It Started Here. 3It Started Here. 3


This is a true story which involves sexual situations between a teen and a minor. So as not to cause any offence, if you find this distasteful, please leave and search for a story that is more to your taste. You have been warned.

To get an understanding of this part it would be easier if you read the two previous instalments.

It Started Here. 3

After that night where I’d been shown how to willy suck John seemed to go very quiet and did his best to avoid me. Although I had felt revulsion at what had happened my mind was in confusion as to why I was being ignored. My heart was heavy as the only influence that seemed to care for me was now treating me as thing, an object, like many others in my life did. I withdrew into my own insular protective bubble being so used to by now, living with an alcoholic/workaholic parent I considered myself as no son of his. I felt lost and alone.

It was a weekend about a week later when the inevitable happened. My father again was to be off on one off his benders leaving me with the neighbours.

I returned home from school to be met by John’s mother in the stairwell. She told me of the arrangements whilst her youngest barged past us deliberately pushing me into the wall. After a quick chastisement to Stewart she lead me into hers’ with the news that she’d phoned John and he was willing to watch me in my own home like the last time. Thanking her I made my way out and headed upstairs with the order to return at 5 for tea.

In my own space going about my routine I felt dread about the evening to come. Sitting down my mind raced. What if he doesn’t talk to me followed by many more what ifs. The pounding in my chest and the lump in my throat grew stronger and by the time 5 rolled round it wouldn’t take much to set me off into floods of tears.

Entering the neighbours keeping my eyes down on the flowery carpet. I made my way to the dinning room taking a place at the table. Slowly lifting my head to survey the scene I was greeted by a large smile on John’s face. All the fears went from my mind and when the meal appeared, kept looking at him. Between mouthfuls of food and when he was actually looking at me the biggest reassuring smile covered his face. Thanking John’s mother for the great meal I stood and waited to see what next. John talked to his parent giving her a peck on the cheek. Walking over to me placing his hand on my shoulder, lead me upstairs to my house.

“I need to tell you something” he said in a hushed sort of tone. “I’m so so sorry about what happened the last time I was here”. Grumbling to clear his throat continued, “I got carried away and didn’t think about what I was doing and felt so guilty and upset that I might have hurt you and made you not want to be with me.” He looked at me giving me a questioning smile.
“I I I I thought I was bad wh wh when you stopped t t t talking to me”.
“Naw mate it was me that was wrong. You did nothing. I’m really sorry I treated you that way”.
I was over hugging him so hard just happy to have him back in my life.
“Whoa mate you trying to strangle me”? We both broke into laughter and I felt I was walking on air. Switching on the TV. I sat snuggling into his side. His arm came across around my head and stated to stroke my arm. It felt great having some one so close. There on the sofa we watched a variety show then a cop thing seeming to be in unison laughing at the same things and looking at each other at the same time.

After the cop thing I said that it was shower time for me and went to my room to get my pyjamas. Going back to the living room John said he’d have one after me sniffing under his arms.
“W w w we could share again” I ventured.
“You sure bout that mate”?
“Y y y yes we can escort have t t t together.”
John was stripped in a flash showing me once more his hairy willy. I felt a stirring below as we went to the bathroom. Removing my run abouts I needed to pee. Pointing my willy at the porcelain a stream of urine was hitting the water in the bowl with a splash. When I’d finished John took my place and started to relieve himself. I stood agog at the amount and the noise it made in the bowl. Over with, he shook it and turned. I had forgotten just how big his willy was, standing there in some sort of trace. He tapped me bringing me too and getting into the stall I turned on the water to just a little bit hotter than I liked. John joined me.
“Just as I like it”.
“I I I remembered”. I said with an air of triumph.
“Well done mate”.
Talking the soap he lathered up and began to wash. A feeling began down below as my willy came to it’s full standing length. The soap was handed to me with a glance down at my little hard pole. I too washed. As I did, John’s dick was starting to grow. He kept looking at me down there in between exchanges of soap.
“Y y y yours is hard again”!
“Yeah mate seeing yours made it grow”. “It’s taking me all my time to stop from kneeling and sucking you off”!
I looked at him with a quizzical expression.
“You know mate, suck your willy”?
Thinking of the feelings it gave me the last time I wanted a repeat.
“You c c c can if you want t t to”!
The invitation was unexpected I think but soon my willy was getting attention. Licking slowly up and down working his way to my tight ball sack I could feel his tongue darting all over them. Up again he took my willy into his mouth making his tongue do circles around the end, every so often licking my pee hole. I was so hard now my rod started to feel sore.
He sucked now sending little electric type shocks coursing through my body. Feeling as light as a feather it started. My stomach churned and what there was of my little balls, were disappearing into my body.
“Tickley tickley” I moaned as my excited rod pulsed in his mouth making me arch my back in a tense all over feeling. Thinking I was about to feint reached I reached out and held onto John.
“Enjoy that then did you”? After letting my still hard willy from the warm confines of his mouth. I grabbed him in hug and could feel his hardness point up my chest and hit me under the chin.
“I’ll take that as a yes” running his hand through my wet hair. My eyes went up to meet his glance and a look of reassurance.
“I’d love it if you’d do it to me and I promise” crossing his heart, “I will let you do it at your pace but only if you want to”?
Standing with his tool pointing at me I considered his request.
“The s s s stuff last t t t time made me f f f feel sick”. He looked, then like a light went on.
“Ah! My cum. I’ll tell you when that’s going to happen and you can take it out and rub till it shoots out”. I looked at him and he gave an honest I will look and gesture. Standing there deep in thought as to what to do, the voice in my head spoke. “Don’t be a coward, you can do it”.
Mind made up now I knelt taking his willy in my hand and kissed and licked as he’d done mine. My lips parted allowing the head of his dick to enter. John moaned. I paid a lot of my time rubbing my tongue all around the head and his pee hole. Confident now he would keep his word I took as much as I could get in, started to suck up and down.
“Oh fuck. That’s it. Yeah,yeah, oh yeah”! His voice was a lot higher in pitch. While sucking, I also began to rub on the rest of his shaft that wasn’t in my mouth. Sometimes I would concentrate on his knob end licking all around applying as much pressure as I could. I knew he must be liking it as he kept izmit escort bayan telling me I was doing great.
“Fuck fuck fuck, I’m going to cum”!
At that I replaced my lips for my hand just in time to see his white stuff shoot from the end pelting the wall of the stall where I had deliberately pointed it.
“Fuck mate that was brilliant”! “I told you I’d keep my promise and I did didn’t I”? “Man you made me feel so good, magic mate just fucking magic”! My heart filled with pride and was we both dried off and he kept on praising me.

No hint of modesty, leaving my pj’s, we strode back to the living room. John sat next to me and we snuggled together as we watched another programme. John occasionally would fondle my still hard willy and I too would slip my hand over giving his a rub. Soon it stood proud and his tip glistened in the fading light. He in a soft voice told me to stand on the sofa positioning me so that I stood one leg on either side of his facing him. Pulling me gently towards him my willy entered his mouth. He licked a around and then put both his hands on my bum cheeks. Holding kind of tight he was making me sway back and forth moving my hardness in his sucking mouth and lips. My tickley feeling hit like a train, making me sink down into his lap when it had subsided. Feeling his dick between my legs and on my bum. I slid back and with nothing said, slipped as much of him in and sucked. He moved up and down under me but not as to hit the back of my throat making me gag. It didn’t take too long before he cried out but the position I had myself in got his first spurt in my mouth. I rubbed him until I was told to stop. There it was again, the taste. This time only a small amount and it didn’t seem as salty and peppery as the last time. Rolling it with my tongue I swallowed. More praise heaped upon me, pride is the only word I can use to describe what I was feeling. Later we were sharing my dads double bed, still naked and in a cuddle. Sleeping soundly I awoke looking forward to the day, the first time in my short life that I could remember.

By the time I was 10 learned that sex between boys was considered to be wrong but now being part of my life dismissed this and looked forward to every encounter with John. Not to say it was sexual all the time. John taught me to swim, fish, play football and many other things when his time permitted.

Over that two years I had come on in the dick sucking department even allowing him to shoot off his load in my mouth. Also, I could deep throat John also being able to tell when he was about to cum. When I felt his dick go ridged and swell in my mouth, along with his accompanying groans and noises, I’d reduce the sucking and relax the pressure on his dick making him last longer. He loved those skills of mine and when he’d eventually cum, he exploded with force deep into my throat.

It was about then that he started to pay particular attention to my bum, licking me all over down there. His tongue would even go into my rear soon to be followed by a finger, then two. It took him many sessions to get me this far. When first trying this, my bottom felt like he was trying to get a car up there and it hurt like hell leaving me with a sore hole for quite some time after. Now though, here I was, able to take the fingers without complaint and some amount of enjoyment.

One night when he was giving me the fingers the question was asked. I didn’t hear him at first as he was hitting my little internal button sending pulses of such pleasure through my dick and body.
“I think your ready for my dick to be in there, don’t you”?
On the second time of asking I heard the request, coming down from my own little world his prodding had put me in to. I knew izmit sınırsız escort he really wanted to do this but had always said it was up to me when and if I’d let him. Looking at the size of his dick. I had often wondered if that thing would fit up there. Sometimes I would examine my poo in the pan and thought, if that can come out and be that size maybe I can get his dick up my bum. I lay there and pondered.
“OK you can t t t try it”.
“Magic mate. It might hurt at the start but you’ll get used to it and the pain will go. I promise if it’s too bad I’ll take it out.” He said this while crossing his heart.
Lying on my back retuning his look knowing he kept his promises.
“Yeah let’s d d do it”.
He reached into the bedside drawer for the Vaseline I’d use sometimes to bring him off. Getting me to turn over positioned me on my knees and my chest and head down on the bed, bum in the air. I could feel his fingers rubbing at my hole. Colder than normal but nice. In went one then two and I could feel him working away at my hole. Rotating, twisting and separating his fingers my ring was open and relaxed. Seeing him reach for the Vaseline and rub it al over his dick he once again disappeared behind me. Rubbing his rod up and down between my bum cheeks asked if I was ready. I mumbled a reply. I could feel him increase the pressure on my ring and then.
“Oh my god, that’s f f f fucking agony” when his head went in. It felt like petrol had been poured and set alight on my insides. He paused holding the head inside me. The pain had brought me onto all fours where looking between my legs could see his balls hanging there.
“It’s OK. Told you it might hurt but listen, it will go away”! “Do you want me to stop”?
I held my position, with his knob end penetrating my ring piece. After a little time my hole had got used to this massive intrusion.
“You think you can take more? If you want me to stop, I will”? Leaving the decision up to me.
“It it it it’s all right n n n now”! Feeling the thrust again, his dick slowly slid deeper and deeper into me. His dick was now up to the hilt leaving his balls against my bum. Inside me it felt sore and trying to poke out my belly button or rip me in two. My ring piece was doing it’s damnedest along with my innards to push him out. Holding it in my depths John again paused. He must have felt me start to get used to being impaled as his dick was withdrawn a bit then back in. Building up the pace I could feel every time he hit my internal button. This sent twinges coursing through my body and my softened dick began to rise. Now going at it, powerful with each thrust John was giving praise and thanks to me when it slipped out. Ramming it deep into my depths it was replaced. It hurt once more and I thought of calling a halt to his pleasure. My button was being so regularly massaged I got the tickley feeling stronger than I’d ever felt, without even a touch to my willy. This tightened me up and not long behind John was cuming into my bum. I swear I could feel every pulse as he unloaded in my bowels. We slid over onto our sides with his dick still in me. I felt drained but also so pleased with myself. His dick fell from me and my ring began to close letting a few drops of his cum out before full closure. We cleaned up. John had a, cat got the cream smile and ruffled my long dark hair and looking into my hazel eyes heaped me with thank you after thank you.

These encounters became almost an everyday thing as John realizing my Dad was at the pub every night and knew that his late return, could allow us to enjoy each others company. Soon he was humping (as he called it) me at every opportunity and in every position he could get me in. My favorite was face to face because as it allowed me to see him and the pleasure he gained from my bum hole.

There is more to this story but I’ll hold that back for another time. Thanks for reading my ramblings of my youth.

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