Subject: Young Ballers 5 The story below is entirely fictional and does not represent anyone real. Remember, just fantasy to stroke that throbbing cock to. Don’t try to recreate, especially if you have a massive black cock like the ones depicted. lol If you like the story, please email. Love hearing from you guys. Also don’t forge to donate to Nifty to keep this site going. ***** Chris was the all American quarterback. His chiseled features, light brown hair, and smoldering eyes ensured that more than one soccer mom masturbated to one of his many fan sites. He was only 23, among the youngest in the league. Two years of college and two national championships had secured his place as a number one draft pick and a starting position. He adapted to the league much quicker than others who struggled with the larger defenses, harder hits, and the pressures of celebrity life. He knew how to adapt. The fact that he was now on his knees sucking two slender black cocks was a testament to how well he adapted and survived. Slipping the attempted sack of some growling-woman-beating defensive end was nothing to letting a black cock throat fuck you until he came and not passing out. Chris had been forced to move during his 8th grade year. Even then he and his coaches knew, baring injury, he was destined to quarterback greatness. A blue collar union guy, his dad changed jobs to a city overwhelmingly working class and black. The last few months of 8th grade had been difficult, being the only white boy in school. Chris’s father alerted the high school coaches to his son’s talent and once they saw him in action during a spring scrimmage they took an instant liking to him, championship trophies dancing in their eyes. Each time he slipped out of sack and hit his receiver perfectly, or ducked and dived amongst tackles picking up first downs himself the team became more angry and ferocious in their attack on this new white boy who most certainly would knock out the two other quarterbacks they had grown up with. Chris was the only white boy now on the team, an outsider, and unwanted no matter how good he was. All manner of offensive disgusting words flowed towards Chris, but he sloughed it off and hit his target every time. The very first day of summer practice, no matter how hard they tried to take him out with a less than legal tackle, he slipped out and did his job. It’s what Chris did. He loved football and loved being good. In the face of all that vile aggression, he just smiled and hoped they were this ferocious towards the other team. That smile and the anger it inspired was the reason after that first hot sweaty practice, Chris found himself pinned to a bench, held down by four large black juniors while a 5th, the quarterback he replaced, fucked his pristine hole. The other four then took turns on the freshman’s ass, enjoying how tight and smooth the 14yo white boy’s ass was. They left him drooling, heaving, and exhausted on the bench. They laughed as they walked away, knowing that was the last practice Chris would ever show up for. Chris showed up the next day, steely eyes and broad defiant smile. He moved as quick as ever, his throws longer and more accurate. Coach’s joked that with his high perfectly spiraling throws and incredible speed, he might actually be able to catch his own 40 yard pass. The black fuming bodies that stood around him just shook their head. Chris’s offensive line started missing blocks, suffering the screaming of coaches, hoping that multiple full frontal hits would put him out of practice. Chris just smiled and slipped away picking up 15 yards on a run. The coaches got hard, not because of the sweaty teen jocks at their prime, but at the thought of the wins, championships, and promotions that Chris’s talent would give them. Again, Chris found himself surrounded by even more sweaty half-naked black teens, raping his throat. The boys stood in their practice gear, pants unlaced with virile nigga dicks hanging out, dripping with sweat and precum. A running back shoved his 7inch cock down Chris’s throat, leaving it there until he began choking for air. The boys laughed and took turns on Chris’s throat, their black hands holding each side of Chris’s head, fucking into his young mouth, their balls slapping his chin. He was overwhelmed with the scent from their sweaty crotches. “You like that faggot? You getting that we don’t want you şişli escort here yet or do all little white boys lick sucking on fat nigga cock.” Nine black teen loads were dumped down Chris’s throat that day before the group stroked their black cocks and let their loads of piss cascade down onto the drowsy quarterback. Chris laid there, frustrated but committed, and a hard cock in his pants. Chris endured continual ass and throat rape every day after practice for three weeks, and every day Chris got up, showered, and came back to school the next day. He was committed to playing, and nothing was going to stand in his way of a college and hopefully a professional career, much less these bullies or the uncomfortable realization that his cock was getting hard during these post-practice fuckings. Here Chris adapted too. After a couple of weeks when Jackson, the massive second string quarterback, fucked him Chris spread his legs and pulled the boy deeper inside him as he started stroking his own cock. The group howled and really started the verbal abuse, but he didn’t stop. When they gathered around and forced him to his knees, he put his 14yo hands and mouth to work on those slender teen cocks. He became an excellent deep throat artist, able to breathe through his mouth as some massive teen lineman with a thick cock went balls deep down his throat. The first game came against the school’s most hated rival. The team from across town salivated at being able to take out the little white boy that stood out so clearly from his team. Chris wasn’t sure whether his team would protect him, but he was going to make sure they won no matter what and fully expecting a post-game use of his ass, especially if they lost. The team did protect him, as much as they didn’t like the interloping white boy, they didn’t want to lose and refused to let these fuckers from the west side fuck with their quarterback. The game wasn’t even close; 56 to 16. The upperclassman on the team remembered how many times they had lost this game in the past, and their displeasure with Chris softened; however, their fucking did not. After the game players looked on as Chris rode the cock of Rodrick his best wide receiver, grinding his muscular white ass down into the teen cock. He had two offensive lineman black cocks in his hands while he pushed his face into the ass of the team’s best running back. “Fuck boy, your white ass is the best pussy I’ve ever had and man can you fucking play” Rodrick groaned, humping up into Chris’s hole. Chris just smiled, his face hidden by the large butt of the running back. “Yeah dude, eat my ass you nasty fag. If you play this well and eat my ass like this every game, you’re ok with me.” The running back moaned. The rest of the team seemed to agree, their black cocks bouncing with adrenaline and cum ready to take their turn on the future all-star quarterback. From that point, Chris became part of the team, an amazing offensive force on the field and a complete whore for black teen cock in the locker rooms, his bedroom, and in the bedrooms of countless black football studs that walked the halls of his high school. The same black team studs that strutted down the hall and mauled their “bitches” before going to class, were often sitting on Chris’s face or letting him ride their cocks while they watched the sports channel. In their heads they were still “bullying” Chris, not getting off in white boy hole. On multiple occasions, his teammates would stop by Chris’s house after a date wouldn’t give it some pussy, and use his white ass. The Coaches were winning, so they overlooked (or sometime got off on) accidently walking in on their team gang-raping the quarterback or finding Chris passed out on the locker room floor literally soaked in black teen cum and spit and hard 7inch white cock drooling its own teen cum. Chris’s talent pulled him out of more than one jam. His junior year Chris was in the middle of a living room servicing four 6th and 7th grade black boys, bathing their young virile cocks with his jock tongue. Chris was just discovering his lust for young black boys, even younger than his teammates. Unfortunately one of the boy’s parents decided to come home early discovering their 12yo son balls deep in a white boy. They weren’t amused,and ran Chris out. Thanks to his coaches them matter ended there. sivas escort At least it ended until the boys dad showed up the next day at Chris’s house to sample the quartback hole for himself. That thankfully led a week later to the dad fucking Chris while his son fucked his mouth, especially hot when the dad leaned in and kissed his ownson soulfully while enjoying Chris tight jock hole. Every July, at the first practice the team replayed old memories, allowing the new freshman players to “rape” Chris while the upperclassman held him down. Freshman black cock was especially erotic to Chris with their almost hairless bodies and adult sized cocks and fat mushroom heads. The young boys would grunt and thrust, enjoying their first taste of white boy ass and spill their underage load into his teen hole. “Fuck yeah freshman, fuck my jock ass, fucking love your nigga cock” Chris would cheer on those young boys, fresh out of 8th grade and filled with the cockiness and aggression that only football can produce. While the boys would call Chris a sick faggot while they fucked his hole, raped his throat, or buried his face in their sweaty teen bubble butts, on the field he was their leader and protected him at all cost. More than one kid suffered an injury to protect Chris from the other team, to protect their personal cock sucking faggot. For four years, the high school never even got close to losing. Margins of 21 were typical. Between Chris’s amazing talent and the ferocity of his offensive and defensive line, four state championships seemed like a breeze. The party after the final championship and the end of his high school career included almost every hot black kid (which was most of them) in school. They all spent the night fucking Chris, and a few even rode his senior cock honoring his accomplishment. Some of his past black teachers even showed up to enjoy his teen hole. He stayed at the house of a sophomore black running back, the next few days recovering; his ass too sore to touch though making sure to nurse a few loads from his host. Chris had his choice of programs across the nation with full ride scholarships and even more under the table, rule violating, promises. True to his amazing talent he chose a school that had come close to the playoffs, 5th or 6th each year, and true to his role as a slut for black cock he chose a traditionally black college. The transition for Chris had not taken as long as in high school. His talent won over most of his teammates before they met him. And once they met him, his cock sucking talents ensured he would fit in. By the second week of college Chris could rarely be found in his own dorm room, which he shared with the kicker. Instead he moved from room to room, laying in beds between the legs of muscular college athletes nursing on their cocks, bathing their balls, or making out with their straight-boy holes. It was typical in Seether Hall to walk in on a teammate, workout shorts pulled below his balls as he threw a fuck into Chris’s creamy white ass. The jock would cum, fall back on his bed, flip on sports news and watch as Chris cleaned his softening cock from sensitive mushroom head to balls. Chris adapted and secured his place on a professional team. Some of his teammates would fuck him before or after a game. Chris liked to let some of the defense fuck him but pull off before they came, ensuring an anger and intensity that usually paid off on the field. But Chris’s urges weren’t always satisfied with the massive nigga dicks swinging between their legs in the locker room, angry, dripping and ready to fuck any hole. Chris longed for high school and the slender smooth bodies of his teammates, and that’s where The Service came in. And that’s why Chris was on his knees and naked in his backyard the sun caressing his beautiful former frat-boy, jock body. Two black boys, one 12 one 13 stood on either side, their lean bodies showed only the faintest muscle definition, their butts bounced with the baby fat that sensuously filled out their jeans, and their smiling faces looked down at the professional quarterback giving them head. Chris had The Service deliver teen and preteen black cock to him on a regular basis. Most were sons of other professional players or professional boy whores. Every now and then, Chris would cruise by a public basketball court and offer to take a couple of the sweaty sıhhiye escort teens to lunch and sign some autographs. They always readily accepted and eagerly jumped at the chance to swim at his house and let him suck their cocks and most of the time would come back for more. Today’s boys were of that variety, sweaty and beautiful fucks he found playing at the park after the local junior high let out a few months ago. Since then they stopped by often to swim, the big celebrity quarterback giving back to the community- at least that’s how his publicist explained the inner city boys visiting the single jock. Chris sucked the two boys’ cocks one after the other enjoying the sweet musk of their sweat. He ran his tongue up and down the length of their underage cocks and then back down to their hairless balls. They always came right after school with their last class being basketball practice. After the long walk, this ensured that every inch of the boys was sweaty. Chris took his time undressing them, savoring the smell and licking up every inch of the boys’ bodies, toes, thighs, butts, armpits. The boys said little as the celebrity stud sucked their cocks, moaned and whimpered mostly. His quarterback hands held onto their meaty black butts, pulling them farther down his throat. He loved how they shook and whined as they got closer to cumming. Chris sucked down a load from each, and then lead them upstairs to his bedroom to get what he really wanted-fucked by hot teen niggas. “Suck our butts man.” The youngest demanded. Chris had done this for the first time last week and the boys now were hooked, despite first calling it “fag shit”. Straight boys are very indecisive in what’s gay-depends on if it feels good I guess. The boys stood on Chris’s king-sized bed, arms against the wall butts pushed out. Chris moved in behind and buried his tongue up the hole of the 6th grader who had made the request. His hand roamed over the nigga booty on the 13yo before moving his damp face to that boys ass. Both boys moaned as Chris moved back and forth eating the butts of these little boys. Chris flopped on his back and made his own demand. “Fuck me with those hard nigga dicks.” The boys flopped at Chris’s feet and fought over who got to go first, until Chris settled it by pulling the 12yo up to his mouth sucking in his cock leaving the teen to fuck him. Their cocks were modest in size, but young and hard, and their youthful excitement made Chris hard. The two boys spit-roasted the horny little fag as he stroked his cock, both fucking energetically, panting and holding onto the athletic white boy. He sucked on the smooth firm 12yo cock, enjoying the boys moans as his friend fucked like a little rabbit, quick deep motions that made Chris’s white cock drool. Four loads later, Chris said goodbye to the boys and slipped them some money, thankful that boys their age have multiple loads in them. Chris laid down for a nap, enjoying the smell of the boys still in his nose and in his sheets. Teen boy cum leaked from his adult ass which he would casually rub his fingers in and bring up to his mouth. He needed rest and drifted off. A few hours later he felt the bed move and opened his eyes, smiling broadly at a familiar face. His wide receiver from high school, Rodrick, who now played for an opposing team stood next to the bed, cock out and stroking. Surrounding Chris were Rodrick’s three sons, 14, two 15year old twins. All were identical to Rodrick at that age and thanks to their father were ripped beyond what any high school kid should be, but their firm well-defined muscles matched their sizable cocks. Chris was sure they were even bigger than their father was back in high school. The boys looked down at the white quarterback and growled, hungering for white boy pussy. Their dad had kept them from fucking and jerking off for four days, and they needed to let loose. The boys tackled Chris in that kind-sized bed, their cocks finding every available hole as they writhed on top of him. Rodrick beamed with pride watching his stud sons rape the same sweet white boy pussy he had used as a kid. Chris smiled as he enjoyed old memories and the intense fucking that only a black teen boy can give. Chris was glad his dad moved all those years ago and that his stubborn commitment to football and winning had turned him into a nasty perverted slut for teen, and younger, black cock. ******* Please email me with comments and suggestions. I love encouragement. Please also consider donating to Nifty in order to keep this great service going. fty The people working there do a great job of getting these hot stories posted quickly so you can get off. Please give.

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