Subject: Transitions First Christmas Chapter 12 This Chapter wraps it up. I sure hope you all enjoyed this part of the story. I have ideas for a second book for this as well. It sure was fun to write I hope it was fun to read. Thanks to all of you for your kind words this year about my stories. I appreciate each and every one of them. So next week I am going to be focusing on Accidental Paradise again. I will focus on that for a good while. I have a lot of ideas for it. Thanks for reading and while you are go ahead and make a nice donaton to Nifty. Help them bring in the New Year with a bang. Eric Transitions First Christmas Chapter 12 Monday zipped by in a blur. With Eric and the boys buying so much more stuff for the kids from the Stew Pot. Eric and the boys are really excited about helping out the kids on Christmas. Eric wakes Tuesday morning. How can you wake up and still be tired he thinks. He feels the bed and sure enough there are two lumps there. He slips out of bed unnoticed as usual and heads to the restroom. He slides int eh shower to try to wake up more. They got a million things to do today and no time to waste he thinks as he scrubs his face with the soap. He hears two boys peeing and tells them. “Go hop in the shower boys. We got a ton of things to do today.” After he hears the toilet flush he is done with his shower and steps out dries off and heads to get dressed. He is feeling super festive today and breaks out a hideous Christmas sweater Joy got him a few years ago as a joke. He thinks what the hell and puts it on. He then rushes downstairs to get the boys some breakfast ready. Its fast and simple. Frosted flakes and toast. Glass of juice on the side. The boys come down and scarf it down in seconds. Eric slams his cup of coffee and they all head off to his McDonald to meet the rest of the crew. They figured delivery would have to start pretty early seeing as how they only got 5 people to deliver as one guy got sick. He was heartbroken he cant deliver. But, nothing puts you off Christmas is a vomiting elf. He and the boys walk in and they are the first ones there. They sit down and a worker brings Eric over a large coffee and the boys an orange juice. As Eric takes his first sip he sees Larry pulling in. Dressed as Santa of course. Larry is loving this so much that Eric could see the man wearing in in June just for fun. Out of the truck steps Mary Clause and Luisa Clause as well. Luisa is all smiles as they walk a crossed the parking lot. Yeah I made the right choice for her. He thinks a he sees Luisa grab Mary’s hand and Mary grins ear to ear. Yeah that little girl is loved and is going to keep being loved without a doubt. They walk in and Larry and his crew head to the counter to order. The crew worker glances at Eric and he waves to not charge them. He can hear Larry arguing with the young teen he wants to pay. He hears the boy say. “Mr Eric is right there sir. You don’t want me to lose my job do you?” “I’ve known him for years he wouldn’t fire you for that. So charge me.” “No sir. Even if Mr Eric didn’t say not to charge you I would have paid for it myself. One of the little girls you are belong is my little sister. So no sir NO SIR would I charge you. You just go sit on down and I will personally bring out your meals in a few minutes when they are ready.” Larry looks over at Eric for help he isn’t going to get. Eric just smiles. Larry just shakes his head and does as instructed. They sit down in the table next to Eric and the boys. Luisa comes and sits on Eric’s lap. “Mr Eric I am really happy now. I thought I was happy with you and the boys. But, you were right. I needed a good mommy and now I got one.” “I know you do sweetie. We still miss you around the house all the time. The boys were just saying yesterday that it sure is lonely there now without you.” “It sure is. We don’t have no pretty girl in the house now to make us be more better.” Joey says. “Yeah we aint behaving for nothing now. Poppi said we was running around like wild Indians yesterday. We said huh uh. Were Native Americans cuz saying Indian is wrong now.” Larry just chuckles at this. “Yeah sides you got to come over we got a present for you.” Joey says. “You boys got me a present?” She says putting her hand to her chest. “Sure we did. We love our little sister even if she lives some wheres else.” Alejandro says. “Well, I never in all my days.” Luisa says. Eric laughs at this. “Why you laughing at me?” Luisa asks. “Because I have never heard you say that before. But, I have heard Mary Clause say it a lot over the years.” Luisa smiles at this. As the little conversation winds down the teen boy brings over Larry and his little families food to them. “I just don’t know how you guys knew my sister just wanted a stuffed dog for Christmas. She really wants a real one but, well we cant afford that.” “I remember your sister.” Larry Clause says. He then describes her and even says her name. This one really stuck out to Larry. “Yep that’s her. Cute as can be isn’t she?” “OH yes. She is going to be something great in this world that’s for sure.” “I hope so she is really smart. I am working here to pay for her school. She was always getting picked on in the public school because she was so smart. But, at the private school she is treated great.” “If you don’t mind me asking how much does that cost?” Mary asks. “Its kind of a lot its $150 a week. But, its so worth it for my little sister. She is so happy there. She is only 6 and is working at a fourth grade level on most subjects. They let her go at her pace and she has chosen a fast one. They think she will graduate at 13 or maybe 14 at this pace. Then I will have to figure out how to pay for college for her. But, I will shes my baby sister. I would do anything for her.” Eric turns around to look at him. What a great kid doing that for his sister. Eric knows who the boy is and knows he too makes pretty good grades. With that he slides out of the seat sits Luisa next to Mary and heads to the back office. The boys start to follow him and he waves them to wait. He goes back and is reading the scholarship program flier. Just as he thought. It says tuition for school. Nothing about it having to be college tuition. Little loop holes sometimes are great. He walks back out and the boy is still talking to Larry. “Excuse me Juan Carlos right?” “Yes sir.” “If memory serves you do pretty well at school too right?” “Yes sir. I have been on honor roll since I started.” “So you aren’t dumb that’s for sure. But why are you knocking yourself out to pay for your sisters school. That seems kinda dumb.” “Shes my sister I would do anything for her.” He says defensively. “I know that and its very commendable.” Eric says putting his hand on his shoulder. “But, if a program was available to pay for it and you paid it anyway giresun escort wouldn’t that be rather silly?” “Yeah but there aren’t any I checked.” “What about the tuition program here?” “Thats for college.” “No sir its not. Go back and read it. It says tuition program not college tuition program. How long has your sister been at the school for?” “I guess a year and a half.” “Whoo boy am I going to owe you a big check to reimburse all that tuition you paid. Good lord almighty. Let me think here real quick the school year is around 36 weeks at 150 a week that’s $5400 then half again is $2700 so it looks like I owe you roughly $8100. That is of course if she got good grades every grading period.” The look of shock on his face was priceless. “Wait you mean to tell me that you are going to pay me back all that money?” “Yes Juan Carlos. I take education very seriously. I never went to college. I want all of my employees and their families to have that opportunity if they want it. I don’t care if it sends me to the poor house I want the best for my workers and their families. Now you are going to have to fill out some paperwork to get it. But, its pretty simple and the school will have to fill out some as well. But after all that her tuition will be paid every semester as long as you work here.” “I just don’t know what to say.” He stammers. ” I mean I just….” Larry grabs his hand. “Just say thank you son.” Larry tells him. He looks at Larry then at Eric. “Yes thank you thank you so much.” He says and hugs Eric. “Juan Carlos. It is my pleasure. Now you better get back to work you got a line forming.” “Mr Eric. How long until they start paying?” “If you get the paperwork filled out this week and submitted I am sure that it will be paid before the new year and your check to reimburse you will be in the next payroll I’m sure.” Eric knows it will he will see to it. A kid like this deserves it. Working to help his little sister. Sweet kid for sure. “Cool. She really wants this art set. She didn’t tell anyone but me because its so expensive. Its $89 and that’s a lot. But, I got the money in my billfold for that set at Craft World and She is going to be so happy.” Juan Carlos says grinning ear to ear. “Thank you again. Mr Eric.” He says hugging him again and racing off. “Poppi sounds like we need to go to Craft Worked before he gets off of work.” “I was just thinking the exact same thing my beautiful boy.” Eric says smiling. “I swear you two never stop.” Larry says. “Like you do Santa?” Mary asks. “No because I was thinking the same thing.” He says letting out some big Ho Ho Hos because some kids are watching him. He knows they will soon be over to talk to him but, he sees the parents are stopping them because hes eating. After he is done he sees one boy who is about 5 just staring at him. He waves for him to come over. The boy does and he says. “I am sure excited to see you Santa. I saw your helper at the mall. I know he wasn’t you cuz his beard wasn’t real like yours.” the boy says stroking this fingers through Larry’s beard. “And you got Mrs Clause with you too. I promise Mrs Clause that this year all I will put out is carrots for Santa. Cuz mommy says Santa doesn’t need cookies from everybody. Cuz its bad for him. So he gets carrots from me. That and He can give some to the reindeer too.” “That’s a good idea my husband loves carrots and vegetables of all sorts too. Do you like them?” Mary asks. “I sure do like carrots. But, I don’t like broccoli. Yech.” He says making a face. “That’s OK sweetie we cant like everything.” “Santa I know your helper gave you my list. But, what I really want the most is my little brother to be born soon. Larry sees the mom getting up and shes about to burst it seems. She is massive. “Well, I cant make sure its by Christmas. But, I know that it will be very soon. Then yo will have your little brother.” “Cool.” “Anything else you want for Christmas?” “No sir just whats on my list.” The mom has came over. “So you just want whats on your list then?” “Yes sir.” The mom smiles at Larry and nods. “I bet you get everything on your list and maybe even some things you didn’t think about.” The mom nods yes indeed. “Cool thanks Santa. Sorry I bugged you at breakfast. I know your super busy now.” “Yes I am getting everything ready for tonight is a lot of work. But, I got lots of elves to help.” As he says this the rest of his crew comes in dressed as the elves with their wives girlfriends and kids. Probably about twenty people all together. “See that.” Larry says pointing. “Its so important to us that even the elves kids help.” “Way cool.” “Yeah way cool.” Juan Carlos looks over to Eric and he says again no charge for this entire crew. They all get their food and sit down. They all talk and set up their attack strategy to get all the gifts out to the kids as quickly as possible. Once they are done eating they all take off and head to their assigned areas. They pass out all the gifts and the kids are all thrilled. Most of the parents are making them wait. But, some of the parents are as excited as the kids and cant make them wait. One boy was so excited about his new shoes he forgot about the other presents until his mom reminded him. The guy that delivered his gifts asked the mom if the dad was around at all. She sadly said no. He talked to her and he became that boys big brother immediately. He told Eric there is something special about him and he just has to help him and be around him. Eric nods and says he completely understands. They all get completed around 1 pm and Eric and the boys head to Craft World and get a really nice art set for the little girl. It was not $89 when they got done. That set was nice but another set was way nicer. He also got some canvases and some large art paper. He got some brushes that were nicer then whats in the set. Granted its for a 6 year old girl but hey why cheap out just because they are learning. He sees the boy scouts are wrapping presents for some extra money for their troop and has them wrap everything for him and the boys. Its supposed to be $5 a gift the boys tell him to give them $100 for doing it So he does because its will make the boys day. All of them his and them. They head back to the store and Juan Carlos is just getting off work. Eric catches him as he is going out the door. “Juan Carlos my boys said that they wanted to do this for you and your sister so we went to Craft World and picked up a few things for her.” “Oh you didn’t have to do that. I was going to.” “We know we wanted to. We like that you love your sister so much that you will do anything for her.” Alejandro says. “Yeah you working so she can go to a better school is so cool. So we wanted to reward you for doing something nice.” “Also I git a little something for you too.” Eric says handing gölbaşı escort him an envelope. Inside is a visa gift card loaded with $100. “You are just too much Mr Eric. Just too much.” He says hugging Eric again and then the boys. Eric and the boys hand him the gifts for his sister and see he is walking home. Its a lot of stuff to carry so Eric tells him to get in the truck he will give him a ride. “You ave done too much already. I cant.” “How bad would you feel if you dropped some of it and it broke?” He looks at Eric never having thought this. “OK But really you don’t have to.” “I want to.” They all climb in the truck. “You know Mr Eric with the money I am getting back I can get my moms car fixed. It costs $1500 to fix it and we have been trying to save. But, every time we almost have it something happens and we have to spend it. Shes been riding the bus to work and stuff. But, she doesn’t mind. Its just grocery shopping that’s really hard on the bus.” “I can imagine.” “Man is she going to be happy. I think that I may try to buy a nice van for her. That would be way better for us then a little car.” “If you are short a little you just let me know. I will see if I can help.” Eric says. “No way you’ve doe way more then enough. I know a good van a neighbor is selling and I think I will talk to them about it.” “You make sure you save some too though. Just in case something needs fixed on that.” “You know I think that I will try to get that can then fix moms car and maybe she will let me have it to drive.” He says thinking out loud. “I am pretty sure she will.” Eric says as they pull up to the apartment house they live in. His little sister is outside playing. Eric cant hear the conversation they are having but, he sees the girl smile when he gets out and she races to him and hugs him. He says something then she smiles and waves at the truck. They all wave back and head back to their house. Once they arrive and get everything situated Eric and the boys get to work making home made cinnamon rolls. “Why don’ we just make them out of the can?” Joey asks. “Cuz these are way better.” Alejandro says. “They take lots of work though.” “That’s why we don’t make them all the time. Not to mention we are making about ten times as many as usual. We are going to have a lot of people over tonight to visit and spend part of the evening with us. So we owe them a nice treat. Dont you think?” “Yeah I guess we do.’ Joey says as he sprinkles out more cinnamon and sugar on the next batch. Eric rolls it up as he finishes and cuts them and puts them in the glass pan to rise. He covers it wit ha kitchen towel. All said and done. They made 8 dozen. It was a lot of work. Around 5 Eric and the boys decide just to have a sandwich and chips for dinner. No one wants to cook anything now. Once they finish eating they start baking the rolls as they have risen properly by now. The scent in the air is intoxicating and Joey says. “They sure smell way better.” Once the first two batches are done Eric puts in two more and they continue with this until around 8 when they are done and people start showing up. First Its Ray and Lorraine with their two boys Brando and Eric. The kids all take off to go play video games of course Then Joy arrives a few minutes later then Chris and His wife and kids. Next the Brady’s arrive and before Eric knows it the house is more full then its ever been and they still have tons of room left. Finally Larry and Mary and Luisa arrive. Everyone is helping themselves to the homemade rolls and loving them. Eric says to tell the boys too because they did most of the work on them. SO when the boys arrive they get lots of compliments on them. Everyone Eric has invited was here. He heard the doorbell and thought I wonder who that could be. He opens the door and says. “My goodness how did you two get here?” Juan Carlos and his sister smile and point to the van. “Our mom brought us in the new van.” “But, how I haven’t gotten you the check yet.” “I was telling my neighbor about it. He says e used to work for you years ago and If Mr Eric says its coming its coming. SO he gave it to me today and said pay him when I get the check.” “Really who is it?” “Benito Cruz. You remember him?” “Do I ever. I loaned hi the money to start his construction company. He said he would pay me back in six months time and he paid it back in six weeks. Hes a good man.” “Yeah he is. He is going to fix my moms car too and not charge us.. So that saves me like $750” “Yeah that’s how I remember him for sure. Always helping out somebody.” “My sister painted this for you and we HAD to bring it to you tonight. I saw you were having a party and told her we should wait. But, she wouldn’t hear of it.” Under her arm she pulls out a big piece of paper. Eric unravels it and its a picture of his McDonald’s with obviously him and Juan Carlos and her standing in front all smiling. Its really good and Eric tells her so. “Wow I cant believe you did this. I would think a professional did it.” “Yeah shes got skills for sure.” “Go get your mom and you all come in and join the party.” “No sir we would be intruding on your friends and family we cant do that.” “Oh bullshit get your mom and come in or it will make me sad.” He says and takes the little girls hand and leads he into the house to insure he gets what he wants. “So you know my name but, I don’t know yours yet.” “Its Emily sir.” “Well, Emily my artist friend please come into my home and make yourself comfortable. There are some kids around would you like me to help you find them?” “Yes please.” Eric takes her hand and walks up the staircase to Alejandro room where he is sure the kids are. Sure enough they are playing games and surprising to Eric not Video games. Of course Cindy has that influence of Alejandro where Eric does not. “Everyone I would like to introduce Emily to you. Her brother is Juan Carlos and works for me. Just look at what she painted for us to enjoy.” Eric says opening up the painting she made. All the kids get up to take a closer look. “Wow you painted that Emily?” Alejandro says. “Yeah its not very good.” “Its really good.” Cindy says. “Yeah it is.” The others chorus in. “You think so?” “I know so.” Says Eric. “Now you kids make Emily feel welcomed. Alejandro Joey make sure she gets a sticky bun in a few minutes before they are all gone.” “We should do that now.” Joey says with the thought of another in his mind. So the kids all race downstairs to get another one and some milk. Eric is just standing there left in the dust. “Well I know how I rate.” He says to no one. He heads back down and goes to his office to put the painting up to protect it from any accidental spills. He has plans for it. He is going to frame it and hang it in his McDonald’s for everyone to enjoy. He smiles and thinks göztepe escort how proud she will be when her brother tells him this has happened. He goes back and rejoins the party and sees Juan Carlos and his mother are blending in nicely wit the crowd. Its not like Eric hangs around people who think they are all special because they have a few dollars. He finds the working class are just more real and down to earth. Not feeling like everyone is taking advantage of them that their tax dollars are being squandered to help the poor. He is glad to pay his taxes. Not that a lot of it goes to the war machine. That part pisses him off. But, for the social programs he doesn’t mind at all and wold gladly pay more if asked. But, the government has a way yo spend a dollar and make it get ten cents of stuff. Where as the programs he donates to get a dollar and make it get two dollars worth of stuff. Want to balance the budget hire a poor black woman and she will cut the waste very fast. “Poppi can we bowl?” “Sure buddy just make sure everyone has shoes on.” So the kids are all going downstairs and Eric sees Juan Carlos is on his third sticky bun already. Very easy to do they are so good. That’s why he makes so many of them. No reason to not allow people to have as much as they like. Everyone is having a great time and around 9:30 people are starting to leave and Eric is busy telling them all to have a wonderful holiday and a great and prosperous new year. Soon it is just him the boys Larry and Mary and of course Louisa. Eric goes and gets Luisa’s presents he and the boys got for her. They all sit around and watch as she opens her gifts. When she sees the Bernstein bears she lets out a squeal. “Oh I love these stories.” “Poppa Larry will you read me one tonight?” Larry just smiles. “Of course I will. Your my Princessa now.” “Your silly. But, I like you that way.” “That’s good because that’s all he ever is.” Mary says. “Momma Mary your silly too.” “But, not all the time.” She says. “Dad we got a present for you too.” “I can open it tomorrow.” “No we been wanting to give it to you for days. Please can we now?” Alejandro says. “Is this a trick so you can open a gift tonight?” “No Dad I swear. But, if you let us it wouldn’t be so bad.” Joey says smiling. They race off and are back in a minute or so. They hand him a gift very obviously wrapped by the hands of two young boys. They hand it to him and he looks it over. “C’mon Poppi.” Eric smiles and starts to open it slowly like an old lady who wants to save the paper. “Daaaad.” Joey whines. Eric rips open the package. He smiles and starts crying. “You never make sense to me crying when your happy.” Joey says. “Its a good thing.” Alejandro says. What he has is a picture with his two boys smiling. Under it is a small plaque. The plaque says. To the best Father ever. “Father?” Eric asks. “We couldn’t decide on Dad and Poppi. So we went with father.” Alejandro says. “Makes sense. I love it boys thank you so much.” “We did it at the mall before Joey played.” Alejandro says. “I knew you were up to something.” He hugs the boys and gives them both a kiss. “We better get going. Because we have to set up carrots for Santa, and the reindeer.” Larry says. “My favorite reindeer has always been Bruce the brown nosed reindeer.” Eric says. “I never heard of Bruce the brown nosed reindeer.” Larry says. “Yeah sure hes just as fast as Rudolph he just doesn’t stop as fast.” “Oh Eric your bad.” Mary says laughing. “I don’t get it Poppi.” “If your flying and cant stop fast and you have another reindeer in front of …..” “Oh Your so funny.” Joey says getting it. They let Larry and his family out and they lock the door and clean up a lot of the mess. “OK boys its time for us to head to bed.” They all go upstairs and get ready for bed. The boys just climb into bed with Eric. They head off to sleep and have dreams of sugar plum faeries and brown nosed reindeer. The next morning Eric wakes up. He looks at his phone. Its 5 am. Much too early for the boys to get up. But, dammit hes excited to give them the gifts he got them. As he gets up he makes a hell of a lot of noise trying to wake them. “Poppi your loud.” “Yeah Dad were trying to sleep.” “I know. I’m sorry I will go wait for you to open up your presents then. Ill be waiting I guess.” Eric walks out the door and waits a moment. “Hey its Christmas we can finally open our presents.” Alejandro says. “I’m still sleepy.” “You can sleep later.” Then he hears a thunk. “Hey you pushed me out of bed.” “You weren’t getting up. I want to see what Poppi got us.” Eric is trying not to laugh out loud at this. He rushes to go down stairs so he doesn’t get caught eaves dropping. He heads to the kitchen to make some coffee. Not a minute later he sees two eager boys at the table. “So you woke up huh?” “Sure Poppi we want to make you happy.” “Yeah uh huh. Eric says putting a couple sticky buns in front of them. The boys tear into them and Eric gets them some milk. Once they are done the boys clean off the plates and rinse the glasses and put them in the dishwasher. Eric grabs his coffee and heads to the living room. He starts separating the boys gifts and once hes done he says. “Let the paper fly guys.” It looks like a ticker tape parade in New York City as the paper flies. He hears `Wow look at this.” “Oh I always wanted this.” “How did dad know I wanted this?” “We can play with this together later.” “Cool we can add to the Lego city with these.” After the boys open about 25 gifts each. They are finally done. The boys go to Eric and both give him a big hug. “Poppi we got you something else too.” “Yeah Dad we know you really like it. We had Mr Larry help us get it and we knew you would love it.” They hand Eric a small package. He opens it and its a small box. “Boys its what I always wanted a new box.” “Poppi.” Eric opens it and its a book. Its the Pearl of Great Price by John Steinbeck. “I love this book thank you guys so much.” “No Dad you have to open it.” Eric does and he sees its signed by John Steinbeck. “Oh my God you guys. I simply love it. How did you know this is my favorite book by him?” “Because you always say its your favorite.” “Thank you boys so very much. But, how did you get it.” “Larry Clause helped us. We gave him the money and he ordered it.” “You guys are too much. I couldn’t have asked or gotten two better gifts then what you gave me.” As they are talking about their gifts they hear the front door open. Eric shoots up since no one is to be coming in the house at this time. “You boys stay here.” He commands them. Eric races to the foyer to see who is destroying his homes sanctity. “YOU sposed to still be sleepin.” Julius says. “Yeah mon you ruined our surprise.” Julius says. “We had to leave at like 12 last night to get here today. But, we all wanted to be home for Christmas with our Family.” Rich says. Both boys pop around the corner. “Julius.” They both shout and wrap him in a hug. “Vacation was fun. But, it was time to come home. An why you build me a garage?” Eric smiles then says, “This is the best Christmas ever.”

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