Jack In The Box Ch. 3Jack In The Box Ch. 3


The hotel lobby overflowed with teenage athletes from all the competing schools. Coach Moore struggled to keep her noisy boys and girls in one group as Coach Buchanan checked everyone in at the front desk.Jack admired his coach’s sexy ass for several minutes before sneaking up behind her. “Did you like the show on the bus, Sylvia loves to suck my cock, and I know you wanted it to be you.”The sudden voice and soft breath on her ear surprised her. Staring into Jack’s piercing eyes, she lost control of her adult reasoning for the second time today. “Yes, I did.””Don’t forget to give me an extra key to your room.””I, I won’t,” she mumbled. Kit jumped when Jack gave her ass a quick squeeze then disappeared into the maze of kids.Kit almost missed Coach Buchanan waving her over to the front desk. That simple squeeze from Jack soaked her panties again. She realized having sex with a student had the potential to be fired or worse; but, Jack might be the right man for her. If, the rumors were true.All year she heard her girls brag about Jack in the locker room; and how rough he liked to be when he fucked them. Kit’s husband refused to satisfy her extreme needs, so she had no other option than to find a man that would.Bruce found his eyes drifting down to his co-worker’s extended nubs. Damn, the woman oozed sex appeal! “Right, we’re all set. Unfortunately, we’re all on the same floor, so we will have to keep a close eye on the kids,” he chuckled and winked at her. “Oh, to be a teenager again!” he joked as he motioned his arms at all the excited teenagers.”Thanks, Bruce; I don’t know what I would do without you,””No problem, I’m going to go hand out keys while you wait for your set. I told the boys they could go to the pool after settling in. Are you bringing the girls?”Kit squeezed his bicep in an attempt to appeal to his masculinity. She needed a favor from him. “Can you escort them yourself? I’m feeling a splitting headache coming on.” The play on words rambled through her head; she had a vision of her legs split open for Jack and the head of his cock buried deep inside her.Bruce’s cock hardened at Kit’s touch. Kit had dreamy eyes. He snuck another glance at her hard nipples, barely containing a moan. “Ah, too bad! Of course, you go and lie down; tomorrow is going to be a hectic day!” Bruce tried to hide his disappointment; he wouldn’t get to see Kit’s ample tits in a swimsuit.As soon as Bruce left, the young girl behind the counter started talking, trying to stay cheerful from the challenge dealing with this morning’s activity.Kit leaned closer to the overworked employee, hoping not to draw attention from anyone else. “I will need two keys for my room as well.””No problem!” The over-worked desk clerk smirked a knowing smile looking over Kit’s shoulder towards Bruce. “Looks like someone’s getting lucky tonight!””What? Yes, no!” Flustered, Kit grabbed the mitt-full of credit card keys and hurried away to distribute them.Kit herded her girls to one side of the lobby and handed the keys out. Each room held two girls, with specific instructions to keep boys out of their rooms. The girls were anxious to use the pool for the day’s balance and rushed to change.When she handed one to Sylvia, the two of them didn’t exchange words. Kit’s face filled with concern when Sylvia licked her lips and gave her coach a wink. The impact of the bus scene played out in Kit’s mind. She worried that Logan and Sylvia would say something detrimental to her job.Coach Buchanan waved from the elevator, and Kit waved back. As the door closed, her focus shifted to finding Jack. Disappointment vented from her lungs when she couldn’t find him.Gathering her rolling suitcase from against the wall, Kit did a double-take; Jack stood outside the front entrance talking on his phone! Her heart raced in anticipation as she nervously walked towards him with the extra key to her room in her sweaty palm. From his facial expressions and body language, Jack seemed upset.As Kit got closer, his conversation kept repeating the exact phrase; Dad, you don’t have to put up with it? I don’t care if she is my mom; she’s a cheating bitch! You deserve better than her!”Jack covered his cell phone with his hand. “Can you give me a minute?””Sure, no rush, Jack,” Kit stepped back to give him some privacy. With his back towards her, she realized something was going on at home. Protectively, she hoped it didn’t affect his race tomorrow and his chance at a scholarship to one of the big-name schools.Jack’s animated arms flew about, but through it all, he kept his voice down. When he tucked the phone into the back pocket of his shorts, he turned and forced a smile at Coach.”Sorry, Jack, I didn’t mean to intrude. Is everything okay?””Well, actually no, my parents are going through a tough time. My mom got caught cheating on my dad. I think they’re divorcing.”Empathy radiated in her mind; she had gone through the same thing with her parents. “I know how it feels; mine divorced when I turned sixteen. It changed my life.””It fucking sucks!” Jack hissed through clenched teeth. “And it’s all my mom’s fault! She’s a cheating bitch!”Several of the other athletes stared in their direction at his loud voice.”Would you like to talk about it in my room?” Kit asked. Though she had empathy for Jack, inside, she selfishly wanted to be alone with him.”I’m going to go to the pool with my friends,” he answered. Coach Moore’s face projected disappointment, and he changed his mind. “Are you a good listener?””Yes!” The butterflies in Kit’s stomach took flight. “Here’s the key to my room!” Her hand shook as she pressed the card into Jack’s. “Why don’t you get rid of your luggage and come see me, room three-twelve. Give me half an hour to freshen up.”Jack hesitated, but a friendly ear might help him sort out his thoughts. The soft-touch of her hand brought him out of his funk. “Half an hour it is. I hope to see more of you soon,” he teased, giving her body a blatant once over.Jack didn’t know why Coach Moore came on to him in the bus, but he intended to find out. Her body language highlighted a sexual need combined with submissiveness. He headed to the stairwell, deep in thought; this weekend had the potential to change his life.Kit almost skipped to the little snack room off the lobby. Jack agreed to come to her room! She picked up several sodas then put them back; she loved beer and hoped Jack did. As a last thought, she also bought an extra toothbrush and giggled like one of her silly school girls.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jack threw his backpack against the wall in his room. His dad was an idiot for putting up with the cheating bitch. Logan immediately came running out of the bathroom in his swimsuit.Jack shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t know you were still here.””You, alright?””Yeah, just some stuff at home to deal with.””How did you get Coach Moore to watch Sylvia give you a blowjob on the bus! Damn, that was so hot!””Yeah,” Jack laughed at the memory. He held up his hand to Logan. “She gave me a key to her room.””You lucky bastard!” Logan snickered. “I don’t know how you do it! Are you coming down to the pool? We can check out the girls together!””Maybe, I’m going to see Coach Moore first.” Jack strode over to the window; kids from various schools filled the pool. Girls were flaunting their assets in tiny bikinis. If it didn’t work out with his coach, he might fuck one or two of them this weekend. Plus, he had Sylvia as a willing backup.””Later!” Logan called out, leaving the room.Jack laid down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. His mom got caught cheating on his dad with someone familiar to all of them. His parents constantly fought for the past year, part of why Jack liked running. The time alone on the track or the road allowed him to leave everything behind. No yelling, no cursing, just him and the wind.He needed to do well at the race tomorrow, to get as far away from home as possible and leave all the drama behind. Besides, he thought with a smile on his face, colleges had tons of mature girls.The little game he played on the bus had been amusing. Coach Moore’s unexpected interest confused him. He turned her room key over in his fingers. She loved how hard he pinched her nipple and touching his bare cock. Now, he would find out the cause of her strange unsubtle sensual new attitude.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kit set her luggage case on the bed. When she opened it up, all her ‘toys’ spilled out. She picked up her favorite dildo and licked the black mushroom-head. The bus incident left her so horny she needed relief before Jack arrived, or she would be a drooling bimbo.”Hmm, tasty!” she sighed without embarrassment. Kit tasted her flavor on the pliable cock from last night’s self-pleasuring.Undressing quickly, she laid down, deep-throating the cock to get it wet. With her legs spread, Kit almanbahis şikayet drilled the dildo as fast and hard as possible. “Yes, fuck me, Jack! Make me your slut!”Having large tits let her please herself, something she did almost every night. Her mouth sucked her hard distended nipple. Her horny body craved release. The sounds of her unrestrained indulgence ended with a violent orgasm as she screamed out Jack’s name. The dildo took off the edge, and she sucked it clean before rushing into the bathroom for a quick shower.Kit’s mind swirled with what-ifs as she stood naked, trying to decide what to put on. She didn’t want to be whorish, but she wanted to dress sexy for Jack. In the end, she chose white short-shorts and a white top with no bra.Suddenly the door opened, and Jack stood in front of her. All six feet of him, still in the same clothes he wore on the bus. Kit stood still as he inspected her from her bare feet up to her mid-length brown hair; he stopped along the way to admire her breasts and hard nipples.She took a deep breath. The moment she dreamed of for so long had arrived. “Jack! I’m glad you’re here! Would you like a drink? I have some beer.””Sure.” Jack walked over to the window and stared down at all the teenagers frolicking in the pool. “Shouldn’t you be down there keeping an eye on the girls?””Bruce said he would. I told him I have a headache. I wanted to be here for you.”Jack watched Coach Moore suddenly go shy. He gave her a curious glance then plopped down on the couch.Kit brought a couple of glasses and cans of beer over and nervously set them on the side table. She sat next to Jack and tucked her legs underneath, then handed him a beer.”I’m sorry about what’s happening between your mom and dad.””Yeah, she’s a cheating bitch!” Jack snapped as he popped the can open. “And my stupid dad still loves her! I don’t get it!””It’s part of life; people drift apart. It happened to me too. I left my husband six months ago.”Jack stopped in mid-sentence at her admission. “Why?””He couldn’t or wouldn’t give me what I need.” Kit paused, debating on how much to tell Jack, then decided to reveal everything. “I have unique sex needs.” Just saying the words out loud made Kit wet. “I like rough sex and being controlled. My husband is a wimp.”The room went quiet as Jack analyzed her confession. He too liked to fuck a girl roughly. All the girls at school put up with his aggression when he fucked them because of the size of his cock. “Were you always like this?””No,” Kit bowed her head submissively. “It started when I turned sixteen after my parents divorced. I met a much older man, and he trained me.””Trained?””For three years, I submitted to him as his sex slave. He taught me to enjoy pain and pleasure mixed. I loved him with all my heart.” Kit surveyed Jack’s eyes, searching for disgust at her disclosure. Jack resembled a younger version of her Master.”Loved? Like in past tense? What happened?””He found a new girl and turned me over to one of his friends.”Jack shook his head in disbelief; she just blew his mind wide open. “Then what happened.””I drifted from different Masters, even a female one, until I met my future husband in college. I didn’t tell him about my past. I thought I could change, but I miss having a Master.” Kit lowered her head. “I probably told you more than I should have.”Jack had a million questions. He always assumed his sexual assertion boiled over because of his mom’s flagrant cheating. Was he like the Master who trained her? He liked being dominant.”So, if I wanted to be rough with you, it would turn you on?”To Kit, these were magic words. “Yes, Sir. I would like that.”The ‘Sir’ part sounded funny to Jack. “What if I get too rough? Will you stop me?””No. Master trained me to take punishment.””Stand up and lose the top, then the bottoms.”Kit sighed with relief. Jack wasn’t disgusted with her. She crossed her arms and removed her top, waiting to see if he would say something about her breasts. When he didn’t, she shimmied out of her shorts and thong leaving her completely naked in front of her student. Jack’s eyes devoured her nude body.”Turn around.”Slowly, Kit turned, revealing the firm ass she worked so hard to maintain.”Bend over and spread your ass cheeks.”Master trained Kit to stay quiet. She spread her ass and held the position waiting until Jack gave her his next order. She heard him getting undressed behind her, and if the anticipation didn’t kill her, her racing heart would. The visual image of his cock fixed in her mind. Finally, she would have it inside her.”Don’t move.”Jack pushed his cock into her wet pussy. He went slow, enjoying the tightness and newness of her. Coach Moore was his first ‘real woman,’ and he needed to make this last. His spit landed on her exposed star, and his thumb rubbed circles but not penetrating.”Hmm!” Kit gasped at the fullness of Jack’s cock.When he had half his cock in her, he slapped her hands away, and she quickly grabbed her knees, using them to support herself. More spit landed on her rosebud, and this time his thumb did penetrate, right to the knuckle.Jack held still as he fucked her ass. He needed more lubrication. After spitting several more times his thumb penetrated fully. Coach Moore moaned and kept pushing back, trying to capture all his cock’s length. For now, he just wanted to play.”I said don’t move!” Jack warned, slapping her ass.More and more of his saliva landed next to her dark hole. With two fingers joined together, he pushed the spit into her slightly open pit. She was tight; it must have been a while since she had anal sex. He penetrated slowly until the second knuckle disappeared inside her. The moment was surreal to him, this was his teacher and coach, and he was fucking her!”Fuck me! Fuck me like this is the last cock you will ever have in your cunt.” Kit sighed in pleasure and pushed back against him.She was moving too slow for him. “Faster!”Jack matched the fingers fucking her ass with the movement of Kit’s hips. He stood there as she fucked herself on his cock.”I said faster! Or I’m leaving!”His threat worked; Coach Moore slammed back against him, working her cunt on his cock. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and wiped them on her back. Ripples ran up her body each time she reached the bottom. He lightly slapped her ass, and she moaned yes; when he hit her harder, she moaned louder.”Come for me!”Kit blubbered something unintelligible each time Jack’s hand hit or his cock reached the bottom. She was close. She wondered if he fucked the school girls like this. Did their bodies betray them, as hers did?”Oh fuck! Oh, fuck!” Kit cried out. “I’m coming!”The moment her orgasm hit, Jack grabbed her hips and started fucking his teacher, hard and fast, not letting up. His cock had never been harder, and he had never fucked any girl with this much force. The heat inside him built up, and every thrust was bringing him closer and closer. Jack fucked Kit with a combination of control and passion, but primarily a need to dominate her body for his pleasure.Kit’s never-ending orgasm was crippling but also gratifying. Her cunt was sore, her ass was sore inside and out, but she didn’t care. She never thought an eighteen-year-old student could be such a fantastic lover. Each time he slammed into her, she never wanted Jack to stop and hoped he went on forever.”Now!” he moaned.The first volley of Jack’s cum hit hard, like a cannon that kept going off. Shot after shot. She wished you witnessed the expression on his face.Jack held his cock still, enjoying the last few pulses in her cunt. Not once did Coach Moore complain or hesitate to follow his orders.”When I pull my cock out of your cunt I want you to collect my cum with your hand.”Kit readied her hand, and as soon as Jack pulled out completely, she cupped her pussy.”Squeeze my cum out.”Her ass winked at him in response to her efforts. For several minutes Coach Moore twerked her cunt and ass.”Show me.”Kit turned and presented her hand to Jack for examination. The volume surprised her as he gave Sylvia a mouthful earlier on the bus.”Lick it up.”Her tongue tasted his cum for the first time, and she loved it. She locked eyes with Jack as she slowly licked up all his cum, and then between her fingers. She waited for Jack to smile at her, but it never came.”Now, my cock.”He didn’t push her down; she dropped to her knees on the carpet willingly, getting her first proper view of his cock. Blue veins covered the entire length of Jack’s cock, and her tongue traced their path. Her mouth captured the slick engorged head.”No, just lick me for now.”A moan of frustration escaped her lips, but she obeyed. Her tongue found all the wet spots, and when Jack’s cock was clean, she switched to his giant balls.”Look at me.”Kit saw Jack finally smiled, and it melted her heart. The need to please him weighed heavy almanbahis canlı casino in her mind; she held his heavy cock up and licked his balls, taking one in her mouth and gently sucking. She was dying for words of encouragement, but nothing came from Jack’s mouth.”Stand up.”Kit stood; Jack inspected her closely, his face once more in poker-mode.”How big are your tits?””They’re 38 DD.””How old are you?””Thirty-one.””How long have you been married?””Six years.””Have you ever fucked a cock as big as mine?”No.””What do you want me to do you?””Everything!””Go wash your cunt out.”Jack didn’t wait to see if Coach Moore obeyed; he walked to the window and saw all the kids in the pool. Logan and Sylvia frolicked together in the pool, and he hoped the two of them became a couple. None of the students looked up, but his nude body was visible to them from the knees-up if they did.With sudden urgency, he went to find Coach Moore. It was time to use her again, to find out how rough she liked it.He found her in the bathroom with one leg on the closed toilet seat and a wet towel in her hand scrubbing her cunt.”I’m almost done, Sir!” she yelped, hoping she hadn’t taken too long.”That was a good warm-up. You know I’m going to be harder on you, right?”Kit knew Jack meant it. “Will you mark me?””Yes.””Are you going to spank me again?”Coach Moore’s face lit up as she asked the question. “Only, if you please me.””Thank you; I will try my best!””Hold still.” His fingers pinched her nipples, making blood flow to them. She had nice nipples, pink and puffy.Master trained her to enjoy pain, and she melted as Jack increased pressure.”You’re special,” Jack stated as his smile returned, “Would you like me to be your new Master?”Those were the words Kit had been looking for; Jack didn’t think she was a freak. “YES! OH, MY GOD! YES!”Jack continued to pinch her nipples as his mouth latched the side of her ample breast. His sucking sounds indicated a mark would remind her of their time together. The force of his sucking caused the blood capillaries to collapse, leaving a red mark on her pale white breast. He would leave her with many more; the last one would be on her neck for everyone to see. Jack stopped to survey his work, pleased with the results.”Follow me.”Kit quickly looked in the mirror at her breast to see the enormous bruise-like mark; then, she hustled to follow Jack.”I don’t know your name, other than Coach Moore.””It’s Kit.”Jack debated if he would use her name or not. “What do you want me to call you?””I want you to treat me like a slut or a whore, so that would be appropriate.””Hmm. For now, I will use Kitten; I like how you purr when I fuck you.”Jack walked over to the window and peered down at the pool. “All my friends are down there.””Do you want to leave?””You’re my first woman.””Come to bed, Master, let me please you.”Kit paused at her open suitcase. “I have some things you might like to use on me.” She shivered in anticipation as she picked up a belt and nipple clamps and laid them on the bed. The silver magnetic balls were new; she only used them once, and the pain they caused was on the end of the scale.”Get on the bed, on your belly.”Jack inspected the leather belt; it was short, a foot long. He had no idea what to do with the two shiny silver balls.”They’re magnetic,” Kit informed as Jack tossed them up and down. “You pull them apart and use them on my nipple.”The magnets were strong, powerful. Jack had difficulty pulling them apart. He laid them on her flat belly, where they snapped back together with a loud clack.Kit tweaked her nipple in preparation. “I’m ready, Master.”Anticipation makes the mind imagine all kinds of things, and Kit’s mind was going nuts. She only used the magnetic silver balls for a few minutes before the intense pressure became too much. Jack separated the balls and placed one on each side of her elongated hard nipple. With a snap, the sudden pinching pain rushed from her nipple to her brain and down to her cunt. Kit fought the urge to rip them off as her eyes teared up and her body twisted on the bed.There was no doubt Kit was suffering. He lifted the belt and smacked it against his palm. The soft leather made a delicious sound.”Rollover,” he commanded.The first touch of the belt snaked from her ass to her feet. Jack teased her. She found it hard to lie still. Kit purposely kept herself close to the edge so Jack could have access to her body. The belt rubbed against her ass. She tried to stifle the shudder, but it was impossible.The first time the belt hit, Kit thought she peed herself. It landed directly across both ass cheeks, and her hands instinctively grabbed the bed covers. The second and third were harder, landing close to the first, making the area extra sensitive. She heard Jack moving but kept her eyes closed.”Hmm, what a nice shade of red!” Jack commented before rubbing his hand over the welts. “Turn over and spread your legs.”Kit opened her eyes to find Jack holding his hard cock, ready for her mouth. She positioned herself with her head off the bed. Jack pushed the tip into her willing mouth, cutting off her view of his hand. The belt struck between her legs, and she gasped at the pain. Her mouth involuntarily opened, and Jack took advantage, going deeper.The second time the belt hit, Jack drove into her throat. His free hand gripped the silver balls, and her body went nuts. He pushed further down her throat as she gasped in pain. She couldn’t breathe, but she trusted him to pull out. Jack fully penetrated her throat when the belt struck for the third time. Kit’s nose touched his hairy abdomen as the beautiful burning, stinging pain radiated in her cunt and nipple. She loved her new Master.”You did it,” Jack gushed as he threw the belt on the bed. “Now, time to fuck your mouth.”Kit was close to passing out as Jack held his cock in her throat. When he pulled back and let her take a breath, the relief was short-lived. Jack’s hands tightened on her tits as he used her mouth, face, and throat as an aperture for his pleasure. Sometimes he would hold her until she started thrashing her legs, letting him know she was out of air. But it was the violent thrusts that Kit liked the best.Jack had never fucked any of the girls from school this rough. The head-rush intoxicated him. Knowing Kitten wanted, no, needed him to use her like this left him wordless. Power radiated through-out his body. He pulled out of her mouth and waited for her eyes to open.Saliva ran down her face. Jack was standing tall, examining her body as he stroked his cock. The belt was in his hands again. Her body gave a slight tremor when he laid the strap on her tits. Her head was still off the bed, and as soon as he rested his big balls on her chin, she started licking them.”Bring your knees up and spread your legs.”Her cunt was vulnerable to Jack. She tried to prepare for the strike. Her legs began to shake, and she jumped when his fingers found her breasts. Jack’s caress was almost clinical as he poked and prodded the generous tissue. His hands grabbed her shaking legs just below the knee, and he spread her legs wider, pulling her towards him, bending her in two. She said a quick thank you to her yoga instructor for making her so pliable. Her cunt leaked non-stop, but the best part was being defenseless to his whims.The belt slide off the exact moment his mouth found her cunt. It was unexpected and welcome at the same time. She never expected Jack would want to go down on her. He rocked his body on her face as his tongue explored all her folds, and she wished his cock was in her mouth. Her clit was on fire, and he teased it mercilessly.Kit never planned it, but her tongue found his ass. Jack spread his legs further apart, giving her better ingress. She didn’t care about the slight smell or his hairy ass. She needed to please Jack and to let him know nothing was off-limits.”Fuck!” Jack growled as her tongue explored him. “You’re fantastic!”It was all he said before attacking her cunt again. He bit her inner thighs and outer and inner pussy lips; his mouth and tongue were everywhere. When he bit down hard on her clit she lost it. Her tongue was in Jack’s ass when her orgasm hit. It didn’t give her any warning; she just exploded.Her female fluids squirted into his mouth and on the bedsheets. Her body floated in the air. She thought Jack would stop, but he didn’t, and she came again as he continued to bite her clit. She tried to keep tonguing his ass, but he had moved out of reach. When he dropped her legs, she collapsed to the bed, numb from exertion.Jack stepped back. His fully erect cock stretched out so beautifully. She desperately wanted him to say something other than short sentences.”Thank you, Master, that was incredible!””You’re a pain junkie.””Yes,” Kit replied. “May I get up?””Okay.”Kit swung around and sat on the almanbahis casino edge of the bed, better able to talk to him. She fought the desire to drop to her knees and suck his cock; the urge was almost impossible to control.His athletic body had virtually zero body fat which made his cock seem more significant. The curly black hair around his cock was trimmed short. He wasn’t muscular like the football players, but sinewy instead. He towered over her five-foot-two body at six feet, and he probably weighed at least sixty pounds more than her one hundred and ten. She loved the dimples in his cheeks, but right now, he was not smiling at her.”I don’t know where to start?” she panted, “I haven’t released my inhibitions like this in years.””You liked what I did to you?””Oh god, it was fantastic!” she babbled, then licked her lips as her eyes looked back at his cock.”You want to suck my cock, don’t you?””Yes, you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.””What if I fucked your ass? Would you still want to suck it?””Yes, nothing you do to me would take away the desire to suck you. Nothing!”Kit’s cunt was red and swollen from his treatment, and one bite mark was visible on her inner thigh. “Did your husband treat you like this?””No, that is why we’re not together anymore. My husband called me sick and said I needed help.”Jack had read about women like Kit, women who liked pain and needed someone to dominate them. “There is nothing wrong with you. You can suck my cock now.”Kit dropped to her knees and lavished his cock with kisses and long licks. She slid back his skin and enveloped the giant head in her mouth, using her tongue on the sensitive underside. Jack grabbed her hair with both hands, but the force still shocked her. Jack attacked her throat, pushing past her gag point without regard. He raped her mouth; that was the only word that fits. He displayed no gentleness or concern for her, and in her mind, she relished his depravity.Jack had one hand under her chin and the other on the top of her head as he fucked her throat. His grunts were loud and abrasive as he repeatedly demeaned her, calling her a bitch, a slut, and a whore. He had never used a girl this hard; this was new territory.Kit wanted to use her fingers to fuck her cunt just as hard as his cock fucked her face, but she didn’t have Master’s permission.Jack didn’t know if he was a misogynist or not. His mom planted a seed deep inside his brain years ago. He couldn’t stand the way she treated his dad, laughing in his face when he found out about her cheating. He would never let any woman do that to him.The girls in his school were fun playthings, but Kit took sex to another level. He planned on using her all night to satisfy his lust and her deviant needs. Jack got tired of listening to her gag; a self-professed pain slut should be able to handle a little oral. He yanked her hair back, pulling his cock out completely, then slapped her face twice.”You’re useless! A good slut wouldn’t make me work so hard to come.””I’m sorry, Master. I will do better, I promise!” Kit apologized as tears ran down her face and saliva fell on her tits. His long cock made a mess on her chest.”Don’t look at me.”He pulled Kit up by her hair until she was standing in front of him.Kit felt sick in the pit of her stomach; she disappointed Master. A yellowish slime from the contents of her stomach covered her breasts; she was disgusting.”Look what you did to my cock with your foul mouth.””I’m sorry, Master. Please let me clean you up.”Jack wanted to test her training. “Will you use your mouth or a towel?”Kit was powerless to escape the spiral of emotional turmoil. “I’m sorry, Master, I am out of practice. I hope it never happens again; I feel miserable for what I have done to you. It was my mouth that made the mess, so my mouth should clean your cock.””I don’t have time for that; a shower is more appropriate to remove all your filth.”Jack yanked the silver balls off her nipple, and Kit screamed out, collapsing in his arms. He held her whimpering body until she could stand up again. Jack marched her into the bathroom with a hand gripping the hair at the back of her head.Jack turned the shower on cold. “Get in.”Kit didn’t argue; she lost her breath as the cold water rained down on her head and chest. Jack handed her a soap bar, and she commenced to clean herself as water splashed onto the tile floor. She shivered from the cold; the soap burned her cunt, swollen from the belt and his teeth. Her destroyed nipple ached deliciously. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so alive!Jack adjusted the temperature to suit himself, and Kit immediately moved to the back of the tub. He pulled the curtain closed to trap the water in the tub.”Soap my back, Kitten.”Kit rushed to wash Jack’s back and broad shoulders down to his slim waist. She liked being called Kitten.”Use your tits.”She soaped up her enormous tits and hugged Jack to her body, moving up and down like a “Jack in the box.” She wanted to share her joke but just smiled and kept it to herself. Kit loved that Master let her hug him and took full advantage of exploring the front of his body with her hands.”May I touch your cock?”Jack had both hands on the wall in front of him, letting the water hit the top of his head. It relaxed him to enjoy her soft body massaging his.”Go ahead.””Thank you, Master!”Kit had to stoop lower, and her tits rubbed on Jack’s tight ass. His soft huge cock needed both of her hands. Her kisses covered his back and even his ass. When Jack bent over lower and pushed back towards her, she tongued Jack’s ass. She licked between his ass cheeks seeking his hole. Jack split his legs wider for her, and she bent down even more.Kit moved her hands between his open legs and stroked his cock with both hands as her tongue explored his ass once more. This time the water and position allowed her better access, and Jack’s moans encouraged her to try even harder.Jack thought about his friends at the pool as Kitten tongued his ass and how surprised they would be to see her doing this. He reached back and forced her head into his ass, holding her there as she tongued him; enjoy one last thrill before pushing her away, causing her to fall back on her ass. He shut off the water and stepped out on the wet floor, grabbing a towel off the rack.”Dry off; we’re going down to the pool.”Jack walked back into the main room and rummaged through her suitcase, looking for her swimsuit. He found she had packed two; a one-piece flowered suit and a two-piece white bikini. Jack threw the bikini on the bed, chuckling inside at the reaction she would cause. Coach Buchanan would probably come in his suit, and the rest of the guys would follow.Kit’s mouth opened in shock at what Jack had laid out for her. The skimpy bikini had been an impulse purchase, but she never imagined wearing it.”Master, I’m not sure about that suit. It’s very tiny.”Jack walked over to her and lifted her chin. His lips closed on hers, and he kissed her tenderly, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Sometimes you had to use honey to get what you wanted. Kit relax, and when he embraced her, she threw her arms around him, hugging him with real passion.He broke the kiss, and his eyes were soft. “Try it on, Kitten; I want to see how beautiful you are in it.”Jack’s eyes melted her. “Okay.”Kit had bought the suit in a moment of low self-esteem, thinking it would let her compete with younger women. The bikini clung to her wet body, and she tried to adjust it to fit better.”Let me.”Jack slipped his fingers under the top, flicking her sore nipple before centering the two triangles. The sides of her tits were visible, as well as her ample cleavage. Her nipples poked against the light material giving the impression she was almost topless.He wondered if it would be transparent once wet. The bottom of the suit left little to the imagination; he adjusted the front, pulling the material up into her cunt, then turned her around. Rather than spreading out the fabric to cover her ass cheeks, he pulled it in, giving her a thong. He stepped back to admire his work.”You’re going to make all the other girls jealous.””Oh, stop it!”Kit’s heart beat a million times a minute. She couldn’t tell by Jack’s facial expression whether he was teasing her or not, but she loved his attention.”Okay, perfect. Throw a cover-up on over your suit, and let’s go to my room, so I can put my suit on.””Jack! I can’t do that; I’m too exposed!””Kit!” Jack scolded with exasperation. “You can always keep the cover-up on.”Kit saw she disappointed Jack. “Please, Master, I can’t afford to lose my job.”Kit was right; if he wanted to stay as her Master he needed to think about his actions. The responsibility was new to him. “Okay, bring a tee-shirt with you.”Even though Jack wanted to parade her near-nude body to all the students, especially the boys, he didn’t want to lose his new sex-slave.”Thank you, Master!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you for taking the time to read my story; if it tickled your fancy, I appreciate your vote and any comments.randyfantasiesContinued…

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