Their First Time

It was the annual neighborhood Halloween party and young Sammy was finally getting to stay for the adults only portion of the party. The last two or three years he and his friends have been hearing the rumors that the party always degenerated into a full scale orgy. There are about thirty houses and families that usually attend the huge costume party every year. So when you count all of the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, kids, a few other relatives and some friends you have a possible two hundred or so guests that usually showed up.

Sammy and his two closest friends, Wilber and Fred, all were eighteen this year and were the typical horny teenagers. There were about ten or so young girls their age that the three of them thought were really hot and four of the mothers on the block that any of the three friends would give their left nut to have sex with. Three of the four mothers belonged to the trio and the fourth one lived in the house between Sammy and Fred.

Wilber’s mother, Nancy, was thirty eight years old and on the slender side. In a bikini she looked good enough to eat. A fantasy all three boys have had dozens of times. She came to the party as Peter Pan. Fred’s mother, Andrea, looks a lot like Nancy, only a little taller and has better legs. Again their fantasies had her shapely legs wrapped around them more than a time or two. She came to the party dressed as a French Maid. Sammy’s mother, Lucy, was thirty six years and looked like a twin to Ann Margaret, except she had much bigger breasts. All of the horny youths had sucked those tits raw more than just a few times, in their night time fantasies as they jacked off. She came as the Devil. Her red sheer body suit did nothing to hide her fantastic body. Finally there was Wanda, stunning forty year old Wanda. She looked so much like Linda Carter she was always getting asked for her autograph. So, naturally, she came as Wonder Woman.

The three horny teenagers were standing together in a corner and each was sipping a beer. The state they live in allows drinking at eighteen. By midnight or so the four sexy women had had plenty to drink and were feeling little or no pain, horny as hell and very mischievous. All four of them had on an occasion or two had strayed from the straight and narrow. It looked like tonight that might occur for all four of them again. Sammy’s dad had been following Wanda around like a puppy dog in heat and she was encouraging him as well. Finally, the two of them slipped out the back door and found their way to the pool house in the far corner of the yard. Almost as soon as they were inside the small changing room Wonder Woman had both breasts in Big Sam’s meaty paws and his mouth was devouring her tits like a starving man. In just a few minutes they were both as naked as they day they came into the world. In this condition they ended up on the floor in a torrid sixty-nine position.

Wilber had been chatting up Fred’s mother all night and it was about to pay off big time. Andrea and he were locked in a tight embrace on the dance floor swaying to a slow sensual Latin beat song. Wil’s hard on was pressed between them and rubbing up and down on her tight stomach muscles. She pulled his head down and whispered something in his ear. Soon, they too disappeared from the main party room. In the bedroom they found it easy to fuck doggie style. Wilber just hammered and hammered his best friend’s mom’s pussy from behind.

Fred had also been busy trying to find the combination to unlock the key to Nancy’s treasure box. He finally could not come up with anything clever so he decided to take a big chance on the direct approach and he simply asked her if she like to have sex with him. To his astonishment, amazement and total delight she agreed! Fred found himself in between Nancy’s slim legs and pounding her pussy like a runaway jackhammer. Total lust and power, no finesse what so ever. Just what the horny middle aged woman wanted.

Lucy, in an almost total alcohol induced trance, watched as her husband and three friends wandered Maltepe Escort off to have sex and wondered why she hadn’t been hit on yet. Just about that time her son, Sammy, walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her upper body. The son’s hands came to rest on his mother’s huge tits. He gingerly, lest he get rebuked, cupped and squeezed them. Lucy leaned back against her son, closed her eyes and murmured,

“Yes, yes, just like that! Hold me tight.”

At this point Lucy did not know it was her son was giving her so much pleasure. The attention to her breasts sent an electrical impulse coursing through her veins and set her pussy on fire. Sammy leaned down and nuzzled his mother on the side of the neck, another of her highly erogenous zones. She went weak in the knees. And with her eyes still tightly shut said,

“We need to take this some place private!”

As luck would have it, they were standing in front of an open door to an empty bedroom. Holding his mother by her trembling tits he walked them towards the bed. As they went forward he pulled her red body stocking off of her shoulders. When she got next to the bed Sammy pulled her costume completely free of her fantastic body. He nudged her forward onto the bed and she laid face down on the bed, with her hips slightly elevated, a perfect position for rear entry. Sammy put his face between his mother’s firm ass cheeks and licked her pussy from the rear. It was so wet he couldn’t believe it. It tasted better than any of the limited few teenage girls he had previously eaten out. Whilst he was licking his mother’s wonderful pussy he was pulling his clothes off. Once he was naked he got on his knees right behind his mother’s hips. He lined up the head of his massive dick and placed the head of it in between her dripping pussy’s lips. Sammy’s passion wracked mother groaned out,

“Take me, fill me with your penis!”

Somehow, Sammy instinctively knew he should slowly drive his dick as far in as it would go and then pause before repeating his motion. When he paused his mother whimpered out,

“Oh yes, oh yes, that feels so good, so big, so deep, god I love it!”

Sammy pulled back until only the head was held in her sheath. The he reinserted fully. Slowly he repeated the motion. Deep as he could he went, and then returned to where only the head remained inserted. Over and over he went in and out, gradually building speed. Finally his hips were nearly a blur. His mother began to have one mini climax after another. And she was getting more and more vocal. Alternating from making plain animal sounds to words of encouragement on how good it felt. Sammy had never heard or seen his mother in such a state before. Never in all of the times that he had spied on her and his father making love had she acted like this. Finally she yelled out at him,

“I’m going to cum and cum big, I want you to fill me at the same time!”

With that she exploded in a body wracking orgasm of near epic proportions. Sammy couldn’t hold back and his dick gave up the biggest load of cum he had ever delivered, blast after blast, rope after rope of his white sticky cum filled his mother’s pussy to overflowing. So much that it ran out on both sides of his thrusting dick and puddled in a large pool under his mother’s wanton body. She let out what appeared to be a last gasp of life and slowly slipped into blissful post sex slumber.

Sammy’s dick finally went soft and he retreated from behind his mother’s well fucked body. He stood and watched her for a few minutes and aloud he said,

“I don’t believe she knows who I am and that it was her son who fucked her!”

Sammy decided to keep his secret to himself. After all, somehow, he probably will be able to use tonight to get her in bed again. He wants her to suck his cock. He has watched her suck his dad so many times and she looks like she sucks a mean cock. His dad’s dick is an inch or so shorter and a little less thick than he is and his mother can deep throat all of it.

Sammy, Fred and Wilber finally caught up with Kartal Escort each other about three AM. They all tried to talk at once, both to brag to tell whom they had fucked and to see whom the other two fucked. In past discussions all had agreed that their three mothers would be the ultimate conquests. They had all promised not to get mad if one of the other two did their mother. After all, the three of them lusted after their three mothers as well as lusting after Wanda.

Fred, “Will Wilber did you get lucky with any one?”

Wilber, “Yes, as a matter of fact I did!”

Sammy, “Who?”




“I’ll be damned!”


“You’ll be damned, not mad?”


“No not mad, I’ll be damned because I got Nancy!”

Fred and Wilber turned to Sammy and said, in one voice,

“Well did you get lucky too?”


“I sure did!”

Fred and Wilber turned to Sammy and again said, in one voice,

“You lucky bastard you got to do the always fantastic Wanda!”


“Well , no actually, my dad pounded Wanda in the pool house.”

Fred and Wilber turned to Sammy and for the third time said, in one voice,

“Then who?”

Pausing for dramatic effect Sammy finally said,

“You’ll never guess.”

After going through the names of nearly every woman at the party they finally gave up and said,

” Ok, who already?”

“Well you’re not gonna believe this, but, I nailed Lucy!”


“Holy fucking shit, you actually fucked your own mother?”


“How’s it feel to do your own mom?”

“It was fantastic, much better than I have imagined it late at night pulling my dick and wishing it was her pussy in place of my hand.”


“That’s awesome! If I had the chance I’d do my mom too! Fred how about it would you do your mom?”

Reluctantly Fred confessed he would do his mom too.

Part II

The next few weeks passed in a blur for the three horny teenagers. Their fantasies became downright outrageous. Try as they might, none of them could figure out a way to get to the four women. Finally an idea began to form. They decided the path to their plan passed through Wanda. Everyone knew she loved sex and given the right circumstance she’d put out. Sammy and Fred usually took turns mowing Wanda’s big back yard. This particular weekend it was unseasonably warm and Wanda was in a very tiny thong laying out in the back yard, next to the pool, working on her tan. The boys somehow mixed up who was supposed to cut the grass this Saturday and they both went next door to do their assigned task. When they ran into each other, at the gate, they laughed it off and agreed to both do Wanda’s yard.

The unsuspecting youth’s walked into Wanda’s back yard and what a sight greeted them! She was on the chaise lounge spread eagled on her back. Her massive tits stuck up proud and firm. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds. Wanda’s legs were parted very wide and her thong had no chance of hiding a very pretty pussy. She had on dark sunglass so Sammy and Fred were not sure if she was awake or not. They just stood there, with massive erections straining to get free from their baggy shorts, and stared at her. Wanda just watched them studying her, and she got wet thinking about the two big dicks she saw straining to get free. Wanda loves sex and better than that, she loves big dicks, the bigger the better. The three of them had the same thought at the same time. How do we get to fuck each other? The boys continued to stare, still unsure if Wanda was awake. Finally she closed her legs and rolled over on her stomach. She untied the top to her flimsy suit and said to Sammy and Fred,

“I might get a very bad sunburn in this heat, could you two rub some suntan lotion on my back please?”

Quickly they were each on one side of her. Sammy grabbed the suntan lotion bottle and drizzled a trail of oil criss-cross on her back, drew a circle on each cheek of her fabulous ass and then ran Kurtköy Escort a string of oil from her ass to her heels and back to her ass. Fred started at her right ankle and Sammy started at her left ankle. As they massaged the oil into the middle aged woman’s fantastic legs they smiled at each other. They took their sweet time on her long muscular legs. By the time they reached the bottom of her ass, she was on fire. Sammy lifted his hands over the woman beneath him and began to work the oil in to her supple back. Some of the oil had rolled down both sides of her rib cage and soon Sammy was working the oil into the exposed sides of her large breasts. Fred took an ass check in both hands and massaged the oil deeply into her pliant skin. He untied the two ties holding her tiny tong in place and poured some more oil directly on her exposed pussy. She arched her hips slightly up and Fred slipped his hand between her legs and soon had her pussy completely covered in suntan oil. He slipped a couple of fingers into Wanda and she arched back at the invading hand. With Fred’s other hand he dropped his shorts down around his ankles and pointed his massive erection at the opening displayed before him. Still not a word had been spoken by any of them. Sammy silently mouthed the words to his friend,

“Go for it, if she’d wanted us to stop she’d never have let it get this far!”

Wanda’s pussy was completely drenched. Her juices were flowing like a river in the rain forest and the suntan oil made it even slipperier. Fred slammed his dick clear to his balls on the first thrust, filling her completely with the largest dick she’d ever had in her body, and that covers a lot of dicks. She raised her head and moaned loudly,

“My god that is a big dick, I love it!”

Sammy was waiting for his chance, and while she was speaking he freed his own massive tool and shoved it into Wanda’s very willing mouth. Fred was hammering away like a man possessed by demons and Sammy was forcing his dick down Wanda’s experienced throat. This was pure animal lust. The boys took Wanda like an army takes a hill. They took no prisoners. After Fred and Sammy had their initial climaxes they turned Wanda over on her back and swapped ends. She weakly tried to protest, saying they’d used her up. They paid her no mind. Sammy slipped his dick into where his best friend had stretched Wanda to a point way beyond any one had before. He is a little fatter than Fred and at least two inches longer than his friend. When he finally hit bottom Wanda exploded in another huge climax.

“No more, please no more, I can’t take it! I won’t be able to walk for a week!”

Again while she was trying to talk she had a huge dick shoved down her throat. Now Sammy was fucking her like he was a Doomsday machine. Fred loves to face fuck women. In fact he’d rather have his dick sucked than get laid. Fred was straddling the chaise lounge Wanda was on. He was fucking her tits and mouth at the same time. His thighs held her massive tits together forming a great fuck tunnel and he had a hold of her by both side s of the head. She couldn’t get away if she tried, not that she wanted to. Sammy had both of her legs up over his shoulders and was filling her on every downward thrust. Wanda went into a state of sexual overload. All she could do was cum and cum over and over again. Since the two boys had already cum once, they pounded Wanda for what seemed like a month.

Wanda was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. Fred finally got to the point of no return and he shoved all he had deep down Wanda’s throat and exploded. Just a short time later Sammy was ready to cum. He is a bit of a pervert and he pulled free just as Wanda started another climax. With the slipperiness caused by Wanda’s juices, the suntan oil, Fred’s cum his dick was supper slippery, just what was need for what he had in mind. While Wanda was in the throes of her biggest climax of the day Sammy lined his dick up with the tiny star shaped opening to her asshole. Without warning and without stopping, he invaded her seldom used backdoor passage.

Wanda’s ass was tight and shallow. All Sammy could get in was six inches. Four strokes were all it took for him to explode. Wanda had another massive orgasm and simply passed out. Fred and Sammy looked at each other and both said,

“We’d better mow the grass now.”

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