Dawn Makes A Video Ch. 2Dawn Makes A Video Ch. 2


Since my first encounter that Kim and I shared I was really wondering if I was a lesbian or just bi-sexual. I loved men very much so but I realized that I had an attraction to women as well. I wasn’t sure how my husband would react to this although, he was very open minded especially when it came to sex I was still unsure as to how he would feel. I knew I’d be hearing from Jay sometime within the next few days as they were due to port in Singapore. I was looking forward to talking to him but I wasn’t sure how to approach this subject with him.

When I finally heard from Jay we talked about various things such as things he’d been doing on the ship and so on. The subject turned to sex like it always had in the past. I was a little nervous and my palms began to sweat. He’d asked me what I had been doing to keep myself occupied and for pleasure. I told Jay that I had a few surprises for him when he came home, surprises that he would enjoy.

I had his curiosity going and he wanted to know what I was referring to. I began to tell my husband that I had decided to make some videos of myself for him and he really liked the idea. Then I told him that something had happened and that I wasn’t sure how he was going to react but, that I couldn’t lie or keep it from him. I’ve always been a firm believer in honesty. He asked what I meant and then asked if I had found another man to take his place while he was away. I explained to him that there was no other man in my life except for him.

He told me that he wasn’t sure what I was trying to say so I just came out with it and told him. I explained the situation to him but not in full detail because of the video that was awaiting his return. He asked me if I was serious and I told him that I was. Then he asked me what we did and I told him that remained to be seen. He couldn’t believe that we taped our session. I wasn’t sure at first if he was upset and when I asked him he said that he wasn’t upset at all and was very thrilled at the whole idea. He did say that he would have never imagined his wife with another woman. I was thinking that this was great and realized just how much I loved Jay.

He asked me if we had been together since our first encounter and I told him that we weren’t then, he asked me if we would tape more of our sessions and I told him that we would as long as he was okay with it. He said that he was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see this tape collection that I was building for him. We talked a little more and then we said our goodbyes which we always hated.

I was pretty excited that my husband wasn’t upset with me and even more excited to make some more video’s for him. I sat on my couch for a little while thinking of different things that I could do to keep these video’s steamy. I looked out the window to see if Kim’s car was there and it was so, I decided to give my lover a call and see what she was up to.


“Hey Kim, this is Dawn, whatcha up to hun?”

“Nothing much, just finished doing a few things that I needed to do around the house, what about you? Anything exciting?”

“No, not really. Just got off the phone with Jay.”

“That’s good, how’s things going for him at sea?”

“Pretty good, you know the usual.”

“Yeah I know how that goes.”

“Say bursa escort Kim, would you like to come over for a while?”

“Well, whatcha got in mind Dawn?”

“I thought maybe you and I between the sheets for a little bit of fun.”

“Guess you were reading my mind, I was just thinking about the same not too long ago. Thought maybe I’d just get myself off since I wasn’t sure what you were up to.”

“Kim” I said “Anytime of day or night that you are feeling frisky come over, Im always willing to have some fun.”

“Sounds great” She said “Why don’t you let me get a few things together and then I will be right over?”

“Sounds good, see ya in a few then?”

“Yep, I’ll be there…don’t start with out me and don’t forget to set up the camera.”

“Okay, I’ll see ya in a few.”


I hung up the phone and walked back the hall. My video camera was still set up from our previous session so there wasn’t much for me to do except to wait. Before I knew it my door bell was ringing and Kim was at the door looking great as always. I answered the door in just a T-shirt that barely covered my ass. Kim came in and I shut and locked the door. She had a small bag with her loaded with her toys. I was wet just thinking about the events that were about to unfold. She set the bag down and stood before me with a sexy look on her face. She put her hands on my shoulders and spun me around lifting my shirt to take a look at my ass cheeks. I turned my head to look at her and she had a finger slightly in her mouth. I asked her if she wanted to head to the bedroom and she nodded. She picked up the bag and we were off to the bedroom.

She looked a little surprised when we got into my room. I had set out some wine glasses with a bottle of chilled wine sitting in a wine bucket on my night stand and there were candles lit throughout the room even though it was day light it still gave the room a nice glow. I poured us both a glass of wine and I turned to hand Kim her glass, she was standing there looking sexy like always and she was already in the buff. I handed her a glass and we both took a few sips of the wine. I couldn’t resist, I reached out and began to touch her beautiful breasts, she inhaled deeply. I set my glass down and slowly laid her down upon my bed.

I wasted no time, parted her legs and took a long look at her pussy. She was already glistening with her sweet nectar that I couldn’t wait to taste. I began running my tongue up her leg and inner thigh. She started to wiggle and slightly moan. I parted her pussy lips exposing her bud and began to give her soft long licks up and down her slit. She was fondling her nipples and her moans began to get louder. She put her hands on my head and ran her fingers through my hair. I stopped and got my wine glass, took a sip and poured a little on her dripping pussy then lapped it up from her. I looked at Kim and excused myself real quick to the kitchen, got some ice and returned to the bedroom where Kim was enjoying her wine. I took and ice cube and ran it up and down her slit. She really liked that. I slowly inserted my finger into her ass and she moaned and began to touch her clit with her middle finger.

I moved in closer to her tight little brown hole and inserted altıparmak escort the ice cube into her asshole. Kinda tricky but I managed. I returned to licking her cunt paying special attention to every part of her that I could. I told her that I wanted her to sit on my face, she set her pussy above my face and I began licking her as she rocked her hips. I put my finger in her ass again and she started to rock her hips even harder. I was ready to explode. Kim turned around and began to eat my cunt and I continued to lick her, before we knew it, we were both cumming. We took a slight break sipping on the wine and enjoying each other’s company. She reached out and began to touch my pussy again. “You have such a pretty pussy Dawn.”

“You like it?” I asked. “Like it? I love it!”

Then she emptied her bags of toy on my bed and I saw some of the most amazing dildo’s and vibrators in my life, and I thought I had a great collection. “Why don’t you pick one.” She said. I picked the biggest one and handed it to her. “This one’s my favorite too.” She said to me. “Where would you like to feel this at, Dawn?”

“Anywhere that you’d like to penetrate.” I told her. I got on my hands and knees exposing my asshole to her, I loved anal sex. She lubed up this monster of a cock and my asshole and began to work it into me. It felt great. I rocked my hips to meet the strokes that she was giving me. I began to scream with pleasure and I felt my orgasm building deep inside me. Kim asked me if I liked what she was doing and I told her that I loved it and that I wanted her to feel the pleasure that I was feeling too.

She assured me that she would but that she wanted me to have all the attention at the moment. She continued to work the cock in and out of my ass and told me to play with my cunt. I was happy to oblige! I started rubbing my pussy, my fingers were all over the place because I was so wet. She worked the cock harder and faster and before I knew I was having a mind shattering orgasm! I scream for her to fuck me faster and harder with the cock, and she did. I slowly came down from my orgasm and my whole body was shaking. Kim reached into her bag and told me that she had something for me. I gave her a puzzled look, thinking she didn’t have anything else in the bag. To my surprise, she pulled out a strap on and told me that she wanted me to put it on and fuck her with it. I asked where she got it from and she explained that after our session earlier that week that she ordered it off the internet and had it shipped to her express so that she would have it for our next session.

It was very neat, while I was pleasing my lover I could get pleasure as well. What more could a woman ask for? I wasn’t sure how to put this on but between the two of us we got it on and got ready to play some more. Kim began to stroke the cock that she was about to receive and then she took it deeply with in her mouth and down her throat. I was amazed, even I couldn’t deep throat a cock though I tried many times before. She then got on her hands and knees and asked me to fuck her with this gorgeous dick that was now attached to me. I placed the head at the opening of her sopping wet pussy and slowly teased her with it.

Then with one thrust it was buried görükle escort deep into her womb, she screamed loudly “YES! FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK!” With that, I began to fuck her faster with long strokes. This was feeling great and we were both amazed at the feeling our love buds were being given by this creation. I slapped her ass and drove the cock into her as fast as I could. She asked me if she could ride me and I told her that I’d love that. I laid down on the bed and she mounted this cock and began to ride it like a mad woman. She bounced upon this cock like a pro and her beautiful tits were bouncing as well. I was mesmerized by this woman and her beauty. She pulled the cock from her pussy and placed it at her asshole and it slid into her slowly.

She began to scream at how good this made her feel. I told her that if she thought that felt good then she should let me give her something that would feel even better. With that she dismounted and was curious as to what could possibly feel even better than that. I told her to lay on her tummy and I took the KY jelly and lubed her asshole up with it and then slowly one by one I inserted the anal beads into her tight hole. She wiggled her ass as I pushed each one into her and begged me to hurry so she could feel the pleasure that she so badly wanted to feel.

Once all the beads were in place I pulled her up to her knees and inserted this cock into her pussy and began to fuck her. I fucked her slowly this time making love to her. My pussy became wetter by simply looking at her and seeing the pleasure written all over her face. I told her to tell me when she was going to cum and she nodded. I stroked her pussy slowly and within minutes she informed me that she was cumming. I slowly one by one popped the beads out of her ass which sent Kim over the edge. She screamed and worked her hips around.

When the beads were out of her ass I withdrew the cock from her and began licking her beautiful asshole working my tongue in and out of her. She started to scream again and once again, she came. I was so pleased by simply just seeing and knowing that I pleased my lover in the manner that I just did. Her ass was still in the air and I spanked her with the cock a few times and we both giggled. She turned and looked at me and said “Your turn.” I couldn’t imagine what more could happen. She said that she wanted to take the camera to the bathroom.

She walked into the bathroom before me and turned on the shower. I moved the camera to the bathroom and made sure it was focused and pointed correctly at the shower. She removed the strap on from me and put it on. She instructed me to get into the shower with her and I did as told. She grabbed me by the hips and bent me over then slowly put the cock into my ass. It did feel great! I worked my ass back to meet her thrusts and screamed for her to fuck me harder. She worked this cock into me faster and harder with each thrust and before I knew it I was cumming. I told her that I was spent and she agreed that she was too.

We took a shower together and washed one another. By the time we got out of the shower it was close to dinner time, I asked Kim if she’d like to stay for dinner and she said sure. Then I said “Better yet, what do you say you stay with me tonight?” I promise I’ll make it worth your while but don’t plan on getting much sleep.”

“Sounds really good Dawn, I can hardly wait!”

We headed out to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat but there wasn’t much eating of food…

***Check back for my next submission about our long steamy night together***

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