Jessica , the Comic Shop GamersJessica , the Comic Shop Gamers


(The sequel to Jessica & the Comic Shop Owner)

Four weeks have passed since Jessica had her four-way in the back of a comic shop down the street from her house. She had spent many nights reading her newly acquired Manga collection and imagining herself in many new fantasies. It could easily be said that Jessica had nearly worn out a couple of vibrators and come several times a day since she acquired her collection. Now the day had come when she had read each and every comic that she had acquired from Mac, the comic shop owner. Sure, she could always re-read them, but Jessica was always looking forward to something new and exciting to get her off.

Jessica grabs the phone book and looks up the number to her favorite comic shop. She dials the number and waits for an answer.

“Mac’s Comic Shop,” stated the voice on the phone in a very bored sounding voice.

“Is this Mac?” asked Jessica in an overly sexy tone.

At the shop, Mac suddenly sat up at full attention as he realized that his dream of having contact with Jessica again might actually be happening.

“Yeah, uh, yeah this is Mac”

“Hello Mac… do you know who this is?”

“Damn I hope so!”

Jessica chuckles slightly and asks “Well, is this the same Mac with a backroom and a private collection of Manga comics?”

Mac looks up and says a silent prayer of thanks.

“Oh yeah, that’s definitely me.”

“Well, you HAD a nice collection of Manga, right?”

“No, I HAVE a nice collection. You see, I was thinking that once you got hooked on that stuff you might come back for more. So, I made some calls are restocked with some new wares for you.”

“Mmmm…. I like that…. Does that mean you want to fuck me again big boy?”

“That is one question you never have to ask!”

“Well, if you shop isn’t too full right now… I wouldn’t mind doing a little shopping”

Mac looks up and sees four of his best “clients” playing an RPG at a table near the back of the store.

“Yeah… I think we can make an arrangement… how soon will you be here?”

“Oh, I think I can be there in about ten minutes… you in a hurry? ‘Cause I’m hungry for a whole lot of cum!”

Mac almost swallows his tongue. How could he possibly be so lucky after all the crap he had gone through for this gorgeous piece of ass to find her way into his life. Now, it is almost like he is a drug dealer and she is hooked on whatever it is he is dealing.

“I’ll be waiting,” he says as he hangs up the phone. He quickly walks back to the table of guys playing their RPG.

“Guys, I hate to break up your game, but I’m going to need this table in about five minutes.”

“Damn Mac, we were hoping to get in another couple hours tonight. You closing early?”

“Well, no, in fact I’m not asking you guys to leave at all. Let’s just say this is an impromptu Customer Appreciation Day.”

Another games chimes in “Well then let us keep playing if you appreciate us so much!”

“Sorry guys, no dice… uh, no pun intended”

A third guy speaks up, saying “Mac, I guess you need to tell us what the hell is going on here if you appreciate us so much!”

“What if I told you guys there would be a hot pussy on this table in five minutes… and it will be for you guys to enjoy?”

They all begin to laugh.

“Yeah Mac, that’s why we keep coming here, you are one funny guy!”

“Alright guys, what would you like to bet that you all have the potential to get laid tonight”

The first gamer says “I’ll take that action… how about 10 bucks a piece?”

The group all nod their heads and turn to see what Mac has to say. All Mac can think is he can buy one hell of a set of Manga and other similar books on his wholesale market for forty bucks. This is great, he gets to fuck Jessica again AND secure his chance to hit it again later!

“You’re all on!”

The gamers grin, thinking they just made some easy cash. Mac collects the cash and puts it in a safe place on a nearby shelf. No sooner had the can come to rest on the shelf that a little jingle could be heard at the front of the store. Mac peeks around the corner and sees Jessica.

Jessica stands just inside the front door, wearing a navy trench coat. Her curves are still quite obvious as she has the coat cinched in the middle with a belt. The top of the coat is parted so that her cleavage is in plain sight. At this point, all Mac can tell is she wearing a trench coat with heels. He walks to the front of the store.

“Well… hello studly,” comments Jessica.

“Fuck you look hot tonight and every night I would imagine”

“Maybe, but only if you like this…,” says Jessica as she unties the coat and opens it for him. She is in fact only wearing the trench coat and heels.

“Holy shit…,” is all Mac can manage as he reaches out to cup her heaving breasts. Her tits are so soft and perfect, and he can feel his erection growing faster than ever before. She reaches down and grabs his cock through his pants.

“Looks like Beylikdüzü escort someone is ready for some ‘shopping'”

Jessica closes her coat and follows Mac towards the back room. He stops about ten feet short of the doorway.

“Ok, now I have a surprise for you… but I need you to close your eyes for a moment.”

“Kinky,” comments Jessica as she closes her eyes.

“If you don’t mind…,” says Mac as he unties her coat. He slips it off her shoulders and lays it across a nearby chair. He then guides he forward about five feet and turns her to the right.

Jessica hears several gasps and opens her eyes. Here before her are four guys, probably in the 19-25 year old range, that look as though the only time they have seen tits are on a computer or in a magazine. Tonight was their lucky night, as they not only were getting their first look at tits, they were getting to look at what could be one of the greatest pairs ever. Jessica just smiles as the guys devour her with their eyes, drool beginning to form at the edges of their mouths.

“So this is my surprise?”

“Yes,” answers Mac. Grinning as these guys were probably about ready to cream their pants. “You said you were hungry right?”

Jessica grins a very sexy smile as she looks at each one of the guys. “Yes, quite hungry indeed.”

“The other thing you might be interested in is right over there,” Mac says pointing to a box on the floor just to her left. Jessica turns to look at the box, immediately recognizing the contents to be her soon to be “new” Manga collection. She bends slightly to take a peek and hears the all familiar sound of jeans being unzipped.

Mac is now standing just behind her with his pants pushed down about a foot or two. He has his rock hard cock in one hand and is inching closer to Jessica.

“Why don’t you pick one out for us?”

Jessica says nothing, but spreads her legs slightly and leans over a little further. Mac takes his cue and leans closer to her, the head of his cock colliding with the outer folds of her pussy. He begins to rub up and down a little as she pretends to be looking at the books. Finally he pushes forward and buries his cock to the hilt in her already sopping wet hole. Mac can hardly believe the sex drive of this beautiful creature.

Jessica holds on the sides of the box as she begins to thrust her hips back towards Mac, forcing his cock all the way up inside her with each push. The gamers haven’t moved an inch and are simply watching in awe as Mac fucks the shit out of this girl straight of their dreams.

Moments later, Mac grabs her hips and pushes deep inside. He shivers a little as his first giant load of cum finds its home in Jessica’s pussy. Jessica has a small orgasm as she thinks of this load of cum and the loads she is hoping to procure from these other guys.

Mac pulls out, letting his now softening cock slide down along her ass as he back away. A few drops of begin leaking out of her tight pussy. Jessica quickly reaches back and wipes her pussy clean with two fingers. Then, as she looks over at the other guys, she licks her fingers clean.

She stands up and walks towards the table, where each and every one of the gamers has taken their cock out of their pants. She can see four quite hard pricks in front of her debates how to go about this. She looks to her left and notices the first guy on that side is shaking in what appears to be fear. She raises one eyebrow at him walks behind him, pulling his chair out from the table.

Walking back around in front of him, she notices that he has a bead of sweat forming on his brow. She can hardly believe how nervous this poor guy is. His eyes struggle to decide whether they should look at her face, her tits, or her shaved pussy. After a few moments she steps forward and he looks up to see her staring back at him. Their eyes lock and he freezes, his hands falling to his sides. She watches him closely as she lowers herself until she feels his rigid cock touch the entrance to her red hot oven.

She pushes down, not needing to hold his cock in place, forcing him up into her. His mouth drops open and his head falls back as he is overcome with a feeling he has never felt before. She begins to ride him slowly, grinding her pussy onto his cock over and over again. The other guys around the table stare in disbelief as this dream girl fucks their friend.

After a few moments he regains his composure and looks into her eyes. He begins thrusting back against her and she smiles.

“Very good… keep it up,” she says, knowing that there is likely no way this cock will be soft anytime soon. She has already gotten him past the point of premature ejaculation and is hoping to ride this one for a while. She thinks to herself that this cock has to be at least 9 inches long and she wonders how some lucky girl hasn’t found this meat before her!

The current lucky guy shifts his hips forward, almost to the edge of the chair as he begins to massage and nibble on her perky nipples. She continues Beylikdüzü escort sliding up and down his wonderful cock, feeling an orgasm beginning to form way down in her toes. Then she hears a chair move somewhere behind her. She turns her head, without breaking her rhythm, and sees the guy who was directly across the table standing to walk toward her.

He has a much smaller dick, probably about four or five inches long, but it is just as hard. He places his hand on her back and spits in the other hand. His cock twitches as he runs his hand across her smooth back, he rubs the spit on his cock and steps closer to her.

“I’ve always dreamt of this,” he says as he leans over the top of her. He poises his cock at her asshole and begins pushing gently. She stops riding the first guy to give her new suitor a chance to get in place. He pushes a few times and then presses his body against her as his cock becomes firmly embedded in her ass.

Jessica braces herself as both guys begin to pump their cocks into her. All three of them begin panting loudly as she can feel both cocks swelling. She knows she is about to get two more loads of cum deposited deep inside her.

“FUCK YEAH!!!” yells the guy fucking her ass as he explodes inside her. He immediately backs up, letting his soft cock fall from her gaping hole. His cum running down her ass and onto the floor, he stumbles to his chair.

The third guy jumps up and runs over to her, stroking his cock the whole way there. He had seen enough porn to notice that his buddy’s balls were twitching and what that meant was about to happen. Sure enough…

“Holy shit… holy shit… holy shit…” repeats the guy still fucking Jessica as he raises his hips to make sure all of his come goes in her pussy. Jessica has another plan. She jumps up real quick and steps back. In a flash she manages to jam his cock deep in her mouth and suck it with abandon. Not two seconds later he begins to shoot his load down her throat. She loves the taste of his salty cum and continues to swallow as fast as she can. He simply sits back and enjoys the feeling.

She is fully concentrating on the dick in her mouth when the third gamer takes his place behind her. He wastes no time and shoves his cock in her stretched out pussy. She doesn’t look at him but begins squeezing him with her pussy walls. He bucks his hips against her as he clings to her shapely his roaming hands.

A squishing sound radiates through the room every time he thrusts into her. He throws his head back and continues pounding away at her pussy. Jessica has finished swallowing all the cum she was working on and looks over her shoulder to watch this new guy fuck her pussy.

“Mmm… that feels fucking great,” she says.

“Your sloppy pussy is the perfect thing to let me fuck you forever. I love how slippery you are!”

Mac and the first two guys simply sit back and relax as this guy pounds Jessica’s pussy for ten minutes. None of them can believe this guy is holding out this long. Jessica is leaning on a chair to keep her balance as this session seems to be wearing her down.

“OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!” yells Jessica as a huge orgasm rips through her body. She shivers and shakes as she lets this amazing feel work its way from her toes up to the top of her head. Somewhere in the midst of this orgasm, the third guy holds tight to her hips and buries his cock as deep as he can. He begins pumping a giant wad of cum into her, adding to the already sloppy nature of her pussy. He steps back and stares at her pussy, grinning as big globs of cum run out of her. He knows she is full now.

Finally, Jessica stands up and looks at the final guy she intends to fuck tonight. He has a smug grin on his face and she can feel herself getting wetter at this sign of confidence.

“So, are you gonna fuck me or what, hot shot?”

“Oh yes, I surely am. However, I am usually the one who comes up with these grand plans for our gaming and I now have one such plan to finish off our evening.”

“Alright, so what’s this master plan?”

The final guy gets up and walks around the table. He has removed his clothes already and walks directly to Jessica. He presses his body against her, taking her head in his hands. Looking her directly in the eyes, he gives a deep french kiss. Their tongues wrestle for a moment and then his dick begins to wedge itself between them. He looks down and smiles as his dick has found its way between her legs and is resting against her sloppy, wet pussy. Jessica reaches down to push it in her, as she is craving his nice sized piece of meat. Instead he takes a step back, giving her the clear statement that he is in charge. Her eyes begin to glaze over in anticipation of what he has planned.

Pointing at the guy who had anal fucked her along with the guy who enjoyed her sloppy pussy, he says, “You two get on either side of this table.” They take their places and await his next instruction.

“You,” he says pointing at the first guy. “You go to the head Escort Beylikdüzü of the table.”

Then he turns and looks at Mac. “And Mac, to show we truly do appreciate what you have done here, please lay on the table… on your back.”

Mac gives him a questioning look but decides to play along. He strips down the rest of the way and takes his position on the table. He isn’t quite sure what to think about having three naked guys standing around him at this point.

“Now, Jessica, if you will darling,” he begins. “Please join Mac on the table, only I want you face up also.”

Jessica climbs on top of Mac and splays herself across his body. She can feel his hard cock against her ass and smiles, wondering what is next. She doesn’t have to wait long as the mastermind gives his first instruction.

“You two, on the sides, your sole task is to attack her nipples. Suck them, do whatever you can with your mouths, but your hands must stay behind your back. Mac, you are responsible for holding her and playing with her breasts as they suck. Now, begin!”

The two guys lean in and begin sucking her nipples, causing her to sigh in pleasure. Mac wastes no time in holding her close and feeling the curves of her perfect tits.

“Jessica, now you should reach to your left and right. Take a cock in each hand and masturbate each of them as they suckle on you.”

He doesn’t have to tell her twice as she gladly begins jacking these two guys off. The begin moaning as they suck.

Looking at the guy at the head of the table, he says, “You put that cock, which she seemed to enjoy so much, in her mouth. Be sure you don’t get your sack in Mac’s face!”

Jessica turns her head slightly, allowing for easier access, as the nine inch cock she had fucked and sucked only moments ago finds its way back into her mouth. She is nearly immobile, so he rocks his hips back and forth, fucking her throat with each push.

The mastermind steps forward and sticks two fingers in her pussy. He spins them around a few times and then presses them into her asshole. He turns his hand slightly, using the cum and pussy juice mixture to lubricate her hole.

“Enjoy this Mac..” he says as he guides Mac’s dick right into her ass. Mac groans as he thrusts up, pushing his cock into her.

“Fuck me,” Mac whispers right into Jessica’s ear. She grinds her hips back against him as they revel in the union of their bodies. All four of them are enjoying themselves immensely as the mastermind smiles. He knows that he has created a masterful scene and hopes that the cum will flow soon.

Looking down, he concentrates on Jessica’s pussy. Her lips seem to be calling to him as the slight gap between them seems to beckon him to divide them. Stepping forward again, he places his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Even with this giant, devious plan he has concocted, he still has one last task to achieve.

The fact remains that he is a virgin. Up until this evening, he had only ever scene two people naked, and that was his sister and mother. He had spied on them when he was growing up, but neither came close to comparing to this perfect body laid out before him. Before another thought can cross his mind, he pushes himself into her, balancing himself from the sudden wave of pleasure.

He stands still, with his penis inside a woman for the first time and watches the other four guys doing their best to please Jessica. Right on schedule, she begins to convulse as another orgasm tears through her naked body.

“Perfection,” he says as he begins to thrust into her. He goes slow, savoring each thrust and the subsequent feeling of joy that fills his body.

“I’m cumming!” exclaims the guy to his left. A string of cum shoots from his cock, splattering across Jessica’s chest.

“Ungh,” grunts the guy on his right as he mirrors the first guy, splattering another load of cum on her chest. Seeing these first two achieve orgasm, he picks up his pace, knowing that his first ejaculation from intercourse is not far away.

Jessica begins slurping at the cock in her mouth as it bulges and twitches. Another salty load of cum fills her mouth and throat. She swallows her tasty dessert and then begins licking his cock clean.

Mac’s balls begin to tighten as he prepares to load Jessica’s ass with his own private delivery. The mastermind senses this and begins to cum at the same time as Mac.

“Ohhhh yesssssssssssss!” yells Jessica as she feels the two guys achieving orgasm in her pussy and ass at the same time. Her body shakes again as a small orgasm quivers through her body.

The mastermind opens his eyes at looks at the scene, which has now reached a point of completion. He smiles at each of the guys, knowing his plan worked flawlessly.

“With that… I think it is time for us to depart gentlemen!”

Each guy gives Jessica’s body another good look and then they quickly dress and make their way to the door. Mac just lets Jessica lay there on top of him as they both recover from their parts in the orgy.

“Mac, I had no idea what you had in store for me tonight, but I have to admit that was even better than last time!”

“I had no idea those guys would be up for anything like that. I actually figured you’d get a couple quick pokes and that’s it.”

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