I Made Her For YouI Made Her For You


You’ve just finished breakfast when your mother pulls you aside. “Your father and I have been talking,” she says – never a good sign. You wait, adjusting your blouse in an absent motion, she continues. “I don’t really know how to say this.”

“Just say it,” you tell her.

“Well, your dad is really attracted to you.”

“What?” You say, surprised – but are you really surprised? You’ve seen the sidelong glances.

“He wants to have sex with you, you’re 18 now, and I think it’s a good idea.”

“What?!” This time you are surprised.

“A girl your age needs to have sex, I understand that. As long as it’s coming from your dad then we won’t have to worry about you sneaking around behind our backs.”

“I mean… I want to have sex, but not with dad!” You protest.

“Your father is a fabulous lover, take it from me love.”

“I didn’t need to know that!” You exclaim. Instinctive disgust rising.

“Just think about it okay honey? You let me know.”

“I, I will.” you stamer, and retreat to your room.

Time passes and it’s your body that betrays kaçak iddaa you. You find that you’re thinking about it all the time. Your dad looks at you sidelong and you’re looking back, and growing wet. You don’t think you planned to run into him as you dashed in only a towel, back to your room from the shower, but when you run into him and his hand catches your wrist and pins it to the wall, other hand clutching to keep the towel up, you feel your body betraying you.

“Your mother talked to you?” Your father asks.

“Yeah,” you say in a small voice. Your skin has turned to gooseprickles. You can feel the strength in his arms, the same strength that has lifted you up a thousand times, now pinning you here.

“You’ve been looking at me differently,” he says.

What can you say? You don’t know what to do. You should tell him to let you go, but you don’t want him to. You lick your lips.

“I think you want me,” he says, and his other hand slips under the towel, so easily and trails a finger, opening your vulva. You know he knows how turned on you are now. You can smell kaçak bahis the scent of your arousal and so can he.

Then you hear your mother’s voice from the end of the hall. “She wants you George, take her.” He leans in and kisses you, hard, almost cruel, following his wife’s command. His finger slides across you now, and then into you in one swift wet motion. You feel his finger flexing, curling, and seeking inside of you, not yet fully formed into pleasure, but good – you want him now.

“Take her, take her here.” Your mother commands. You feel her fingers pulling the towel away. You let it drop. Your father is unbuckling. Perhaps he is an excellent lover, but not here, not now. Now he just wants to be inside you, and you want him to want you this much. Uncontrollable, irrevocable. He fumbles, and then you feel him pressing something large against you. You look down and watch as the head of his cock pushes you open. Then slides in inch by inch. Then his lips are on yours again, his hands are groping your breasts, you find yourself up on tiptoes against the wall, until there’s illegal bahis no retreat and he rises all the way up into you. Then his hands catch your butt and he lifts you, pressing you against the wall.

Your mother makes an almost cooing sound. “Do it George, take her, take our daughter. I made her for you George. She’s all yours.”

He takes you – just like that – like you belong to him. You were so wet to begin with it’s no problem for him to slide in and out of you. You clench your thighs around him best you can to keep you up and he keeps readjusting his grip to hold you there. Finally with a growl he carries you, still inside you, into your parent’s bedroom. Your mother follows, and as he slams you down on the bed, really driving into you now, you hear the click of your mother taking photos on her iphone.

“Cum in her George,” your mother says as he begins to pant close to climax. “Get her pregnant. Make her have your babies.” Your body tenses at that, a flutter in your stomach, a question, a protest, but you can’t voice it, say it, only think it as he groans into you and you feel him spasm in you.

He rolls off and you hear the click of the camera once again, as the cum drips out of you. “How long until you can do it again George?” Click, click, click.

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