Passion , Perspective Ch. 16-17Passion , Perspective Ch. 16-17


This is a novel of twenty-five chapters. I suggest you begin reading at Chapter 1. The novel deals with hotwifeing and cuckoldry. If those are subjects you aren’t interested in, you may reconsider reading this.??

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Chapter 16

I fully admit that I was gung ho to meet another couple, I couldn’t wait to have sex with another woman, and while Molly was amused at my enthusiasm, for she remembered her excitement the first few times she met other men, she tried to get me to be a bit cautious as well, explaining that we needed to take our time.

In the forums on SLS, I read that there were a few clubs in our area where you could meet people who were interested in recreational sex , some even had rooms where you could go in and screw. Molly and I talked about visiting one, just to see if it was something we’d be interested in, the couple of times we almost went we changed our minds at the last minute, nervousness set in.

We’d been communicating with other couples on SLS, and the weekend before Thanksgiving we made a date to meet another couple in a pub, at 8:30 on that Friday night we were in our seats. We waited. And waited. And as ten o’clock rolled around, we decided we’d been stood up. The next morning we got an email from the couple, they said she’d been suddenly taken ill, could they get a rain check? We gave them the boon, made a date for the first Friday in December, again they were no shows. This time the excuse was their car had broke down. Molly made the decision that the next time their house would be burglarized or something, we dropped them from our dance card.

The next week we were meeting another couple we’d bumped into on SLS. It was a typical bar situation, we were expecting a pleasant conversation, but on a weekday night we didn’t expect it to lead anywhere except, perhaps, another more serious date.

We showed up on time, they walked in just moments later, and I felt an attraction that just can’t be defined. Amy had short, straight honey-colored hair, high cheekbones, a wonderful smile that displayed large, perfect teeth. Like most women her age, our age, mid-fifties, she’d lost the hour glass figure of a teenager, but her tight blouse indicated full breasts, her legs were slim, strong. I wanted her immediately, heartily.

She led the conversation with us in a deep-pitched voice, we found they went to Jimmy Buffet everytime he came to town, that they’d been in the lifestyle about the same amount of time we’d been, they’d started in foursomes, had only been in one threesome. Unfortunately, I knew almost immediately that Molly and Luke didn’t have the same chemistry. He wore a goatee, facial hair was not Molly’s strong suit, he was shorter than she, perhaps he wanted a woman with more substantial breasts. Within half an hour I was sure that Molly would reject him. I was disappointed but realized my wife and I are in this together, if she’s not happy, I won’t be. And vice versa, of course. When we parted, politely but aware that nothing more would occur, Molly and Luke shook hands, Amy gave me a hug, pressing her body to mine, a kiss on the cheek for good luck. If over the next weeks I used Amy as a template when Molly and I made love, my wife didn’t seem to mind.


A mid-week night in December, we met a couple at a bar. In their profile Bobbie and Nick proclaimed that they didn’t play on the first date, so we all knew nothing would happen that night. As we sat in the booth, I gazed at the beauty of Bobbie, her elongated face, her smiling hazel eyes enflamed in cat-eye glasses, the sharp little chin, full cheeks, carnation colored lips. The bodice of her Christmas red dress was filled amply, as we talked she played with the faux zipper of the cleavage. She was shorter than Molly by at least five inches, and if her legs were a bit sturdier I had no objection.

I could tell that Nick was to Molly’s liking as well, brown hair with just a touch of silver at the temples, and if he was shorter than she I knew she’d gotten over that hang up. “All men are the same size when they’re horizontal,” she’d once told me.

After a half hour of preliminaries, we got down to the business at hand. “We’ve been in the Lifestyle five years now, we’ve only had seven partners,” Bobbie confided, “we’ve been told we’re too picky, we don’t care.”

“We got out of a relationship four months ago,” Nick added, “it lasted more than a year. At first they were great, but then they wanted to be exclusive, when they found out we went on a date with another couple they went nuts, told us it was them alone or we’d have to break up. So since then, we’ve been looking around. After all, this is about variety, isn’t it?” Molly and I agreed.

“Have you tried the clubs?” Molly asked.

“A couple of times, a couple of years back,” Nick told us. “We found out that if you don’t go with another couple or group, there’s a good chance nothing will happen. Both times we went Fenerbahçe Escort into a room and played alone. Not that it was bad!” he laughed.

Bobby added, “It was fun, I got to dress up, but it wasn’t our scene. Maybe we should give it another try, I don’t know.”

A bathroom break, the table shifted, Molly sitting beside Nick in full-flirt, Bobbie on my side, when I put a hand on hers she gently captured my fingers, a most intimate gesture. “Do you guys play tennis?” she queried.

“We have, don’t do a lot of it.”

“We should play mixed doubles sometime,” she suggested. An invitation to nets, racquets and yellow balls? Or an entendre?

We stayed for an hour and a half, when we broke the tone was noncommittal, and yet I felt interest was considerable. Molly and I chatted about it on the way home. “Are you going to put your tongue back in your mouth?” she joked, “you’ve been drooling all night!”

“Was I more obvious than you were? I saw your hand go under the table. Does he have a big one?”

“Didn’t get up quite that far, but I’d like to.”

The next evening we got an email from Nick and Bobbie, they were very interested in getting together as well, and not at a tennis club. The game was on, but because of the coming Holidays our schedules didn’t mesh until January.


We had Mark over the week between Christmas and New Years. Molly had kept up her relationship with him, a couple times a month they would go to dinner, most of the time it would end up with sex, but not always. And I would join them occasionally for a meal or a dinner, a threesome every other month or so, once we even went out with Dee and Mark, that time nothing, other than a good time, was had. That night, after the dinner was consumed, Molly left us to clear the dishes and set them in the dishwasher, then she joined us in a Santa Claus getup, red satin chemise with black belt trimmed in white felt, red and white stockings, a hat that Santa would wear. She had a peppermint pole for each of us. We played around in the den, she made sure that each of us made her come using the candy canes, then for the first time Mark encouraged me to take Molly first, it was he that had sloppy seconds.


Right after the New Year, Molly came to me. “I got a call from Bobbie.”

“They’re still on, aren’t they?”

“Oh, yes! She can’t wait to get her paws on you, don’t worry. But they picked up on our questions about going to a club, want to know if we’d like to meet them at Taboo.” From my searches on the Internet I knew about it, a private swingers club forty minutes from our house.

“I thought you weren’t interested.”

“A little chicken, that’s all. What if somebody we know is there? But Bobbie told me that didn’t happen to them, even if it did wouldn’t they there for the same reason we are? And if we’re with Nick and Bobbie, well, it just seems easier I guess.” I agreed we should give it a try, since I’d see Bobbie there it was a very easy decision for me.

The evening of our assignation, we met Nick and Bobbie at the club around 9:30. My wife had found a champagne dress, spaghetti straps and silky, very short hemline, since it was backless it was obvious there was no bra holding the globes, more than a third of which were exposed for Nick’s glare. Bobbie had chosen a mid-length black skirt with a completely transparent white blouse, underneath of which was a white and black push-up bra. “I can’t wait,” she told me as she briefly kissed me, “you are so sexy!” We signed in, paid our membership and party fee, then took a tour. It had two levels, the top one quite lively, a loud DJ playing music no one within twenty years of us would enjoy, a full bar, although you had to bring your own booze, Molly and I had a bottle of vodka. The level was about one third full, some of the women were scantily clad and beautiful, others not. We traveled down to the lower level which was much quieter. We found the hot tub, two couples were in it, I was startled to find that one of the women had a partner’s penis in her mouth. Nick was amused, “If you think that’s something, wait until later on the upper level.” The private rooms had subdued lighting, all had a queen sized mattress, some had a couch, each one was equipped with a private bathroom and shower. We sat quietly in a lounge for a half hour, Molly beside me, Bobbie next to her husband, sipped drinks, caught up. Bobbie kept giving me the look, and I returned it. I found she was as sexy as the first evening we’d met, even more so as her attributes were better displayed. How long would it be, I wondered, until someone suggested we head for a room?

Instead, Bobbie said to Molly, “You want to go dancing?”

“Sure.” Nick seemed not unhappy with the turn of events, I was a little frustrated, and yet had little choice but to head upstairs with the group.

Bobbie walked beside me on the wide stairs, muttered in my ear, “Don’t look so downcast. Escort Fenerbahçe You won’t be sad, I promise.”

In the time we’d spent downstairs, the aura of the floor had metamorphosed. Another fifty people had joined the party, the DJ was playing music a little less funky, and spinning a couple of fast oldies into the mix. The four of us began weaving on the floor, first Molly would face me, then I’d turn to Bobbie. The object of my passion, at least for that night, came closer, closer, we were touching, she put a hand around my waist, I bumped her hip with mine, her belly touched my hand. And then we broke, Bobbie began dancing with another couple, the woman was a bit younger and was topless, she grabbed Bobbie, they swayed face to face, the stranger put her lips to Bobbie’s, touched one of the breasts I was longing for. I wasn’t shocked, they were hardly the only women on the floor engaged in such bustle, but I was interested in the phenomenon. After a few moments of closeness they broke, the woman turned back to her man, Bobbie returned to our small group. Again she approached me, we became bolder, for the first time we kissed, I tasted vanilla aside another strange spice, she flowed into my arms, we pressed into each other. We detached once more, I noticed Molly and Nick were kissing. And suddenly, Bobbie careened towards my wife, Molly encouraged Bobbie by stroking her hair, and when Bobbie raised her face, my wife bent hers, their lips met, mouths opened. At this, I was truly confounded, for I had never believed Molly had such tendencies. The kiss lasted, Nick and I danced around them, Bobbie let a hand approach my wife’s teat, no complaint was given when a nipple was pinched.

And then the song changed to a very slow rhythm, Bobbie flowed into my arms, we glided, our lips met, I placed my hand on the small of her back, and then it slid further down, feeling the protuberance of her rear. Bobbie’s hand found her way between our bodies, her palm investigated the density of my manhood, apparently found it to her liking. “We should head for a room, don’t you think?”

“I’d love it.”

“Should we invite those two?”

“I guess we have to, don’t we?” Bobbie giggled.

The plan was set, Nick and I would refresh the drinks, the two girls would find a place on the lower level. Five minutes later we searched the hallway until we found a room occupied by our wives, and not just holding them, but they were horizontal on the bed together. Although still dressed, their legs were as entangled as their lips were, and along with Nick, I watched as Bobbie tugged Molly’s garment, exposed the left breast, kissed the nipple. My wife was making love with another woman! Molly didn’t return the favor, didn’t touch any erogenous zone of the woman who was playing with her, but neither did she protest. In fact, I could tell from the way she kept her eyelids closed she was enjoying the sensation. Nick travelled to the side of the bed nearest Molly, sat beside her, placed a hand on her hip. Following his lead, I descended towards Bobbie, and when we were all on the bed, Bobbie turned away from Molly, with a hand led me beside her, we kissed softly. I could taste the spice of Bobbie, but also the familiar scent of my own woman, the combination enflamed me.

There was little subtlety to our foreplay, the immediate object was to rid ourselves of the clothes that constricted us, and we helped each other until I was holding a naked and very willing woman next to me. Her breasts were larger than I’d imagined, when I worshiped the nipples she responded with an appreciative moan. Her hand grasped my manhood, fondled it with affection, my palm traversed her flesh, neck and shoulders and collar and back and waist and belly and then, yes, breasts and with encouragement from my accomplice, between her legs. The area was dank, and when I placed a finger inside, pushed up, Bobbie ground on my digit happily.

The other couple, within easy touching distance on the bed, were making similar progress, Molly was twisted on top of her new lover, her mouth surrounding his tool, his tongue probing inside her labia.

I descended, my mouth was placed at Bobbies chasm, I tasted her for the first time, like her mouth there was a kick of spice, perhaps endive, I licked, she responded by pushing my head further towards her sensorial layer. And, in due time, I pushed the folds of her skin to the side and revealed the small mandible, pink and smooth, and I first grazed it with my tongue and tooth, then placed my lips around it and sucked while using my tongue to massage it. She went nuts! It was a struggle to keep the little clit at my mouth, her legs twitched, her hips rose and fell, her avid screams indicated her gusto. I kept going at it, perhaps ten or twelve minutes without stopping, my neck was getting sore, my mouth muscles ached, and still Bobbie encouraged me to continue. During a short break while I stretched my tendons, I noticed we were behind, Molly was helping Nick put a rubber Fenerbahçe Escort Bayan on.

Finally, at long last, Bobbie seemed to either tire of the irritation, or perhaps felt I deserved some aggravation of my own. She pulled me up, tugged me until my knees were on either side of her ribs, she pressed on my ass until the point of my penis split her lips. She sucked well, her mouth was moist, my rod glided in and out of her mouth, and I waited until I felt that old familiar response begin and then I withdrew. I laid beside her, we discussed our immediate future.

“You’re ready?” I asked.

“Oh, very. Can’t wait. Can I tell you a secret?”


“This is my favorite part of taking a new lover. And I’d like it very much if you’d get on top of me, and be very slow.”

“I like that idea!”

I reached to the pocket of my pants for a Trojan, Bobbie stopped me. “Use one of these, please. I like them better.” It was a blue packet, the brand was ‘Crown,’ and when I touched the latex I was surprised to find it much thinner than the variety Molly and I had been using. When I rolled it on, I knew it was going to be a better time, and in the interim Bobbie had placed a couple of pillows under her ass, laid back and spread her legs. For a moment I kissed her nipples again, stroked the inside of her thighs, admired the thin strip of hair leading to the sacred place, then I targeted the opening with my rifle, and pulsed inside.

The sensation, after the thick latex I’d been using, was smooth, warm, pinching was minimal. I began to thrust to the cadence of a very slow metronome, one . . . two . . . three . . . and then I pulled out. Bobbie’s eyes went wide, but when I pushed into her cave again, she understood my intention, helped me keep the beat. We went on and on, not only pushing our gonads together, but also using our hands and tongues to inflame ourselves. The coupling of the other pair stimulated us, I sensed by Molly’s noises that Nick was taking very good care of her, I watched them as she rode her partner.

Bobbie and I could have gone on for a very long time with this position and timing, and then I understood she was close again, I speeded and thrust more deeply, her mouth opened wide, her eyes closed tightly, she shrieked with fury. We shifted, now I was behind her, my feet on the floor, her rear in the air, and again I implanted my wand. Molly was on her back, her side just inches from Bobbie’s head. Bobbie took the opportunity to fondle Molly’s teats, even let her hand travel to Molly’s clit, circling it with a finger while Nick pounded into my wife as hard as I was giving it to his wife.

The erotic tableau was amazing, and suddenly Molly roared into orgasm, and this spurred Nick into one of his own, filling the condom that filled my wife. I got close, very close, but something, some little irritation in my brain, insisted my delight be suspended. Bobbie and I kept going, she was satisfied now, but willing to be a receptacle for my seed, and she seemed to understand my difficulty. She pulled away from me, turned quickly and sat on the side of the bed, tore the condom off my penis and swallowed it. She played with my testicles, my nipple, it was clear she was offering her mouth as a place for my release.

Molly and Nick were done, and my wife rose, stood to my back, and with breasts and belly and hands heated me. With both women working diligently for my gluttony, it wasn’t long before I felt the tenseness in my loins begin, and then I was spilling into Bobbie’s waiting and tractable mouth. Oh, it was lovely, this discharge, and Bobbie and Molly stayed with me until they’d extracted every drop.

The four of us crumpled onto the bed, who knows what body part was fondled by whom, except that Nick and I never made contact. I’d kiss Molly, then we’d shift, and I’d cuddle with Bobbie. We talked, we complimented, Bobbie explained to Nick, “Dear, he’s the best pussy-eater I’ve ever been with!” to which Molly replied, “And Nick, how did you know exactly where my g-spot is?” We were all satiated, and if we were thinking that, perhaps, in an hour or two we might have more fun, we also realized from the sounds in the hall that others wished to use our play pen.

“How about a soak in the hot tub?” Nick suggested.

After a pause for the toilet, a shower to cleanse the remnant of our discharges, without clothing ourselves we promenaded to the pool room. There were five other couples soaking, cuddling, exciting each other, we slipped into the warm water, soaked. The women, according to some timepiece I wasn’t aware of, would move from one of us to another, sometimes Molly would be sitting on my lap, at other times I’d be stroking Bobbie’s wonderful breasts or placing a finger between her legs. Eventually, of course, the heat of the water grew ovenlike, we moved to the adjacent shower room and whisked the chlorine off – Bobbie washed my back, I swiped her front. And then we clothed ourselves.

We got another drink, sat in the quiet of the lounge, Bobbie began to yawn. “It’s past her bedtime,” Nick explained, Bobbie laughed, then agreed that perhaps they’d be running along. Kisses between the women and men, and a deep one between the two girls, agreements that a fun time had been had by all, when could we do it again?

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