How Far Can They Go? Ch. 04How Far Can They Go? Ch. 04


Author’s Notes: If it’s not made clear enough in the story, all of the people participating in sexual acts in this story are over the age of 18.

This story is a part of a larger series. It is not at all impossible to understand what is happening by reading just this installment, but I would suggest that you read the first one in the series at least to better understand the storyline and the characters.

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+++ The New Normal +++

“Hellooo? Anybody home?” Selena said as she lightly knocked on the door to the bedroom where her parents had taken their residence for the last few days, ever since she and her father’s stuff was moved here from the hotel room where they were previously staying, a mix of amusement and irritation clear in her voice.

She hadn’t seen them much in those last few days, ever since her mother had arrived here to join them. Outside of that bedroom, that is. But then, it wasn’t like she was just going to barge in at any random interval and interrupt them while they were busy with much more important stuff, which, as the noises coming out of that room made clear, was most of the time.

It was rather funny when she thought about it. One of the main reasons why all of this had happened in the first place, way before the show itself had started or before her father had even had any idea that this show was about to start, was that their sexual life was suffering. Being together for over 20 years had started to take its toll on them, as did the fact that however much her father loved her mother, the main objects of his sexual attraction were young, busty women, and so, when he was offered a better looking, young version of his wife, he ultimately couldn’t resist, especially as his wife approved of that sexual relationship, given that she loved both of the people in it.

And now, not even a team of powerlifters would be able to wrestle them out of each other’s embrace.

Funny how that works.

She briefly wondered how the show’s staff thought about the situation… before realizing that she really didn’t care much about that.

Annoyed, she was just about to knock again when the door suddenly opened, revealing the grinning face of her father, who was now standing right in front of her in nothing but a green bathrobe.

“Watch out for those knuckl-aah, damn,” he stammered as his eyes noticed just what they were looking at, the joke he was preparing for almost a minute remaining unsaid as his mind quickly turned its attention on the sexy body in front of him. “Those knuckles. With that knocking, that loud, definitely,” he added, defiantly, as his eyes continued to drink in her body’s curves.

She just chuckled lightly, then once again harder as she noticed how his body jerked after the first chuckle made her tits jiggle a bit.

No wonder. With her bust almost fully exposed, it would’ve been hard for anyone not to react to even its slightest movements.

For the filming of the show’s latest episode a few days ago, she had opted for a different outfit than usual, giving a chance to a laced corset to see how it would look like on her, instead of once again wearing the same clothes as before. It was nice! She really couldn’t complain, it fit her nicely and it looked great, especially on camera as she could clearly see while watching the episode.

However… she just couldn’t shake off the feeling that, compared to her previous outfits, it simply didn’t show off enough skin. In addition to making her feel a bit too covered for her tastes, she knew that this being a show with a lot of audience participation, hiding too much could be fatal for her chances to win this.

Her mother had shown a lot of comments from her growing fan club of admirers. She knew what they wanted to see, and she had no problem giving it to them.

So, after enjoying that corset for one more day after the episode where she had worn it was filmed, she put it back into her travel bag among the rest of her clothes, and put back on the attire she was used to. A short black miniskirt coupled with an equally-dark bandeau-top which did only the bare minimum to cover, well, censor really, her prodigious bust. Adding to that some jewelry and high heels that she was by now used to, she now looked pretty much the same as she did when she and her father had first come here in a company-owned limousine filled with cameras, with him now obviously being no less aroused by the sight of her body than he was then.

“Don’t worry, I will, and you know that,” she cheekily added with a wink, and she was sure that she could see him blush after she had done so. “I just hope that you still remember where we are, and why. Keep some of that cum for me as well. We might just really need it.”

“Oh! Don’t worry sweetie, you know how punctual I am!” her mother called bahis şirketleri out reassuringly somewhere from behind her father after a rather awkward pause, both of them seeing that he was too busy staring at what he almost hadn’t seen for the past few days to answer her in any meaningful way. “I’d never allow you two not to be at least fifteen minutes too soon on the set given how important this is. We’re just having fun with your daddy, we’ve been apart for so long, but don’t worry, he knows that he needs to get prepared already!”

“Thanks Mooom,” Selena replied, catching a glimpse of her mother’s half-naked body sprawled on the large bed which dominated the room.

“Yeah, that’s um, just what I was about to do,” Eric immediately insisted, before suddenly breaking from his trance slipping past Selena, heading straight for the door out of her bedroom. “I just couldn’t remember that I left my travel bag with clothes by the entrance door, that’s all!” he added while closing the door behind him.

The door closed annoyingly loudly, and Selena and Martina laughed as they looked at each other.

“Hopefully it won’t stink, the toilet is right next to that,” Selena remarked.

“Don’t worry, we both know how crazy he is about that,” her mother assured her, before motioning for her to sit on the large bed. “With how many plastic bags he puts over those things, we’ll be lucky for it to have any fragrance at all.”

“Basically,” Selena replied. “Would love to know what this round will be about, the last one being blowjobs really fucked me over.”

“But you at least enjoyed it, didn’t you?” her mother asked, sounding a bit concerned.

“Would be hard to think of something I hadn’t enjoyed in here since we came, but you know how it is when it comes to me and extra work,” she explained with a sigh.

“Yeah, I do,” her mother replied in an amused tone of voice. “So, you have no idea what this round might be about? Because, I’ve been checking the website and those various forums, all of which are filled with people I hope to never see within a couple miles from you by the way, and there’s absolutely nothing.”

“No one has any idea. Not the other contestants, nor even Jake seems to know, or at least he’s not telling. Though, knowing him, I doubt that he’d be able to hold a secret for that long,” she explained. “Seems like the higher management of this have finally found something they are efficient at.”

“So it seems,” the older woman stated dully. “Still, this round should go without problems for you, simple statistics dictates so.”

“I know that, don’t worry,” her daughter assured her. “But you don’t have to bring statistics to this, I had my brain fried enough by it in college.”

Martina just nodded understandingly, before silence overtook the room.

“All right, we can go!” Eric triumphantly announced as he returned to Selena’s bedroom, his outfit of choice, a simple plaid shirt and jeans that seemed almost awkwardly clean and expensive given their position, on him.

“Talk about perfect timing,” Selena stated as she turned around and waltzed towards him, before turning her head to look at her mother one more time. “See ya at the set!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there!” Martina promised just before the doors behind the two of them closed, even though the tone of her voice made it clear that, after spending so much time doing quite exhausting activities with her husband, she wasn’t in much of a rush to leave the comfortable bed. Plus, she was completely convinced that her daughter was going to get through this round without trouble, anyway.

Selena and her father didn’t talk much as they made their way through the studio and to the room where the show was being recorded. Not that there was much to talk about, anyway. She had honestly told him everything she wanted to, and he found it hard to think about anything relating to what they were now doing.

When they finally got to their destination, they found with some displeasure that they were the last ones to do so. Standing closest to the door, Michelle and her father were as quiet as the Santoses were.

“…got to be the time element in this one, I’m sure,” Marianne told Diana, who replied with some opinion of her own, before the conversation continued with their fathers occasionally joining in and Selena not really being able to make sense of it, all of them standing a couple of feet away from the door in the opposite direction from the Ashtons.

Finally, there were Christine and her father, standing closest to the Santoses and already walking toward them and welcoming them.

“Nice to see you guys as well,” Selena repaid the greetings, her gaze fixed on the young writer. She couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing, but Christine actually wore a dominatrix outfit. “Gotta say, awesome outfit,” she added, before looking at her father who, amazingly, didn’t seem to be enthralled by the display in front of him at all.

If that was just bahis firmaları because of his balls being emptied as much as she had feared, then they could have a problem if this show went the wrong way.

“Thanks!” Christine replied, happily. “Decided to go for something else for this round. I’d say we have a nice contrast between us, with you going with your classic outfit again.”

“Basically,” Selena admitted, before nudging her head in the direction of the debating pairs. “You know what they’re talking about.”

Christine just smiled in a self-satisfying way in response.

“The same things everyone else is talking about for the past few days,” she said. “Mister Pinsmail, being a former pornstar, and Doctor Barber being, well, Doctor Barber, are both convinced that they have successfully guessed what this round will be about. The last one was mostly about audience satisfaction and independent expert judgment, with the time limit not mattering, and all we did was suck our fathers’ cocks.”

“What some of you did,” Selena replied, smiling in the same way Christine did just moments before as she saw her dialogue partner blush at her words. “So, I guess, they’re talking about what would be different this time? Maybe time limit and no cocksucking?”

Christine nodded.

“Doctor Barber thinks this round will be highly different in structure, with the company trying to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats when they’ll watch this,” she explained. “After what we’ve had the last time, they’ve probably spent days waiting to once again be able to decide who might get kicked out and who might get forced to do some extra action for them, because of them. You’ve also seen how many posts the show’s social media pages already have, right? Taking that privilege away would be an interesting shock for them. On the other hand, Mister Pinsmail doesn’t think much will change, it’s anything, since that, admittedly, could scare a lot of viewers away.”

The sound of a heavy step being taken in their direction was all the warning all four of them needed to know that the one they’d just talked about had heard them.

“Of course it won’t,” Jacob confidently announced, making sure to draw the attention of all of his fellow contestants onto him. “Never once have I seen anyone risk shooting their own foot like that. The people running this seem kind of dumb, but that’s nowhere near being that kind of painfully stupid.”

“True,” Selena casually replied, before continuing to speak to Christine, breaking whatever spell had temporarily taken over the group and making everyone return to their small conversations.

If they had any, of course. Their fathers and the Ashtons were still quite quiet, almost unnaturally so in the latter’s case.

“You have any idea what might be in store for us today?” she asked.

“God, I wish I had!” the unexpected dominatrix replied. “I can’t think of anything, but I’m in a creative mood right now. Can you believe it? I’ve been having problems thinking of plots for my stories, so I hope that I’ll find out before my spark flickers out when we’ll get there, or that it at least holds on for long enough for me to find this out, and somehow twist it into at least two distinct story ideas,” she added, looking down at her hand for most of her speech.

Trailing the older woman’s gaze downwards, she could see that she had a notepad application opened on her phone, which she somehow hadn’t noticed until now, readying herself to write down whatever ideas she got. After looking at the phone for a couple of seconds, she looked back at the black-clad woman and then at her father. Just as the silence was becoming too awkward for none of them to say anything, a middle-aged man whom none of them suddenly walked right into the middle of their self-contained circle. Smiling innocently at them, he probably wanted to ask them something, before his eyes fixed on some point well behind Selena’s head, and he left in that direction just as quickly as he had come.

Looking in the direction he went, she saw exactly what she had expected. Scurrying back into the lobby, he waited for a tall man who seemed a decade or so younger than him to go first, before following him into the opened door leading onto the filming room, where she and the other contestants had, the last time they were there, made a grand entrance through the door they were waiting around now, and towards which the middle-aged man was for some reason walking.

As the man had left them, whatever was keeping the conversations going on between them had left with him. It was still over 10 minutes before the filming was supposed to begin, they’d barely seen a single member of the show’s staff, and she was getting bored as hell.

With a deep sigh which almost immediately turned into a yawn, she glanced over the other contestants, before locking eyes with her equally-bored father. With a silent understanding between the two of them, she turned in the direction kaçak bahis siteleri the older man had went and started following in his footsteps, deciding to pass the slowly-moving time quicker by giving herself a quick walk.

With masculine, but not overly so, footsteps following her, she knew that her father had decided to do what she was doing as well. A moment later, several other pairs of footsteps followed him, as the rest of the contestants joined the father-daughter duo.

Stopping in front of the opened door, she was surprised to find not even a quarter of the chairs occupied by the audience members. As the other contestants wordlessly passed her by, she just kept staring at the nearly-empty room. Would it matter if she went there first? Most likely not, but since no other contestant or staffer had bothered to do so yet, why should she?

With those thoughts stuck in her head, she took a few steps back and turned around, only to see yet another familiar face. As if waiting just for this moment, Adam, one of Jake’s assistants, suddenly emerged from God-knows-where, leading a group of technicians and other staffers as they waltzed in her direction. Passing her by just as quietly as the other contestants did, their coordinated waltz turned into a mad dash as they raced to prepare all of the cameras and the other equipment for today’s show. Blankly staring at them for a few minutes, she chuckled to herself before turning back around and continuing on her way.

Quite an impeccable timing. But at least, she could be sure that this was truly going to happen.

As about six or seven people, mostly older men, passed by her to join the growing audience, she just continued descending the stairs and then went straight to the women’s toilets.

+++ A Pleasant Encounter +++

She hoped that Jacob was, at least partially, right. Her oral fixation, well, addiction really, was making itself painfully known. As she looked at her reflection in the mirror in front of her, she futilely circled her dry tongue on her hungry lips, yearning for something thick and hard to be between them as soon as possible.

While blowing those seven audience members at the previous shooting might have been more than she would’ve usually asked for, after three days of not having any oral fun since then thanks to her mother monopolizing the access to the cock she was most often using for that in recent days, she was desperate for a quick fix.

Suddenly, she caught light movement somewhere near her out of the corner of her eye. Turning her head in the direction of it, she saw a young, well-built man about her age in a staffer’s uniform, washing his hands in a sink identical to the one in front of her, and likewise located right next to the currently-opened door of the lavatory he was currently visiting.

Given the road her train of thought was currently traveling, she, looking at his nice figure, of course started instantly reminiscing about all of the young guys she had fun with while working as a waitress at Mr. Torres’ restaurant, well before this show had started, or she even had any idea that this was coming. He would’ve fit in with them perfectly. Muscular, rather attractive, and, although obviously not rich in any sense of the word, not looking like he’d have any problem with emptying his pockets if she walked up to him in her waitress’ uniform, bent over to show off her cleavage to him, and asked if he was willing to pay for a few minutes of heaven after she was done working.

Was she not completely sure that there were cameras everywhere, she would’ve happily waltzed up to him just like she used to do for his restaurant-visiting peers.

And then, he turned around, inadvertently revealing his groin area to her. When her eyes noticed the clear outline of the massive rod barely hidden by his jeans, all of her mental reservations broke apart, and her legs stopped listening to the rational parts of her brain.

“Hi there!” she enthusiastically greeted him as he took a step back in shock, stunned by her almost-instant appearance in front of him after previously being on the other side of the hallway. “Shouldn’t you be working right now or something?”

“Well, urm, s-sorry, Miss Santos,” he blurted out, his obvious accent bringing a satisfied, curious grin on her face.

“Please, I’m Selena,” she interjected.

“Yes, um, Selena,” he continued. “Well, no offence, but I’m not the one supposed to be competing on the stage in, what, ten minutes at most?”

“Heh. You know, if I were seriously nasty, which I’m not, I’m just pretty curious because that accent of yours is really cute, but anyways, I could answer that question by asking you, shouldn’t you be in your country, right now?” she said with a chuckle. “Are you an exchange student or something? Didn’t know those types were getting hired in here as well,” she added, much more seriously. “What’s your name? You know mine.”

“Well,” he said, repaying her chuckle with one of his own. “Yeah, I am basically. Even exchange students need some extra cash, especially the ones who want to stay here later. And I’m Mariusz.”

“Aaah, you’re Polish, right?” she inquired, already sure of the answer.

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