I Knew What I was Doing Ch. 02I Knew What I was Doing Ch. 02


Falling into Depravity? Lost in Lust?

(Continuing from the previous poorly edited chapter.)

I hurried to her as an over-anxious lovesick puppy would. Twenty minutes later, my pulse racing, I rang the door entry system bell, she let me in, I bounded up the flight of stairs and in the wide-open door of her flat. She greeted me with a hug and a deep tongue French kiss.

Jessica and I kissed passionately in the hallway of her flat, her kneading and stroking my bum as she pulled our hips together, her pubic bone forcefully rubbing into my pussy. I loved it! I panted in expectation as our tongues fenced deep in each others salivating mouths. She broke from me and pulled me to her bedroom. Jessica, as good as wrestled my dress off my body, roughly pulled my moist knickers off my hips and cupped my wet pussy as she kissed me and moaned into my mouth. I was lost, overtaken by lust.

She pushed me onto the bed with force and stated.” Danni, I am going to fuck you. You do want me to fuck you?” she smiled at me, her eyes sparkling with desire.

“Oh god! Jess, yes!” I simpered in reply. I wanted her to do whatever she wanted.

Pushing her jogging leggings down and pulling her crop top off over her head, she joined me on her bed. “You are so hot Danni, I have been thinking about this all day.”

Jessica kissed me as she rubbed her cunt up and down my leg, grinding her wet cunt hard onto me, taking her needs out on me. Pursuing an orgasm, I wanted to please her, so I pulled her open thighs firmly to me. She climaxed violently, shuddering and shaking as she came. Panting with exertion, she relaxed her body briefly. Gaining her senses, wanting more, she mounted me top to tail her reddened wet cunt above my head, her mouth kissing my upper thighs, which I opened, wanting and expecting her to pleasure my pussy with her tongue. Jessica licked me from my clit to my anus. Exquisite sensual oral sensations coursed through my body. Exactly how I fantasised lesbian sex would be. I was holding my breath and had my eyes closed as I savoured the tonguing she was giving me. I came with force, moaning and chanting her name between ragged breaths of air.

Jessica, without any warning, pushed down on me and engulfed my head between her smooth thighs, smothering my mouth and nose with her wet juicy engorged cunt flaps and rode my head. I licked and lapped for all I was worth, wanting to please her, swallowing her sexual excretions in a devout worshipping of her cunt. Taking the onslaught of her selfish lust-driven action was not my choice. Her wanton use of me, causing her to forget my needs, wants, the question she asked me and my answer forgotten.

Jessica sat on my face, drove her soppy wet cunt into it. Slaking her need on me. I gasped for air at every opportunity as I push her bum up off me, trying to avoid her hurting me as such was her fervour riding of my face, fearing she might break my nose.

Jessica bought herself off on my face, her wet cunt threatening to suffocate me, she did not notice, or if she did, she cared not. The climactic conclusion of the force pursuing her pleasure shuddered through her like shockwaves. The final throws of her orgasm flooding my face in her viscose juices. Short of breath, my mouth and nose covered by her pulsing limpet-like cunt, her sexual secretions drowning, I fought her off me. I gasped for air in desperation as she rolled off me to my side.

Getting air into my lungs and with my breathing returning to near normal, I wiped her juices from my hot flushed face with the bedsheet. Feeling used and hurt, I turned to Jessica to admonish her. She was fast asleep, softly snoring, sated, satisfied, lying on her back, legs open, her pussy blood-engorged and dribbling with come.

I could not believe that someone I was so open and trusting with had used me as she had. I was distraught, seething.

I dressed quickly and left her lying in her uncaring lust sated sleep.

I got home to my flat, threw myself on the bed and burst into tears. I cried myself to sleep eventually, with the humiliation, hurt and poor judgment.

My mobile phone ring tone awoke me. Groggily I fumbled with it, seeing the time displayed as 13:00. The caller was Jessica.

I turned the phone off and tossed it across the bedroom. I was back to sleep within a minute.


It took me a few days to recover mentally from my misreading of Jessica and my encounter with her.

Throwing myself into my modelling for the next month, I regained a semblance of confidence in my ability while recognising a flawed judgment, trusting while being driven by lust.

My work bookings due to self-promotion were increasing, working at lots of Midlands-based studios and gradually further afield.

Images of Jessica and me modelling together were displayed on modelling and photographers websites, not as explicit as some from the photoshoot we did the lesbian fantasy images were good. I had several requests to book us to model together, which was beylikdüzü escort the only time the ordeal I had with her crossed my mind.

I studied other models profiles and images to find someone to work with as it was seemingly something photographers wanted to pay to do. My lesbian sexuality drew me to want to do more sapphic photoshoots, a straightforward way of meeting females with the same sexual preferences.

Messaging three models with profiles indicating they did duo girl-girl photoshoots that I found attractive were comparable in size to me and abilities. I awaited their replies.

After a couple of days, I had a reply, not from a model, but a photographer. A female photographer advised me that had she had been given my details by one of the models. She had informed her of my interest in modelling with her.

After studying Jane the photographers work portfolio and her references, I contacted her by phone as she requested.

The resulting conversation was positive. Jane was easy to talk to, was very experienced in her studio work and suggested a solo model shoot on a part paid arrangement to see if I had what she wanted, as she put it. Without being pushy or full of the usual bull about being able to get me loads of work, Jane seemed straightforward. I was impressed.

We arranged for me to be at her East End London studio on Thursday of that week, suggesting that we did the girl-girl set with Serenity the following day if we were both happy with the first shoot. Details were agreed, fees and expenses for both photoshoots and the offer of overnight -accommodation. The studio had a bed to use for Thursday night. I had never taken up the offer of accommodation at a photographer home or studio before, although it seemed common practice for some models. I could always find a hotel if I felt uncomfortable.

Soon after the call, Serenity, the model I was to work alongside, contacted me on the portfolio messenger. We chatted easily with each other, discussed levels of modelling we were happy to do, essential when working with others. She was travelling up on Thursday evening from her home in Brighton. We both thought it, a good plan to meet each other before the actual photoshoot. Serenity advised me told she would be staying at the studio, had done so many times before. We swapped mobile phone numbers and signed off the site. I was very relaxed about everything we discussed and the levels we would work. I was looking forward to more female contact as we had agreed to work to implied oral both ways, her to me, me to her. I fantasised about a session with Serenity. That night I fingered myself to a climax imagining her mouth on my pussy, her tongue snaking between my lips and her lips sucking my clit.

I had two bookings on that Wednesday, both nude modelling sessions that went well. One of the photographers booked me for a photoshoot two weeks ahead. I had a two-hour booking for Thursday morning from ten till twelve. I planed to travel to Birmingham for the morning photoshoot and then to London by train. I would return directly to Tamworth on Saturday after my photoshoot with Serenity and Jane.

The journey to London was uneventful. I got the tube from Euston to Mile End with just one change of line. The studio was a five-minute walk from the tube station, the area and street where the studio location was seemed full of building activity and vibrancy. Up and coming gentrification I had heard it described. The studio was Victorian three-story high from pavement level, with a modern twist, the windows, doors and frames, had been replaced with grey painted modern ones. Large vehicle access doors at street level were where I found a bell push on an access door that was part of the large doors. Trying to compose my feelings by taking a deep breath, I less than confidently rang the doorbell and waited.

Jane was completely surprising to me. The moment she opened the door, I was in awe of her.

“Danni, you are just as beautiful as in your photos. Welcome to my studio. I am Jane, do come in. Jane took control of my rolling case and directing me into the large open area painted white everywhere. Once in, Jane hugged me while cheek kissing in me a continental manner.

“Thank you for asking me to work with you I gushed.” Her perfume was overcoming my senses.

Jane explained the area we were, was created for product shoots and large enough for cars. She pointed out a covering. “It is also a garage for Gertie, my little Smart car that’s her under the covers.” Jane confidently slipped her arm around my waist, her hand flat on my tummy, as she turned me. Pointing out as she did a door to the basement studio, a door to a lobby having a toilet, changing room, stairs and finally to a flush door to a personnel lift. Jane guided me into the confined space of the elevator as well as rolling my case in with us, seeming reluctant to break contact with me as her arm around my waist drew me close, squeezing me tighter to her warm body.

As she explained, levels indicated on the controls, I took her beauty in. avcılar escort She was five foot ten, slender, toned from working out, wearing jogging bottoms with no visible panty lines, a white loose-fitting shirt without a bra as her nipples were visible through the material. Attractive was an understatement, Jane, had high-end model looks, long neck, high cheekbones, deep blue eyes, lips perfectly defined, with a dark red lipstick all topped with a carefully teased, unkempt hairstyle. She spoke with a breathy cultured home counties accent as she explained she had converted the building, installing the lift and making it her home and studio. At the top of our ascent, the lift door opened to a sunroom having glazing to three sides. A fitted bar was to one corner, a large TV screen fixed on the solid wall, a white leather sofa faced it.

Leaving my case, still gripping me with her hand around my waist, she showed me the roof terrace and the views, cheek to cheek, lining up sights and pointing them out. Her breath on my ear as she talked, Janes, contact, warmth and perfume, were affecting me. I nearly fainted as her hand brushed my bum, then emboldened as she firmly patted my bum cheek and whispered, “let me get you naked and get some sexy photos of you,” as she guided me back into the lift.

Arm around my waist once more, her body tight to mine, holding me as the lift descended to the first floor, Jane flatly stated. “I am going to have you on the bed and naked, so impatient to capture your beautiful body.”

The implications were not lost on me, enthralled by her, everything about her oozed class, sexual innuendo and a determination to turn me on. Jane had me hooked, was playing me like a violin and getting the right notes. I had not quite worked out if it was for creative purposes, personal reasons or both.

Exiting the lift with Jane reluctant to remove her hold on me, still gripping my waist as she rolled my suitcase out with us with elegant ease, she kissed my cheek, as she waved her hand, “this is the main studio.”

The spacious studio had several wall sets in differing decor. An area in one corner was a furnished lounge, another an open-sided wet room, at the rear of the building bed sets, one modern and one Edwardian in style. Lots of flash heads and constant lights on mobile stands were around the shooting areas. More lights were ceiling and wall-mounted. Defiantly, this was the best studio I had been to in my short modelling career. Jane guided me, still keeping close contact with her arm around my waist, with her rolling my case with us to a changing room. This room was a dream, mirrors everywhere, a well-lit make-up area, a shower cubicle, a toilet, washbasin and racks of clothes, a couple of stools, a hairdressers seat and a leather sofa.

In front of a room height mirror, Jane released hold of my waist, turning me to face it and pressed close to my back, her hard nipples grazing my body, her breath on my neck and ear. “I suggest we get started, so desperate to photograph you, can I help you undress,” Janes cultured voice intoned, “have a quick shower to freshen up.” My dress was unzipped and dropped to the floor as Jane studied my body in the mirror reflection, looking at my body naked, but for the white thong I wore, her lips grazed my shoulder and neck. Her eyes were dewy, with lust focused on mine. I felt heady as I watched her hands encircle my hips sensuously, then as they passed fleetingly over my thong covered mound, drawing a gasp from me. I wanted her to touch me, tried to convey my need with eye contact and failed. Jane kissed my neck as she slid my thong down over my hip and down my legs as I held my breath. Her deep blue eyes feasted on my uncovered pussy, brushing her hands across my already excited nipples, causing them to harden as two bullets.

Jane became business-like as the entrance bell rang as she responded to the caller on a wall-mounted video intercom, saying, “Sangita darling, perfect timing,” as she pressed the button to unlock the door to let her in the studio.

“Sangita, my make-up artist, is here, have a shower, Danni, while Sangita sets up her tools and as I set the lights.”

I was flustered, turned on, nervous, excited, moist between my legs. Within a few minutes in the clear glazed shower cubicle, I soaped up my sensitised body, rubbed my clit as the water cascaded over my skin. My eyes closed, taking care not to wet my hair as I lost myself in my orgasm, self-induced pleasure, Jane induced orgasm as she was the one I fantasised about as I slid my fingers between my cunt lips and finally, finger fucked myself.

I recovered quickly, embarrassed with my loss of control. Continuing cleansing and washing the shower gel foam off myself, I turned in the shower cubicle to see through the water streaked shower enclosure, Jane with, I assumed, Sangita, sitting close together in a clinch on the sofa watching me naked in the shower. How long had they been there?

I instinctively covered my boobs and pussy. Why I know not.

Jane kissed the Sangita, whose hand was esenyurt escort between Janes, legs rubbing her. I turned the water off. They broke apart and stood, both grabbing towels to dry me off with as I stepped out of the shower. Jane dried my back and bum too. Sangita nonchalantly but confidently introduced herself to me as she rubbed the rough bath sheet between my legs. Kissing me on my cheeks, cupping my pussy supposedly, to dry me, at the same time as Jane rubbed my anus with the towel, but doing the opposite. It was my idea of heaven, two beautiful women serving me.

Lost lust. I was putty in Jane and Sangitas talented insistent hands. I would have done anything for them, with them, to them.

I became the filling in their sandwich as they dropped the bath sheets and any the pretence of drying me. They both pulled their clothed, perfumed hot bodies tight to my naked form as they kissed each other over my shoulder, sensing and hearing what they did, unable to see them heightened my arousal.

Having just met them both made my senses reel was unimaginable to me this could happen and that I was enjoying it so much.

I was closeted and sexually adrift before this day.

Sangita was Indian and beautiful, with perfect mocha skin, long black hair, big dark brown eyes, perfectly proportioned figure around five feet five tall. Her lips were full, with dark red lipstick applied precisely, as was her make-up, a walking advert of her skills. Sangita stylishly conservatively, dressed in a lightweight white boiler suit, open at the top, giving a hint of nicely rounded braless breasts. She looked classy. She styled my hair, applied my make-up, all within about half an hour. Sangita chatted, all the time she worked on me, complimenting me on my beautiful looks and my figure, my hair. I asked how long she had worked with Jane, which was ten years. Sangita dreamily stated. “Years of knowing and understanding what each other wants and needs, we know each other inside out, coupled with a devotion many never achieve in a relationship, it is something special we have.”

“Please lean back a little to make up your aureole and nipples.” Squeezing my boobs sensually and pinching my teats each in turn, she achieved her goal of stimulating them and proceeded to apply some dark rouge. All this time, my breathing stilled at the new sensation.

Two built-in metal stirrups were brought out from the seat arms by Sangita, who inserted my feet into them as they would be in position for a gynaecological medical exam.

My moist cunt was displayed to her, bright wide brown eyes and her tongue licking her full lips indicated she liked what she saw.

“Yours is a beautiful young looking pussy, perfect in every way, flawless and very photogenic. Jane will love it as I love it,” she gushed as she slowly slid her hands on my wide open legs, from my knees to my labia, opening me up with her thumbs on each side of my wet vagina. Her praise of my pussy, the contrast of her dark skin on mine, her hands stimulating me caused my breath to catch, my body to tremble expectantly.

What I wanted never happened. I wanted Sangita to bury her face in my wide-open cunt and tongue fuck me.

Sangita dried my juices from my pussy and quickly professionally applied make-up to enhance my labia, turning me on even more as she touched my pussy.

“This will make them stand out more in the images.” Adding when she had finished working on me. “Sweetie, your pussy is looking good enough to eat.”

Helping me from the chair, she led me naked to the modern bedroom set area.

The photoshoot passed in what seemed a flash. Jane and Sangita coaxed, cajoled, positioned me, sensually handled me throughout the two hours of posing erotic nude modelling on the bed. My body throbbed with sexual excitement, frequently causing mini orgasms I tried to conceal from Jane and Sangita. The final sequence of images of the last shoot set was of me masturbating furiously. Halting, my movement as and when instructed, to get the shot. Two fingers inserted deep in my wet open vaginal tunnel or rubbing my clit, captured on camera as and when told by Jane, hold it, as in hold the pose, until the flashlights fired.

I found the exhibitionist experience mind-blowing, everything I had wanted since starting modelling and maybe before it.

Jane announced. “That is a wrap, Danni, all done, wonderful photoshoot.”

I needed to come. Rolling over onto my front, not considering my voyeuristic audience, I lewdly fucked my fingers. Humping my hips on two of my stiff probing fingers tipped me over the point of no return.

Any embarrassment I might have felt long gone, as Jane and Sangita joined me on the bed, laying down with me, stroking my bare preparation damp body as I reached a massive climax, the like of which I had never had before. Shock-like convulsions spiked through my torso. My head spun in sensual overload, shaking and quivering, taking a while to calm down in post orgasm to the realisation of Sangital sensually kissing and licking my back and bum cheeks as Jane whispered in my ear as she licked it. “You are stunning, Danni, Sangita, and I both want you to work with us more. The images are tremendous, have a rest, perhaps have some sleep as we clear up.

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