Subject: Aggressive Teen 1 Aggressive Teen 1 If you’ve gotten this far -this is a work of gay fiction the sole property of the author. If you enjoy the stories on fty please donate to keep the site going: fty/donate Comments welcomed: [email protected]/com Aggressive Teen 1 cajuncock I met him when he was just 15. He was a handsome lad with sun bleached hair and apparently a tight body under that baggy t-shirt that boys like to wear. He’d come to spend the summer with his grandparents. He lived with his father in Marsailles. I had no idea about his mother and she was never mentioned. It seems that this type of situation was not unusual in these parts. He took to playing with the kids on my street so I saw himoften. Quickly we exchanged names and he never forgot mine. His tight, full ass was shown off well in the shorts he always wore. He’d stop by my house some days asking about the where abouts of the neighbor boys. On the really hot summer days I’d offer him a cold drink. We’d sit on my front patio with our drinks talking. His English was verygood and I complimented him on it. He explained that living in Marsailles he was around people who spoke many different languages. I comented that I’d never visited there but understood that it was a tough place for a boy his age. He laughed saying that you grow up fast living there. His father worked in an office near the docks so he often went to the office after school. I asked about the men he met and his experiences. escort bayan There’s nothing like asking that to get a young male talking. As he described the place and the men I got the distinct impression that he paid particular attention to the men’s physical appearences. As he described tthe various men he’d met I noticed a tent forming on his shorts. I couldn’t help staring at his shorts. I’m sure he noticed. Later H, I won’t embaress him by revealing his real name, became a regular visitor to my home. He’d stop for a cold drink and suggest that it might be cooler sitting on the interior courtyard behind my garage. One day H came by wearing a particuarly provocative t-shirt. This one had 3 couples holding hands. There was a male-female couple, 2 males, and 2 females- all holding hands. I noticed it immediately but refrained from saying anything. I also noticed that he ust be going commando because I could just make out the tip of his boy cock and hairless balls when he sat down across from me. We talked for a while before I offered him a cold drink. He asked if he could have a pastis with sparkling water. He was of age so I thought nothing of it. In the kitchen, he had followed me, he noticed me fixing myself an absinthe with sparkling water and asked if he might try it. I mixed 2 and took them out to the table in the court yard. He took his drink and instead of sitting at the table, he lay down on one of the lounges. At this point I suspected that kocaeli escort bayan he had his own plans. I took a seat at the table, turng my chair around to face him. We sipped our drinks and talked of his life at home. His grandparents were much older and allowed him a lot of freedom in our small village. He asked if I went to the local beach often. I honestly told him that I prefer the nudist beach to get a good, overall tan. He pulled the side of his shorts down to show his tan line saying he wished he could get a good tan. He asked to see my tan. At this point I had a pretty good hardon going. I told him that it might not be appropriate for him to see my naked, tanned body. He laughed, stood up, whipped off his shirt, and dropped his shorts. His 5 inch teen cock was stiff pointing to the sky. I sucked in a breath at the sight before me saying he was very handsome and well endowed. He slowly walked over to me, his cock bouncing and just showing a clear drop of pre on the tip. Standing before me was this tanned boy god in all his glory. He lifted my shirt over my head revealing my toned upper body. I heard him moan at the sight before his eyes. He unbuttoned my cargo shorts and began to tug on them. Without thinking I lifted up slightly so he could remove the last item of clothing revealing my naked and hard body to the boy. I kicked off my sandals as he pulled my shorts free. Now we were both stark naked on my secluded, kocaeli escort private courtyard. My own cock was stiff and eager to experience more with this teen. He leaned in and gave me a peek on my lips. My hands reached out to rub his naked back and ass. He moved in closer and proceeded to give me a deep, passionate kiss while moving to sit on my lap. In this position ourtwo stiff cocks were trapped together between our bodies. Both cocks were now emitting generous amounts of pre, slicking both the stiff tools and our stomachs. I moaned at the feeling of the adult cock and teen cock rubbing against each other. Our combined slickness providing just the right amount of moisture. H soon was moving to get as much pleasure as possible. His tongue was busy exploring my mouth when suddenly he froze and let out a deep satisfying moan. I felt his cock pulse as it released his boy cum against my stomach. He moved his mouth to my shoulder sucking on the tender skin. I knew that he would leave a mark but I didn’t care. He held me tight as he came down from his orgasc high. I held him tight against my chest. I had not reached my own release yet. Recovering H told me how long he’d dreamed of that moment. We sat in silence, each of us enjoying the company and knowing that we’d crossed a line that we could never go back from. As we sat I noticed that we both still were stiff. H reached over to gently touch my hardness. He whispered “You have not cum yet. Maybe you will show me your bedroom? Don’t worry I am not a virgin. The men on the docks have taught me well.?” —————————————————————————- And what did he learn from those men on the docks? Part 2 will tell us all!

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