Dancing with DeeDancing with Dee


In the morning Maria and I got up before Greg and went out for our usual morning run. As we ran through the streets of Bangkok we realized why we decided to workout and run on the island instead of in the city. As we dodged vehicles and pedestrians and sucked in a few pounds of Bangkok’s finest smog we talked and decided not to do this again. We stopped for coffee and donuts after we completed our run then took a leisurely stroll back to our apartment building. We did not do much during the day before we split up in the afternoon and went to our separate apartments to get ready for our husband’s company Christmas party that evening.

When I emerged from my room dressed in my black gown with purple embroidery that simulated the look of lace, Greg took one look at me with my hip length purple streaked hair and my matching lipstick he just shook his head. He complimented me and said that I looked like a model, but he also commented that my look was a little too dark and ominous for a Christmas party. I disagreed and defended my attire by saying that last time I dressed sexy in an elegant gown and people called me a whore so this time I get to dress my way and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

Greg let it drop since he knew that it was his mistress and executive assistant Sandra that had ruined my reputation with her lies at the last company party. Greg knew that if he angered me before we left the apartment that I might take out my anger on Sandra later on in the evening. Instead of pressing the issue he told me that I was beautiful in everything that I wear and that he would eventually get used to his purple gothic princess after a few drinks. I knew he was trying to make a joke instead of suggesting that I would look better when he was drunk.

I knew that I was in for another interesting night and that like last time I would get some hateful looks from the women, and some lustful looks from the men. The way people looked at us was always interesting to observe being that my husband was 36 years my senior and was the CEO of the company that was throwing the Christmas party.

As we left the apartment I told Greg that he should be proud of the way I look, and take pleasure that other men will be jealous of him tonight after they see me on his arm. For the first time in a long while Greg was agreeing with me on something. He actually thanked me for putting so much effort into picking out the perfect gown and doing my hair and makeup just right. I was beginning to wonder if perhaps sometime during the night someone did not sneak in and give him a pile driver on the kitchen floor that scrambled his brain since he rarely complimented me after the first few months after our wedding.

When we met Maria and James in the lobby I wished I had be able to take a picture of the look on James’s face when he got his first look at me. I was hoping that Greg noticed since I could not get a picture to show him. I actually thought that James was leering at me as he walked Maria to the car we had ordered to take us to the party.

When we arrived at the ballroom that had been reserved for the party I started getting noticed the second that I stepped out of the car. Maria was dressed conservative since she was Roman Catholic and this event was a celebration of the Christmas holiday. Even Maria was noticing the looks I was getting, and as I felt the eyes upon me I stood up straight and proud with my shoulders back and my chin tilted up slightly, and gave them my best model’s walk. Ok, I am not a model but we all dreamed we where and practiced the walk from the first time we tried on our mother’s heels.

As predicted, the women looked disgusted and started whispering amongst themselves as they looked at me, but surprisingly there were a few women that actually complimented me. The one woman that complimented me was an older Vietnamese woman who appeared to be in her early to middle fifties. She was tall and slender and wearing a lovely tight fitting black gown that was low cut even though she had less cleavage than I had to show. I could not help to stare at her beautiful face and perfectly styled long black hair that softly framed her face. She had a few slight wrinkles forming near her eyes but it seemed like the wrinkles were perfectly located in a way that only added to her beauty. I could not tear my eyes away from her and as she looked at me I felt a connection of some sort with her but as far as I knew, this was the first time that I had ever met her.

Maria caught me staring at her after she turned and walked into the hall. She nudged me and said, “Earth to Aya, come in please.” I think that even Greg noticed the long look that the two of us had exchanged and just as Maria was calling to me, Greg was gently tugging on my arm to get me to start walking into the ballroom. Maria told me about her as we walked side by side to the door. Her name was Dee Trang and she was the Vice President of operations for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. She whispered in my ear so that our husbands would not hear that Dee was only into women and bahçeşehir escort that she was considered a major cougar if the rumors she had heard over the years are true. She cautioned me to keep my distance, but her words only increased my interest in exploring this beautiful and mysterious woman. I have to admit that as her eyes met mine I thought I felt my heart rate increase slightly as a warm feeling swept over me.

I was not thinking of putting a move on her or anything but I figured that she might be the only woman other than Maria that will talk to me at the party. I knew that as CEO Greg will be kept busy with his employees and their guests and that there would be little time for me as usual. I knew that William was out as a conversation partner since I torpedoed him royally at the French restaurant in front of his wife Sandra the cheating bitch. One of the reasons I picked out this gown was because I knew that there was a trendy club down the block from where the party was being held. I also brought my Japanese passport that listed my age as twenty because twenty is the legal age to be admitted to the clubs in Thailand. I had my escape all planned out in case I got bored, disrespected, or pissed off at the party.

When we entered the hall the corporate officers were lined up to greet the members of the board, the Chairman of the Board, and the CEO of the company. As we went down the line they all greeted Greg, and then introduced themselves to me. All of the executives were male with one exception so I got a warm greeting from the men as they took my hand politely and looked me up and down while they thought I did not notice. As I said, the executives were all male with the exception of Dee Trang. When she introduced herself to me her voice was so soft and sultry, and as she took my hand she looked into my eyes as she did before, and for some reason I could not look away, nor did I want to take my hand back when she released it. I stood looking at her until Greg tugged my arm because Dee and I were holding up the receiving line.

I stayed with Greg for quite a while as he mingled among his guests. He was the king of the party and I was his queen. Well, to the men I was a queen, or perhaps a young princess. To the women I was still the enemy even after a year had passed. When we sat for dinner the other women at the table tolerated me only because my husband was the boss of their husbands but they had no use for me nor did they talk to me unless they absolutely had to so that their husbands did not lose face in front of the boss. Of course Maria talked to me and her and James were sitting at our table so that helped, but throughout the night Maria started catching some heat from the other women for being social toward me as they tried to pull her into their boycott. If they only knew what our relationship was really like they would have felt foolish but they had no way of knowing that Maria and I were closer than best friends, and almost like sisters.

Before dinner Sandra behaved herself and kept her distance from Greg and me, but after dinner was another story. I suppose after the amount of alcohol she had consumed she got braver and like at the last party, she left her husband at the table and took up with Greg once he made his rounds through the guests. I was tempted to go have a word with William but I figured that I owed him nothing so I let him sit by himself. I have to admit that even though James was seen at the arena with a tall redhead on his arm, he still treated Maria like his queen and did not ditch her like Greg did me. I guess I should not be bitter about it since he initially went off to chat with his guests as a good host and CEO should do. It seemed that when he got near the directors or the Chairman that is when Sandra got the closest to him. She was definitely proving herself the little brown nosing, gold digging, husband stealing, bottom feeding bitch. Yes, I wanted to go pull out a hand full of frizzy blonde hair and expose her black roots to the other guests but I promised Greg to behave.

My exotic hair, makeup and gown had drawn a bit of attention too. I had a few of the male guests come over and sit with me. A few even brought me a glass of the white wine I was drinking as they sat down to talk to me. Of course it would start out with a compliment on how beautiful I was, and then it either ended up with a hand on my thigh, or the offer of a room key so that I could meet them in a hotel room later. One of the guys who introduced himself as Ted was actually bold enough to stand behind me and grab my breasts from behind while I was filling a plate from the dessert buffet.

When I got to the end of the buffet table the lights were turned down since the band was about to start playing and that is when I got pawed from behind. If I had not promised to be nice I swear I would have given him a Michinoku Driver right into the floor. Instead I calmly and “accidentally” stomped the point of my four-inch stiletto heel into the top of his foot. He let out a yelp bakırköy escort that was drowned out by the music so only a few people close by heard him but did not realize what had happened.

One of the people that knew what I had done was Dee as she too was browsing the dessert table. She addressed me in Khmer and complimented me on my diplomatic technique, and after we had a brief laugh I confessed that I was ready to plant his forehead into the floor but did not due to the promise to behave that I made to my husband. At the time it never dawned on me how she knew that I could understand and speak Khmer, but then this was just another unsolved mystery about the beautiful woman that had taken an interest in me.

She put her hand on my upper arm, and then apologized for being so forward. I told her that it was ok, and that I have been grabbed in more private places tonight. She could tell that I was joking with her and smiled as her hand rubbed up my slender arm then back down. She told me that she thought that I had nice arms but given the dark color of my gown she could not tell for sure.

We gathered up our snacks and as we returned to the table area she asked if I would mind if she sat with me for a while. I did not mind and I offered her Maria’s seat figuring that she would not be back for a while. We started talking and she eventually told me that she observed that we had a similar problem tonight in that the women avoid us or talk bad about us in hushed tones. She said that the only difference is that the men are attracted to me, while the men like the women avoid her like she is the goddess of all evil. To emphasize Dee’s point, as we were talking two of the corporate wives were going out to the dance floor and when they passed behind me one of them said, “It figures those two would sit together.”

She heard it too and we just looked at each other and smiled. When our eyes met and locked on I took her hand and asked if she wanted to have some fun with those Jurassic gossipmongers. She knew exactly what I had in mind and together we stood up and walked to the dance floor. I was not so good at ballroom dancing but she was and took the lead. The old bats took one look at us, gave us a look of grand derision and moved a few feet away from us like we had cooties, dance herpes, or worse. Dee led us right over next to them and now they started acting as if an albatross was flapping its wings over their shoulders. We were sputtering and giggling and trying not to do anything like cause a scene that would get my husband and her boss upset at us.

When the music slowed down and all the same sex couples started to leave the dance floor I thought that this was our cue as well until Dee asked me to stay. I have to admit that I felt a little strange with her out there with all of the hetero couples but after a while I put it out of my mind and enjoyed the dance. She pulled me in close and took me hand in hers and then let her other arm circle around my waist to cross over my lower back, so I followed her lead. As we danced close we were just about the same height, maybe a half inch different either way but that could have been because of our hairstyles too.

I felt her hand moving in small circles on my back and soon she was whispering in my ear that it is unusual to find such a strong and fit woman such as myself amongst these pampered houseplants. She was impressed when we began discussing workout routines. She too was very tight and firm as I could tell now that I had my hand on her back. Mostly she was into running, cardio and lightweights, but nothing like Maria and I do on a daily basis. Compared to us she could have been considered a pampered houseplant, but a houseplant with great stems and a strong stalk.

We caught a few people looking at us as we danced, then when the song changed we left the dance floor. One of the couples that noticed us was William and Sandra. For some reason they both looked a little jealous. Perhaps William was jealous that he could not have me tonight, and Sandra was jealous because she could not have Dee. It could also have been that Dee chose me instead of her, but that is just a supposition since I did not know if Sandra went both ways but I suspected that she did not since she refused to taste herself on her man.

When we left the dance floor Dee led me right past our table and over to the bar. She asked if I wanted to get out of here for a while. I was more than ready to ditch this party of the dancing dead and go anywhere else but here. Dee kept a hold of my hand as we walked to the door where we met up with Maria. She did not say a word but she looked me up and down and took notice of the handholding. Maria smiled and winked and I returned the smile and wink as Dee and I left the ballroom. Later on that evening I would get a text from Maria that read, “I knew that would happen when I warned you to avoid Dee. Have fun… see you in the morning.”

Once we were on the sidewalk outside the ballroom I asked Dee where she wanted to go. I mentioned başakşehir escort that I knew of a club down the block that seemed busy when we came in. Dee also said that she knew of another club a few blocks over that she had been to many times. I should have asked what sort of club it was but decided to just go with her suggestion. We took a taxi since we did not want to walk in evening gowns and heels. I was especially thankful since the shoes I was wearing were new and not yet broken in enough for a long walk.

When we entered the club we were asked to show ID even though Dee was in her fifties. It was club policy that everyone shows ID at the door. They even asked questions about the information on the ID presented as a test to try to trap someone using a fake ID. I suspected that they thought that I might be one of those people as the bouncer at the door asked me for my name and birth date in Japanese. Of course it was easy enough for me to respond to him and verify the information on my Japanese passport that identified me as being twenty years old. I would not have been allowed in had I presented my real ID that said I was nineteen. Dee was quick to pick up on my age and told me that she thought that I was perhaps in my mid twenties. She asked if our age difference would be a problem. She was happy to hear that it was not an issue with me.

After we passed our entrance exam Dee complimented me on my Japanese. I thanked her as we entered one of the three rooms set up for dancing. Each room played various styles of music different from the others. Dee preferred the pop music to the hip-hop and rap music and I was thankful for her choice as I care little for those other forms of music. As we waded through the sea of people we got a few looks as we were a bit over dressed, but as we made our way to the bar I noticed that all the couples here were same sex couples. There was not a hetero couple in the club.

There were also a few people that I was able to identify as trans sexual. Some were easy to spot, some were a bit more difficult, and others were impossible to be sure about but there was a suspicion. I only say this because one of the ones that I had a suspicion about was a tall beautiful redheaded woman that looked exactly like the woman that Maria and I seen James with at the arena the previous weekend. I so wanted to get a picture of her dancing with a woman that I was sure was trans, but I did not want to embarrass Dee by trying to snap her picture with my phone.

Dee knew quite a few people in the club so I assumed that she was a regular. I found myself trying to guess if she had a surprise hidden under her gown given the number of trans sexual people that I had noticed so far. Even if she were, it would not have mattered to me since we obviously were getting along well so far. A few of the women that we encountered as we waited at the bar for our drinks came up to Dee, kissed her as if they were longtime friends. She introduced them to me and I too got a soft friendly kiss for a greeting. A few of them also hugged me as we kissed, and I was surprised when a few of the huggers felt me up in the process. Dee warned me that some of the people here can be quite friendly at times and she hoped that I would not be offended. I just winked at her and suggested that I can become overly friendly too at times.

After wee got our drinks a couple of Dee’s friends that were a dedicated couple invited us to sit with them at their table. We parked our drinks on the table but before we could sit down Dee’s two friends split apart and each of them paired up with Dee and I. As I danced with the woman that chose me I got the third degree about how I knew Dee, how long have we been together, and other such questions. Dee looked at me and saw that I was a bit uncomfortable but told me that it was ok. I could not hear her over the music but I could read her lips.

We were out on the dance floor for quite a while and after each song we were switching partners so I got to meet both of Dee’s friends but finally I ended up back in Dee’s arms as the first of three slow songs began. By the time we were in to the middle of the third song Dee’s lips were pressed against mine and her tongue was begging permission to enter. Permission was quickly granted and her tongue slipped in softly. I have been with a few women and girls my own age but I had to marvel at Dee’s tongue. It was perhaps longer than some of the men that I had kissed, and I have to say that she used it much better than any man or woman that I had been with in the past. I could not help but think how that wild tongue would work in other places.

When the slow songs ended I wanted to stay right were we were but her friends interrupted us. The larger of the two women who was introduced as Debbie separated us and said, “That is enough of that you two, we are getting jealous.” When I say “larger” I do not mean to infer that Debbie was a huge woman. Debbie was about my size give or take a pound or two, though she was a bit older and a wild guess would put her at about 41 years old. She was a rather rough looking woman with Chinese facial features, but it seems that she had a few other ethnicities mixed in. She was shapely for her age, though her medium sized breasts appeared to be gravity defying, at least that was the impression I got from seeing her with her clothing on.

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