Especially for Him Pt. 02Especially for Him Pt. 02


Fresh from the bubble bath, Jennifer dried off and then sat in front of the mirror. She applied light make up, added a dab of perfume in all the right places and worked her hair into a playful, sexy style. Suddenly laughing at herself as she realized there was no way he could possibly enjoy the Victoria Secret scent, she rationalized that all that mattered was that she felt sexy for him. Smelling great was a part of that too.

Taking one last glance in the mirror, Jennifer had to admit that she looked great for her age. In truth, she knew she looked great for most any age. Blonde, blue-eyed, busty with amazing curves, Jennifer knew how to catch the eye of most men and even some women. She always looked beautiful and sexy, and always turning heads when she entered a room.

Moving into the large bedroom, Jennifer ran her hands over her full breasts. She loved to play with them, hefting their weight in her palms and bouncing them lightly. Stroking the nipples made her breath catch as she moved across the room. Most every night she slept alone, which was most nights, she would play with her tits, pulling on the nipples and fondling the soft globes, sometimes with Sean’s voice in her ear turning her on.

Turning on the soft lighting in her huge closet, Jennifer began to dress in the lingerie that she had laid out that afternoon. Escort Bayan Gaziantep A lacy baby doll with a shelf bra, beautiful satin panties with cut outs in all the right spots, new thigh highs, a lovely choker for her delicate neck and sexy fuck-me heels all in a soft white color looked stunning on her. She took plenty of time looking in the mirror, wanting to see exactly what he would soon enjoy. She smiled at her reflection knowing he would more than approve.

After carefully setting the camera up in the corner, Jennifer set the lights and started music playing in the background. She moved to the pole in the center of the room and straddled the rod, peeking out from behind to face the camera. She pressed the record button and again waited 10 seconds before beginning to talk.

“I’m all clean now, Sean, and ready to dance for you.” She said in her husky phone-sex voice that he loved so much. “Please sit back and relax. Loosen that tie and unbutton your shirt. When you’re ready, open those pants and pull out your cock. Take pictures for me when you get nice and hard. I want to see too.”

As she spoke to him, teasing and prodding him on, she began to move to the music. Sexy jazz played as she twirled slowly around the pole. Her baby doll slid over her body as she gyrated against the pole. She breathing quickened as she imagined what he would do as he watched her dance for him.

After teasing him with her movements around the pole, Jennifer slowly pulled the straps from her shoulders and allowed the material to give into gravity. Slowly her breasts were exposed and she imagined she could hear him gasp in anticipation. First deep cleavage, then a hard nipple slipped into view, then finally the curve of her round tits fully exposed to him. Her nipples puckered under her fingers as she imagined his unwavering concentration.

The music continued as Jennifer matched her movements to the rhythm. Her body swayed as she slowly removed her clothes. The baby doll finally fell to the floor in a satiny heap, exposing most of her body to him. She imagined him with his mouth open and his hand busily stroking his cock while watching every little movement. Her pretty panties were next but she didn’t want to move too quickly. She slipped her hand down the front of the soft material and fingered herself while intently staring at the camera. Swinging around the pole to expose her back side to him, her other hand slipped down the back of the panties to cup her ass. She knew that the sight of her hands moving under the silky material would drive him insane with desire.

After dancing for him and giving him a covered show for quite a while, Jennifer grasped the side of the material and slowly pulled the panties down. She was sure that the sight of her bending over in front of him would make him cum if he hadn’t already.

“Mmmmmmmmmm baby, this feels so good. My fingers are running over my pussy lips and teasing my clit. I imagine your fingers playing with me and teasing me. I so wish you were here right now, touching and tasting me with your tongue.” She growled in that low sexy voice she knew always turned him on.

Then reaching down she picked up her panties and moved toward the camera. Holding them out in front of her, she made sure that he could see the wet areas on the crotch and ran her fingers over the moisture. Close to the camera now, she posed for him, giving him a close up view of her pussy and fingers that continued to touch and arouse.

Then she deliberately quieted her breathing so he could hear something she knew he would love. Her fingers working her pussy made a wet sloshing sound. So many times she had held her phone to her pussy while her fingers worked their magic in her wet hole. Now she lifted one leg to show him as he listened to the soaked pussy. Her moans filled the closet as she brought herself to cum for him. His desire for her fueled her efforts as she came hard against her hand.

“Baby, please send me a picture of your cock just before you cum. I want to see you too.” She breathed softly as she came.

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