Hardcore Holiday Ch. 05Hardcore Holiday Ch. 05

Big Tits

Once dressed the guards led me through a series of corridors, before leaving me in front of a large wooden door. Slowly I opened the door, only to be blinded by the intense sunlight from outside, and stepped through, and back outside.

I looked around for a few seconds, unsure of my whereabouts, when I saw a sign pointing towards the town and headed in that direction, looking over my shoulder at what had been my prison one last time. As I walked towards town I thought about all the things Franco had said, wondered why he wanted me to go to reception and why he had gone like he had over, Mikey, Jackson and me.

The walk back to my hotel took almost an hour and by the time I arrived I was ready for an ice cold beer as the sweat was pouring from my head and headed straight to the bar, not the reception, like Franco said. As I waited for the girl behind the bar to get me a drink I looked toward the pool, and spotted the black guy that I had fantasized about since the first time Mikey, Jackson and I saw him and all the thoughts I had when I first saw him came flooding back.

Without Mikey and Jackson around and not having a clue where to find them, or how to begin looking, I felt guilty thinking of the things I wanted to do with him but I just couldn’t get the thoughts, or images of his hot, naked, muscular black body out of my head.

The bar girl coughed behind me, bringing me back to reality, and I turned around to see her holding out my drink, and a piece of paper.

Taking just the drink the girl insisted that I also took the paper, before she turned away and went to serve someone else. Taking a large swallow of the ice cold beer I unfolded the piece of paper and stared at it.


You were told to go straight to reception, not the bar.


I crumpled the paper up and looked around, expecting to see Franco watching me from somewhere, but no-one was staring towards me or doing anything untoward. A couple of people were on mobile phones, the rest were laughing and joking among each other, everyone except one person.

Sitting alone, for a change, was the object of my fantasy. I stared at his muscular torso before finishing my drink and heading to reception like Franco had instructed.

“You must be Dan?” The woman behind the reception said as I approached.

“Yeah that’s me.” I replied.

“Here’s the key to your new room,” she said.

“What new room?” I asked.

“Franco said you have to be looked after,” she told me.

I took the key, looked at the room number and walked away, wondering what the fuck was going on. All I could think was that Franco, Mikey and Jackson had problems with each other and I was just a pawn in whatever game they were playing, and until I found the others I would be none the wiser.

Walking around the complex I had to ask a couple of staff members before I found the room I was looking for. I slipped the key into the lock and pushed the door open, slowly, before walking in and standing in the doorway. I was stunned to find myself in a large, open-plan room that looked as though it had only just been built.

I had never seen a room like this, other than in magazines, and slowly started to walk round. The main living Escort Bayan Gaziantep area consisted of a large black leather three piece suite, laminated flooring, a couple of black display units containing erotic ornaments, a state of the art hi-fi and large, at least 50 inch, HDTV. The kitchen area, which was separated by a smoked glass partition, had all the latest top of the range kitchen equipment in, and the fridge/freezer had been fully stocked with all sorts of food.

Continuing my exploration I headed towards the bedroom and couldn’t believe the amount of money that must have been spent on the place. Lush dark red carpet had been professionally fitted, the walls were adorned with erotic artwork, there was another large TV at the end of the bed, and there were two piles of DVD’s either side of the screen and the four poster bed itself was what could only be described as awesome. It was massive, the biggest bed I had ever seen, and each of the posts had been intricately hand carved with erotic designs of couples, both straight and gay/lesbian in all sorts of sexual positions.

There was a door to the right of the room and, on opening it, found myself standing in the bathroom, decked out in all chrome fittings.

I walked back to the living room area and slowly sat onto the sofa, unable to understand why Franco had put me in this room, which was fit for nothing less than royalty, and how he could manage to come across as two completely opposite people. On one side he was the most perfect male I had ever met, and someone who I could happily spend the rest of my life with, but then there was the bitter twisted side to his personality, the side that had kidnapped me, Mikey and Jackson and made outrageous demands from me.

I rose from the sofa, and was about to begin looking for Mikey and Jackson, when I spotted an envelope poking out from behind one of the ornaments. Picking it up slowly I turned it over in my hands, looking at my name written across the front, before opening it cautiously.


I hope you like your new accommodation. Hopefully everything you require has

been provided for you, check under the bed, and you will enjoy staying there. Soon

I shall explain to you the reason for my doing what I have and, hopefully, you will


I wish I had been able to be there to greet you as you entered but, unfortunately, due to

business that needs attending to you I was unable to be. However hopefully you will be

there at eight o’clock tonight when I shall have a surprise for you, but unfortunately once

again the surprise won’t be me, but I shall come and explain everything to you tomorrow.

Enjoy your room and see you soon.


Putting the letter back in the envelope and placing it on the arm of the sofa I headed back to the bedroom, to see what he had meant by ‘look under the bed’.

Entering the bedroom I bent to look under the bed, and saw a large box placed under there. Getting on to my knees I reached for the box and pulled it out, surprised at how light it seemed to be for such a large box. Once again my name was emblazoned across the top and I lifted the lid cautiously, to find it full of sexual toys and clothing, all brand new. There were a number of different sized dildos, anal vibrators and butt plugs as well as leather thongs, some with studs some without, whips, paddles, chains, handcuffs and blindfolds. I lifted the box onto the bed and took each item out individually, examined it, and then placed it on the bed next to the box.

Once I had checked over everything I had the beginnings of a massive erection growing inside my trousers and, after picking up one of the vibrators, put everything else back in the box, pulled my clothes off and climbed onto the bed. The cool silk sheets felt so good against my naked body as I lay there, my cock fully erect, and I wrapped my hand around the base of my shaft and began to stroke myself slowly, closing my eyes as I did so,

With my eyes closed I turned the vibrator on and ran it over my stiff nipples, down along my taut stomach and over my balls, towards my tight ass.

Even without lube I was that turned on that I began to push the vibrator against my hole, slowly inserting it, until it was half the way in. Holding it in place, the vibrations sending shivers through my whole body I started to wank faster, before pushing the vibe as far into my ass as it would go. I let out a loud gasp as soon as it touched my g-spot and wanked harder than I ever had, desperate to feel the release from my tight balls.

It didn’t take long and I felt my balls tighten and, after pushing the vibe hard against my prostrate and gripping my shaft tightly, I felt my cock twitch. I opened my eyes and looked down my body, just in time to see the first stream of cum erupt from the end of my cock and splash against my chest.

Gripping my cock tightly I stroked slowly, milking every last drop of my thick, white milky cum from my cock, leaving my chest covered. Once I was completely spent I let go of the vibrator, leaving it still turned on and embedded deep in my ass, and ran my fingers through my own juices, scooping them up before lifting my fingers to my mouth and sucking them clean, swallowing as much as I could, all the time thinking of Franco, Mikey and Jackson and unable to understand why the four of us couldn’t all get together, with the poolside hunk, for a night of frenzied oral and anal fucking.

Glancing at my watch I saw that it was almost seven o’clock and, according to Franco’s letter, my surprise was only an hour away. Sitting up slowly, making sure that any cum still on my body didn’t drip onto the bed I stood up and headed towards the bathroom. Although I had no idea what my surprise was I wasn’t taking any chances and decided to look my best.

Standing in the shower, as the water cascaded down over my body, I tried to think what Franco’s surprise was going to be, but other than the thought of him turning up himself I couldn’t think of anything else. I just guessed it really was going to be a surprise.

Climbing out of the shower I dried myself off and went back into the bedroom, slipping one of the new, studded thongs on, just in case it was him and then dressing in jeans and a t-shirt. Once dressed I headed to the living room and sat on the sofa. Looking at the switched off TV I got back up, went and turned it on and picked up the top DVD to see what it was.

There was nothing written on the disc so , needing to know, I slipped it into the player underneath the TV and went and sat back on the sofa and waited for the film to begin. The screen flickered and I relaxed against the back of the sofa, there was still twenty minutes to go before my surprise, and got ready to watch the start of whatever film I had inserted into the DVD player.

Suddenly the screen burst into life and I found myself staring at a room, very similar to the one that I was sitting in. The camera panned out to show a male, wearing just tight shorts walking into the room towards the sofa. The bulge in his shorts was obvious and as the camera swung around to the front of the sofa I could see why. Lying on the sofa was another male, fully naked, stroking his hard cock. The other man walked over to him and, without saying a word, dropped his shorts and released his cock inches from the man on the sofa’s face.

Without uttering a word, or stopping with his wanking, the man on the sofa sat forward and opened his mouth, as the other man guided his rock hard cock between his lips. The action on the screen was having an effect on me and I began to stroke my own cock through my jeans as I watched the man on the sofa give oral to his friend, I was just about to release my cock and make myself cum, yet again, when there was a knock on the door.

Cursing under my breath I stood up, straightened my cock as best as I could and went to open the door, not even bothering to stop the DVD. As I opened the door I almost fell back in shock. Standing there in tight shorts and t-shirt was the black guy from the pool.

“You must be Dan,” the man said looking my body up and down.

“Y-Y-Yes that’s me,” I stammered. “W-W-What do you want I’m expecting something?”

“I know you are,” he replied. “And I am the something that you are waiting for.”

“H-H-How do you mean?” I asked unable to take my eyes from the bulge in his shorts.

“I was asked to stop by and make sure you had settled in okay,” he told me before adding. “By Franco.”

“He had noticed the way you stared at me by the pool and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” he said. “And the name’s Anthony by the way but you can call me Ant.”

“Y-Y-You best come in,” I stammered and stepped back from the door.

As he walked in he reached into the top of his shorts and pulled out a letter, which he handed to me. After offering him a drink and getting one for myself I opened the letter and began to read.


I hope you like your surprise. I have seen how you look at him by the pool.

Make the most of him and enjoy your night, he will do anything you ask.


I looked at the letter again before glancing at Ant, and wondered what Franco had done to get him to agree to his terms.

“Is this right?” I asked him.

“Yes Dan it is,” Ant replied. “Great film by the way.”

I stared back at the TV and saw the two men on screen in the sixty-nine position, sucking each other’s cocks furiously.

“Maybe we can try that later,” Ant said.

“What the fuck is going on,” I said. “Why are you doing this?”

“Apart from because I have seen how you look at me you mean?” Ant said.

His reply shocked me, he had noticed me after all, and now he was here with me and we were all alone.

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