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Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. “Mr Burroughs and I have a few things to discuss Mr Sawyer, so if you’ll excuse us.” “Of course and thank you.” I was out of the Deans office and went straight to the on campus post office and sent the package out registered return reciept. I then placed a call to Mr Jacobs. “Mr Sawyer, I thought I’d be hearing from you today.” I’ve just come from a meeting with Dean Evans and a Mr Burroughs, the college legal counsel. Seems Mr Price is going after them as well. The upshod of which is that they were ready for me and a rather thick envelope just got put in the mail for you. I expect you shall see it on Thursday if not sooner. The request was made that you keep Mr Burroughs informed of the case,as they will for you.” “I’m looking forward to getting that parcel. Your Dean of men seems to be right on top of things. Of course if they were just waiting for someone like Mr Price they could have well been prepared ahead of time.” “I’m sure it was a consideration on their part Mr Jacobs. Regardless I hope there is enough in there to get the case dismissed.” “We shall certainly try Mr Sawyer. Try and relax and not worry about it.” “Easier said than done sir.” “I’m sure, but do try. Is there anything else?” “Not today, but I would sure like to know how Mr Browns trial goes in 2 weeks.” “I’ll drop you daily emails.” “Than you sir. Have a good rest of the day.” “You as well Mr Sawyer.” Tomorrow was a mandatory practice so I headed for the apartment. I had gotten home first so I got something started for supper. Karl showed up a short time later. “Well what kind of day love?” “Not all that bad a one. Dean Evans was ready for me when I got to see him this afternoon. The guy is suing the school as erdemli escort well. Nobody said anything but I’m betting the case against the school is stronger than the one against me. Regardless there is a rather thick envelope on its way to the lawyers at this point.” “So leave it to them and concentrate on your school work and the gynmastics. Like you said, it’s only two weeks away.” “I’m sure as hell going to try.” We shortly after had our supper and I went and checked my imaginary protfolio as I did have a review tomorrow. Things were still looking good so I let things be. A little reading, a little tv and we were off to bed. Tuesday dawned clear and bright and it was off to campus for our jogging. It was again a rather quiet morning. Whatever had caused Cam and Paul to be so early on Sunday was still going to be a mystery. Karl and I were soon back to the apartment and fed, showered and changed. Karl was off to class and I settled in to read until it was time I headed in. The usual discussion and then reviews started and as usual I was last up. “No actions takent his week Mr Sawyer?” “No sir. Everything looks to be rermaining pretty steady so I didn’t see a need to make any adjustments.” “Just as a matter of persoal curiosity Mr Sawyer, how closely does this compare to your actual portfolio?” “My actual portfolio was built by my father so that refelcts his opinions. Having said that the amounts I have spread over various fields of investment fairly closely match the percetanges of my actual portfolio. Does that violate the terms of the assignment?” “No I won’t be considering that a use of inside resources Mr Sawyer. Well, I know you have a meet coming up in the near future so off with you.” I grabbed a quick lunch as the student union and took my time getting over to the rec center. I got changed up and headed into the apparatus room and started to stretch out. This was going to be a closed practice today and likely the mandatory one would be for the next two weeks. “Alright let’s see team format today so I can get a good look at all of you.” So it was off to the pommel first and the afternoon wore on until we had all finished each piece of equipment. Coach had called out things as we were working so there weren’t any final notes to anybody. So it was off for a few laps and then into the whirlpool. Greg and Josh were there when I slipped into the pool. “So what about these Anderson guys Den?” “They were fairly good last year and it was close. That was before I joined the actual team though. You guys told me you heard tarsus escort about the incident with Larry Brown so I’m expecting there to be a bit of animosity for us to overcome this year.” “You don’t think they’d do anything stupid do you?” “I don’t think so and I’m sure the judges are going to be paying very close attention, even before we all get anywhere near the floor.” “So everybody should be playing it cool?” “I hope to hell so. Coach commented last year that if we had tried anything like that with him he would have disbanded the squad and forfieted the whole season.” “Think he meant it?” “No doubt in my mind whatsoever.” We all soaked for a few minutes more and then headed to the showers and finally on to our seperate homes. I did call Karl and let him know I was on my way as I was later than usual. When I got there supper was on the table and Karl was waiting. “Good practice?” “I thought so and Coach must have too as there weren’t any notes after we were done.” “Well that bodes well. Think Anderson will try anything off the wall after last year?” “I doubt it like hell. Like I told a couple of the guys, I’m betting there are going to be eyes all over the place before we get anywhere near the floor. After last year they would have to be flat out stupid to try something.” “Yeah I see your point, beat the hell out of them anyway.” “Sure as hell going to try.” We finished up our supper and got things cleaned up and then hit the books pretty much until it was time to sack out. Once again up and out on this hump day, laps run and back to the apartment and then off to campus. It was a pretty standard day and classes where had with a minimum of aggrevation, at least as far as I was concerned. I grabbed my usual lunch at the student union and did see Gordon and Aiden for a few along with Pete and Susan. Off to the final class and it to was gotten through. I planned on hitting the rec center tomorrow so it was off to home and seeing what I was going to make for supper. I got a call from Karl that he was on his way and soon enough he was coming through the door looking like hell. “You ok lover?” “Yeah just all of the instructors seemed to have a wild hair across their asses today.” “Really? Mine were all pretty mellow today. I wonder what’s going on?” “Nothing I’ve heard about that’s for sure. Let’s eat I’m hungry as hell tonight.” So we fell to our supper and once done got things cleaned up. Tomorrow was my easy day so I didn’t really have anything to get done tonight. So I just grabbed a book to read while Karl was akdeniz escort working on things. When we did go to bed, I just spooned up against Karl and slipped an arm around him. “Tomorrow will be a better day lover.” “I hope to hell so.” Thursday morning and we were back to it once again. Once I had taken care of my one class I headed over to the rec center. It wasn’t a mandatory practice so the place wasn’t closed to the public. I went and took care of doing my routines and then I stayed to help watch for the coach. I was particularly watching Josh today to see how much his ankle was bothering him. I didn’t catch him favoring it any, so when coach came to ask me if I had seen anything I could honestly tell him no. I did take a minute to talk to Dana our team captain. “Dana, nothing stupid planned for Anderson, right?” “We’d have to be pretty stupid to try anything after last year Den.” “I thought as much, but just wanted to check. From what I can see, unless they picked up somebody outrageously good, we should have this one in the bag.” “I haven’t heard anything so I just hope you’re right.” I called it a day and hit the pool and the whirlpool and then showered up. I gave Karl the heads up and was soon enough home. “How was practice lover?” “Pretty good. Everybody seems to be on top of their game. Today any better than yesterday?” “Yeah whatever it was seems to have run its course.” “Good enough. Let’s eat.” Supper was soon enough finished and cleaned up and it was the books for an hour or so and again crashed in front of the tv. Friday was taken care of with very little fuss and after supper we just kicked back and started our weekend. Of course there was the all day practice tomorrow so we did end up making an early night of it. Saturday morning and I stayed at the apartment when Karl went out to hit the bricks with the guys. Once he was back and we had some breakfast I still had an hour or so to kill before practice started. I did a quick check of my email and there wasn’t anything there worth worrying about. I took off for the rec center when it was time and everybody was there ready to get to work. We all stretched out and it was once again team format. Today Cooach Warren was on one side of the equipment and asst Coach Connors was on the other side. I could see the sense in that. Two different perpsectives might well show some little things to be corrected. We worked our way around all of the stations and then broke for lunch. For all of us it was a quick trip to the student union. We were back at it an hour later and running the whole routine once again. I watched where I could when I wasn’t actually working. The day dragged on whent the coach finished up with a little individual work. When we were done for the day Coach called me over. “Dennis, I’m going to ask you and Jack to step down so the alternates can get their shot.”

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