Anthony’s Cuckold Beginnings Ch 1Anthony’s Cuckold Beginnings Ch 1


Katherine awoke to the sunlight filtering through the curtains. Slowly reaching out to her husband Anthony. She groped along the sheets eyes still closed, hoping he would wake up as aroused as she had. Suddenly remembering he had to leave early for work she was disappointed.Katherine lay in bed eyes still closed wondering what to do next, she could feel her panties were moist from the dream she just had. It started to become a regular one. She and her husband were out on a date she was wearing her skin tone pantyhose, a short black mini skirt and matching black lace panties and bra, she always had her make up nicely done and her hair up in a bun.This time it was the waiter serving them who had been flirting all night towards both Katherine and Anthony but the guy changed each time. Neither of them was sure who he wanted more. Having been her dream her husband Anthony was completely receptive to it despite her knowing he, in reality, wouldn’t. While the waiter was out of earshot they discussed the possibility of inviting him over. When he returned it was actually Anthony who suggested inviting him back to their place.Laying in bed rethinking about the dream only made it worse, her panties were becoming more and more wet. She slowly rubbed her hand over her breast, slowly tracing her finger around the outside of her areola.Katherine normally didn’t like masturbating, it didn’t have the same effect and left her wanting more, but today was the exception, her panties were soaked and she knew she couldn’t wait till she saw Anthony later that night.Her fingers pinched her erect nipple causing her to lightly moan. She loved having her breasts touched, caressed, sucked on. Squeezing her breast with one hand she rubbed the other, both nipples were hard and she was wishing Anthony was here to lick them. Eyes still closed she thought back to her dream.Anthony had suggested what she had fantasized about so many times, having Anthony and another guy at the same time. When the waiter returned they put their plan into action. The waiter was tall, slightly taller then Anthony, he had wide shoulders and a muscular build. Katherine could never make out any distinguishing İstanbul Escort features or details.Back at their apartment with the waiter the guys couldn’t keep their hands off her, having two sets of hands touching her at the same time, along with the excitement was too much. She stripped naked and got on the bed. The waiter was the first to undress. Looking back to Anthony almost for permission he climbed on the bed next to Katherine. She reached for his erect penis, feeling it in her hand only added to her excitement. Her and Anthony had been together for eight years and she missed the excitement of touching a stranger.Katherine’s hands were exploring her body, this is always when her dream ended. Just before things got too good. It always caused her to wake up extremely hot and wet. Usually after the dream, she would wake up Anthony any way she could think of, the naughtier the better. She could never contain her arousal and desire to have his manhood deep inside her. Katherine didn’t mention the other person in the dreams to Anthony, just saying it was a sexy dream which left her wanting.Katherine’s shirt was pulled up, completely exposing her large breasts. Feeling soft in her hands she began squeezing one while she slowly rubbed her other hand down her stomach. She desperately wanted, needed Anthony’s thick cock inside her. Her hand reached her trimmed mound, rubbing her hand over her opening caused another moan to escape. She was close, she never enjoyed touching herself this much, but something seemed to be different this time. She couldn’t stop thinking about the dream, about the possibility of having two men at the same time. Imagining herself impaled by one while licking the other.Inserting her two fingers she felt her wet pussy inviting, it was aching for relief. She couldn’t stand it anymore, she quickened her pace, inserting her fingers as quickly as she could, squeezing and rubbing her breast with the other hand. She felt it erupting, she starting to squirm and moan as she climaxed on her fingers.Spent, she lay there, the feeling of ecstasy leaving her body, being replaced with a feeling of wonder İstanbul Escort Bayan and a bit of naughtiness. She deeply loved her husband, she never thought of cheating on him, but something was awoken inside her. She knew she would have to breach this subject carefully with  Anthony.Anthony had left for work early that morning, he didn’t want to wake his beautiful wife Katherine sleeping next to him so he snuck out as quietly as he could, he wanted her to get some rest. He had been busy at work a lot lately and was hoping to finish early tonight so they can get time together. He had been daydreaming about feeling her soft smooth skin, feeling her full lips on his, and finally feeling her soft moist pussy envelop him.Katherine was busy getting ready, she wanted nothing more than to make love to Anthony all night. But she also knew she had to lay the groundwork for her ultimate desire. Getting her phone, she decided to start immediately, texting Anthony.”Hi, I hope you’re having a good day. I’ve been lounging around thinking bout you. Picturing you having your way with me. Xoxo ; )”A sly smile appeared on her face, she felt excited and naughty all over again. Picturing his face while he read the message at work in front of everyone made her tingle.****Returning from the store Katherine had everything she would need to set the mood. She had bought some new lingerie and candles to put around the room. They usually didn’t bother with the small details but Katherine wanted Anthony to know it was special this time. Placing the candles and some of her clothing leading from the front door to the bedroom Katherine got into her new outfit, got some of the things she bought ready and waited.Anthony had been thinking about Katherine all day, sending her back a text about how excited he was, went unanswered. Pulling into the driveway he couldn’t think about anything other than seeing his wife, she normally didn’t send messages like that so he thought she must have something special planned.Opening the front door he immediately saw a pair of pantyhose lying on the floor. His penis was straining against his pants. Following Escort İstanbul the path of candles, he found a new short black mini skirt, instantly thinking of her lying in bed naked, he ran up the rest of the stairs.Opening the bedroom door he already had his shirt off and was in the midst of unbuckling his pants. His eyes quickly adjusting to the faint light offered by the pair of candles on each side of the bed he took in the vision in front of him.Katherine was positioned partly seated on the bed against the backboard, her legs slightly apart. Her soft long brown hair was pulled up into a bun, her soft round breasts were held in by a black lace bra, her pale stomach was exposed while her pussy was covered by a thin pair of matching black lace thong panties. Resting between her legs was the most realistic looking dildo he’s ever seen. Catching his eye Katherine picked it up and turned it in her hands.”Like it?” she asked. “I just picked it up today, the girl at the store called it a ‘real dick’, supposed to be as close to the real thing as possible.”Walking in on the sexiest sight Anthony has ever seen he didn’t know what to do. Realizing what she had said all he could was nod.Still holding the dildo Katherine smiled and said “good, I was hoping you would use this on me tonight, I’ve always wanted to try a toy but never found a good one. Should I show you where it goes?”Anthony couldn’t take it any more he couldn’t wait to touch her, to be with her he nodded again and finished taking off his pants. Released from his underwear his penis bounced up and stood hard. Anthony could feel it pulsing, precum already coating the head begging for release. Katherine seeing his excitement couldn’t help but let out a subtle moan. Sliding her hands down over her panties she pulled them to the side, exposing her smooth, bald pussy, already wet and excited, she was aching to be filled, aching for release.Catching Anthony’s eyes widen she remarked “oh” smirking mischievously “did I forget to tell you? I got it all waxed this morning. You like it?” As she ran her fingers over the top of her slit, gently pushing the tip of her finger inside. “Having my legs spread, fully exposed during the waxing” she couldn’t help it as her breathing quickened “I can’t tell you how much it turned me on”, already incredibly aroused she couldn’t help thinking of having him fill her pussy with his cock while her mouth was filled with another. Snapping back to the present she heard.

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