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Redheaded Cari drove the sturdy little Honda up New York’s Highway 90 as her swarthy college friend changed the CD to some latin rhythms from Romeo Santos. Cari complained as Alex started moving her shoulders and rocking to the music. “Oh, don’t play that. I have no idea what he’s saying!”

Alex pouted teasingly in mock seduction as Cari tried to drive. “You don’t get latin music with your ears, you hear it with your soul.” Then she swiveled in the seat and put her heels to the ceiling and her head in Cari’s lap and looked up with those dark sexy eyes, “and then your heart understands.” She said with a mock passion before busting out laughing.

“You’re gonna make me wreck, Alex.” but Cari giggled back.

Alex sat up and turned her back to the passenger door. “So your parents are cool with me spending Christmas break?”

The pale skinned girl smiled, “They’re looking forward to meeting you,” she assured. “I never bring home friends.”

“Just a friend, huh?” The latina kicked at Cari’s thigh. “You haven’t told them.” She accused.

Cari shot a glance at her, taking her emerald green eyes off the road for a second. “Have you told your mom?” she countered.

The tension eased from the brunettes face as she conceded the point. “No, but if that woman hasn’t figured it out she must be blind.” She paused in thought for a moment and then a devious grin came across her face. “I could just smack a big one on you in front of them under the mistletoe… or on your camel toe.” She laughed loudly at the scandalous thought.

Cari slapped at her lover’s thigh. “Behave. Let’s get through Christmas day at least without drama.”

“I don’t know,” Alex teased. “days without groping and kissing my pequeña rojita; I’m not sure how long I can last.”

Cari smiled at the pet name. She loved being Alex’s “little red one”. “You are such a sex fiend.” She shook her head slowly.

It took another hour of driving but they pulled into Lake George safely. Alex whistled as they pulled down into the tree lined drive heading up to the two story brick colonial. “How much money does your family got, anyway?” It was a modest home by Lake George standards but Alex was impressed.

“My dad’s just a plant manager down in Schenectady.” Cari informed her. “And mom teaches cello. We’re not rich.”

“Richer than me.” Alex still looked around and up and down as they got out of the car and she tossed her small bag over her shoulder. “I’m just a poor scholarship kid. What are they going to think of me?”

Cari came round and grabbed Alex’s butterscotch colored free hand in her pale Ivory one. “I told you, they’re gonna love you. You got into Princeton on hard work and wits, that will impress my dad.”

The house was warm and smelled of gingerbread and Febreze. The furnishings were classic Americana, wood and light colored cloths with beige walls. “Very white bread” Alex thought to herself, but really, exactly how she imagined Cari’s home.

“Mom, I’m home.” the petite redhead called out, and around the corner came an older, heavier version, shoulder length red hair, that ivory complexion with rose colored cheeks. Alex was struck by the similarities, but knew Cari got her looks from somewhere.

“Oh Cari, thank goodness. ” Mother and daughter embraced. “Were the roads bad?”

“They were fine, Mom” Cari assured, “is Dad home?”

“Not yet.”

“Well introductions can’t wait. This is my friend,” She began almost grandly, “Alejandra Maria Sandoval Torres.” Cari sang off the name rolling the “R’s just as she should.

Alex extended her hand, “Or just Alex if you don’t have all day.”

“Oh, but I love your name.” Cari said.

“It’s beautiful.” her mom interjected. “I got bad news you two. Your brother brought home a girl that I knew nothing about, so she is in the guest room. You won’t mind doubling up with Cari would you, Alex?”

The spiky haired latina had to hide her glee but still gave a polite smile, “OK, but little red here snores.”

“I do not snore!” Cari was offended by the joke but her mother laughed.

That night as they got ready for bed, Alex lounged on the double bursa evi olan escort bed with a pink coverlet dressed only in men’s white boxers and a grey Superman t-shirt, while Cari pranced around in pink panties and a heart covered tank top, straightening all her things she had left behind for school. Alex watched her with interest and a tinge of lust as she finally had her “little red one” all to herself. “So are you going to play with your stuff all night or are you coming to bed?”

“I want to make sure it’s just right.” Cari’s pert butt bent over as she straightened a porcelain turtle on her window sill. “I think my brother’s been in here.” she breathed to herself before moving to the next piece of her little knick knack collection. “Besides, I missed my stuff.”

With a sigh Alex got off the bed and came up behind her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around her waist and putting her chin over her shoulder. “Well I’ve missed you.”

“You’ve been with me all day.” Cari said in disbelief.

Alex pursed her lips and gave a press to Cari’s belly and rubbed herself into her sweet little bottom. “Yes, but I haven’t BEEN with you.” she finished by nuzzling her neck.

The redhead turned in her embrace, putting her own hands along Alex’s toned midriff. “But what if my parents hear?” She asked nervously.

“Don’t be so loud.” Alex smiled roguishly.

“Me?” Cari gave a little giggle. “You’re the little screamer, always telling the world that you’re coming.”

Alex looked at her seductively with pouting lips, “My pequeña rojita always takes me to the edge and then she is my world.” Alex leaned in that last little bit and stole a kiss, letting it linger before pulling away slowly, taking one of Cari’s hands. “Come be my lover,” she put on a husky thick puerto rican accent.

When Alex spoke like that it just made Cari melt. “I’m always your lover.” She responded softly but with passion, letting herself be lead to the bed.

“Show me, Babee.” Alex intoned with her sultry accent before laying back on the bed and pulling the sexy little redhead with her.

Cari got on top with a knee between those carmel thighs, then layed fully across her latin lover. Their lips met and slowly she moved along that tight toned body. In little circles her hips gyrated slowly and Alex wrapped her hands on that sweet little ass. Their mouths open and lips pressed tight, their tongues danced with each other. The hard pelvic bone ground into each others mound. Alex drew one hand up Cari’s shirt and along her spine. The pale skinned minx only broke the kiss to dive into Alex’s neck. She kissed and licked the pulsing jugular before giving a playful bite.

“Ai rojita!”

Alex arched as a jolt went through her and Cari gave a little giggle, knowing that was all her. She felt a slap on her still panty covered ass and the latina beneath her ground up hard. They looked at each other with lust and desire before Alex grabbed the bottom of Cari’s tank top and pushed it up over her sensitive little pink nipples. Her thumbs pressed across them gently and she smiled up at her lover. Alex had to reach up to her girl’s very modest breast but she suckled that hardening conicale nub, making Cari moan softly in response. Cari reached down to that hot moist crevice and getting her hand under the boxers, laid her fingers at the gates of heaven.

“I want you.” she barely breathed out.

“Go lick it out” Alex suggested, lifting her ass and slipping down the boxers.

The petite redhead slid down slowly, never breaking eye contact with her lover and kissed and licked her way. Alex finally felt her hot breath on her thighs and reached down to grip that redhair.

“Lick my pussy, baby.” she coaxed. “Oh, get that tongue in there.” She guided her lover. Cari put her hands under that firm ass and drew that pussy closer. She teased at first, licking up and down that little crevice of the thigh and just kissing Alex’s mound. She licked all around her sweet smelling pussy while Alex looked on with increasing anticipation. “Oh God, just suck it already!”

Cari smiled wickedly. “Shh.” putting a finger altıparmak escort to her lips. “My mom will hear.”

“If you don’t suck it I’ll scream the house down.” Alex threatened.

Cari laughed lightly and pushed those dark honey legs back, tilting that lightly furred pussy up, and opening those thighs before dropping down on it like a hungry cat. Alex bit her lip to stifle her cry and her fingers gripped in the soft red hair of her tormentor. Petite Cari had control of this and licked in long strokes up that wet slit. She chuckled to herself at the antics of her latin lover. Cari only discovered her sexuality since coming to college but seemed to master the skills of girl lovemaking. Now she spread the lips apart and lapped at the inner folds of Alex’s juicy gateway.

“Suck IT, suck it please, baby.” the golden skinned young woman begged.

Cari obliged and put her mouth over that little hole and sucked its nectar. Her tongue wiggled inside just as she wanted and Alex actually seemed to relax more. Her legs opened wide and her bottom eased into the bed. Cari knew her opportunity and swung her body over her girl, planting her knees deftly on either side of Alex’s head.

Alex felt the weight and looked up into a pink slit and that tiny tuft of red. She smiled with hunger as her plate was put before her. Her hands went up and grabbed those tight little white butt cheeks and pushed her face to her baby’s honey pot. Her stiff tongue ran into the furrow and all along its length. She felt the gasp of air on her own pussy as Cari sighed her joy. Now the two young women feasted on each other in abandon, their tongues lapping and tasting and fingers prying open luscious folds. Their juices flowing freely and making their faces wet. Alex Swatted playfully at those pale ass cheeks, making the little redhead jerk at times but that didn’t stop her gorging on the her latina’s pussy.

Finally Alex pushed the lighter girl over, rolling on top of her. Sitting up, she held Cari pinned beneath her, grinding her pussy in the redhead’s face. “Mmm, I got something for you, baby, a little present for my rojita.”

A muffled and breathless “What is it?” came from underneath.

With a happy grin Alex sprang off the bed and bounded to her travel bag. Cari got up on her elbows to see, her cone shaped nipples pointing straight out and a fiery, flushed red contrasted to her ivory skin. Alex finally turned around with her surprize. “Tada,” she held a deep magenta harness to her groin with a black realistic dong attached and poking straight out.

“What are you going to do with that?” Cari said in disbelief.

“I’m gonna fuck my baby with it.” She said matter of factly.

“It’s huge.” The redhead protested.

Alex put her free hand on her hip and looked askance at her. “Girl, it’s barely wider than my two fingers.” She started walking towards the bed. “We’ve used toys before.” She said coaxingly before reaching her hand out and caressing that rosey cheek. “Baby, I won’t hurt you.”

“Do you really want to?” Cari started to give in.

“Rojita, I want you every way I can have you. I want to experience everything with you. And always with you.” She added for emphasis.

“Where did you even get it?”

“That online store. It was only 29 dollars.” Alex started to step into the magenta colored pleather harness. “They had a smooth slim purple dong; should I have gotten that?”

“I don’t know” Cari still looked nervous, but lay docile on the bed.

Alex got up on the bed and kneeled between her lover’s legs. She licked two fingers and smoothed her spit across the black latex dong. Slowly lowering herself, she was unsure too, she had never fucked anyone, but she wanted to do this with Cari. She wanted to connect with her anyway possible. She held herself up on one arm and finally was able to run the head up and down that wet pink slit. Little Cari looked nervous and she tried to calm her. “I love you, baby. I won’t hurt you.”

“I know.” she responded nervously, but she opened her legs wider with her knees splayed and put her hands on Alex’s torso. “Go slow.”

Alex nodded at the approval and gently let the dildo sink in. Holding herself up, she slowly eased in little inch by little inch. Cari’s eyes went wide at the intrusion, but she was OK. The dusky latina finally sunk it in until their mounds mashed together. “I can get deeper if you lift your legs.” she suggested.

“No. Right there.” Cari said shaking her head.

They lay there forehead to forehead and Alex kissed her nose and then her cheek and then her lips so tenderly. Slowly she ground their mounds like they usually do, but she could feel that something extra. She could see Cari relax as things resembled their normal lovemaking, but knew the girl’s pussy was being probed by the black dong.

“Pull my shirt up.” Alex breathed

Cari ran her fingers along both sides of her lover’s torso, pushing up the superman shirt until it popped over her deep brown half dollar nipples. Alex dropped her body down and pressed her flesh to Cari’s, kissing her deeply. Cari wrapped her arms around her and held on tight. Her own hips were moving, grinding with Alex’s rhythm, and then she gave the gentlest of purrs.


Alex smiled a little. “Oh, baby likes that?” she teased softly.

She lifted her knees a little in response and gave a dreamy look with a crooked smile. Alex began thrusting her hips deeper on the upswing of her circles, just a bit to tease that little honey pot. Cari just held on and gave quiet contented moans. Alex waited, she stroked the tender nipples and licked them one by one while her thrust quickened but remained shallow. And finally it happened. The redhead lifted her knees up higher and tilted her pelvis for the thrusts. Alex eagerly obliged and began to fuck in earnest. Her hips pumped deeper and harder and she smacked into that little pussy. Cari didn’t protest, but rather lifted her legs higher and locked them around the back of Alex’s knees. They were moving with purpose and although the latina was beginning to sweat she wasn’t stopping this for the world. The base of the dong smacked into her pelvic bone on every thrust. The jolts were like a line from rojita’s core to her own.

“Harder?” She asked of her little redhead.

Who nodded so sweetly. “Fuck me.” And her legs clamped down and her hands gripped Alex’s ass.

On her elbows she panted into Cari’s ear on each thrust. The bed rocked and they both moaned.

“I’m fucking you, baby. Give me that pussy.” She encouraged. She so wanted Cari to cum, to feel her quiver beneath her. to hold her as she shook from orgasm and kiss her in its afterglow.

Cari clenched her teeth and her own hips started to buck. “Fuck me, Alex. Fuck your rojita!” She grabbed the back of Alex’s head and pulled her so close.

Alex’s hips were on fire, her lower back was groaning. Sweat beaded and dripped. Their bodies were slippery as they slid together. “I need you to cum, baby!” Her plea was urgent. “Cum for me.” The latina griped the sheets and dropped her knees and changed the bucking to a forward slam. The head board swayed and bodies slammed together as she grunted her lust on every shove. Cari’s legs went higher and wrapped on that carmel ass. her panting came quicker and quicker. With teeth clenched she tried to be quiet, she tried to be still

“EEEEHHHHHHHHHH” it still came out as a piercing cry.

Music to Alex’s ears she slammed harder for a few more strokes, smashing the petite redhead into the mattress until she could go no more and collapsed on top of her.

Her mound was soaked under the fake leather harness, from sweat or pussy juice or both, but she finally rolled off her lover and lay panting still next to her. Cari smiled at her and snuggled up alongside her hot body, resting in the warmth of their lovemaking. She kissed the side of her breast and put her head in her armpit.

With the lights still on they just lay there until Cari grabbed the coverlet and rolled over, jutting her bottom into Alex, who finally moved to spoon her lover until they fell asleep.

Cari got up at 8, sticky and a mess but oh so satisfied. She tossed on a robe to go to the bathroom down the hall where she met her mom just coming up the steps.

“Sweety, what was all that noise coming from your room last night?” Her mom looked serious.

Cari looked at her mom’s face and heard the stern voice. She didn’t want it like this, “Umm…”

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