Pegged at Closing TimePegged at Closing Time


It was the end of the night and only the three of us were left keeping the dream alive. We had made our way through the trendy bars on the waterfront with a group of friends, but they had all given up by now and headed home. So we decided to close out the night at Hurricane Betty’s, a dive bar around the corner from Jenn’s apartment. It wasn’t particularly nice, or clean, but the bartender poured strong drinks and no matter how many we had, it was an easy stumble back to Jenn’s place.

“Why don’t you pour yourself one too Deb, it’s closing time after all?”

“Two girls aren’t enough for you Johnny, you’re going to try to get me liquored up too?”

My wife, Kim, feigned outrage next to me and her friend Jenn leaned forward over the bar with a look of sincere concern on her face, “I’m sorry Debbie, the orgy is already fully booked tonight. If you want to come, I’d to have to bump someone else off the list.”

“Damn, just my luck.” She looked down to bar at the few solitary regulars finishing their drinks, “Any of you sad fucks able to keep it up long enough to earn a free drink the hard way?”

A few heads turned our way, but no takers. Deb shook her head, “Good thing I didn’t put away my dildo this morning.”

She put another shot glass on the bar and filled them with the fast, steady pour of someone who had done this a few times. The bottle disappeared and she came back with a handful of lime wedges that she placed on the rim of each glass. Deb was wearing a tight, leather-like halter top that barely contained her breasts, and I couldn’t help but admire them as she leaned over the bar. She didn’t take any shit, but Deb had a pretty tight body. I bet she would be fun to fuck, as long as you didn’t piss her off.

Jenn raised her glass, “To the next orgy, when Debbie returns her RSVP on time!”

I knocked back the tequila, sucked on my lime, and enjoyed the warmth of the booze on its way down. Deb wandered down the bar to make a last round of drinks for the few other customers who were left. I noticed how her tight jeans clung to her ass like they were painted on. Maybe we should get her to come back to Jenn’s place sometime.

I felt Kim run her hand along my thigh and lean in to whisper in my ear with subtly of someone who has been drinking tequila all night, bahçelievler escort “Let’s get going, I’m ready to fuck and I don’t want to wait any longer.”

I felt Jenn’s warm breath on the other side. “Me too.” She lightly nibbled on my ear lobe as her hand slid up my other thigh to rest on my hardening cock.

That was my cue. I leapt off the barstool to fish out my wallet and pay the tab as Kim grabbed her bag. I followed her down the back hallway past the bathrooms, but when we got to the door, she grabbed me by the belt and pulled me around the corner to a little storage area.

“I can’t wait till we get back to Jenn’s, let’s fuck here.” She still had a firm grip on my belt, like she was worried I was going to try to make a break for it. Kim pulled me in close and kissed me hard with the desperation of someone who had to fuck that very second.

“You guys didn’t forget about me, did you?” I felt Jenn’s hand on my should and she turned me around to face her. She looped her arms around the back of her neck and kissed me as I grabbed her ass, pulling her into me.

Then she reached down and started to undo my belt. I brought my hands up and pawed at her breasts before pulling her shirt down and letting them free. I held her by the back of the neck with one hand while I lifted one of her breasts with the other. Her nipple was already hard as I took it into my mouth and sucked, biting and tugging on it just a little bit.

Jenn let my pants fall to the floor and then pulled down my boxers. She grabbed my hard cock and tugged on it while she whispered in my ear. “Are you ready to fuck, right here in the back of the bar?”

I was so excited I grunted in response, unable to fully form any words. Then I felt Kim hold me by the waist as she probed my ass with the cold, wet fingers of her other hand. I started to turn towards her in surprise, but Jenn tugged sharply on my cock and slapped me hard across the face.

“Get back here!”

I heard Kim’s voice over my shoulder, “Jenn should have said ‘Are you ready to get fucked, right her in the back of this filthy bar?’ I’ve been carrying this strapon around in my purse all night, just waiting till I got the chance to sink it deep into your ass.”

As Jenn played with my cock bala escort and kept my attention focused on her tits, Kim rubbed her lubed fingers back and forth across my asshole before sliding the first one in. I felt a sharp twinge at first, and then her finger was buried deep in my butt. Kim didn’t wait long before she added a second one and curled them both up towards my prostate. She pushed them deeper into my ass as she massaged my magic button and I could feel my dick start to drip in Jenn’s hand.

“Your cock doesn’t lie, I can feel how hard it is and I know how excited you are. Look me in the eyes while you take your wife’s cock in your ass?”

I felt the head of Kim’s dildo press against my ass. I bent over slightly to give her a better angle and pushed back with steady pressure as the head of her cock worked it’s way into my hole. I gasped as it forced its way in and then quickly sunk all the way to the bottom. Kim paused for a second and gave my ass a minute to calm down and adjust to the thick dildo that had invaded it.

“Good boy.” Jenn kissed me and then dropped to her knees. She held my dick at the base and then took it into her mouth, working her lips up and down the shaft as Kim started fucking me in a steady rhythm.

I reached out and steadied myself on a couple stacks of boxes. There I was, standing in the back hallway of the bar getting pegged by my wife while her best friend sucked my dick. It felt fucking incredible.

Kim pulled back on my hips as she thrust her strapon forward, pulling my cock back out of Jenn’s mouth before the momentum of her hips pushed me back in. Jenn held tight on the base of my cock, rubbing the shaft with her other hand as it slid back and forth in her mouth.

Then she let go and held me by the back of my thighs. Kim slammed her cock into my ass hard, thrusting me forward as Jenn swallowed the length of my dick. She held my cock deep in her throat with her lips pressed against my body as Kim kept fucking me. I could feel her licking my balls with her tongue while she did it. God damn she was talented.

I was shocked back to reality by the crash of a box of empty bottles. I looked up and Deb was standing a few feet away with her hands on her hips enjoying the show.

“God damn it Johnny, balgat escort why do you get to have all the fun?”

Jenn pulled back off my cock and held it as it waggled in the air, dripping salvia. She looked at Deb and smiled before turning back to my dick and attacking it with even greater intensity. Jenn had an audience now so she was going to put on a show.

Deb didn’t leave. She leaned back on a stack of boxes and slid her hand down the front of her jeans. She started rubbing her clit while she watched the girls work on me faster and faster. She pulled her top down and let her heavy breasts spill over the top of her shirt, pinching and pulling on her nipples as she watched us fuck.

Soon it was all more than I could take. Kim could sense I was getting close and slammed her cock deep in my ass in one last thrust, and held it there while my cock started to erupt. Jenn kept the head of my dick in her mouth while she furiously jerked me off and squeezed my balls.

It felt like I was cumming forever, but eventually I finished and Jenn gave my cock a last couple squeezes, milking out every last drop. She stood up and it was clear she was holding my cum in her mouth. It was so full that some dribbled down her chin.

Deb was still watching us, with her pants unbuttoned and moaning as she furiously rubbed her clit. Jenn turned and walked over to her, held Deb by the back of her head and kissed her. It was a long, passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined and the cum Jenn had been holding in her mouth flowed into Deb’s. With their lips still locked together, Deb’s body started shaking as her orgasm shot through her in waves.

We stood in silence for a moment, all of us out of breath and savoring the moment. I leaned back and sat on a stack of boxes next to me with my pants still at my ankles and my wet cock flopping around in front of me.

“Alright, let’s stop fucking around and get back to Jenn’s so we can start the fun.” Kim grabbed her bag and walked to the door. She hadn’t bothered to take off her strapon and her thick rubber dildo hung down between her legs as she walked outside. The rush of cold air woke me up and I started getting dressed so I could catch up to Kim.

“God damn, you really are a bunch of perverts. I fucking love it.”

Deb was still sitting on her stack of boxes with her pants undone and one tit hanging out of her shirt. As we walked by her towards the door, Jenn stopped and kissed her again.

“If you thought this was fun, you should come back to my place and see all the other trouble we are going to get into tonight…”

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