Dog DaysDog Days


It was one of those brutally hot, humid summer days in New England, the kind that are commonly referred to as “dog days” around here. I had just finished my shift at the rehab. It had been a long day full of groups to give, lectures to speak, and endless counseling sessions.

Don’t get me wrong, I normally love my job, but that day it seemed as though I didn’t come across a single soul who was serious about their sobriety. Most days I run into one or two addicts who are just damn tired of a life in constant turmoil, and of being in a state of unconsciousness.

But not that day.

For whatever reason, the place was full of court issued addicts and addicts trying to appease intervening family members. It’s not as though I don’t know what it’s like, what they’re going through. I do. I used to be among the addicted, and there were times I was quite happy in that state of being. Or at least I thought I was. Eventually, though, I realized that even a train must stop, so to speak. I chose to do so, also. So, I can relate, but, that day it was wearing on me. Between that and the fact that the air conditioning wasn’t cooling things down. I had truly had enough. So, I tied up what was left of my business, locked up the office and headed for the door.

It was still mid afternoon and the sun was shining bright. In what seemed like no time at all, I made it to my pick-up just across the parking area. A gush of heat blew into my face as I opened the door. I stood outside, letting the suffocating heat escape, then started the engine so the a/c could work its magic and cool that baby off. While I waited for my truck to feel less like the flaming pits of hell, I leaned against it and gazed at the pond that lay just below, breathing in the moist, hot, and humid air. My lungs were heavy, but it felt strangely nice.

I climbed into my Chevy and put in one of my favorite Melissa Etheridge CD’s before reaching for the rest of the joint I’d stashed in the ashtray a few nights back. With the AC blasting and the tunes filling my head, I started for home. I live and work in the small town of Plymouth. Well, it’s not really that small, but it’s subdivided. I happen to live in the southern end, in a fishing community called Manomet. I love the place. I live right on the shore, a mere minutes walk to the beach, where I have my morning coffee. But, on that day, I wasn’t feeling much like going home. Like I said, it was a dog day, and görükle escort bayan I was sporting a nice high. So…I headed for one of my favorite beaches, which happened to be just across the bridge leading to Cape Cod. If you know New England, Massachusetts specifically, you know Cape Cod. It’s a peninsula on the southeastern tip of the state, and it has one of the most beautiful landscapes – beaches, dunes, forests, and ponds. And the bluest skies imaginable.

Anyway, I was nearly there, driving down the coastal roadway with my window down, taking in the ocean air as my blonde streaked, brown, shoulder length hair blew wildly about and I sang at the top of my lungs. What a great stress reliever. Soon, I pulled into the parking lot and found a perfect space in the shade of a huge tree. I couldn’t believe my luck, and thought that just maybe my day was taking a turn for the better. I mean, I was high, I was hot, and I just could not wait to dive into the cool water. I grabbed the towel I kept in the back, and as I walked toward the beach, I could feel my body beginning to relax already.

The place was empty, which was perfectly fine with me, because I forgotten to grab my suit. As I walked through the dunes, I could feel the soft, warm sand between my feet. The sea breeze cooled me as I stripped down to my underwear. And when I say ‘underwear’, I mean panties. I never wear bras.

The sun was burning hot, but if you know the water around here, you know that it is always a bit on the chilly side. For this reason, it is always advisable to jump in rather than slowly walking, if only to prevent last minute chickening out. I dove in and under, swimming through the choppy water until my body accustomed itself to the temperature. I wove in and out of the waves, and felt the exhilaration of it all overtake me. All of my stresses melted away in a moment’s time, and I became one of the magnificent creatures of the ocean; one with nature, not a care in the world.

This had to be heaven.

Unfortunately, the frigidness of the water soon started to get to me, being of a slender build, I had no excessive fat to protect me from the cold and I swam hastily back to the beach and gathered my things. Then I walked over to the jetty, still almost naked and all alone. I was nowhere near ready to leave this pristine setting, though, so I found a smooth flat boulder to lay on. With my towel bursa otele gelen escort under my head and my feet dangling in the ocean, I basked in the dual feeling of the hot sun heating my body while the cool ocean washed over my legs. The combined sensation lulled me into a state of semi-consciousness, somewhere between wake and sleep. I don’t know how long I remained like that, but when I came to, the sun had begun to set and a cooler breeze was blowing. And, more importantly, I was no longer alone.

Startled and somewhat groggly, I glanced over to see the most beautiful woman sitting just a few stones down from me. She had long golden brown hair with vibrant red highlights that shone in the sun, and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. They seemed to match the color of the ocean. I was suddenly and somewhat embarrassingly aware of my current state of undress. I reached for the clothes that I’d carelessly tossed to the side, and she grinned as she held them towards me.

“Looking for these?”

I felt myself blush as I reached out. “Yes, thanks.”

“Don’t cover up for me darlin’. I’ve been watching you for a while now. You sure made that swim look inviting.”

Now, I usually have no problem with a quick reply in any situation, but this woman took me by complete surprise. And the tone of her voice made it clear that I was in no way misunderstanding the pointed look in her eyes.

The only reply I could come up with was “Did you enjoy the show?”

Standing before me now, wearing nothing but a bikini that enhanced her tanned, curvy body, she replied slowly. “Let me show you how much.”

And she did. She didn’t waste a single second before she leaned over and kissed me.

Her lips were soft and warm. I reached over and caressed her cheeks, pulling her closer as I hungrily kissed her in return. Heat flooded my body. With her body hovering over me and our lips merged, I could feel the energy crackle between us.

Reaching behind her, I untied her bikini and it fell away, leaving her firm round breasts exposed just for me. Cupping them in my hands, I gently squeezed her dark nipples. I was not surprised to find them hard and anticipating; responsive. Our mouths kissed passionately, hungrily, as if we were feeding on one another. Then, I slid my hands down her back and beneath her panties. I removed them quickly and grabbed her ass. I bursa escort bayan pulled her tight against my body, reveling. I love the softness and warmth of a woman’s body against mine. It drives me crazy with desire.

Suddenly pulling away from my lips, this beautiful woman looked into my light brown eyes with naked passion radiating from her own as she moved her body up and down mine. She ground her hot, wet pussy into mine. I was on fire. My only conscious thought was how much I wanted to taste this sweet woman. And she must have read my mind, because she turned her body around so that her wet pussy was enticing my mouth. She was hot, and she was sooo wet. When my lips finally grabbed hold of her swollen clit and I began to suck, biting ever so gently, I could feel her entire body tremble.

A deep moan escaped her throat. The heat between us had increased to such a degree that I knew I would explode from it, couldn’t wait to explode from it. Suddenly, finally, I felt her mouth on my clit. She began licking me with long slow strokes while I continued to feed on her. I could feel my juices running down my thighs, and the smell of our sex was so intoxicating that my mind was thoughtless. The only things that existed were the sensations that I was experiencing at that moment .

We ate each other into a frenzy while the ocean spilled all around us. Then, as if scripted, we came simultaneously; our body’s spasms in sync, our moans audible for miles. I licked her thighs as she spilled her sweet juices, not wanting to waste a drop of her honey, then I pulled her around to lie on top of me as the ocean rose and a wave spilled onto our bodies.

As she lay in my arms, I could feel her heart beating frantically. I held her close as it slowed, and then whispered in her ear. “Care for a swim?”

She looked into my eyes, hers sparkling with satisfaction. She smiled and, pulled me up and we dove together into the water, naked, totally relaxed and eager to play. And play we did, until the sun dropped below the horizon and we could no longer bear the chill. Gathering our clothes from the jetty, we walked toward the parking area. There, I had the pleasure of drying her off with a towel I found in the truck. Too soon, though, we dressed and then kissed each other softly before saying our good-byes.

As I watched her walk back down the beach, I couldn’t help but marvel one last time at the beauty of this woman. She eventually vanished from sight, and as I pulled the truck away I wondered if I’d ever see her again.

Of course, she never did re-appear. Not that I’d really expected her to. But that doesn’t stop the memory of this woman, this siren, who came and left so mysteriously, so deliciously into my day from being infused into my being forever.

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