The Surrogate Ch. 01The Surrogate Ch. 01


Author’s Note: These are short tidbits that I’ve shelved for some time. I will do my best to spit them out in rapid succession.


The Surrogate

First Session

“Do you think I can make you cum?”

That caught me off guard. I expected her to be strictly professional and scientific. Saying “cum” instead of “orgasm” was not what I thought would happen when my sex therapist told me about Surrogate Partners.

She picked up on it. “I am a health care worker,” she said, “but I don’t think I have to act like a cold scientist. If you prefer I will say things like ‘ejaculate’ and ‘penis’, but I don’t think that helps when you’re suffering from the inability to achieve orgasm.”

“No,” I said. “Please don’t do that.”

“I also am not a prostitute,” she said. “This is not about anything demeaning or degrading to either of us. I’ve set up this place and I practice techniques to help you maximize your relaxation and pleasure.”

“I understand,” I said. I tried to relax, but I was shaking like a leaf.

“Do you think I can make you cum?” she repeated.


“You haven’t been able to cum. What is different? From Dianne’s notes you’ve tried different medicines and relaxation techniques. Don’t misunderstand the question and get anxious, I just want to make sure that we don’t get there and it stops. We are going to overcome that, together. OK?”

“OK,” I replied. I had to be honest. “You are beautiful. I don’t see how it couldn’t happen. You are beautiful and real. I haven’t been with a woman since my wife gave me the boot over thirteen years ago, now I’m about to be with one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

“Why thank you,” she smiled. “You are quite handsome yourself. You lack confidence, however. Let’s talk about that for a second. Don’t dwell on it. Let’s focus on ways to build your confidence.”

“Well…” I hesitated. I was shaking harder than ever. “Besides you being half my age and way out of my league, I’m small. Oh fuck it, forget small, I have a micropenis. I looked up the definition Kolej Escort and I qualified.”

“Take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly,” she said in a soft voice. “You got it out. You can relax. I’m not laughing and I’m not leaving. Where did you look it up, by the way?”

“Web MD.”

“I think I need to disagree with the diagnosis,” she said. “You have three children. You said your wife didn’t like to be on top. All three were conceived in the missionary position without her knees pulled up to her ears.”

“I kept slipping out,” I said. “The first few times we tried I kept losing it. I felt so ashamed.”

“What changed?”

“I was determined. I just shoved it in as deep as I could and ground it tightly against her.”

“That sounds incredibly arousing. Can we make that our goal? To find that same determination. To build on that. To use that to the point you find self-confidence?”

She looked incredibly beautiful. I tried a few more deep breaths to relax. It wasn’t working. I knew if she touched my dick I would blast almost instantly. When I tried again on my own, however, it wouldn’t work. I would think of her and get rock hard. I would beg to cum, but it wouldn’t happen.

She lightly touched my arm. I jumped. “What were you just thinking?” she asked. She didn’t comment on me jumping. She also didn’t remove her hand from my arm. She had to feel me trembling.

I told her my concern. Verbatim from what I had thought in my head.

She lightly moved her arm up to my shoulder and started to massage it. “You would think of me to masturbate? That makes me feel good. Do you know that in High School I was teased constantly and called ugly?”

“No way.”

“Yes way. I’m not blonde. I don’t have beautiful teeth. I couldn’t even come close to competing with the popular girl’s chests.”

“Did you go to the senior prom?”

“With my best friend. No one asked me. No one. She had braces and glasses, but still got asked. She turned him down to go with me. That is a friend.”

“Are you Kuzey Ankara Escort just saying this to make me feel better?” My big mouth. Why did I just ask that?

She didn’t seem upset. “No, not at all. I want to help you see that we are all just people, each with our own stories. The most popular girl in our school went on to marry a truck driver. Not that marrying a truck driver is a bad thing, she just always talked about being a supermodel and traveling all over Europe. She tried to take her life a few months ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I never liked her, but I do hope she gets better. Imagine the therapy she is going through. You are still shaking like a leaf, but I bet you would rather be here.”

That made me laugh. She did too.

“It’s time to take our clothes off,” she said. My mouth lost all saliva.

She didn’t do it sexy. She didn’t do a striptease. She just took them off. I hesitated at first, but then did the same.

“Now lie back,” she said, “and let’s see if we can’t stop you from shaking.”

I didn’t think it was possible. Not only did she have a beautiful face, she was a goddess. Her legs were perfect. Not too slender, not too thick. I couldn’t see her ass, but I could tell it was tight. Her abdomen muscles were tight.

Her breasts were exactly as I imagined upon first seeing her. Beautifully shaped medium breasts topped with pink rosebud nipples. I wondered if it was OK to just reach out and touch them.

She did the first touching, straight to my dick! “You don’t have a micropenis,” she said. “You have a sumo penis.”

“A what?”

“You have a dick that sucks inside you when you are nervous. Probably when you are cold too.”

“But it’s still small.”

“A little bit, but I don’t think that is what made you keep slipping out of your wife. You were nervous. You started to suck it in, but were still hard enough for it to stick out. Your basic instincts were correct. Shove it in as far as you could and let her do the rest.”

“She did seem to pull me in a bit. Maltepe Escort It felt awesome.”

“Because you weren’t all coiled up and nervous. It feels good when you can just relax and let it happen, doesn’t it?” She pointed my gaze down and I was rock hard in her hand. Seeing her body next to mine and her hand holding my cock made me think I really was going to cum. Precum started to ooze out. She lifted her hand and let it run over her finger.

“Homework time,” she said and sat up.


“Don’t look so surprised,” she said, “and don’t get nervous. You were spot on. I was about to make you cum. I want you to make yourself cum. Looking at me. Then I want you to do the same thing at home, as many times as possible, over the next two weeks. You know that it can happen, because it can happen here. You aren’t too small. I happen to like small men. You are the perfect size to make me cum. What do you think of that?”

“I think I love you.”


We both laughed and then she looked at me expectantly. I took in a deep breath, let it out slowly, and grabbed hold of my cock. She was right about the sumo thing, it kept trying to suck in. I focused on her breasts. It helped.

“You like my tits. Why? They are so small,” she asked.

“Are you crazy?” I said. “They are perfect, especially the nipples.”

“So in my mind they are small, but in yours they are perfect?” She smiled the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

It was happening, finally. I had been trying to cum for three months. No losing it. No half hard attempts. This was a rock hard orgasm. A flashback to my youth.

The first blast hit me square in the face. I quickly turned my face as the rest landed on my chest and then belly. It was beautiful. She was beautiful.

I would have been able to see her if I didn’t have cum in my eyes. A towel pressed into my hand. I cleaned up my face and then looked at her while I cleaned up the rest. She started to dress.

“So just relax as you did just now and think as you did just now. Your eyes were closed as you came. Freeze the image you had in your mind. Keep it there day and night. Give in to it. Make yourself cum as often as possible.”

I sighed. Already the little negative thoughts were creeping back in. “I’ll try,” I said.

She did a perfect impression of Yoda. “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

I was now truly in love.

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