Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 03Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 03


Before he was “Hollywood Jim” in Los Angeles, he was a geeky kid with a funny nickname in the suburbs of Connecticut. And before he had numerous starlets as friends, he had various girlfriends. Here then are the “Adventures of Hollywood Jim-The Early Years”.


After my night with Rose at the Carson’s house, I didn’t hear from her for a week or so. I figured I’d see her again at some point, so I went on with my summer. Unless I somehow required the services of a Wall Street lawyer, I doubted very much I’d see Dana again. I spent the days hanging around with Chris, who began to talk seriously about moving west and starting a photo business there, and bringing me along for the ride.

“Yeah, right pal!” I said to myself, he could introduce me to Paris Hilton.

One afternoon I arrived home to a phone message from Rose. I immediately called her and she happily told me how she would be house sitting for the Carson’s while they went away for a week with their kids.

The tone of her voice said it all.

I immediately made plans for another evening with her, telling my parents Chris and I were going to a sci-fi film festival and I’d spend the night at his place.

The evening was hot and steamy as I rode my bike to the Carson’s house. The sun was just going down.

Rose met me at the door wearing cutoff denim shorts and a t-shirt, her hair and shirt wet from being in the family’s pool. I could see her nipples clearly and I got the idea that she might be topless underneath.

“Hey baby…” she said as we kissed. Her lips felt so nice.

“So you’ve got a house of your own, huh?” I said

“Looks that way!” she said with a laugh. We went to the kitchen and this time she got out 2 beers for us. She smiled naughtily.

“What’s with the smile?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing.” She replied with the same smile. “Come on, I have to show you the pool. You never saw it last time.”

The pool was quite extravagant, kidney-shaped and immaculately maintained. Rose dimmed the outside lights so the only light came from underwater and put Bon Jovi on the outdoor stereo system .

“Come on, let’s go for a swim.”

“Uh, did you notice? I don’t have my suit with me.” I said.

“That’s the idea babe!” Rose said as she removed her shirt and shorts, she was indeed naked underneath. She looked even hotter naked than last time. I hesitantly looked around and saw Rose jump into the pool, looking at me with expectations. Taking a deep breath, I stripped out of my khaki shorts and shirt and joined her. We eagerly giggled and kissed as the water rippled around us. I could feel Rose’s hand go under the water and feel my dick. I felt her pussy and it felt wonderful, she was already moaning at this feeling we were giving one another. We swam over to the shallower part of the pool and kissed and fondled one another gaziantep escortları in the waist deep water. Her tits felt so nice, and her nipples were already hard, I probably could’ve fucked her right there. Rose was already working my dick with her hands, she really wanted to fuck tonight, knowing we were really alone this time. Once we stopped kissing we looked at one another and immediately broke up with laughter.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re doing this!” she laughed

“I can’t either!”

“Let’s have some fun!” she said as she swam over to the side and hopped out of the pool, sitting on the edge and spreading her legs wide.

“C’mon, Lick me.” She said with a sexy tone and smile.

I stood there a moment, surprised at her directness, and knew I was super-hard now. What choice did I have?

Rose’s pussy was lightly shaved with black pubic hair, and tasted very sweet, she was moaning and saying my name as I probed her with my tongue.

“Oh Jim….ohhhhhyesssss….” she cooed.

I looked up and could see her caressing her tits, gently feeling the nipples. Her dark skin and darker nipples looked incredibly sexy. My tongue was eagerly licking her pussy and her clit looked so inviting as I gently flicked my tongue over it. Her hips jerked forward suddenly and I felt a surge of warmth on my face and a slow moan come from her. She leaned back and was practically lying flat on the ground, her hips arched as the last wave of her climax faded. She slowly sat up and I stood up and we kissed.

“Oh wow…wow…” her voice trailed off as we kissed.

Rose slid back into the pool and we held one another tight as the quiet of the evening returned.

“That was great Jim.” She said as she kissed me again “It’s gonna get better.”

“You keep saying that, what do you mean?”

“Trust me, it’s gonna get even better.” She said with that sly smile again.

As she said that, she reached down and felt my dick under the water.

“Mmmm….still nice and hard?” she said.

“Of course.” I replied.

“Good.” She said as she began to jerk my dick, smiling all the time. We kissed deeply and slowly spun around in the water before dissolving into giggles. We separated and Rose slowly and gleefully fell backwards into the water letting it wash over her naked body. It was like she was having a second climax. I swam over to her and we kissed again on the steps.

“Let’s go inside…” she said with a sexy voice.

Rose grabbed some towels, we toweled off and entered the darkened house, it felt so naughty to be as we were. She led me up the stairs to what seemed to be the master bedroom. It was luxurious to say the least, given the family’s status in town. And it was now the love nest of “Hollywood Jim” and his latest love. Rose and I hopped onto the king size bed and started kissing once again.

“Baby….Jim….I wanna fuck now…I wanna fuck” she said amidst all our kissing. “Please Jim….fuck me….fuck me…” she continued.

She spread her legs wide and we looked at one another, she nodded at me. I’d done this with her before but I always had that sense of uncertainty every time. But Rose smiled that look of confidence in me.

Only one way to find out, wasn’t there?

I moved down and took my dick, rubbing it on her pussy, she inhaled slightly at this. Then I slowly pushed into her, she breathed heavily as it slid into her. She was so tight and so hot and wet.

“Oh Jim….oh yesssss….” She breathed.

I was just letting the wonderful feeling wash over me and I slowly began to fuck her with measured strokes, just hoping I could make things last as long as possible. I wrapped my arms around her back and could feel her legs caress the back of my legs, like she wanted to wrap herself around me.

“Ohhhhyessss…baby….Jim…oh god soooo good” she moaned

I continued to thrust into her hot pussy, I thought I could even hear a squishing sound as my dick mingled with her pussy juices, I began to fuck her fast now and her moans had turned into cries and gasps.

“Oh yeah! Oh god Jim…..fuck meeeeeeee!” she now screamed out.

“Oh yeah Rose….gonna..gonna…oh yesssss I’m gonna….” I said breathlessly.

I then exlpoded into Rose’s hot pussy at that second, I could feel every ounce of energy released into her and I collapsed into her soft arms.

“Oh Jim….wow…that was great!” she said in a soft, sexy tone.

“I’m…I’m sorry I couldn’t do it more.” I said.

She caressed my cheek.

“You were fine baby…turn over a little.”

I rolled to my right and she wrapped her soft naked body against mine and softly kissed me on the neck. Her right hand was caressing my chest, then working its way down to my dick.

“Mmmmmm….so nice. Think you can do another round?” she said with a smile.

“Oh my…after all that?”

We both giggled, feeling so illicit at this moment.

Rose sat up now and looked at my naked body in front of her.

“Sooo nice Jim….” She said.

I loved looking at her tits and she could tell, she cupped them in her hands.

“You like these don’t you? I do too…I think I got I from my Mom. She has big tits too.”

“Oh, um…that’s good, I guess.” I said carefully trying not to sound turned on by her Mom.

She giggled, knowing how much she thrown me off balance at that moment.

“Come on, let’s get another beer.” She said as she pulled me off the bed. She grabbed a silky robe from the closet and we went back downstairs.

Like I said, it felt so illicit being naked in someone else’s house, but Rose didn’t seem to mind. She didn’t even tie the robe shut. Me, I was still totally naked. I think I knew why she kept saying “it was gonna get better.”

“All that fucking made me hungry, let’s get a pizza.” She said as she went to the phone.

“Isn’t it a bit late?” I looked at my watch and it was close to midnight.

“I know a place that delivers late. Go in the TV room, let’s see if we can get Playboy channel again.” She said.

“Oh, uh, Okay.” I said.

I went into the den and flicked around the dial, wondering how all this had happened to me. Just as I found the channel, Rose walked in looking so sexy.

“Pizza’s on its way. Oh, cool, you found it!” she said excitedly.

She plopped down on the couch next to me and snuggled in close as we watched another one of the channel’s Playmate videos. As we watched, Rose’s hand began to caress my dick and it was now coming back to life.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just what you’d be doing if I wasn’t here.” She said in a sly tone. “Wow she looks so hot doesn’t she?”

“Uh…yes.” Was all I could say at the moment.

My dick was quickly getting harder with her every touch and caress.

“Ohhhh….so nice Jim. You have such a nice dick…can’t wait to fuck you again…I’ll bet you’re even better the second time.” She said in that sexy voice.

My dick was fully hard now.

“Wow….so nice and big…mmmm…I love it.” She continued.

I was afraid I’d explode again quickly and ruin the moment. But that didn’t happen as I heard the doorbell ring.

“Shit! Are they back??” I said.

Rose laughed at my sudden fear.

“Calm down baby…it’s just the pizza.”

She stood up and went to the front door. I slowly regained my composure, but could hear voices in the hallway, female voices.

“What’s going on?” I said to myself.

Rose walked in not only carrying a pizza box but she had a friend with her, I immediately got more flustered than ever.

“Jim, you remember Kelly don’t you?” she said.

“Hi Jim. It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

It was Kelly McGuire, from my old high school. And looking just as cute as I remembered. She had on a black t-shirt and jean shorts. Her short blonde hair still made her look like the tomboy she’d always been. And her athletic body still looked like it could score again on the soccer fields.

“I told you how this night would get better didn’t I?” Rose said.

“Y-y-y-yes…” I stammered.

“And remember what I told you about Kelly?”


“What we did together?”

“Y-y-yes.” I said.

“Well, Kelly wants to make it better too, don’t you Kelly?”

“You bet…Rose told me all about you.” Kelly said with a smile as she and Rose looked at each other.

“Wow, you were right Rose. He does look good this way.” Kelly said with a smile as they both looked at my dick.

They both walked over to me, and I thought I was in a dream.

This night was gonna get better, oh, yes, it was gonna get better!

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