Emily Takes It Up The ArseEmily Takes It Up The Arse


Adam was not too happy the next morning because sitting down was uncomfortable after the whipping that Emily had given him so the prospect of possibly spending most of the day in the driving seat of the car was not very appealing.To add to his discontent he had had a row on the telephone with his, sort of, steady girlfriend who he had been neglecting recently both with his time and sexual attention. He had not helped matters when she demanded on the phone, “Are you shagging someone else?” and he replied, “Yes and she is far more exciting than you.” Not surprisingly the phone then went dead.Emily, on the other hand, was very pleased with herself and with life in general because she was currently getting probably the best sex of her sixty-one-year-old life with her chauffeur who was almost forty years younger than her.Apart from when they were in sexual situations, or leading up to them, Emily was usually very formal with Adam but she was glowing when she came out of the mansion and approached the car next to which stood Adam holding the rear passenger door open, “Good morning Adam, how are you today?” she asked.Although he had only been working for her for a few weeks she had never started the day like that before so it came as a bit of a surprise, “Good morning madam, I am fine thank you,” he managed to respond although the tone of his reply suggested to Emily that perhaps he was not.She smiled to herself at his obvious discomfort when he sat in the driver’s seat but then she again broke from what had been the previous situation of the only formal conversation by asking, “Are you sure that you are fine, you don’t seem it?”Sensing her change in approach and not really enjoying the formal relationship too much he decided to open up a bit, “Well actually madam, I have had bahis şirketleri an argument with my girlfriend on the telephone,” he confessed.”Oh dear, may I ask what about?” she said, surprising him with her apparent interest.”About you actually madam, sort of,” he said but then wished that he had not said it. “About me, in what way?” she asked but in such a way that suggested that she had not been offended by Adam’s words.”Really madam, it does not matter,” he said hoping that that would end the conversation.”But it does matter Mister Crook, I want to know what you have been saying to your girlfriend about me,” she said now sounding just slightly impatient.Their eyes were on each other in the rear-view mirror, they were still parked outside the mansion, and Adam was close to telling Emily what had been discussed but thought he would have one more attempt not to, “It is very embarrassing madam,” he said.”Embarrassing or not I want you to tell me, now,” said Emily.Adam now turned to face the very attractive woman in the back seat and blurted out, “I told her that you are far more sexually exciting than she is…madam.””Well that is a nice compliment, I think, but how did she know that you were sleeping with me?” asked Mrs Bothwick-Smyth.”She does not know who I was sleeping with, just that I was sleeping with someone other than her,” replied Adam who was still looking at Emily face to face.”I see,” said Emily, thoughtfully before realising that they had been sitting in the car outside the mansion for what seemed like ages and then saying, “Perhaps we should go to town now Mister Crook.”During the journey to town their eyes frequently met in the mirror and Emily often smiled with Adam daring to smile back occasionally and there seemed to be a new warmth to their relationship.Just bahis firmaları before they reached town Emily mischievously said, “How is your bottom today Mister Crook?””It is sore and marked, thank you for asking madam,” replied Adam as he smiled at her via the mirror.”I dare say that I will be inspecting those marks later,” said Emily causing a stiffening of Adam’s cock.Adam took every opportunity when not in the car to stand up as he was still feeling the twelve strokes with the riding crop that Emily had laid across his arse the day before but he was also looking forward to the prospect of having the gorgeous woman naked again later.When Emily was back in the car she said, “I seem to recall that we discussed anal sex yesterday Mister Crook, did we not?””We did indeed madam,” replied Adam enthusiastically.”Yes well you have an exceptionally large penis but I have just acquired some lube which should make things easier for us,” said Emily matter of factly.”Very thoughtful of you madam,” said Adam with a bit of a smirk although his cock was now hard with the thought of fucking this woman up the arse.”Lilac Cottage madam?” asked Adam as they drove out of town enquiring as to whether they were to go to the scene of their last two fucks.”My you are impatient, no I want to go to the mansion for a shower first, I will tell you when I am ready for your cock,” said Emily making the word ‘cock’ sound exceptionally erotic.”Yes of course madam,” replied Adam.Once they pulled up at the mansion Emily said, “You go back to your cottage, I will telephone you when I am ready for you to pick me up,” and she made sure that her legs brushed his as she got out of the car. She also smiled back over her shoulder just before she entered the mansion because she knew that Adam’s kaçak bahis siteleri eyes would be on the backside that he would soon be fucking.A couple of hours later Adam got the phone call that he was longing for and drove the short distance to the mansion to pick Emily up.She came out of the building dressed casually for her, although still expensively, in a jumper and trousers. It did not seem as though she had a bra on under the jumper and noting Adam’s eyes on her breasts as he held the car door open she said, “No bra and no panties either, aren’t I a naughty girl?””You are indeed Emily,” said Adam daring to use her first name.”I have the lube,” said Emily proudly holding it up for Adam to see in the mirror as they headed for Lilac Cottage.Once in the cottage and after the usual kissing and pawing, Emily said, “You are going to fuck me in the arse but I believe that you said that you were interested in tasting my cunt.””Oh yes, I so want to eat you,” replied Adam who knew himself that he was rather good at pleasing a woman with his mouth.”Then we will do that first, I fancy cumming on your face,” said Emily before kissing him again.They kissed their way up the stairs and into the bedroom and with Emily on her back on the bed Adam removed her trousers to prove that she indeed was not wearing any panties.Emily lay there with legs wide apart and Adam studied the already damp vagina that he was about to go down on.Adam, still fully clothed, made his way up the bed towards Emily’s expectant cunt. He intended and expected to have her screaming in orgasm as he worked his magic with his lips and tongue.He started by kissing the inside of her right knee and then the inside of her left one before kissing the inside of her right thigh. Emily was already squirming in excitement and anticipation as he gently kissed the inside of her left thigh.He smiled up at her from between her legs and said, referring to what had been said yesterday, “I am now going to find out if rich cunt tastes like common cunt.”

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