Off the ShelfOff the Shelf


life had been easy and free romance in life was not meant to be so you told yourself your life was on a shelf tucked away, like dusty college books giving no one second looks The restlessness started, low it churned in you deep and slow turning for isveçbahis what you though was a moment instead it caused a great movement bubbling and rising from your depth almost stealing your breath eyes meet with desire and lust his touch now is isveçbahis giriş a must lips meet once, lips part for twice mouths open for tongues to touch for thrice kiss deepens, your head begins to swim you feel as if you are sinking into him isveçbahis yeni giriş lips and tongue continue to work as nipples begin to perk his fingers your juices he beckons his movement in you maddens your whole body pulses cries of ecstasy from you he coaxes your life is now dusted, open, and off the shelf never to be tucked away again, you tell yourself still giving no one second glances all others now have no chances His touch a fire has lit in his arms any sin you will commit

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