Dinner Party for Two Ch. 03Dinner Party for Two Ch. 03

Alina Henessy

When you closed the door, you turned and pressed your back into it. With eyes closed, you mumbled, “Let’s promise to never do that again, ok?”

From my seat on the couch, I laughed, “What part of tonight are we promising to never do again? Eat? Have company? Get dressed up? Drop sexual innuendos like bricks from the Empire State Building?”

You pushed yourself off the door and walked towards me slowly, “Oh we’ll definitely eat again. And we’ll probably have company.” The shirt you wore, a blue blouse, was the first victim of the night. When you peeled it off and tossed it on the couch beside me, I knew it was about to get serious, “And we’ll probably end up getting dressed up again for one reason or another.” I watched as you knelt between my feet. Your hands, which seemed to have minds of their own, slid against my outer thighs all the way under my skirt to my hips. When you pulled me against you, I sat up a bit.

“And the innuendos?” The slight smirk on my face was accented by the darkening of my eyes, “What should we do about them?”

Carefully, tenderly, you leaned in and kissed me. You tasted like sauce and wine and passion. There were faint strains of music from an apartment below us…or was that above us? I slid my hands up your arms and leaned my head to the side when your kisses moved from my lips to the arch of my neck. I escort bursa had to bite back a groan when your tongue introduced itself to the dip at the base of my neck.

Without hurrying at all, your fingers unfastened the buttons on my blouse. As your lips made their way down my body, your fingertips were feather-light brushing the fabric off my shoulders and down my arms. When I drug my eyes open to look into yours, I noticed a glimmer there and smiled. I wore that black slip of a bra just for you. Watching your tongue, pink against my pale skin, tracing the edge of the lace brought another round of chills.

It felt like forever, but was probably only minutes, before you bent and flicked your tongue over my thinly-covered nipple. It caused me to hiss and you smiled up at me before doing it again. That time, I bit my bottom lip and let the groan out. I pulled your lips back to mine for a passionate, long kiss.

My fingers softly caressed your neck and shoulders as you pressed harder into me. Then your head dropped back to let my lips have their way with your neck. I planted soft, slow, tiny kisses along it and your jaw, making you sigh my name. We kissed for another long moment before I moved to the other side to lick and nibble your ear. When you shivered against me, it just made me want you more. I whispered in bursa merkez escort your ear, “Here or the bedroom?”

Your hands answered the question for me by sliding around my waist and unhooking my bra. As you slid the straps down my arms, you kissed my neck and shoulders, making it my turn to shiver. I managed to rid you of your bra as well, just before you pushed my upper body back against the couch and stretched out over me.

Without uttering a word, you pressed my hands against the back of the couch, over my head. Then your lips descended on my chest to kiss a hot trail down to a helpless nipple. Using your lips and tongue, you teased it to an aching, hard tip. Then you switched to do the same to the other side. When you gently eased my legs apart, I closed my eyes so I could focus on the feel and smell of you.

Soft as silk, your hair slid down my thigh and I gasped when you kissed the part of me that ached the most. My back arched hard when you slowly and leisurely licked there. Using a series of licks, nibbles, and deep kisses, you drove me mad. I gritted my teeth and bit my bottom lip when you used your tongue to make way for your fingers. The gasp I let out was louder than I’d thought it’d be, “Oh God, baby.”

After teasing me to insanity, you finally began my ascent. It didn’t take bursa escort long for the tightening to reach a fever pitch and my hips to start rotating in time with your movements. It never ceased to amaze me, and still doesn’t, how easily you bring a climax out of me. And when you added the occasional tug into your rhythm, I marveled at how well you knew my body.

I gripped my skirt with both hands and ground into you hard, “Don’t stop,” I pleaded, “please, baby, don’t stop.”

Chest heaving with every breath, I dug my heels into the floor and buried one hand in your hair. The closer I got to the end, the harder breathing became for me. When my breaths were erratic and labored, you knew it was almost over. With a hard arch of my back, deep moan ripping out of my throat, and legs trembling under the weight of my release, I fell over the edge, “Yes! Oh God!”

You gave me time to catch my breath and kissed my body in random spots as your lips made their way back to mine. The kisses were soft and sweet, but I was no longer in a soft and sweet kind of mood. That fact was evident in the way I feverishly kissed down your throat to your shoulder just before gently biting you. You shivered, “Uh oh, someone’s gotten started, now, huh?”

“I blame you,” I murmured against your neck. “Take these off,” I demanded. You obeyed without a word and threw the rest of your clothes on the pile we’d started. When you came back to me, I pulled you against me hard, “Your skin is burning up.”

Between sloppy, wet kisses you mocked me, “I blame you.”

I smiled and nuzzled your neck while I muttered, “You can punish me later. Right now, it’s my turn.”

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