Highway PatrolHighway Patrol


The roar of the engine filled the early morning desert air as the canary yellow 1996 Viper convertible raced down the empty highway. The young woman at the wheel paid no attention to the tableau around her as it hurried past. Her mind was on much more important matters.

To anyone who owned a television, the young redhead’s face was instantly recognizable. Right after, that was, they stopped looking at the long smooth, tanned legs that stretched out from her white shorts and the overflowing breasts that strained against a small red tank top that had to be at least two sizes too small. What her legions of fans would find shocking would be the angry thoughts that filled her mind.

“Goddamn fucking agents..” Angela Foster yelled into the wind as she shifted into another gear with an angry movement. “They have some fucking nerve!”

The agent in particular that Angela’s anger was directed against was one John Temple. He was one of the best movers and shakers in Hollywood and the man who had started Angela on the road to stardom.

Last night, Angela had attended a party at the palatial desert ranch of producer William Donovan. It was supposed to cement the deal giving her the lead role in his next sure blockbuster film. What the reality had been was that Donovan had wanted to cement the deal in his bed. An event that Temple had assured him was more than probable.

“When is that asshole going to remember that I’m a major star.” Angela thought. “I don’t have to spread my legs for some balding sixty-two year old.”

Angela was the star of one of the years hit series, “Los Angeles Blues”. Know sarcastically as “Babes in Blue”, it was the network’s answer to Baywatch. And unlike it’s beach counterpart, it’s main star was female, namely Angela Foster. By the time she was done, she was convinced they’d be saying Pamela who?

The days were long gone when the 26 year old had to put out to get ahead. It was time John learned that. He was no longer making the decisions about her career – she was. And if he couldn’t get that into his head, well there were other agents.

Lost in angry thought, Angela barely noticed the small comfort station along the road that she barreled past at better than 100 mph. What she did become painfully aware of was the flashing red and blue lights of the highway patrol cruiser that appeared moments later from behind the building.

“Fuck!” Angela yelled as she turned and looked over her shoulder. “This shit I don’t need right now.”

Had she been thinking a little cooler, Angela would’ve simply pulled over and taking the ticket and the inevitable lecture. In fact, based on the previous four times she’d been pulled over for speeding, she wouldn’t get either. At worse, she’d show a little skin, flash some tit and leave a satisfied patrolman with a story to tell and an autograph.

But this morning Angela had an anger at the whole world and instead pressed her foot down on the accelerator, causing the high performance automobile to quickly close on it’s top speed of 165 mph.

“Eat shit and die!” Angela laughed as she image of the police cruiser in her rear view mirror receded in the distance. Even if they’d managed to copy down her plate number, she didn’t care. After all, it was Temple’s car that she’d borrowed and if they went looking for him, it would serve the little cocksucker right.

Two minutes later the police cruiser was gone from view and already fading from Angela’s mind. She downshifted and slowed to a more respectable velocity. A sly smile crossed her lips at her small victory.

The smile quickly faded as she cleared a small rise in the road and saw the police cruiser ahead of her. The cruiser was spread across both lanes about a quarter mile ahead. It took a second for her to realize that it wasn’t the same one she’d left behind in the dust. Fast as a Viper was, it couldn’t outrun a radio signal.

Angela slowed to a stop and considered her options. Upon due reflection, the actress realized that her little run for the gold was one big fucking mistake. If word of this got to the tabloid press, the negative publicity would be awkward to say the least. As much as she liked to consider herself as a major star, Angela was enough of a realist at times to know the truth of the old saying that “fame was fleeting.”

She took a deep breath and began to move forward at a greatly reduced speed. Angela put on her contrite face and practiced her apology. She had to get out of this as quick as possible. If worse came to worse, she’d offer to blow the cop. She couldn’t imagine any normal guy turning down that offer. There were far worse things that she’d done for her career.

“Shit, what if he’s gay?” she thought as she came to a stop a hundred feet from the police cruiser. “In that case, I’ll fix him up with Ramon.” she decided, picturing the 6’2″ stud that the studio had hired as her personal trainer. She wanted to bed him so badly and wanted to cry when she found out that he wasn’t the least bit interested.

Long minutes passed as Angela watched bursa yabancı escort the police officer sit in the front seat of the cruiser. She wondered what the hell he was waiting for, then got her answer as the lights of the first highway patrol cruiser appeared again in her rear view mirror.

“Guess I’m going to have to make that two blowjobs.” Angela thought as she recalled the night six years before when she’d done summer stock and had participated in her last threesome. It was a pleasant memory but she pushed it aside. Damage control came first.

“Showtime.” Angela said to herself as she saw the doors of both of the police cruisers open and a uniformed figure step out of each.

Angela stretched the open top of her blouse to give an even better view of her breasts. The deep valley between her mounds was clearly visible. She pushed her ample breasts up to give an even better view of them. She checked her face in the mirror and was satisfied that she was as hot as she ever was. Her hands ran through her long red hair and she pulled it back.

“Good morning officer.” Angela said with her warmest voice as she turned with a flair to face the officer approaching from behind.

“License and registration please.” the officer said as the blue uniformed figure stepped up to the drivers side door.

The look of confidence on Angela’s face turned to dust in the wind as the actress looked right into a set of breasts even more impressive than her own. Dark black hair tied in a bun framed a creamy white face. Behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses were a pair of baby blue eyes.

“Of course.” Angela said, trying to regain her composure. “I realize I was speeding,” she said in her most apologetic tone. “And I have the highest respect for people who wear that uniform. I don’t know if you recognize me but…”

“Yes, I recognize you, Ms. Foster.” the officer who’s nameplate identified as Clarke. “But I still need to see your license and registration.”

“Of course.” Angela said as she noticed the other officer approach the car from the other side.

The second officer was also a woman. Four inches shorter than her partner’s 5’9″ she was a more heavy set, Hispanic woman. A full figured woman, her heavy breasts were larger than either of the other two women. Short dark brown hair famed a round pleasant face and brown eyes hid behind the standard mirrored sunglasses. The name on the nameplate was de la Gura.

“Like I said, I have the highest respect for police officers.” Angela said as she searched through her purse for her license. “I’m sure you’ve seen my show and I…”

“We’ve seen it.” Officer Clarke said in a disapproving voice.

“Yeah, Babes In Blue.” her partner chimed in an equally cold voice. “Now there’s an accurate portrayal of the LAPD.”

“I’m fucked!” Angela thought as she pulled her license out of her purse and handed it to the officer to her left.

Is the car registered to you, Ms. Foster?” Officer Clark asked as she examined the license.

“Actually it belongs to my agent.” Angela answered. “I guess the registration is in the glove compartment.”

Angela leaned over and opened the glove compartment. As she stretched across the bucket seats, Angela gave both officers a great view of the best breasts a Beverly Hills surgeon could offer. It was a pity, she thought, that the view was wasted.

It’s got to be in here somewhere.” Angela said as she pushed aside a large assortment of junk. “Here it is.” she cried out as she pulled a small leather packet from the back of the compartment.

As she pulled her hand out, her bracelet caught on another packet and pulled it out as well. As her hand emerged back into the warm morning air, the second package fell onto the unoccupied passenger seat.

“What’s this?” Officer de la Gura asked as she reached down and picked up the clear plastic bag. Inside it was a fine white powder very familiar to all three of them.

“That’s not mine!” Angela immediately called out.

“How many times have I heard that before.” Diane Clarke said as her partner examined the packet a little more closely. “What do you think, Maria?”

“Definitely more than 28 grams.” Maria de la Gura said as she gauged the weight of the package after tasting it.

“Dealers weight.” Diane added as the package was passed to her and she sampled it as well.

“I don’t understand.” Angela said.

“This isn’t just possession.” Diane said in a serious tone. “Having more than 28 grams of cocaine implies intent to sell. And the penalties that go with it.”

“But it isn’t mine.” Angela insisted.

“Please get out of the car.” Officer Clarke said.

“Oh God, what do I do now?” Angela asked of herself as she stepped out of the car. “I wish John was here, he always knew what to do.”

Then she realized that it was obviously John’s package of cocaine. He must’ve bought it for some of his other clients.

“This can’t be happening to me.” Angela thought as she felt cold bursa sınırsız escort steel wrap itself around her wrists and the voice of Officer de la Gura read her the rights she had hear herself repeat so often on her TV series.

“Do you understand these rights as they’ve been explained to you?” Maria asked.

“No, I mean yes.” Angela answered.

“Not so much fun when it’s not make believe, is it?” Diane asked as she began to lead Angela back to the rear police car.

“Wait, there has to be some way for us to work this out.” Angela said as she stopped short.

In a state of panic, Angela missed the knowing smile that Diane gave Maria. The Hispanic officer walked around the Viper and came to a stop in front of Angela and Diane.

“Do you hear this bitch.” she said as she stood only a few inches from Angela’s face. “She thinks her money can buy her way out of anything.”

“Maybe we should hear her out.” Diane suggested. “If nothing else it might be entertaining.”

“All right sweet cheeks, my partner wants to hear what you have to say.” Maria said. “Better make it good.”

Angela took a deep breath. If she was very, very lucky, maybe there was still a way out of this mess. She directed her comments to Diane who seemed the most receptive to the idea of working something out.

“Look, you know that bags not mine.” she began. “So why don’t we just make believe none of this ever happened. I’m sure I can make it worth your wild. Say, a thousand dollars a piece?”

“Fucking bitch!” Maria yelled into Angela’s face. “Do we look stupid?”

“Easy, Maria.” Diane interrupted.

“You saw that article in People last month.” Maria continued. What does she make per episode of that candy ass program – forty thousand dollars! I’ll bet she spends more than a thousand dollars a year on her dogs.”

“You have a point, Maria.” Diane said. “We’d better get going.” she added as she gave a tug on Angela’s arm.

“No, please.” Angela said in desperation. “I’m sorry, double it, no ..triple it. There has to be something I can give you.”

“You have that much money on you?” Diane asked.

“No, of course not.” Angela said. “No one carries money anymore. I could write you a check.” she suggested.

“Yeah, right!” Maria laughed.

“There has to be something?” Angela insisted.

“Come on.” Diane said as she pulled Angela forward.

“Wait a second.” Maria said, causing Diane to stop in mid-step. “Maybe there is something she can do for us.”

“Anything!” Angela insisted.

“I’d like to see this high and mighty television princess get down on her knees and lick my pussy.” Maria said.

“What?” Angela said surprised.

“You heard me.” Maria answered. “And don’t look so shocked. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve had a cunt in your face.”

True be told, it actually would only be the second time Angela had been with a woman. Back when she had first been up for the part in Los Angeles Blues, the final choice on the lead had rested in the hands of Sylvia Toland, the executive producer. The 59 year old woman had come right out and told Angela that if she really wanted the part then she would have to earn it the old fashion way – in her bed. She said that the other actress up for the part had already agreed to spent the weekend away with Sylvia, but the producer would really rather it be Angela. Without a second thought, Angela had agreed.

“If I agree to do that, will you let me go?” Angela asked, panic making her willing to accept any way out of her predicament.

“Sure.” Maria said.

“Why not.” Diane agreed.

“All right, I’ll do it.” Angela said in a quiet voice. “Just let me go and then you can come to my house this weekend and…”

“Hold it one minute…” Maria interrupted. “We’re not making a date here. If we’re going to do it, it’s going to be right here, right now.”

“Now…” Angela repeated.

“That’s right.” Maria said. “Unless you’d rather take the chance that your high price lawyers can get you out of this. Of course I’m sure some of the ladies in holding would appreciate a chance to share some of your charms.”

“And in a high profile bust like this, I’m sure the D.A. would want to handle the case personally.” Diane added. “What with all the media attention and all. If only to make sure that there was no special treatment.”

“Okay, okay…I’ll do it.” Angela said, the image of being trapped overnight or even longer in a cell with the scum of Los Angeles sending a shiver down her back.

“Good.” Maria smiled.

Maria reached forward and slid her hand up and under Angela’s tank top. She squeezed the actress’s left breast, playing for a moment with her nipple. Then she grabbed the bottom of the tank top and pulled it up, exposing both breasts. She cupped the other mound and repeated her actions.

“What’d I tell you.” she laughed to Diane as she felt the hardness under the skin. “Fake as they come!”

“No shit!” Diane said as she reached görükle escort out and pressed her own left hand against Angela’s globes. “I never felt a fake pair.”

“Must’ve cost a bundle.” Maria noted as she continued to play with one breast. “Isn’t that right sweet cheeks.”

“Yes.” Angela said, feeling more than a little embarrassed.

“You still want her?” Diane asked, wondering if the revelation made a difference.

“Fuck yes!” Maria said. “I don’t care if the tits are fake, her mouth’s real enough.”

“Can you take off the handcuffs?” Angela asked.

“Not yet,” Maria said. “We’ll get to that soon enough.”

With that, Maria slid her hand down Angela’s chest and under the waistband of her shorts. A smile filled her face as she discovered that Angela wore no panties. The smile grew brighter with a second discovery.

“This bitch is wet!” she exclaimed. “I think she gets off on being tied.”

Marie pressed Angela up against the door of the Viper and ran her fingers against Angela’s pussy. Then it moved to the center of her mound and rubbed against it. As her finger became lubricated by the wetness there, she slowing slid it between the folds. A soft gasp escaped Angela’s lips as Maria slid the finger in and out, soon following it with a second. Gently, she slid them up inside of her, reaching deep within.

Before Angela could react, Maria pressed even closer and moved her lips to Angela’s. The softness of their touch sent a tiny spark of excitement though the young woman. She couldn’t help but react. Closing her eyes, she felt the wetness of the police officer’s tongue press against her lips. She opened her mouth to admit it. She felt her own tongue reach out to accept it.

Continuing the kiss, Maria pressed harder on Angela’s breast as an approving Diane looked on. From her vantage point, the senior officer could tell that underneath the sometimes arrogant facade, Angela could be both a hot and perhaps a somewhat submissive slut.

“Mmmm.” Maria purred as she bent over and kissed the tops of Angela’s mounds.

Her tongue traced a circle around Angela’s dark brown nipples, darkened by the warmth of many days spent sunning topless. She lightly ticked the tips of her nipples, just enough to bring them to a rigid hardness.

Lifting the larger woman, Maria eased Angela onto the hood of the car. Her mouth now sought out the actress’s breasts with desire. Her roving tongue covering them with wetness. Angela shivered at the touch of Maria’s lips on her smooth flesh as her tongue teased Angela’s large nipples again and again. Each lick bringing them to a new hardness and producing sensations that she had to admit that were better than any man had produced. Then her teeth closed on them and every bite and nibble sent stronger waves through Angela, causing her to involuntary emit soft moans. Moans which brought great joy to Maria.

“You like that, don’t you?” Maria said as she savored the sounds coming from her captive. “Lets see if you can give as well as you can take.”

Maria took a large step back and began to unbuckle her gunbelt. She handed it to Diane, asking as she did.

“Do you want a piece of this?” she said, holding up one of Angela’s breasts.

“No, you enjoy yourself.” Diane replied. “I’ll just watch.”

“Suit yourself.” Maria said as she began to unbutton her light blue uniform blouse.

Up until this moment, Angela had never really felt attracted to a woman. She had been Sylvia’s lover for a weekend, that was true. While it had been fun to a point, that was more business than pleasure. She couldn’t have planned a scene like this. But now that she was in it, she found it both erotic and exciting. Even the cuffs were a turn-on. She couldn’t have imagined a set of circumstances under which she’d let any man tie her up. Captivated in more ways than the physical, she watched the Hispanic officer strip.

With slow, deliberate movements, Maria undid her blouse, one button at a time. She could feel Angela’s eyes locked on her. Sure enough, Angela watched fascinated as the view of Maria’s bosom grew larger and larger until she opened the blouse revealing a 38DD chest held in place by a heavy duty bra. The bright whiteness formed a sharp contrast with the dark olive of her skin. Reaching behind, Maria undid the clasp of her bra, causing the strap to spring loose. Only Maria’s quick reflexes kept the garment from falling off.

Maria could see the slight disappointment in Angela’s eyes. She exchanged a knowing glance with her partner who was leaning against an imaginary support. Diane glanced up and down the highway as she had done every few minutes. From experience, she knew that this road was seldom traveled this early in the morning. If the odds were against them, she would be able to spot an approaching car from miles away.

With a flourish, Maria removed her hands and finally let her bra fall free. What modern medicine had given to Angela, nature had given to Maria twofold. Her naturally dark aureole were two inches across capped by short stubby nipples.

She reached up and ran her long fingers across each breast, rubbing her thumbs across the nipples. Then she pulled one breast up as far as she could and reached out with her tongue. She was able to caress her own nipple. Then she repeated the action with her other breast.

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