Public Administration AppointmentPublic Administration Appointment


From time to time you have to do it. You have to deal with public administration. Next to no one is looking forward to it, but it has to be done. Because that is how world works.

The last time thirty eight year old me had to deal with it was about three weeks ago. It just was a normal formality, I had to register myself in the place I moved to. So I went down to town hall, I entered the place, pulled a number and waited. I was killing time on my phone, when only thirty minutes after I had entered the place my number showed up on the screen: “Number 69, please enter room 1036.”

Luckily I was paying attention enough to see the number popping up on the screen. So I put my phone away, and I went towards room 1036. It took me a while to find it, yes, some of those administration buildings are nothing but labyrinths, but I finally arrived at my destination.

Before I entered the office, I knocked at the door and I waited to get asked in. You just don’t storm into rooms when the door is closed. Again, a minute, or maybe two passed by. Then a muffled voice told me to come in. I opened the door, and a women in her early fifties, with a smile on her face while checking me out from tip to toe, pointed towards a chair next to her desk: “Sit down, please.”

I put down my backpack, and placed my ass onto the chair. Once I sat down, she looked at me and asked me: “So what can I do for you today?”

I told her that I wanted to report my new place of residence. She told me that I was at the right place to do so. Then she wanted to hand me some empty forms to fill out. I told her that I already had printed out some beforehand and have already filled them out. Twice, because you get one back, and one they keep for themselves. A smile appeared on her face when I handed her the two pieces of paper: almanbahis “Good. Thank you.”

A few moments I handed her the forms, she turned her attention to them and towards the computer screen on her desk. She checked if I had everything filled out correctly, then she tipped a few things into the computer, then she took one of her stamps and stamped each of the documents.

Then, without saying any word at all, she stood up and walked towards the other end of the room. There she opened a filing cabinet. Yes, public administration still uses them were I am.

She had to put my form into the bottom drawer. To reach it, she bent over. Into my direction. She even shook her ass a little bit for me. She gave me a boner. I had to stare at her hot ass. And she caught me staring at her hot ass. A smile appeared on her face.

When she was sitting behind her desk, she looked at me, with a certain smile on her face and asked me the following: “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Yes, I didn’t got the hint. I thanked her for doing her job, then I stood up, told her goodbye, she told me goodbye, then I left. A few days later I realized the error I made. And yes, I punched myself in the balls for not getting it. Stupid moron never gets those hints.

But I got a second chance. A few days later my phone rang, it was her, the public administration clerk. An error occurred, my forms got lost. Or the data got lost. Or something wasn’t filled out correctly and she realized it too late. Honestly, I can’t remember the exact reason why she asked me to come in again.

This time she gave me an appointment. So when I headed into town hall, I walked by the waiting room while throwing a winning smile towards the poor souls that were sitting in and headed direct to office 1036.

The almanbahis giriş door was closed, so I knocked. A few moments later she asked me in. The moment I saw her I froze. She was dressed to impress: Short skirt, some deep v-neck shirt, she was breath taking to look at. And yes, something between my legs got rock solid.

Again, she pointed towards the chair. Then she told me what went wrong. While bending over and offering me a perfect view down her cleavage. My mouth was watering. I struggled to keep listening. I wanted her. I wanted to taste her pussy, I wanted to stick my rock hard dick inside her.

But not now. We had to fix the minor error first. It was done within two minutes. Then she looked at me, again with a certain expression, a certain smile on her face: “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

This time I got the hind. A huge smile appeared on my face. I looked her in the eyes, then I stared at her boobs, then I stared between her legs and licked my upper lip in a certain way: “Yes, there is something you can do for me.”

Then I looked her in the eyes, in the face again. A huge smile appeared: “Yes, I can help you with that.”

Then she pushed back her office chair, she pulled up her skirt, spread her legs and revealed her tasty looking pussy: “Dig in.”

My mouth was watering. I was on my knees a few moments later. My tongue was on her pussy. My tongue was inside her pussy. She tasted great. My dick got even harder while I was eating her out. Her moaning soon was filling the room.

After some time she asked me to bring some fingers in the game. At first one finger went inside her, then a second one and then the final third one. I finger fucked her while my tongue was taking care of her clit.

More and more tension built almanbahis giriş up. Her hands went through my hair. Her hands held my head in position, her hands pressed my tongue against her clit. Then her hands grabbed my head. Her legs began to tremble. She let out one last moan. Then she relaxed. She had her first orgasm.

I gave her a short break, then I pulled her out of her chair, turned her around and bent her over her desk. Then I unzipped my jeans, I dropped them and my underwear to the ground. I set my raging hard boner free.

Moments later I slid my rock hard cock inside her dripping wet pussy. Fuck, it felt great. Her pussy wrapped herself around my cock. I gave her gentle, slow thrusts. She asked for more. She wanted me to go in balls deep. To fuck her hard. But she stopped me from going to fast.

Not even a minute later our moaning was filling the room. I enjoyed every thrust I gave here. She enjoyed it too. More and more tension was building up. An orgasm was building up inside me. Her hands were holding onto the table. Just one more thrust. And boom, my balls unloaded a nasty load deep inside her pussy. She came with me.

As soon as the tension left the room, my body collapsed onto hers. We stayed in that position for a while. Then I got off her, cleaned myself up with some tissues she had laying on her desk and got dressed again. She did the same.

Once we were fixed up again, she looked at me, I looked at her and we both knew that it was a one off. That it just was some horny driven fuck. And well, there was ring on her finger. And a picture of her husband, of her family on the desk.

So she thanked me for showing up to help her fixing the mistake, I thanked her for the great fuck we had. Then we said goodbye and I left her office. As soon as I was out of her office, a huge smile appeared on my face. What an awesome fuck.

And yes, on my way out I ran into other people. The avoided to look at me. So the were probably hearing what was going on in office 1036. But I couldn’t care less. I just had fucked a hot woman.

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