Enticing Uncle Mike Ch. 4Enticing Uncle Mike Ch. 4


I was still naked. My body was humming from my recent orgasms. My pussy pulsing from the sumptuous fucking I had just received from Uncle Mike. Though satiated, I knew my body would still accept more pleasure. If only I could find a willing partner to participate with me. I looked at my bag and considered firing up my vibrator and reliving the hour with my little toy buzzing on and around my clit. But no. I decided to bathe in the realness of the sensations still tingling in my body from Uncle’s touches and, mmm that delicious cock.

I turned on the lamp beside my bed and was ready to pull on my PJ’s when I noticed one of Uncle’s worn white button-down dress shirts over a chair. I grinned. I picked it up held it to my face and inhaled as I had done with his robe. MMM. Mike. His scent. His masculine aroma. I slipped it on, fastened a few buttons and looked in the full-length mirror. What a perfect nightshirt. I crawled under the covers, turned off the light and fell asleep with the biggest warmest smile on my face from the recent memories of Uncle Mike’s backyard.

I awoke. Early I guess. I didn’t hear my uncle moving. Maybe he had left for the airport already. It seemed like it was still dark outside. I pulled the covers up and rolled over thinking I would fall asleep again. I still felt tired, relaxed and satisfied. MMM. The air billowing out from under the sheets carried fragrances of my Uncle to my nostrils. They stirred my memories of hours earlier. I laid in bed remembering last night, slowly getting hornier by the minute, remembering his tongue on my cunt, his cock in my mouth, my pussy juice on his face, his cock thrusting along the walls of my vagina, his cum on my back, in my hair, in my mouth. I rolled over, spread my legs and allowed my hands to wander over my shirt covered body and bare pussy. I trailed my fingertips over my freshly shaved mons remembering Uncles touches in detail, imagining they were his hands not mine. I moved a hand to my chest and caressed my breasts through the white starched cotton covering them, raising my nipples, arousing my juices. MMM, Uncle Mike’s tongue slowly pushing its way up one side of my cunt, over my clit, pausing, circling then down the other side. My fingers tried to mimic my memories searching and exploring through my moistened petals dipping into my cavity to test its readiness. And mmm, it was more than ready again. I plunged two fingers into myself trying to reclaim the same stretch Uncle Mike’s beautiful cock had given me, but it just wasn’t the same. Though my fingers did feel good, causing my head to turn side-to-side in response.

I saw my bag next to the bed. My vibrator. I reached inside and pulled it out. I looked at it and smiled. “And how horny are you this morning my plastic friend?” I giggled to myself and turned it on. “Oh, really horny I see.” I giggled some more and moved my toy down to my dripping pussy. I turned it off, dipped it into my cunt to moisten and lube it then explored my succulent pussy once more trying to capture some of the sensations that still stirred my recollections. Not the same as Uncle Mike’s touches but still OK, especially after turning my little buddy on again.

I couldn’t take more teasing of myself. I moved my rattling friend to my clit and plunged my fingers in and out of my cunt. My vigorous plunging and rocking hips caused my fingers to slip from my pulsing puss and slide over my anus. MMM, memories of Uncle Mike’s tongue in my ass flooded my mind and pressed me closer to the edge. I slid a well lubed finger into my sphincter. Ahhhhhhhhh. God that was good.

“MMM. MMM.”.

I fought back the cry that wanted to escape my lips just in case Uncle was still within earshot. The good vibrations from my plastic lover rocked bayan esmer escort bursa my clit and brought me to my third resounding orgasm in less than a day. Such intensity. I bucked in response and felt my ass contract and pull at my finger. I rode the waves of ecstasy that slowly escaped my body. I wondered how much my ass play has enhanced the intensity of my orgasm, but then didn’t worry about it and just reveled in the glow.

My body reclaimed normalcy once more, though I’m sure my body was beginning to think these constant orgasms may be normal. Actually it was probably wishing these recent events were normal. I know I was. Once I relaxed a bit I allowed my finger to slip from my anus and considered how pleasurable this new experience had unexpectedly been. Maybe it would have to become a regular part of my play time.

Suddenly I heard the shower in Uncle Mike’s room running. He was still here. I smiled and rolled out of bed. I felt the blush on my cheeks from my latest orgasm. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. White men’s shirt, tussled blonde hair, flushed face. Delectable is what I hoped Uncle Mike would think. I considered losing the shirt and being naked the whole time I was with Uncle Mike. I worried his reaction to seeing me naked first thing in the morning might make him reconsider what we were doing. Soft, subtle and sexy would be best right now, I hoped.

I stopped in the guest bathroom to quickly wash my hands then made my way through Uncle Mike’s bedroom to his ensuite. I stopped and looked at his king size bed on the way and pictured us in various positions, him pounding me with my most recent obsession, his addictive love pole.

I walked into Uncle Mike’s bathroom. The steam from his shower was warm. I picked up his towel and held it against me, covering me in his shirt, waiting for him to finish. I heard the water shut off. Uncle Mike opened the shower door.


He was surprised.

“Let me dry you off Uncle. As a thank you for last night.”


“Or I will attack you right here and now and make you late for your flight.” I giggled.

“Ok. But be good.”

“Oh I will,” I promised through my most innocent look.

He stepped from the tub. I lowered my hands revealing to Uncle Mike my new nightshirt. The few buttons I had done up revealed portions of my cleavage and the tops of my thighs. I suspected from uncle Mike’s stare that he could see my glistening bare puss as well.

I could not avert my eyes from his cock. His quickly enlarging cock. He was obviously unable to prevent the blood from rushing to his lovely dick. I wanted to grab it and suck it but resisted. I did not want to scare him and I also wanted to tease him more right now. Besides, I knew his cock would be in my mouth before too long.

“Turn around Uncle and let me do your back.”

He obeyed without comment. I patted his masculine shoulders dry, feeling my pussy grow wet with excitement. I did his arms and shoulders and hair while standing behind him.

Older men’s bodies were so much nicer than young men. Sure young guys are often ripped but older men have softer edges to their muscular bodies. Uncle Mike’s bod was toned and sculpted but somehow thicker warmer and more masculine in its form. If I could have knowingly wrestled him to floor and impaled myself on his wondrous cock I would have, but I wasn’t sure I would be successful at this point in my morning seduction of this hunk.

I rubbed his butt dry then dropped to my knees to do his legs. I started to rush envisioning him turning and his cock being right there… right in front of my eyes, my lips mmmmmm. But then I looked up and his great little ass was so readily bursa ucuz eskort accessible, his cock could wait.

I kissed his right glute. Without even thinking about it, I just did it.


“Sorry uncle. It’s just so damn cute I had to.”

I kissed his left cheek to convince him, then I ran my tongue the length of his crack.

A moan escaped his lips before his concern did.

“MMMmmmmmm…. Mellllll” he offered half-heartedly trying to make it sound like he didn’t agree with what I was doing.

I set the towel down, put a hand on each cheek gently pulling them apart. Uncle leaned against the wall and whispered my name with a little more conviction. I bent forward and ran my tongue along his ass again. I moved to the base of his ass once more, my tongue reaching along his scrotum just touching his warm soft sack. I started up along his crack again, reached the top then followed his path back down towards his balls. I stopped at his anus and lingered a second rimming his tight bud. I reached a hand between his legs, fondled his testicles as I passed them, then wrapped my fingers around his rigid pole.

“mmmmmm.. Mel,” more of a pleasant response then anything else. Uncle was beginning to submit to my advances.

My tongue continued circling his tight little ass. An old saying my dad used to use suddenly leapt from my synapses… ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander’. With that thought in my mind I plunged my tongue into Uncle Mike’s ass remembering how much this little goose had enjoyed the gander’s tongue in her butt the night before.

“MMMMMMMMM” escaped Uncle’s mouth and his cock twitched violently in my hand.

Hmmm, he likes it too, I thought.

“Melissa, I’m not sure we…”

I stroked his cock more vigorously and flicked my tongue in and out of his ass a couple of more times. His attempt at refusing my advances was interrupted by another serious moan. I released his cock, placed my hands on his hips and spun him around. There it was. Right in front of my nose. His loveable cock. I wrapped both my little hands around it. I smiled. I kissed its pink head and ran my tongue along its little slit.


“Just relax and enjoy Uncle. Relax and Enjoy.” I echoed his command from the previous night.

I opened my mouth a slid his rod into me. My eyes closed instinctively. I sucked him in tasting the glob of pre-cum that I had milked from him with my gentle strokes. I pulled him out of my mouth and looked at and admired his love pole.

“MMMM, nice cock Uncle Mike.” I purred to my new lover.

He did not respond, but placed a hand on my head. I started kissing and licking his shaft. Stroking it slowly, tightly with my hand, milking out more of his salty elixir. My other hand cupped his balls, feeling them rise, tighten and relax in response to my ministrations. I sucked him in again and held him inside me, slowly inching more and more of him into my mouth. My tongue dancing as best it could around the breadth of his penis. His cock felt heavy on my tongue, yet supple and oh so suckable. It was quickly becoming my favorite candy.

Blowjobs I had given other men, boys, had been fast, typical head bouncing affairs with the young boys always trying to jam my head down into their crotch. Mike allowed me to find my way, allowed me to make love to him with my mouth in whatever way I saw fit. It was so pleasurable and arousing to be allowed this freedom of expression with such a delicious tool.

My own excitement was growing again as well. I could feel my pussy getting warmer and wetter with each passing moment. If I hadn’t been having such a good time sucking Uncle Mike’s cock I would have bursa anal yapan escort stood, turned, bent over and told him to take me again. But, I was enjoying my fleshy lollipop a little too much right now to interrupt my activities.

I started to alternate head bobbing eagerness to taste his cum with long slow licks and kisses and strokes of my hand. I slid a hand through his crotch, placed a finger against his anus encourging Uncle Mike to thrust his hips, driving his musky saliva laden cock deeper into my throat. He followed my lead. Two hands softly on my head. Hips gyrating in rhythm with my sucks and prodding. I felt his head swell in my mouth. Heard the intensity of his moans deepen. I dipped a finger into my dripping cunt coating it in my slippery ooze. My hands traded places. I wrapped one around Mike’s rigid shaft taking control of his thrusts and slipped my greased finger into his anus.

I heard a, “ughmmm” from uncle in response to my prod. Obviously these were pleasurable tricks for him.

I responded to his guttural moan by increasing the pace of my bobs and sucks.

Uncle Mike moaned, “M”. My mouth filled with his seed, at the same instant I felt his knees buckle. I swallowed his potion and continued my race at the same pace to satisfy the want I had built in him.

“M.” “M.” “M.” Uncle Mike’s staccato moans were exclamation marks on the spurts of cum splashing against my throat, his ass gripping my finger probing his anus with each contraction of his orgasming muscles.

His bucking and moans subsided. He caressed the back of my head. My swallows couldn’t keep up with the flood of semen that flowed out of him. Some of his cum had gushed from my mouth onto my chin. I slipped his cock from my mouth, sucked the rivulet that continued to leak from its tip and kissed its girth and length. My finger gently slid from his backdoor. I was in heaven and I think Uncle Mike was right there with me. I scooped Uncle Mike’s cum off my chin, looked him in the eyes and sucked it from my fingers.

“mmmm, Nice cock Uncle Mike. And tasty cum too.”

I think the “Uncle Mike” comments were still irritating his sense morality, but I think he was slowly getting over that. He said nothing.

“You Ok Uncle?”

“MMM, Mel, MMM. That’s a tough question to answer.”

“Was my blowjob OK?”

“OK? Mind blowing I think is the description that first comes to mind. You learn fast kid. Or have you done all these things before?”

“No, just learning from a master teacher. Am I passing class so far sir?” I smiled devilishly.

I gave his receding cock a suck and a kiss. He flinched.

“A bit sensitive Uncle?” I sucked his cock again. He flinched again, pushed me away and laughed.

“Enough already you little sex kitten. And yes, it’s sensitive.”

He pulled me up and gave me a hug. “Thanks, Melissa. That was an incredible blowjob and an incredible start to my day,” he whispered into my ear, kissing my neck here and there sliding his hand under his shirt, caressing and squeezing my butt.

“I hate to push you away Mel, but I really do have to get ready and on my way to the airport.”

He kissed me once more on the cheek, gave me a squeeze that felt like a squeeze from a lover not an Uncle. He sent me on my way with a tap on my behind.

“Why don’t you let Chester out and feed him. I will finish up here. The coffee should be made. Then we can have a quick bite together before I leave.”

“OK Uncle,” I responded.

I took one last look at his cock, gave it a squeeze and headed out of the bathroom. Mike was already starting to lather shaving cream on his smiling face when I looked back.

“Oh and Melissa. Nice shirt. Sexy look. I don’t think that shirt has ever looked better.”

“Thanks Uncle Mike,” I yelled back, Chester now in tow with me, a huge smile on my face and the lingering flavor of my Uncle’s cum in my mouth. I was in no hurry to wash the flavor away with coffee and breakfast. I wanted to savor it as long as I could not knowing when I would get a chance to taste him again.

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