Genie In The Muscle CarGenie In The Muscle Car

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I had just finished lunch and headed outside to get the mail. I walked out to the sidewalk, opened the mailbox, and grabbed the contents. As I shut the door, I noticed an old Chevelle coming down the street. It was in great shape and I thought to myself: Wow, I haven’t seen one of those in a long time! I followed it with my eyes as it came down my street and, surprisingly, it pulled over in front of my driveway.The driver spoke from the window, “Hi John, how are you?” I had never seen this man before. I gave him a funny look and noticed my neighbor coming out to get his mail. I shot my neighbor a look, but the driver interrupted, “Don’t worry about him, he can’t see us.” If my first look was funny, this one was incredulous. “Come here John, I have something to ask you.” I moved closer to the car, but not close enough for him to touch me. After the weird statements he was making, I couldn’t be sure what kind of person I was dealing with.He continued, “I am aware that you don’t know who I am, that doesn’t matter. What matters is what I am. You see, I am a… well… I guess the word you would understand best, would be a genie, and I have a specialized purpose.”“And you’re going to grant me three wishes, right?” In my smart-ass tone with a smirk to accompany it.“Not quite, unless your wish is exactly the same as my current patron. YOU are the subject of someone else’s wish. I should clarify, when I said I have a specialized purpose, I grant requests of a sexual nature.”“What? Does someone want me? Who on Earth would…”?“Tara Dussell.” To myself: Oh… my… God… “She has met the conditions to receive my services, which by the way, is a twenty-four-hour fulfillment of whatever her longing may be. Tara has chosen you. If, by chance, you want to participate in her request, I will grant it for you. If you refuse, I will plant the memory in her head, and she will be none the wiser. The choice is yours.”As crazy as this conversation was, somehow, I knew every word was true. “I worked with her back in Ohio. But I was already dating my wife. If things had been different, well, things may have been different. Anyway, I’m married now…and twenty-four hours of sexual adventure? What is she going to be doing for the remaining twenty three bahis siteleri hours and forty five minutes?”“I have the ability to make this happen in the past before you ever met your wife. And you will not have to worry about being ‘too spent’ to perform. You will re-tool rapidly, you will not get sore and your drive will be strong.”“So, I would be younger in this… fantasy?” I was thinking: That may be worth the price of admission itself!“Yes, but it’s not a fantasy. This will really happen, and it will be an actual part of your past. Although you, and Tara, will also remember my intervention. So, you will recall this moment we are in right now. I will provide an unencumbered twenty-four-hour period for the two of you. For example, I will not zap you back to Christmas Day or your mother’s birthday or anything like that. And, as I said before, this will not emotionally harm your wife or children. This will simply be a part of your past before you were with your wife—no matter what age you choose to return as.”“You mean I could return as my twenty-five-year-old self?” He nodded from the window of the muscle car. “Ok, I’m in.”The next instant I found myself in my old Beretta, idling in Tara’s driveway. How I knew it was her driveway, I could not explain, but I knew it was. Just then Tara came out the side door with an overnight bag and hopped in the passenger seat next to me. She gave me a huge smile and said, “You’re right on time!” and gave me a giant hug and a kiss. She was exactly as I remembered her. Her dark hair, eyes that seemed to peer through my outward shell, and a smile that suggested she may be planning something… secret. She had on a denim mini skirt, which was correct for the current year… 1994? How did I know that? Regardless, I could not take my eyes off her smooth legs. I thought about her impressive figure as it emerged from her door and scampered to my car a second ago. I studied her. She seemed to be about the same age as me, which was not exactly in proportion, as I was a bit older than her in real life (was this real life?), but I could not disagree with her choice to come back to this particular body. Her skin was young and supple, her pert, full breasts that I had always considered canlı bahis siteleri off-limits, were straining against her shirt.She spoke again “Do you…uh…know why you’re here? I mean, how you got here?”“Yes.” I wasn’t sure if she, or me for that matter, would be aware of the genie’s involvement while it was actually happening. “He came to me and gave me the chance to be here. It’s funny, I remember that, but I also remember all the prior events leading up to this. I remember asking you to come on this trip. I know that it’s 1994—It’s very weird!”“Yes, it is. But I’m so glad you agreed to be here! Where are we going to breakfast?”I realized this was my only chance to learn certain things about her. “Is anyone else home?”“No…” I could see the knowing look on her face. Smirking and thinking, You can’t wait, can you?“Oh, I don’t ask for any… ulterior motives. It’s just that… I’ve never seen your house. Would you mind showing me around?”She showed me all around the house, her room, her pets, it was nice to see how she lived since I only knew her from work. We were standing in the living room, and I was just about to suggest that we head out when she said “Listen, I know we’re probably going to fuck like bunnies later, but I’ve wanted to suck your cock for so long I can’t wait anymore. Could I?” As she said this, she ran her palm over the front of my acid-washed jeans (1994 remember?) I answered her by touching her chin and tilting it up to my face for a deep, wet kiss.Without breaking the kiss, she pulled my zipper down and reached her hand inside my fly. By the time she touched my twenty-five-year-old dick, it was hard as a rock. We made out for a few seconds while she fondled my rod and I moved my hands up to her breasts. I said, “You know, I can’t in good conscience, let you do this with your shirt on. What if something were to… stain it?” She laughed and thanked me for my concern as I pulled her shirt over her head. “Black bra, your dress code is spot on!” I stared down into her cleavage with desire as she pulled her hand out of my pants and moved around behind me.I felt her firm tits push against my back as she unbuckled my belt. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised and elated that there was no beer canlı bahis belly for her to work around! She pulled my jeans and my underwear down to my ankles and I pulled one foot out. She stood up and embraced me with one arm from behind as she wrapped her other hand around my protruding phallus. Stroking up and down slowly she said, “I always wondered what it looked like when a guy strokes his cock. Now I know!”With that, she maneuvered around and knelt in front of me. Her mouth engulfed me as she cupped my testicles with a free hand. She bobbed her head up and down sensuously while simultaneously grabbing my ass with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. She looked stunning as I watched her perform her oral expertise. She came up for air and gave me a puppy dog look. While stroking me with her hand, she said “I want you to fuck my face.” I could not believe my ears. The innocent young Tara saying something as dirty as this just turned me on beyond belief!I widened my stance and slowly rolled my hips into her. She made little cooing sounds as I pushed my shaft past her lips and her eyes never left mine. This was too much to take, and I felt myself reaching the point of no return. I started groaning and bucking harder. She came off one more time to speak “Oh yes, cum for me! Let me have it!” Then she went back to work… just in time to catch a blast into her mouth. “Mm mm…“I felt horrible for not warning her, but she didn’t seem to mind. She brought her hand up and jerked my shaft while keeping her mouth over the head as I gushed spurt after spurt down her throat. It was just barely too much. After my last spray, a white stream of fluid escaped from her lips and drooled down onto her chest. I pulled out as she gulped down what she could. She was picture perfect kneeling there in her black bra with a splash of cum slowly dripping into her cleavage. She smiled up at me “I guess I owe you a thank you for confiscating my shirt!”We cleaned up and went out to breakfast. We talked about both our alternate reality that we were currently in and the real world in which we were cheating at the moment. We were the only two people in the world that knew what was to come in the next few years and it was surreal. Looking at her across the table, I found myself ogling her young body. Despite just having mind-blowing oral sex, I found myself getting aroused again. I interrupted her mid-sentence as she was speaking. “Take off your panties.”

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