date a man was an attractive option.

Jessica continued to discuss her plans, “I have to find a man very soon. The traditional of dating and forming a relationship for a number of years would not work for me.”

Lilly’s head was swimming in thought and emotions. She was not sure anymore what she was feeling. Was it shock, surprise or amazement? What was going on in the mind of Jessica’s? What Lilly would then hear her friend say would shock her for sure. She told Lilly that she had thought about it for sometime now and that she ultimately had 3 goals in mind.

Jessica knew that she had a solid group of family and friends. They often asked her when she would find a man, settle down and have children. So, she knew she was set there. It would not ruin her career with their support.

The drive to reproduce was getting stronger each month, each time she ovulated. To do that, she would need a man, since she wants to be inseminated the natural way. Therefore, her second goal was to find a man who would be willing to give her that wish. Jessica was no longer willing to go the traditional way with dating and romance; there was that risk of him rejecting her later on after investing some time, perhaps, years in the relationship. This is where the third goal came in. With that, Lilly was definitely shocked. Even Lilly did not think of that approach.

“Lilly! I want to let loose a little. I want to be a bad girl for a while” Jessica told Lilly. “My third goal … My third goal …. My third goal, Lilly, is …. is” Jessica hesitated, not sure how Lilly would react to goal. Actually, Jessica was not sure herself whether this was a goal or a fantasy she wanted. After all, some women fantasize about it but do actually not carry it out.

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