Helping The InternHelping The Intern


I hardly recognized her voice when I answered the telephone in my hotel room. ” Ohh…. Bob, I am so glad you are still up, can you come over and help me.”

Jennifer was a summer intern assigned to Nottingham Engineering Development Group. We were attending a New Products Conference where she was assigned to help me with an important presentation in the morning. Actually, I was helping her as the consultant with the grey beard who could only answer the legal questions. It was her obvious intelligence, quick wit, and commanding presence, that was going to make the difference.

Jennifer is older than the typical ” college kid ” that the company hires as interns. She had returned to graduate school after working for a few years to pay off her student loans. But at 28 years old, she is still less than half my age, and besides the company has some very strict rules about that sort of thing. ” Ahh… Jenny, it is sort of late and I am not sure that … ”

She groaned, ” No, Bob that is not the kind of help I was looking for. I am really sick. I have been vomiting all evening, and I need to get some sleep or I’ll be useless in the morning. I need something to knock me out and I was hoping you could find something at the pharmacy down the street.”

She answered my knock at her door, dressed in the bathrobe that hotel offers to guests, and when it opened a bit, I could see that she was only wearing her panties. There was the smell of vomit in the air and she had a rash that spread up from her small but firm breasts to her face. She thought that it might have been the seafood platter we shared at dinner. She explained that she was allergic to just a couple types of shrimp, that are not normally used by restaurants but this Chef must have decided to be creative.

” I can take care of the rash in the morning with an antihistamine, but now I am feeling really hyper, and unless I can relax, I’ll never get to sleep. But every time I try to take a sleeping pill, it comes right back up again. ”

She blushed a bit, which only intensified her rash and highlighted her blue eyes, and said ” do you think that the pharmacy carries a suppository with something that would help me sleep? I would normally smoke something right now, but I will be looking for jobs next month, and I want to be sure that I pass the urine test.”

I shook my head, and said ” No, I am sure that we would need doctor to order something like that, but I have an idea .. Lock the door and give me your key, so I can let myself in. I’ll be back in a few minutes”.

When I returned, I heard her in the bathroom brushing her teeth. ” Jenny, can I come in “. The door was open, and I could see that she was wearing a long tee shirt, and Gaziantep Gecelik Escort when she bent over the sink, I could see her white panties. She looking over her shoulder and said ” I hope that paper bag means that I’ll get to sleep tonight “.

I said ” yes, I think it will, but I am not sure you are going to like the idea.” I took out a bottle of wine, some KY Jelly, and an enema bag. ” All I need is a tampon, and if you don’t have one, I am sure the hotel has left a few in the vanity”.

When she looked up, I thought she was going to puke again. I explained in my most gentle fatherly voice that although her body was not going to let her keep anything in her stomach, once we got past that, her colon would absorb the alcohol. ” But Bob … she stuttered, I have never … had anything up there except for a suppository … and … “.

She blushed again, and I said ” I was married for 30 years and have children almost as old as you. This won’t hurt and I’ll try not to look.”

Just then she grabbed her stomach again and groaned ” Ok, Dad lets get this over with “.

I filled the enema bag with a liter of wine, and then added warm water to fill it to it’s the two quart capacity. The kit came with a hook and enough hose so that I could hang the bag from the towel rack. She laid a couple bath towels on the counter next to the sink, pulled her shirt up to her waist and bent over. I tried to keep my emotions under control, especially after she called me Dad, But when I gently tugged at her panties to unveil a beautiful pear shaped set of globes that I could easily have coved with my two hands, the compassion in my heart was losing out to the lust in my groin.

I spread those globes just enough to see the brown eye, and touched the opening with the tip of a very lubricated nozzle.She jumped a bit and then I placed one hand on the small of her back and inched the nozzle slowly forward saying ” now just relax, and it will be over before you know it. Are you alright?? ”

Jenny murmured ” yes, but if anyone ever hears about this, I’ll never be able to show my face at the company again.”

I said, ” don’t worry about that .. I am not sure my boss would understand either “.

I held the nozzle in place and released the flow clip. Jenny murmured something that sounded more like a purr than a yelp, so I was sure that she was as comfortable as possible. But after a few minutes, she started to complain about a cramp. I tried to reach around her waist to rub her stomach, but the towels were in the way. So, I reached between her legs, and gently massaged her just above her pubic bone. The wine was starting to relax her and when my wrist brushed against her vaginal lips, she just purred, and then to my surprised, she clenched her thighs and ground her pelvis a couple times back and forth over the palm of my hand before opening her legs again.

I was torn between doing what I wanted to do, and what I thought I was supposed to do. Granted we were both single, mature adults, but things were starting to heat up but I was sure that what might come next was not in the job description of a company intern or her supervisor. I looked over my shoulder and saw the bag go flat, and said, ” Jenny, it is almost over. When I pull the nozzle out, hold on until I can slip the tampon in place. The longer you hold the wine, the more alcohol will be absorbed.”

She slurred a bit and said ” I think the wine is doing just fine.” I slowly pulled out the plastic tube, and quickly positioned the tampon applicator up against the brown eye. Then I slowly pushed on the plunger and watched as the slim cotton plug went where it was never intended to be. When it was in about half way, I stopped and pulled the applicator off. Then I held on to the cotton and in the processes moved it around a little.

She purred, now feeling the effects of the wine, ” what ever you are doing back there, don’t stop “. She was clearly getting excited, and from the sweet, but fishy odor in the air, it was apparent that it was not just her ass that was enjoying this adventure. She must have smelled it too, because she said ” Hmmmm …. I think I am creaming. Could you wipe down there before it runs down my leg and messes up the carpet.”

That was all the invitation I needed, and I gently started to wipe her lips with a warm wash cloth, and again the lust took over, and I let my finger part her lips and maybe sink in a little deeper than was necessary. Her love tunnel was both very hot and very slippery. . ” Hmmm ” she purred, ” that feels good, but maybe that needs a plug too”.

I said,” We only found one tampon and I don’t think my finger will do the job.”

She raised up on her elbows, and looked at my image in the mirror, and smiled. ” Well I am sure you will think of something, and I know that what ever you do, I’ll never tell, but I will be very grateful.” She was certainly not a virgin, but I also knew that she had broken up with her boy friend several months ago, and apparently she had not gotten much attention lately.

When she heard my pants hit the floor, she moved her legs apart, and arched her back. When I bent down to pull my shorts away from my ankles, I saw that the lips in front of her love tunnel had swollen with blood and opened slightly so I could see deep into the pink cavern. I stuck out my tongue as far as I could and licked her clitoris while trying not to stick myself in the eye with the tampon that was half buried in her brown eye.

She moaned, and then I heard a giggle. ” Hey Bob, the plan is to stop the stuff from running down my leg, not turn my pussy into a gusher “. It was times like this that I was happy that after our second child, I decided to pay a visit to the peter plumber.

The sight of her tanned body covered only with a tee shirt, draped over the counter and her small butt just inches from my groin was enough to give me an erection like I had not experienced in years. I slipped the head of my penis between her lips and slowly pushed in while still keeping a firm hold of the plug holding back the wine in the other hole. She started to rock back and forth and that caused the tampon to move in time with my thrusts . She looked up into the mirror, and the intensity of emotion on her face nearly drove me wild but I was determined to try to hold back so that we could keep this adventure going as long as possible. Soon, sweat started to run down by face, and I could see that her shirt was drenched. Her panting turned into moans, and I could feel that wonderful ache deep in my belly as my semen started to make a final dash down my pipe.

No … we did not hit the bell at the same moment, in fact she started bucking first, and the face I saw in the mirror reminded me of someone who was on the downward slide of a roller coaster. Her convulsions were so strong that for a moment I was sure that we were in danger of spraying wine all over the bathroom. But I held on as I felt my own intensity peak and after my last few thrusts, which are really involuntary spasms, I slowly pulled out. Still holding on to the tampon, I helped her stand up, and then as I cradled her in my arm, we moved over to the toilet. She let loose with a gush, stood up and then sat down again for another gush of wine and what food had been digested that afternoon. I said, ” Well you are clean down there, but I think we could both use a shower “.

We held each other as the warm water poured over our heads and then we explored each others bodies with mounds of smooth silky soap suds. I kissed her bright pink nipples and she dug her finger nails into my back and then reached down and played with my penis and my scrotum. I knelt down in front of her and held the cheeks of that beautiful ass in my hands while sucking her clitoris until she came again with a violent shudder. The wine was really starting to get to her now, so we rubbed each other down with fluffy towels and slipped naked under cool cotton sheets. I held her spoon style until I heard her gentle snoring and quietly got out of bed and after dressing, locked the door behind me and went down stairs to the bar.

After a couple bourbon on the rocks, I went to my room and shortly dreams of things that will never happen again greeted me as I fell asleep.

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