Jake’s Tales Episode 01Jake’s Tales Episode 01


The following is a true story, only the girl’s names have been changed.

I got to the Bel just after 4, having read Charlene’s internet post and seen her IM message. I had IM’d her a couple of times and was looking forward to seeing her. When I got in I immediately noticed the complete absence of foot traffic – guys that walk repeatedly one theatre to the other. The reason wasn’t hard to find.

Walking into the first theatre it was immediately obvious that the groans and flesh on flesh slapping sounds were not coming from the porno film, but from the group half way down on the right. As I approach the group I saw that it was really two groups, the nearest around Charlene and the other around a blonde (Baby).

I mingled in with Charlene’s group and watched her bent forward sucking a guy’s cock, surrounded by others guys, some of whom were fingering her from behind. Since her pussy was facing me, I joined in with the fingering. After wetting my fingers in her pussy I slipped my index finger up her asshole and she jumped straight up.

“No-one touches my ass without asking first!” Woops. Lesson 1 learnt.

So she moves around to let the guy she was sucking fuck her. And we all watch as he gives her a good pounding. I look over to the blonde’s group and see that she’s watching Charlene’s group, with her husband’s arms around her. Seeing that I had time to get to her later, I await my turn here. As he finishes, pulls his pants up and moves away, I step past a fat guy sitting on the aisle seat tugging his cock, and move into to take the first guy’s place. Charlene turns back to sit in one of the seats and sees me moving in.

“And who are you?” she asks.

“Jake. We’ve talked online”

“Yes! I think we have!”

“Why don’t you suck this” I said as I unzipped my pants. It really wasn’t a time for small talk. She took my erect dick, gave it one pump with her fist, and started sucking enthusiastically. I put my hands on the head to start pumping her face, but she breaks off.

“Just don’t put your hands on my head”

“Sorry”. Woops. Lesson 2 learnt.

So she resumes the blow job, me standing, her sitting. After a while she looks up and says;

“Can I have that in my pussy?” Not many questions are real no-brainers, but this one was. She bends over the seat and I position myself behind her and start fucking her like a madman. Soon she’s moaning and groaning and all and I’m pounding away and the crowd is watching and the silicone breasted porno actresses in the movie are entering a lesbian scene and its getting as hot as hell and I’m breaking a sweat and my groin is slapping up against her ass cheeks and my nuts are banging up against her and I need to cum Beylikdüzü escort and its building up and building up and building up and then I’m buried into her cunt as deep as I can and I’m emptying my balls into her and I’m done.

“You’re a good fuck” Charlene says. That’s quite a compliment from one with her experience. So I thank her, zip up and head over to do the blonde.

She’s a few rows down and bent over with her head on her hubby’s right shoulder (he’s sitting) and her arms around his back and her ass up with this short guys fucking her hard and fast with the glow from the movie screen lighting his ass as he slams her for all he’s worth. Guys are watching. And there’s a black transvestite, nipple rings and all, in a black teddy tugging his wad with the rest of them.

“Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me” she’s moaning and her hubby’s comforting her like she’s being invaded or something. And I’m fucking jazzed, man. Not to sound like I’m this cum pumping machine, but the buzz is on and I’m right ready to again.

So Shorty finishes, withdraws and slides off his condom. Baby turns around says “did you cum?” then takes the guy’s condom, throws back her head and lets it drain out into her mouth. “I love cum” she explained.

She sits backs and looks over to hubby on her right. He’s enjoying himself. The group are standing there watching and wanking, but I’m a man of action and there’s sex to be had. So I move up to blondie’s left, take out my dick and move her left hand onto the semi erect shaft. She turns, smiles and takes it into her mouth.

Now there’s a good girl.

Its sweet head there guys. Fucking sweet. My member is back erect and Baby has the taste of Charlene’s cunt juices on her tongue. Three minutes of sucking and she’s saying “you want to fuck me?”

“Alright then” I reply. Nonchalant as hell, me. “You gotta condom?”, “sure”. I take one out of my pocket, open it and give it to her. She puts it on my bellend and rolls down my length with her mouth. That’s true whore style, boyo.

This time hubby positions her over the seat row in front, so he has a ring side seat right astern. I position my cock and slide it in. Two cunts within 30 minutes, we’re pushing the envelope here boys “the dilithium crystals canna take it capt’n!”

So I’ve got my hands on her naked hips and I’m humping her from behind while the guys in the row ahead are feeding her cock. I run my hands underneath and feel her tits through her teddy while I’m fucking her. I like to get a good feel of what I’m emptying my nuts into. It takes a while, but I cum again, but not much this time.

“Did you cum?”


“Well give it here, don’t just walk of!”

“Its not much” Beylikdüzü escort but I gave her the used condom. There’s alot of protein in it apparently.

So its nearly a quarter to five and I’m pretty whacked. I walk out and over to the restroom were I splash some water on my face and wash my cock a little. There’s no fucking towels just those blower things so I dry my hands on my sweater. (It was cold outside.)

I pace the hall, swing my arms, stretch, swig from my water bottle and get my head back in the game. Its a double slut bang and I’ve got to make the most of it. Be a man! Stay focused. Set a goal. Goal for the second half: sodomize one or both females.

So I re-enter the arena just as the group heads down to the front. Good move, Roger, more space down there. And down they went indeed. Charlene licking out Baby’s pussy. Hubby whips out the camcorder and starts taping. He was good enough to say he’d keep us out and it was for their own pleasure only. Not that I gave a flying fuck anyway.

So Baby’s sitting in the front row and Charlene’s on the floor (now there’s something I wouldn’t have done) and she’s muff diving Baby whilst hubby films. Family entertainment for one and all.

C comes up for air and wonders aloud if she prefers sucking cock or pussy. “Turn around” says the guy behind her, and gives her something to compare. I notice B is free so out comes my dick again and I wave it in her face. Its blow job time again. C gets off the floor, mentions her upcoming party in August, and sits down the front row near B. She is soon feed a cock.

It was about this time that a black couple came in and sat a couple of rows back and started to watch the action. B looks up at me a says “you wanna pound this pussy?” Who am I to disappoint a lady who asks so nicely? So I say yes, get out another condom and she slides it on with her a mouth like a good little cock sucking slut.

By this time Roger had handed the camcorder over to the black TV who began filming the scene as I entered B from behind for the second time. This was easily the most surreal moment of the evening’s festivities. You really haven’t lived until you’ve got a blonde slut bent over the front row of a cinema and you’re fucking her cunt from behind while she’s sucking off a guy that bears a remarkable resemblance to Carlos Santana and a black transvestite is leaning over your shoulder to get a good shot of your pussy pounding cock with the blonde’s husband’s camcorder. Not an everyday occurrence to be sure.

I finger her anus while I’m fucking her, and she goes with it for a while, then pulls my hand away. No chance of a butt-fuck there, I thought. But my balls are spent so I fuck until Carlos Escort Beylikdüzü cums in her mouth and then I withdraw. I’m sweating like a bastard, so I chuck the sweater and check in with Charlene in my undershirt. I see her with a guys cock between her big soft tits.

“Put your cum here” she says rubbing her chest. “Jack that cock off over my tits”

“Yeah, cum on her tits, she’s asking for it man” says a guy in the fucking peanut gallery.

And so he does. Meanwhile Baby is getting a facial and proudly showing her cummed on face to the camera. Charlene is free again so I re-present my cock and she gives me head again until she wanted me to fuck her. Getting behind her I ask if I can do her ass. She says yes and gets out some lube and smears the stuff over my cock. She holds me in position and backs onto my cock. I’m soon balls deep in her ass. She’s giving head while I’m slowly sliding my dick in and out of her ass. This was fucking good as she was good and tight in there and my balls were spent, my knob was comfortably erect with no urgency to it (the “lazy lob” as its known). Charlene loves to spit-roasted (a cock in each end) and was enjoying the situation. And so I was absented mindedly ass fucking her watching as this really hot slim young girl in the movie (she was about fifteen feet tall at this close range) was first feed a large white cock into her mouth and then fucked missionary style and bent over for an ass reaming. She was young and hot and I timed my thrusts into Charlene’s ass with the guys thrusts into the movie girl’s ass.

Oh, that was good, getting my dick well up her ass and burying my balls into her soft fleshy buttocks. I started fucking her harder and faster and her moans reacted to the increased rhythm. She lost her mouth full and hung her head as I pounding her ring piece. Reaching down I stuck four fingers into her cunt a felt my cock through the vaginal lining. With a little work I could have fisted her, but she wasn’t having it. I continued fucking her, varying my pace, clenching my muscles and the peak of the stroke, pulling out to stretch her sphincter with my knob end, plunging back in to the hilt, side to side, up and down, spiraling, doing good work. You can really get down to business when you have no immediate urge to ejaculate.

But Charlene can only take so much and she was calling back to me “Are you going to come in my ass?”

“Eventually” I replied. I told you, I can be one nonchalant bastard.

“Not eventually, NOW!”

“Oh, Charlene’s getting ass fucked, and she really knows she’s getting ass fucked” observed Roger.

I carried on, but felt like Charlene had had enough so I pulled out of her ass. She had to sit down and take a breather after the butt fucking I gave her.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. I did like that” she said and she looked like she did.

Mission accomplished. Second half goal set and reached. I recovered my sweater and left.

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