Family AbductionFamily Abduction


This story is a fictional fantasy and hasn’t really happened…yet.

I am basically a fat loser and have no friends at school. There is one other kid I talk to and I pretty much hate him too. I spend most of my time playing video games on my Xbox that my parents were too fucking cheep to buy me so I had to get money and buy it on my own. The joke is that I stole most of the money from my moms purse and my dads wallet without them knowing it. Fucking retards. I also jerkoff a lot and look at porn on the computer. I am board with normal porn so I try to find the sickest shit that really makes my dick super hard. I love seeing myself cum and I like shooting it all over the place and once in a while I will even taste my own spunk wad if I am extra horny.

This story starts when I was in science class and the teacher who is a boaring dooshbag made us be partners for a project. Sarah Barnett was absent that day and noone wanted to be my partner so the teacher said Sarah and I would be partners for the assignment. Sarah was one of the hottest girls in our school and would never even look at me or especially talk to me. I popped an instant boner and couldn’t wait for what was going to come next.

Sarah was pissed when she found out she was stuck with me for a partner and tried to get out of it, but noone would trade with her so she had to work with me. We talked and she agreed to come over to my house to work on the project. My house is pretty much a crappy shithole because my dad doesn’t have a good job and my mom is a lazy bitch. Sarah looked like she was going to throw up when she saw the inside of my house but I didn’t care because I had made a plan for her in the past couple of days. We sat down and started working. My parents weren’t home buy the way. I said I had to go take a piss and I went to get something else instead. I came back behind her and quickly surprised her with a gag in her mouth. She tired to scream but it didn’t make enough noise for anyone but me to hear. It sounded like music to me. Sarah got up to run away but and pulled her down on the floor and used my fat weight to hold her there while she used all her energy trying to fight me and get away. I got some scratches on my face from her but she eventually got tired and couldn’t fight anymore. Her long blonde hair was all tangled and her pretty face was red and sweating. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them a few times and told her that she was all mine now and then dragged her to my bedroom. I tied her to my bed by her wrists and ankles so şişli bayan escort her arms were up over her head and her legs were apart. I then got out my Gayle Bradley Spiderco Air knife and cut off her clothes.

I started with her shirt slicing up the sleeves then down the front between her breasts. Sarah wiggled and resisted which resulted in her getting a few small cuts along the way. I pulled her shredded shirt away and started on her pants next. I cut up the insides of each of her legs then up the sides until she had on only her bra and panties. Sarah’s big tits were almost ready to fall out of her bra and I couldn’t wait to see them. I took off all my clothes and she saw my dick for the first time. It was harder than the steel of my knife and ready to fuck! I cut the strap of her bra and her big tits were naked just like that. I felt her up and sucked her nipples to make them hard. She struggled and screamed but there was nothing she could do to stop me so I played with her tits all I wanted. I told her that this is what stuck up prom queen bitches get for being snobby cunts. I rubbed my naked cock and balls on her tits and almost came but I wanted to hold on for something better.

Next thing I did was use my knife to cut slices along the sides of her panties. Sarah had a small bush of light colored pubic hair and it was the first pussy I ever saw in real life. Sarah tried to close her legs but she couldn’t because of how I tied her ankles apart. I sniffed her pussy and touched it with my fingers spreading it open to see inside. She started crying but that only made me more horny. I got my camera and took a bunch of pictures of her naked. It was time to cum. I got on top of her and put my cock in her pussy hole. I sucked her big tits and pumped into her and it was only less than a minute before I shot my load inside her cunt. When I pulled out there was some blood which I knew meant she was a virgin before I fucked her. She was still crying and thrashing around which made her a better fuck and I watch my sperm ooze out of her vagina and took more pictures of that. I played more with her tits and slapped them a few times. I liked how that sounded and how it made her yelp through the gag. I fucked her again. It took me longer to cum but it was worth it to have total control over this bitch and her cunt.

I took a rest next and the next thing I knew my stupid mom was in my room screaming about what was going on in here? I told her it was okay that this was my girlfriend and we were just fooling around. şişli escort She kept yelling at me and calling me a million names for being a disgusting pervert in her house and everything she usually says to me. When I got close enough I punched her I the mouth which shut her up long enough for me to put a gag on her. My mom fought hard against me but I wrestled her down onto the floor and tied her wrists together and tied her ankles to my bed. She got it a few good hits and I was going to have bruises but I didn’t care. Now I had control of her too. I got my Bradley Air and did the same thing to my moms clothes as I did with Sarahs. Soon my mom was laying naked on my bedroom floor helpless. My mom is a typical middle aged lady who is chubby but not obese and has big sloppy tits. She has curly brown hair but she doesn’t have a very pretty face. My moms pussy was hairy all over and she has stretch marks on her stomach but my cock was still hard over the physcial fight we just had. Mom was sweaty and couldn’t catch her breathe easy through the gag. I rubbed my balls on her face and slapped her big old titties around. I rubbed my asshole on her nose and made her smell me back there. I told how this is what she gets for being a bitch to me all the time. Then I got between her legs and gave her a good hard fuck and shot my spunk into my own mothers nasty old pussy. She was acting like she was angry but she probably loved it. I took some pictures of her too. I logged into her email account and sent the pictures to my grandmother so she could see what a stupid slut her daughter turned out to be.

I went back and played with Sarah some more after that. That’s when my dad got home without me noticing. He came into my room and saw Sarah and my mom tied up naked and started yelling at me and saying he was going to beat the piss out of me. I grabbed my knife but he knocked it out of my hand and knocked me out with a punch to the head. When I woke up I was tied to my chair and gagged. My father was naked and playing around with Sarah’s titties. My mom was still tied up on the floor with my cum dribbling out of her pussy. When my dad saw I was awake he came over and told me what a sick motherfucker I was and laughed. He said I had a tiny dick not like his big cock that he waved in my face. He then got down on his knees and started sucking my dick. I got hard and he kept sucking me until I came in his mouth. He got up and called me a fag for getting my dick sucked by a man then he pulled off his gag and shoved his big cock into my mouth. mecidiyeköy escort I sucked until my jaw hurt and my dad shot his load down my throat. I choked some but I swallowed it all. He said I was his good little sissy boy then he went and fucked Sarah while I watched. He blew a load in her. My dad then untied one of my moms legs and rolled her over. He went and got some lube and put it on her asshole. My dad said she never let him fuck her ass then untied me and told me to do it. I got on her and shoved my cock in her butthole and fucked her ass hard. My dad laughed the hole time and jerked himself off while he watched. He then turned Sarah over and fucked her in the ass. After that we switched and dad finally got to fuck his wife in the butt like he always wanted.

After that my dad was wiped out and fell asleep. While he was passed out I tied him up. He woke up when I stuck my dick up his ass and fucked him where my mom could see her husband getting ass raped by her son. I came in my dads ass then punched him in the face and took pictures of him naked with cum coming out of his asshole and emailed them to his boss at work so all the tough guys he worked with would find out what a fag my dad was. I then took videos of me fucking Sarah, my mom and my dad again and uploaded them all over the internet. I had to pee so instead of going to the bathroom I pissed all over my mom and on her pussy. It was about then that the cops showed up. I picked off the first two cops through the door with my Glock 39, but the third cop got me with a gut shot that knocked me down and made me feel like puking. This cop was a big black dude and he looked around the room at what was going on. He went over to Sarah first, who was pretty much wasted and past out. He checked her pulse then pulled out his big black cock. It was bigger than my dads and the cop started fucking Sarah’s cunt even though it was filled with cum from me and my dad. After he shot his load he went to my mom took off her gag and shoved his wet dick down her throat. She moaned and sucked his big black cock and swallowed his spunk. After that he went to my dad and fucked him in the ass. My dad was screaming because the cops cock was so big. This whole time I was jerking off even though I was bleeding to death on the floor. The cop then came over to me and jerked off and came all over my face. I got some in my mouth.

The black cop then took my gun and shot Sarah, my mom and my dad in the head. The cop pointed the gun at my head and asked if I had any last words. I said I’m cumming! then shot my load so far that it hit him in the eye. He pulled the trigger and blew my brains out all over my bedroom floor and I died happy. The end.

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