Daughter’s Sexy Sight Pt. 07Daughter’s Sexy Sight Pt. 07


Through the fog of sleep, I could feel myself being rolled gently onto my back. I came fully awake to see Katie’s hot crimson love flesh hovering over me. I felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through me as Katie’s beautiful sex was only inches from my mouth, it was wildly erotic seeing my other little girl’s beautiful sex that close. The heat from between her legs warmed my face, I smelled the scent of Katie’s arousal, hot and musky, her pussy lips were slightly parted, almost like they beckoned to me to part them, and slide my tongue into the deep velvet folds that they hid.

“I’m so horny, lick me, Daddy, I’m hot and juicy for you, make your other little girl cum all over your face! While you do that, Daddy’s little girl is going to ride your stiff cock, and you can shoot a nice juicy load up your little girl’s eager pussy!”

I felt my cock being engulfed, and Joleena’s sigh of pleasure as she sank down the length of my cock. I grunted with pleasure as the tight, fiery wrap of my daughter’s steamy fuck-hole engulfed my cock, sliding down right to the balls. I quickly buried my tongue into Katie’s folds, licking and sucking at all the hot, dewy excitement that awaited me.

I could feel my daughter develop a steady rhythm, as she rode my cock. The sounds of Katie’s and my daughter’s sighs, moans, and grunts of pleasure filled the bedroom, as my tongue and cock worked to push them into orgasm. Katie started to shake, she gently grabbed my head and held it tightly against her dripping cleft.

“There, oh my god, right there, Daddy’s other little girl is going to cum all over your face, that’s it, oh fuck, yes, I’m cumming, yes, yes, YES!”

Her shriek of pleasure filled the bedroom, as her pussy exploded, her dripping cleft turning into a wash, and I eagerly sucked down all the hot juices that filled my mouth, my cock was throbbing, and I felt my daughter’s hand wrap around my balls, and start squeezing.

“Yes, oh yes, blow your load Daddy, fill up your little girl’s cunt, I want every drop from your swollen balls, yes, oh yes, I’m cumming, Lefkoşa Escort fuck, yes, YES!!”

Joleena’s cry of orgasm joined my howl, as her cunt clamped down tightly on my prick, spasming wildly, I felt the spunk surge up my shaft, and I let go, my cock buried deep, exploding and squirting wildly in the tight teen grip of my daughter’s fiery well of pleasure, filling her inner pussy up with a hot load of spunk.

After a few minutes of rest, Katie and my daughter pulled me to my feet and led me into the kitchen.

“It’s time for Daddy to get his breakfast made for him,” my daughter said, “and we’ll be the two hot cooks to do it. We need to keep your strength and stamina, and something else, up. After breakfast, you’ll need to work off your food.”

My daughter pulled out two aprons, and Katie and she donned them. They were naked save for the aprons. As they worked around the stove, I was treated to the wonderful sight of two almost naked teens, the aprons covering just the front of their laps, when they had their backs to me, I was treated to the sight of their naked asses, side by side.

Being an ass man all my life, I could feel it stirring again, Jeez, it was like Viagra, the way the sight of them got my cock up, again and again. Katie set out the dishes, silverware, coffee cups, and glasses of orange juice. They whipped up a breakfast feast of buckwheat pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast, and hot coffee.

After giving us time to digest, Katie and my daughter whipped off their aprons, and I was once again treated to the sight of my golden-haired daughter, and her red-headed best friend. The sight of their blonde and red pubic landing strips got my blood and cock surging. Smiling at my cock rise, they eagerly pulled me into the bedroom. Katie lay down, and my daughter got on top of her. Their legs were at the edge of the bed, and the entrance to their hot, horny cunts was stacked one on top of the other.

“Daddy, come get between our legs. Start fucking your little girl’s pussies, Girne Escort go back and forth, until your stiff cock can’t handle it anymore, then blow your load deep into one of Daddy’s little girls,” my daughter said.

Katie and Joleena started to kiss each other hotly, their tongues snaking out to wrestle lovingly with each other. I quickly led my throbbing prick to the softness of my daughter’s pussy, and slid all 7 inches in. I let out a moan of pleasure as the hot, inner flesh of my daughter wrapped tightly around my cock. Grasping her hips, I started to ride her, my cock plunging in and out, fuck, it felt so good.

After a couple of minutes, I withdrew, adjusted my cock, and placing it against Katie’s hot opening, slid in. Katie’s tight pussy wrapped around my prick, drawing another grunt of pleasure from me. I started to fuck her, plowing her tight, hot furrow over and over. After a few minutes, I withdrew and powered my prick up my daughter again. Both my daughter and Katie seemed to be enjoying the idea of being double fucked in this way, not to mention how awesome it felt.

My daughter grunted, “Let it go, Daddy, whenever you are ready, flood one of your horny little girl’s cunts. We won’t be jealous of who you choose to unload your wet spray into.”

Just after I penetrated Katie’s tight teen cunt for the second time, I could feel the spunk starting to sizzle, and my cock started to throb. My cock jerked and swelled up steely hard.

“Oh fuck, yeah, gonna cum, gonna fill your sweet hot cunt baby, yeah, oh yeah!” I grunted.

My cock started to pulse, and I let go, and my balls exploded, I could feel the spunk streaking up my shaft, erupting, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream up into the heat of Katie’s tight pleasure grip, filling her inner pussy up with a hot load of spunk. As soon as I withdrew, my daughter was there to suck all the combined juices off of my cock.

Laying back, Joleena cooed to Katie, “Sit on my face baby, let me suck out Daddy’s hot cum, then I want your Magosa Escort sweet cum all over my face.”

Katie quickly squatted over my daughter’s pretty face, and she said “Yeah, go ahead and eat me, baby, Daddy blew a big thick load into me, and my cunt is full of his load, all hot and juicy just for his little girl.”

As she lowered her hot crimson love flesh down to my daughter, Katie parted her lips. I could see my daughter gazing up at Katie’s parted pink lips, she could see the huge load of spunk I had filled Katie with. It was all ready for her, and pulling Katie’s hot opening down to her mouth, she was rewarded when my thick load followed gravity’s law and slid right into my daughter’s eager mouth. My daughter licked hungrily, eagerly sucking out every drop of my thick, juicy load. She started to lick at Katie’s hard clit.

The sight had made my cock reverse course, and parting my daughter’s legs, I got between her thighs, and her hot cunt was penetrated. I just had to fuck my daughter, to see if I could get one last load off into her. As my daughter licked Katie into a frenzy, my cock was bringing my daughter to the brink. I could feel my cock building up again, and I knew I was going to lose another load deep inside her.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes, lick me, baby, make me cum all over your pretty face, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, fuck YES!”

Katie’s voice rose to a howl as she exploded, her pussy gushing, as she came all over my daughter’s face. That did it for me, and I growled as my cock went off, shooting my hot cum deep inside my daughter’s tight pussy. My daughter quickly followed suit as her orgasm hit her, her pussy clamping tightly around my spurting cock, milking my shaft greedily, sucking every last drop out of my prick.

As I withdrew, Katie quickly got between my daughter’s thighs, to suck out my load. As Katie’s soft lips touched her inner labial lips, as Katie’s tongue swept into my daughter’s fiery core to lick out the hot spunk I had just unloaded, my daughter gave out a long, drawn-out cry of pleasure, as she came again, in a long, slow, blissful, wrenching wave of pleasure.

I flopped down on the bed, my cock spent, for now, enjoying the sight of my daughter as she blissfully rode her orgasm, her pussy spasming wildly, her beautiful girlfriend’s face at her soft inner core, licking her wildly.

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