Ex BFs hubby is my new loverEx BFs hubby is my new lover


Ex BFs hubby is my new loverI became close friends with my ex Tony and his hubby Richard. I had a reason to. Tony had left me for Richard when I was planning to spend the rest of my life with him and did it in a cold, matter of fact way that he felt was ok and I should simply accept. Strangely, I did. I was heartbroken but started to socialise with guys I met in Gay dating apps, I say dating, I was fucked senseless most nights by a stream of guys who’s names I struggle to remember. Then one evening, a married guy stopped his car for me and asked me to jump in. He was young, good looking and offered to run me home. It was pouring with rain and I was getting cold stood at the bus stop in my little red micro rain coat and matching thigh length stilettoe boots.I shook my umbrella and swung my legs in. The high heels made my knees rise up and the little leather skirt I had on which was invisible under the coat rode up to show my stocking tops off. His eyes were all over them. We flirted and inevitably ended up in my bed. He asked me to keep my boots on and spent a lot of time stroking them and looking down at them. Then he asked if I would stand up and let him kneel and kiss them. I had never been dominant with men but decided to go along with it as he was cute and I wanted him to fuck me.I surprised myself at how easily I fell into the role of Dominant Mistress and had him licking the soles, sucking the heels and telling him he would be sucking other mens cocks to please me, and finally had him running his tongue from heel to thigh.The real surprise was that he shot his cum all over my bedroom floor without me touching his cock.His embarrassment amused me as he scrambled his clothes together and ran to leave.”I have you on camera” I said flatly as he tried to make his excuse to escape my apartment.”You mentioned where you worked on the drive over here, for your sake I hope you were lying because I’m going to send a pen drive of you worshipping a sissy slut and cumming at my feet. Perhaps security will see it, perhaps your Manager, who knows?”.He froze, his face a picture.”Back on your knees and worship your new Mistress my little whore” I said.He hesitated, looking furtively for a camera. Then he spotted it. In the corner of my bedroom a lens pointing across the room.”pl, please” he stuttered.”On your fucking knees faggot” I said sternly.The power surged through my veins as he started to whimper but dropped to his knees.”Get back to licking my boots” I demanded and the sweet little boy followed my every order.After I had him eating my pussy for an hour I shot my cum down his throat.”All that is on camera too” I laughed, “Now you can go, and make sure you are at the bus stop tomorrow at the same time, you will drive me home every night until I say you you are relieved of your duties, now fuck off”He slunked out, broken, but sure enough was there the following evening. He tried to talk to me but I shut him up. Once we got to my apartment he parked up and was following me into the hall way.”Where do you think your going?” I snapped.”Mistress, I can’t sleep or concentrate at work for thinking about you, I’m obsessed with wanting kaçak iddaa to be at your heels” he whimpered.”Same time tomorrow” I laughed and shut the door in his face.He was my first “slave”. I still use him but have released him from his task of having to pick me up every evening.I experimented with him, learned my craft. He’s married but I have him collared and sucking cock to please me and reward him with allowing him to wank over my boots and lick it off.This put me in good stead for my plan to seduce Richard.I had seduced him in front of Tony my ex, and he had fallen for it. Tony was lost when we had a threesome, he was used to being in charge, had planned for me to swoon at his feet and be his and Richards side fuck, but I had other plans.I had wanted to use him straight away with a young boy I had given my number to in a hotel bar where I had first linked up with Richard and Tony. I had slipped the boy my number while his girl had gone to powder her nose and as directed, rang me the following day on the dot.I used him like a dog. Collared and little sissy panties on and sucking my cock like a cock hungry slut.He also shot his load without me really touching his cock and I made him lick his mess up before pointing to the camera.I was a professional Mistress. I teased them in, fussed and fawned over them, found out their names, addresses, wives names, k**s names, you name it, I found it out.Then I would switch into my real persona, hard heartless bitch, and use them for the cheating pieces of shit they were.I loved the power. I would film married men sucking each other while I fucked each of them with a big black strap on.None of them were ever allowed to have sex with me, not even a kiss once I had them on their knees.Two weeks after I had been to bed with Richard and Tony, I got the call I was waiting for.”Hi Richard”,I purred. “ Everything ok.” I asked “Sasha, I need to see you” he begged. My clit started to swell and I knew I was about to get exactly what I wanted.”Why baby?” I teased, “What’s happened honey?” “Sasha, I cant stop thinking of you” he gushed. “ I have never enjoyed sex as much as when we were in bed together, I need to see you again.” He begged”Hmm I enjoyed it too baby” I said hesitantly “With you I mean” I added”can I see you Sasha, please say yes” he begged.”I really don’t know Rich” I said stubbornly. I was going to make the poor sap beg.”Please Sasha, I can’t bear not seeing you” His voice trembled with emotion.”What about Tony?” I said flatly.”Sasha, it’s you I want, not him” he cried. My heart soared. “Got you” I thought to myself.”Richard, I hope you know what your saying” I said. I spoke harshly, wanting him to understand his role in his new relationship.”I’ve never been clearer in my thinking Sasha” he sobbed.”Ok baby” I soothed “Get a cab round to my apartment”, I gave him the address and hung up.I went and showered, put my favourite perfume on and slipped into my sexy red silk basque, stockings and panties. I covered up with my shorty red silk gown and slipped into my red six inch heels with really pointed toes.The intercom buzzed and I laughed out loud as I saw my latest prey on the kaçak bahis tv screen. I didn’t press the buzzer immediately but watched Richard stare at the red light which meant you could enter as I applied my lipstick.He buzzed again and I answered”Hi, is that you baby?” I said sexily.”Hi Sasha, it’s me” he gushed and I pressed the door release.He must have cleared the stairs three at a time as the apartment doorbell pinged almost immediately.I straightened my stockings and pulled the g string on my panties into the crack of my pussy and slowly walked to the door and opened itHis face was red and flustered, he had shaved the bit of hair he had very short and looked much better.His eyes where all over my body, I smiled as he checked my long legs and sexy shoes then my full red lips. He couldn’t look me in the eyes, he was so embarrassed.”Does he know your here baby” I said huskily as I took off his jacket.”No Sasha, he has no idea” he said. Sweat beads formed on his head.I stripped him, sucked him, let him make love to me twice and stroked and kissed him as he held me tight in my bed.”What are we going to do now baby?” I said stroking his head and kissing him on top of his bald head.”I don’t know Sasha” he almost cried as I watched his anguished face. I was his fantasy. Sex would never be this good with Tony. I knew what men wanted and would never relax or let myself become drab or boring in or out of bed. I lived for sex, thought about it every waking moment and dreamt about it when I was asleep.”No, I’m serious Richard” I said sternly. I pulled away and raised up on one arm. He looked at me blankly. Men are so fucking stupid, led and ruled by their cocks.”You know I’m going to have to tell Tony about this don’t you?” I snorted.”That cold fucking prick needs to know that his loving husband wants his ex, doesn’t he? Don’t you think he deserves to know you have been unfaithful to him?” I said, pretending to be angry.”You’ve cum in me twice, told me you love being in bed with me, love fucking me, kissing me, how you can’t stop thinking of me, you said I have bewitched you, he needs to know” I shouted.He looked heartbroken and my clit throbbed with the power of the moment.”Sasha, please?” He begged.”Get on your fucking knees” I demanded”Wh, what” he stuttered.”You heard me you fucking worm, get on your fucking knees you pathetic shit and kiss my feet””Sasha!” He said”Mistress” I replied. “You will call me Mistress from now on” I demanded.My clit bulged in my little red panties as he slunk off the bed and dropped to his knees.”Lick them and tell me you worship me” I said, sneering down at himHis pathetic body bent as he held my left ankle and cried as he licked and kissed my stiletto.”Well?” I barked”Mistress” he squeaked “Please Mistress, please let me worship you” he said”I can’t hear you, speak up, kneel up and look at your Mistress and repeat what you said” I demanded. My clit was visibly bulging with excitement. I had so many plans for this fool. He was already on film sucking my hole, licking me from head to toe and gently making love to me. What he would also see was me sneering into the camera as he sucked my nipples.I illegal bahis stood so he was in full view of the lens.”Please Mistress, please may I be your slave?” He begged.”You will have to do things that you may not like but need to do to please me” I said”I will do anything Mistress” he beggedI pushed him back down to my feet and watched, he was turning me on for the very first time as he licked and slobbered over my feet.”Pass me my phone” I sad and sat on my bed. I crossed my long legs and sat sexily so he would be transfixed by my body.”Please don’t ring him” he begged as he knelt and handed me the phone.He had already become an obedient servant, less than an hour in and he was readily kneeling and begging. It’s strange, the most macho men I know all like to wear my panties and stockings and have their holes fucked by my biggest strap on. Married straight guys are the worst. I have at least a dozen who give me money, shower me with sexy underwear and perfume just so I will fuck them after I have spanked them, dressed them up as French maid whores and let them lick my boots.”Oh I’m not ringing your husband” I said in a surprised voice.”I want to introduce you to a married friend of mine” I grinned.The phone rang twice and a voice whispered “Hello Mistress, I cant talk now, my wife might hear” “Get over here now, I have another pathetic slave here and I want amusing, I want to watch you suck and fuck each other and then I’m going to cuff you together and leave you on my bedroom floor while I sleep. In the morning you will clean, cook and perform for me again before I let you go back to your mundane lives””But Mistress…..” “Get here now or my new slave will have his first errand to do tomorrow, he will meet your wife and pass her a nice little present with hours of footage of her loving husband mincing around in a pretty pink dress and stockings and being fucked by his Mistress with her big black strap on” I hung up.Richard sobbed as he licked my feet, my orders were being followed fully even though his little life was now being rocked by his hubby’s ex lover.The intercom buzzed and I made him crawl and lick my feet as I strolled over to see my little sexy boy, scared witless looking into my lens.I pressed the door release and walked to my bed.”Let him in, undress him and then hold his hand and lead him in here” I said “ Understand?” I snapped”Yes Mistress” he answered dutifully.I positioned myself on the bed so I looked delicious.I opened my side drawer and took out the nine inch black strap on and laid it at my feet.I smiled as my two, totally owned pathetic slaves stood naked, cocks erect gazing lovingly at me.Richard started to weep as he saw me point my iPhone at him and laugh into it.”Of course I know where he is Tony” I laughed.”He’s here with me and my boyfriend, and, wait, I will ask, would you like to stay with us tonight baby?” I sneered.Richard cried but nodded at me. “Yes please Mistress” he said.Tony started to say something but I cut him off.”Kiss for me slaves” I said and stood up tapping the strap on across the palm of my hand. “Then you can both kneel and fasten this onto me” I laughed. “Yes Mistress” they said in unison.”I wonder what your wife will say “ I said to the boy as he sucked the large rubber cock.I started to dial and he started to weep. But he carried on stroking my thighs and sucking his reward.

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