Emma, the Office Pet Ch. 02Emma, the Office Pet Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Senan was smug. He liked Emma a lot – she was a great person to work with, funny, smart, and he knew she got a kick out of being challenged. She didn’t often meet someone who could match her wit, and it was hard for her to stay interested in the mundane activities that made up daily life. He was going to fulfil a fantasy for both of them today.

He released the grip he had on her hair, and took her chin in his hand. ‘Safety word is “Little Birds” – ok, little girl?’ Emma nodded. ‘Say yes baby, I need to know you understand’. Yes, she said aloud, and Senan slapped her softly across the cheek as a reward. The office at this point had emptied a little – 11am, and people had started drifting towards the coffee machine. Senan beckoned his friend Tadgh over. ‘Emma’s going to be a good girl today. Do you want to be first?’ Tadgh showed no surprise, inferring his friend’s meaning with an understanding wink. Without waiting for further instruction, he turned Emma towards him by her shoulders. He did what he’d wanted to do for months, and ran his big hands firmly down her body, taking in the outline of her breasts and waist and thighs, using his fingers to hook her skirt upwards on the return journey. As he drank her in, his cock visibly hardening beneath his pants, Emma heard a metallic noise by her ear and had her head roughly pulled back by Senan, now wrapping her throat in a cold metal choker chain, like that for a dog. The sensation of the cold weighty pressure on her windpipe made her gulp, and her eyes widened in sudden fear at what she’d agreed to. She didn’t have time to act on it though before Tadgh firmly grabbed her nipples between the thumb and finger of each hand. He knew he was hurting her, but dared her silently to object. She remained mute, and held his gaze steadily, biting yalova escort her lower lip and with a small movement offering her body forward to him. Tadgh liked this standoff, this challenge. He was simultaneously pissed at her refusal to succumb to the obvious pleasure he was causing her, and had a neanderthal need for her to acknowledge him. Senan grabbed her wrists behind her and Tadgh ran his thumb over her right nipple, than her left. They were hard, so hard the cold breeze and the lace was almost a pain to her. She moaned, finally, as he played with her, arching her back fully so as to gift her body to him, bending forward at the waist and jutting her ass back, grazing Senan’s crotch and hard cock. Tadgh smirked at his victory over her, and slapped her with his open hand across her face. She flinched with the blow, but turned her head to look him brazenly in the eye. She could see what effect she was having on him, and loved that, for all that she was manacled, they were obsessed with her. From behind, the choke chain around her throat tightened and she gasped and was immediately mollified, her pussy getting wetter in an instant. Tadgh held her head in his hands, gently cupping her cheeks. ‘Shut the fuck up, baby girl, and get on your knees’.

Dissent was not an option for their little sub, and she obediently dropped to all fours. Her hair was becoming disheveled, and her skirt, while still encasing her ass, was now at a level with her gstring. Her shirt was tight and from this angle, her breast swung heavily downwards, the inviting tunnel between them begging to be filled. Tadgh opened the buckle of his pants, and let his pants slide down his legs. His tight black underpants struggled to contain his wide cock, and she raised her head edirne escort to smell him; unable to resist any longer, she cupped her mouth around his swollen girth, still encased in his jocks. Amused by her impatience, he slipped his pants down over his hips, and stood passively watching her wrap her mouth around his cock, eagerly taking as much of him in her mouth as she could without delay. As she was so eager, he decided to help her, and caught the back of her head as he drove his shaft home, into the back of her throat, choking and suffocating her, holding her head still and maintaining his grip as she spluttered and coughed, muffled by his body. Very slowly, he pulled back and then thrust into her, following a steady rhythm and beat. Her chokes continued in time with his movements, a wet gagging and sucking that subjugated and humiliated her. Stopping his movements, he held his cock in her mouth, challenging her. Emma was eager to please. She wanted nothing more than to show them she was the best, and to earn their praise. She loved this feeling – she adored her mouth full like this. She sucked on his dick, his head flush with the roof of her mouth, her lips stretched tight around the width of him. She adored this passive embodiment of her mouth, her denigration into a soft receiver of him. His cock was of the smoothest cleanest skin, so hard it was like a force in itself. He was too big, but still he pushed harder, again and again she felt she couldn’t take any more, until she would. She fought hard to control her choking. She willed herself to stay quiet, to take her domination and perform for these men. The tears in her eyes spilled down, wrecking her carefully made-up face to that of a common whore. Her nose was flush with his pubic erzurum escort hair and she inhaled it, the sheer force of the man turning her on to an unbearable degree. Tadgh looked over at Senan, who was grinning at the success of his pet, and amused by the eager movements of her body – her back was curved, her ass high, and she seemed unaware that she was writhing and presenting herself like an animal. A line of gloss ran down the inside of her thigh, an admission of her pleasure.

Tadgh smirked down at Emma where she knelt, her mouth impaled on his cock. He tilted his head to the side as he pulled out of her mouth where she panted, saliva in long loops from her mouth, and whimpered like a brat, moving towards him for more. ‘No no baby – that’s enough. You just lick’. Humiliated by both the act and his denial to her, Emma began to lick and lick the head of his cock, like a cat with cream. His precum was a tease to her, and she licked its salty sweetness gratefully, the rasp of the flat of her tongue contrasting with the smooth silkiness of the tip. Carried away in her servitude, she only snapped out of it when he pulled from her. She opened her eyes to see him lost in reverie pulling at himself, and he looked at her as he pressed his cock into her face, his cum spurting and dribbling from his cock down her cheeks, spilling into her mouth, painting her, using his cock to wipe her forehead and cheeks, and across her nose. She licked her lips as far as she could, panting with joy of what he had done to her. Tadgh patted her on the head as he told her she was a good girl, and zipped himself up, shaking Senan’s hand over her head where she knelt, ignored.

Emma made to rise, but was stopped by Senan. ‘No, baby. You were great, but i think we’re not finished yet. That sweet little mouth isn’t full yet, it?’ Emma sat back on her heels, and crossed her hands on her lap. The choke chain around her neck was slack now, cold and heavy on her collarbones, a tantalising reminder of her ownership. ‘No sir, I can do more. I can be a very good girl. I want to be filled and I want to show you how good I can be’.

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