Heather – Part 9Heather – Part 9


Oh my God, Heather’s coming home, I just heard her reveal, on our little, voyeuristic webcam.I quickly rolled off of Heather’s bed and made my way back to my bedroom. I hurried into my bathroom, starting the shower. While I waited for the water to get hot, I went into my closet and retrieved my digital camcorder and tripod. I placed the camera a few feet away from the side of the bed, framing most of my bedroom, including my door. Then I ran a cable to the TV, and changed the input to display the camera’s output. Satisfied with my positioning of the camera, I went into the shower.I didn’t really know what Heather’s plans were, but I knew we would be together in my bed. And if tonight is the only night we do this, I am going to have a very high-quality recording of it, I thought. I washed the remains of my spent enjoyment off my body, freshened my shave on my face and chest, then exited the shower. I brushed my teeth and swished some mouthwash, before returning to my bedroom.I didn’t want to just be laying in bed when Heather got home. If the night was going to be special, I wanted it to play out as a story on video. So I decided to dress as if I had just come home from work – dress slacks, collared shirt, sport coat, and loafers. I spritzed on a bit of cologne and finished preparing my bedroom. After making güvenilir bahis the bed, I placed a few candles on each nightstand. I turned the overhead light off and made sure the camera picked up enough light from the bedside lamp.When I heard Heather’s car pull into the driveway, I hurried to the kitchen to pour a glass of bourbon. I wanted her to see me outside of the bedroom, dressed, to let her know I was expecting tonight to be more eventful. “Whoa!” Heather said, as the front door closed behind her. “Don’t you look great!”I smiled and held up my glass of bourbon, “Just thought it would…””No!” Heather interrupted, walking over to give me a hug. “I love it! I need to shower, obviously. And then I’ll get changed too,” she finished, quietly.”OK, Honey. I’ve um…set up the REAL video camera in my bedroom. I didn’t feel like moving your webcam back and forth,” I said, nervously laughing.”Oh!” Heather said, raising her eyebrows. “I guess I need to put on something…special.” Heather smiled big, turned, and headed to her room. My sexy daughter knew I would watch her walk down the hall. So she playfully exaggerated her hip movements, quickening my pulse.By the time I got back into my room, Heather had already started her shower. Is it really possible for her to be as eager as I am about this? I questioned. güvenilir bahis siteleri I used the remote for the camera to zoom in on the doorway, checking the output on the TV. There wouldn’t be any more direction after Heather entered the room, but I wanted a close-up when I opened the door.I resisted the urge to watch Heather get dressed, wanting to be surprised. The shower went silent, and I swore I could hear my own heart beating. I had seen my daughter’s naked body. I had watched her boyfriend cum on her tits. And I had made a video of myself jacking off while CJ fucked her. But this moment of anticipation was the most intense and exciting thrill I could ever remember having.I took a sip of my drink, noticing my glass was almost empty. So I went to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle. As soon as I returned to my bedroom and closed the door, I heard Heather’s heels clicking a slow, sexy cadence down the hall.Gentle knocking on my door. I checked the TV one more time, making sure it would capture the moment, then I turned the knob. There was my beautiful, sexy daughter, wearing a white blouse, school-girl miniskirt, and heels.”Wow,” I whispered. “You look so beautiful, Baby.”Heather looked into my eyes, as my lust burned holes in her beautiful face. She gave me a little smile, accepting my desire, iddaa siteleri then studied our surroundings. “Oh, I love the candl…” Heather began to whisper.I interrupted her, by placing my hands at her waist, bringing her attention immediately back to my face. My hands traveled slowly up Heather’s body, generously feeling the sides of her breasts, before coming to rest under her arms. I gently pulled her closer, keeping her gaze locked on mine. Heather closed her eyes and quietly moaned, through parted lips, as I brought my mouth to hers.I had intended the kiss to be a slow, sensual act, a memorable moment – our first kiss, captured on video, to be remembered forever. Heather plunged her tongue past my lips and began aggressively licking and probing my mouth. Her moans, and obscenely loud kissing noises created a much more passionate moment.My hands were no longer being satisfied at Heather’s side. They reached hungrily to the front of Heather’s tits, grabbing, squeezing, massaging. After a minute of hard kissing and feeling up my daughter’s breasts, I stepped back, both of us panting.”I have been wanting to do that for so long, Baby,” I admitted.Heather took a few rapid breaths, held my gaze, and simply said, “More.”I immediately stepped into another kiss, feeding one hand on Heather’s tits. I supported her back with my other hand, and pushed her against the wall. Then I used both hands to pull Heather’s blouse open, ripping the buttons off. Heather groaned into my mouth, as our lips and tongues competed for dominance in each other’s mouths.

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