Jared and the Reluctant Groupie – Part 1Jared and the Reluctant Groupie – Part 1


Story so far: Hitch-hiking troubador Jared has been given a ride by sexy artist Vanessa and her young friend Mallory. When Jared hits on Vanessa she presents him with a challenge – seduce Mallory away from her loser college boyfriend and he can fuck Vanessa as well. Our boy bends the rules a little and it all leads to a motel bedroom lap-dance, with Mallory avidly watching…Vanessa swung her hips low, descending into a crouch before Jared. Then she rose, bending over him, legs taut and ass thrusting in Mallory’s direction. “A pair of heels would come in useful here.” She did not let the deficiency stop her. She parted Jared’s knees and glided her palms far up his thighs, so that she grazed his crotch either side. The move she reversed, with another teasing slither all the way back to his knees. Then she gripped the armrests and leaned her whole body forward, cocking one leg and going tiptoe on the other to get in close. Her satin-clad bosom crushed into Jared’s face and her hair fell all about him.She slid far enough down to whisper in his ear. “Our girl can’t get enough, can she? Let’s bring this home.” The tantalizing descent she completed, ending in a crouch between his legs. Her eyes were fixed on his and she was hungry for him. Her mouth was open, the trunk of her body squeezing into the V of his parted legs, hands roving over his thighs and hips. His stomach was rising and falling gently, erect cock etched in denim.“Don’t take your eyes off, college girl,” he said, breaking Vanessa’s gaze. From the way he appeared to be locking stares, she knew Mallory was transfixed. Her first viewing of a live lap-dance; it needed to be special. With all the grace her tautened thighs allowed, she rose, thrusting her tits out and bunching her hair to let it tumble. She climbed into the chair, knelt either side of Jared and ground her hips in slow circles. Her hands wandered upwards over her breasts’ full curves, then dived to caress her ass and thighs. The half body-slide was a move she hadn’t tried in a year, but muscle-memory didn’t let her down. Gripping the chair-back and stretching one leg straight, the other bent across his lap, she drew her torso down him, checking that Mallory had a good view. She eyed the staring girl, exhibitionist-thrill running wild within her.Watch me drive him damn near crazy …Feet on the floor she eased herself around, closing Jared’s legs and spreading her own; now she could grind her butt into his crotch, right up against it, feel him thick and rigid against her ass-cleft. She leaned backwards, lay herself on him with her cheek against his, hand reaching around to play with his hair. Then she bent her knees and went into a long slide, till she was kneeling with her head rolling back against his lap, massaging his cock with her luxuriant hair.Come on, Mal, watch it. Love it. My power over his cock. His lust, fit to torch the fucking place. How hard he is, how ready. Feel it all. She turned about and climbed to a kneeling straddle above him. His breathing was calm but shallow. Lust, however contained, shone from his eyes. He knew she was good. She rumpled her hair again, unknotted the tails of her shirt and unbuttoned from the bottom up, pausing prior to each new unfastening. Before shedding the garment she paused and looked around to Mallory.“You okay, sweetheart?” Jared was looking too, adding a challenge to his stare.She could see the realization dawn in Mallory’s eyes, almost hear the words. Oh god, oh god they’re going to fuck. Right now. Right in front of me … “Still wanna leave?” Jared asked. His eyes sucked up Mallory’s gaze.“No,” the college girl said meekly, and she watched it all play out.Vanessa cast off the shirt and massaged her breasts within their sequined confines, enjoying two pairs of watching eyes. She unhooked at the back and gave smoldering tease, letting Jared watch the garment cling precariously to her full tits before it dropped away. Two naked handfuls she caressed and squeezed, enjoying the flickers of pleasure on his face. She swooped in, pinning down the arms that reached for her and brushing her hard-nippled peaks back and forth over his face. “Look, don’t touch, mister,” she reproved. “It’s a ‘no hands’ policy in the Champagne Room.”“Don’t see no champagne in here, Red. And no security neither.”“True.” She grabbed his head and pulled his mouth to one bullet-pointed hub, where he sucked hard. “Guess I get to fuck your brains out then.” She pushed his face away and seized the bottom of his tee, hauling it upwards. He raised himself off the chair so she could drag it over his head, revealing a network of spiky tattoos on his upper left arm. Then she pushed him back, fingertips to his lean hard chest, heart thumping at her possession of this rogue male. She scrabbled at his pants fastenings with one hand, the fingers of the others teasing spider-like over the great bulge.“Hey, Mal, think he’ll live up to his sketches?”It was clear from Mallory’s stricken look that she wanted confirmation.Dropping to her knees Vanessa pulled pants and shorts away from Jared in a single şişli escort tug. Christ, that fucking pole needed no artistic license. She dragged all clothing free of him and paused to admire his body—sturdy, long and splendidly tooled. She prised said tool from where it lay heavy and hard on his flat stomach, and gobbled it up.Delicious mouthful of hard cock, so worth the wait, attached as it was to this disreputable man. Jareds were Vanessa’s weakness, but every now and then they were just what the doctor ordered. A lesson Mallory needed to learn.She gripped the column’s base and sucked on him with controlled gluttony, taking more of him into her needy mouth. A great fucking swollen lollipop, Christ, she wanted a throatful. His close-shaved balls felt tight within her fingers’ curl. He groaned his satisfaction and placed his hand on her head, messing her hair, urging her further down. ‘No hands’ policy abandoned then. But she needed no compelling. She arrived at bottom, loving the sensation of his pulsing cock-head far down her throat. Several times she came off him, emptying herself, reveling in the contrast when she plunged back to the base and took another filling. Finally she eased off, took him halfway and treated him to a slow regular suck, watching him subside into the chair and give himself up to it completely.“Hey, Mallory …” His head lolled gently, tone constricted with pleasure. “You doin’ okay over there? Your friend here sucks cock as good as she dances. Keep on learnin’.”Vanessa would have laughed, had her mouth not been stuffed.You cocky son-of-a-bitch. I wonder how often you let a woman do the work for you. Not often I’m hoping. Right, buster, let’s see how you fuck …She released Jared from her mouth and went to complete her strip. Mallory was staring with wide eyes, one hand clutching the hem of her tee tight between her breasts, the other stroking between her thighs. Less awkwardness now, more flush-faced pre-occupation with the unfolding sexual drama.“Okay, babe?” Vanessa asked.The girl nodded her response.Jared’s face was expectant. She gave him what she knew he wanted, undoing her jeans, stooping and thrusting out her ass, peeling tight denim and panties slowly away from her rear. Then she stepped from the last of her clothes and strolled her butt-naked self towards him.“All natural.” His eyes were fixed on her pubic strip. “Come on, Red, bring that pussy to my cock.” He stroked himself, gaze meandering upwards over her full curves.“Getting free with that nickname,” she said, turning herself one-eighty so that she could fit onto him in the chair, allowing Jared a good view of her round ass and Mallory of her tits.“I’m gonna get freer with you, baby.”“Well, I should goddamn hope so.” She winked at the speechless college girl.Get a load of this, sweetheart.She held her upper body straight as she squatted down, reaching beneath so their fingers met on that thrusting erection. “God, Jared,” she breathed, as the head of his cock brushed her labia, “you don’t deserve the great fucking time I’m going to give you.” She gasped as his glans popped inside her, then she lowered herself all the way down, slotting her ready cunt onto that big stretching pillar.Oh god … Yes, that was it, that was what she needed. Massive inside her, filling up this hard-working girl like she had earned. Jared’s construction-worker hands gripped her hips to support her; she imagined his eyes on her nestling ass and on the spill of red tresses brushing the curve of her back. Sheer bliss, to give herself over to this guy, to let Mallory see a woman taking the pleasure she’d earned. Bracing her feet against the floor and trusting to Jared’s taut forearms, she rocked in his hard saddle, fucked herself on his cock, palming her breasts luxuriously as she moved.“So good,” she told Mallory. Her eyes half-closed as she ground into him; she could feel the friction of his cock against every part of her pussy. “So good you wouldn’t believe.”Feel his cock in your cunt. Feel this fire in your veins. Let it burn you up. You couldn’t get enough of my striptease, now you just want to watch him screwing me. Enough with the loyal girlfriend, time to embrace your inner whore. I swear you’ll be naked and fucked before this night is gone.She stayed her gaze on Mallory, pushing out her chest to accentuate her tits, slamming fleshy ass onto hard thighs.“That’s it, cowgirl, lemme see you ride that cock.” There was relish in Jared’s voice.Vanessa could picture his avid gaze as he watched her swallow him up. Then he gripped her hips more tightly and drove up into her, so that his thrusts met her grinding. He must have been pushing on the arm-rests for leverage, for his pelvis shunted hard and fast, stoking deep inside her. She cried out in startled excitement as her pussy was pounded, laying on extra verbiage for Mallory.“Oh, goddamnit, you horny fuck, I’m glad you’re doing some work at last.”Jared’s rejoinder was an even more rigorous bout of fucking. His voice was less smug, more animal, as he was focused on his delivery into her escort şişli cunt. “You’ve no clue how hard I can work, baby. No fucking idea.”“Oh yeah? Then stop calling me baby and just fucking show me!” Vanessa reached back with one hand and braced herself against the arm to let him.“I’ll call you what I fucking like, since you’re sitting on my cock.” He pulled her all the way back and rammed fiercely. She cried out and gripped the chair, her prone body absorbing the full force of Jared’s upward-aimed screwing. Mallory was leaning forward, goggling at the sight. She had a prime view of Vanessa, the redhead knew, with her back stretched out against Jared, bouncing on him as he mauled one of her breasts. Shit, at this angle the girl could watch his cock pumping in and out, his balls cramming against her cheeks on every impact.“This what you like?” His voice was fevered. “This what you like, you fucking sexy bitch?”“Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh fuck yes …”That’s it, hard and dirty. Shock the little sweetheart. And keep her in the loop …Jared seemed to read Vanessa’s mind. He pushed her off his crotch, propelling her into standing, then climbing after as she steadied her shaky self. “Hey, Mal, how you doing? You enjoy watching hardcore? You wanna see some more?” He grabbed Vanessa by the back of her head and pulled her face to his, kissing her fiercely on the mouth and clutching her breast hard as he did so. The heat of his lips on hers surprised her more than anything else had done.“Fuck,” she breathed, before recovering her presence of mind. “That’s right, Mal, stay with us.” She retained her defiance even as Jared tugged her around by the wrist and put her over the chair-back. Gripping the arm-rests, she stared straight at Mallory. “Keep watching. I want you to see this bastard fuck me.” Her gaze didn’t break for an instant, as he seized her body and thrust back into her from behind. Jared must have been staring at the girl too, for she kept looking to him. No doubt she was transfixed by those steely-blue eyes, ablaze with erotic fury.Vanessa’s body flamed with lust. Jared was fucking her again with hard fleet strokes. Then his palm exploded against her buttock and she cried out her shock. The cock-hammering continued and so did the impacts of hand on ass-flesh, each connection painful and satisfying. This was what she craved and so seldom got, proper mastery of her body. She wanted Mallory to feel it too, this savage joy. She wanted to channel her ecstasy into the young woman on the bed, even as Jared fucked the hell out of her. To burn away the girl’s misery and blast her free of every dumb commitment. Sometimes you needed to let go, to lose yourself in lust. Sometimes that was the right thing to do.Annie’s sister was rapt by the visuals, but still too much on the outside. Jared, however, did not let Vanessa down.“Strip, Mallory. Get your clothes off.” The words were hard, insistent. Mallory stared and Vanessa thought she mightn’t obey. Jared’s words rang out again: “Strip for me, college girl. Show me those beautiful tits while I fuck your sexy friend. Don’t think about it. Just fucking do it.”“Do what he says, baby,” Vanessa encouraged, but her words weren’t necessary. Some restraint in Mallory had snapped. She was peeling off her t-shirt, unfastening her bra and casting it away to reveal her breasts in all their ripeness, russet nipples engorged and protruding. The girl was panting visibly, displaying all the tension she had held inside, gaze never leaving the vigorous carnal display.“That’s it, Mal, that’s it, that’s beautiful,” Jared said as he fucked. “Now get your hand down those jeans and touch yourself the way you want to. Do it, girl, I want to see it and you want to fucking show me.”Vanessa stared in delight as Mallory took the instruction, unbuttoning herself and thrusting a hand down into her panties to service her pussy’s need. The sight of the nubile young woman casting off clothes and restraint and plunging her finger into her cunt drove the redhead wild. It chimed with memories of her own, that point in her life when she had first abandoned herself to desire. Her climax was building, even as the younger girl tugged her jeans away from her thighs, masturbating openly in front of the screwing couple. The sight was affecting Jared too, for he was smacking into her harder, gripping her shoulder tight enough to bruise and driving towards his peak. He was also (she had to give the bastard credit) relinquishing her ass and squirming his hand down to rub his fingers on her clit.“Don’t come, don’t come,” Vanessa gasped to him, clinging to the vestiges of coherence. “She needs you to fuck her. Now’s the time. Girl needs it bad.” She hoped the furiously frigging Mallory had not heard.Jared displayed no such caution in his pre-orgasmic fervor. “I’ll come inside you and then I’ll fuck her. You hear that, Mallory? Once I’m done with this hot bitch, I’m coming for you. Work that tight little pussy of yours, ‘cos I’ll be with you real soon.”Vanessa tumbled over the edge before he did, her body seizing mecidiyeköy with a disabling ecstasy. The explosion rippled outwards from the ground zero of her pulsing clit, and all through the surge that great driving dick was still there, skewering her deep. Then he was letting go his own control, straining hard, his body slamming into hers as he groaned and emptied his balls way up inside. His sweat dripped onto her back as he pumped his last and sagged on top of her. Across the room, Mallory was still working out her own body’s demands.“Go wash,” Vanessa said when she could speak again.“What?” He remained inside her, his body still tense from the climax.“Go wash yourself clean of me. She shouldn’t have to taste me on you. Do it. Splash some water. Don’t be long.” She didn’t imagine Jared took much instruction from women, but for her he complied.“Whatever you say, Red.”On the bed Mallory burst into orgasm. Her head fell back onto the pillow as she writhed, ash-brown locks splaying prettily, breasts showcased as her masturbating arm compressed one and she massaged the other. Vanessa bit her lip at such a hot result. To expose herself, tits and cunt, at the couple’s request, Mallory must have relegated Chad far from her conscious mind.Vanessa knelt down beside her as she bathed in ecstasy, gracing the girl with the smile of the just-fucked. “You okay, baby?”Mallory was unfazed by Vanessa’s naked presence on the bed with her. She nodded and beamed in return, as though this was all liberating and wonderful.Vanessa reached out and stroked her face, speaking with soft urgency. “Do you want him?”Mallory’s face froze somewhere between excitement and fear.“Jared,” Vanessa persisted. “Do you want to fuck him?”Mallory stared in frightened awe. “I don’t know what I want. Does he want to …?”“God, baby, he wants. And so do you.”“I … I …”“You enjoyed watching him fuck me, didn’t you?”“Mm-hm.”“And you’d like him to fuck you the same way, wouldn’t you?”“But I’m with someone.” The girl’s voice was piteous. Chad had sprung inconveniently back into her mind. “I can’t.”Then Jared was looming over the bed and Mallory was staring up at him with a gasp. His cock and thighs were wet and shiny from the water he had splashed on them. As bad boys went, he was good.Vanessa brought him up to speed. “She’s not sure what she wants, poor thing.”Jared dropped down to her. Vanessa saw the girl’s body start as he laid a hand on her thigh. “I’m not going to do anything you don’t want, Mal, but if you let me I’ll make you feel things you’ve never felt before in your life. You can pull your pants back up and take that good-girl ass back to your room, or you can stay here and get seriously naughty on this bed with me right now. What’s it to be?” He brushed a strand of hair away from her face and looked into her eyes. “Come on, Mal, you gonna be nice? Or you gonna be naughty?”“Naughty,” she whispered.Bravura, thought Vanessa. Goddamn fucking bravura.Jared dragged Mallory’s crumpled jeans and panties all the way off her legs. The student was still gasping when he took her behind the knees and spread her legs wide, exposing her completely before him.“Your cunt smells so sweet, Mal,” he said. “It’s so fucking wet I just gotta have a taste.”So damn dirty! Vanessa loved it and by the look in Mallory’s eyes she couldn’t get enough either. The girl’s eyes rolled back as he took hold of her thighs and buried his face between them.Jesus, Vanessa almost swooned at the thought of that thrusting tongue. She watched this connoisseur of pussy enjoy his exquisite dish. Jared ate with skill and gusto, lapping up the flood of Mallory’s essence, sliding his tongue all around her lips, even lapping at her tender upper thighs and towards her ass crack where the juice had trickled, his stare never straying from her face. Then he drove back in to lick further secretions, before drawing the tip upwards where it flickered like a hummingbird on her clit. The girl was going crazy, gasping and squeaking in panic and pleasure. Her reaction intensified when he plunged two fingers inside her, fucking them in and out of her hole, as his tongue continued to assault her flowering clit.Her hand was still in Vanessa’s and she clutched hard, trying to earth the wild current that was running through her body. Her sister-in-adventure stroked her hair and gazed on her quaking form, thrilling vicariously from the sensations washing through the brunette’s body.“Bastard never did that to me,” Vanessa said.“Hey, I may be good,” said Jared, lips still hovering on Mallory’s bud, “but I can only do one thing at a time.” How well he seemed to do this particular thing. His fingers burrowed away inside Mallory’s slickness and his tongue thrashed her clit into a lather. The climax came on the girl suddenly, fiercer than the first. Her high-pitched squeaks grew frequent and rapid till they merged into a long keening. Her body shuddered on the bed, nipples thrusting to the ceiling, pussy spasming into Jared’s face.Vanessa held on throughout, breathing encouragements: “That’s it, baby, give yourself up to it. Fucking enjoy it.” Mallory melted back onto the bedcover as the orgasm’s sweet ravishment subsided, her companion stroking her face. “Such a pretty, clever girl,” Vanessa praised, then she looked to Jared. “Go on. Show her what other treats you’ve got for her.”

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