Palm Swings, Chapter 2: The Full SwapPalm Swings, Chapter 2: The Full Swap


We all got up and headed out towards the hot tub area of the resort. It was pretty quiet with only three other people soaking their bodies when we arrived. The sun had gone down by now so the area was fairly dark with only a few dim outside lights and the tub lights to guide our way.  There were three different tubs: two on the ground level and one up a few steps on this raised platform that looked out over the whole property. That tub was empty, and without even speaking we all decided that was where we were headed.Tracy led us up the stairs. I followed her, Galatea was behind me, and Jason brought up the rear. I couldn’t stop staring at Tracy’s ass as it swayed back and fourth with each step, and every so often I was treated to a peak at her pretty pink pussy when her leg was positioned at just the right angle. My cock was already hard again and it bobbed up and down while I walked. “Don’t look at my wife’s ass!” Jason shouted jokingly up at me.“Why not?” I chuckled back. “I know you’re looking at Galatea’s!”“You got that right. This ass is just perfect,” he said framing her ass with his hands.Galatea giggled and gave her ass a playful smack. Soon enough, we all made it up the stairs and hopped into the warm bubbly tub. Galatea and I sat on one side and Jason and Tracy sat on the other. The tops Tracy’s giant boobs floated almanbahis on the surface of the water and I was completely mesmerized by her  cleavage. She smashed her boobs together even more when she saw me drooling over her.“So how long have you two been in the lifestyle,” Jason asked.“About two years now,” Galatea replied.“That’s cool. We’ve been in about five,” Jason said. “Do you two full swap?” “With the right people,” Galatea said biting her lip with lust in her eyes. She was completely fawning over Jason as much as I was over Tracy.“Well then, what would you think about switching places,” Tracy asked.Without hesitation, we all shifted positions and soon we were all making out with each others spouses. Tracy was an expert kisser. Her tongue swirled around in my mouth—causing my cock to become even harder. She felt it too and reached down and gave it a squeeze.“Ohhhhh I found something,” she purred, “Shit Galatea, your husband has a nice cock.”“Oh I know,” she purred back, “Your husband’s is wonderful, too.”I looked over and could see her gently pumping Jason’s cock with both hands. “It’s really big,” she added somewhat shocked as it continued to grow with each passionate stroke. His cock head was poking out of the water now. He roared like a king and I think the entire resort could hear. I followed suit and soon almanbahis yeni giriş had my face buried between Tracy’s perfect tits. I sucked on her nipples like a baby and they hardened between my lips.Jason pulled himself up onto the edge of the tub to give Galatea a better angle to work his cock and in what seemed like half a second she had him in her mouth again. She looked up at him with her sexy blowjob eyes, and he threw his head back and let the wave of ecstasy wash over him.Tracy whispered into my ear, “Why don’t we head back to our room? I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I saw you and your beautiful wife walk into this place.” She kissed me, looked deep into my eyes, and then bit down on my lip.“Fuck yes, girl,” I whispered back, “I can’t wait to feel that wet ass pussy on this dick.”Tracy popped up,“We’re taking this back to the room. You want to join us?”Galatea took Jason’s cock out of her mouth with a pop. She looked up at him longingly, “What do you think? Do you want to fuck me? Is this ass big enough for you?” she teased.Jason could only nod in unbridled excitement and hopped out of the hot tub. Tracy and Galatea followed and I trailed behind watching both of their bodies bounce with delight as they hopped down the stairs and down the corridor while playfully smacking Jason on his nicely toned almanbahis giriş ass. Jason put in his room code and we all filed into their room. We left the door open with the hopes that an audience would gather when they heard all the fun coming from inside.Both of the stunning goddesses hopped on the bed and began making out with each other like horny teenagers. They eagerly explored each others bodies with their hands and mouths. Their hair intertwined and it was as if they became one mythical sexy creature. Jason’s big cock stood straight up in the air as he eyed Galatea’s ass bouncing as she played with his wife. He moved closer to the bed and stuck his cock out for them to grab. I came over from the other side and offered my equally hard cock to the pair of queens. Tracy grabbed both of them and pulled us closer together so she could rub their heads together. “OH WOW!,” Galatea said with surprise, “THAT IS HOT AS FUCK!” she leaned her head in and licked the very tip of each of our cocks.“OHHHHHHH,” Jason and I both moaned in unison.“My turn! My Turn!” Galatea yelled.My wife took a cock in each hand and playfully smacked them together. “Can I put both of them in my mouth?” Galatea asked.“I don’t know, can you?” Jason replied smiling.She looked up at me. I just raised an eyebrow egging her on. That’s all she needed and soon she had both of us in her mouth at the same time. Her cheeks bulged with our pulsing members. She sucked on them, pulled them out, alternated between the two, and then put both of them both back in and mouth fucked us. 

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