Daddy’s Little Fuck DollDaddy’s Little Fuck Doll


There comes a point in every parent’s life when their precious little angel finally becomes an adult. When your handsome son or beautiful daughter celebrates their 18th birthday, you as their guardian are filled with so much love and happiness, hugging and kissing your pride and joy who has just breeched adulthood.

And that’s happening to me—today! I have been so super excited for my 18th birthday ever since school started this year! Most of my classmates have already turned 18…some are approaching 19… but I’m still the youngest of all my friends. And the smallest. And the cutest. And the smartest. And the bounciest too!

And it’s all thanks to my amazing Daddy! Tehehee!

You see, my Daddy LOVES me. Like, so much! It’s been just me and my Daddy ever since my Mommy left us when I was just a baby. I don’t even know what happened to her or remember what she looked like…Daddy never shows me any pictures of her, but says that if I just take a look in the mirror, that I would see half of Mommy within me.

The other half, of course, coming from my Daddy!

Daddy is a very handsome man. But he’s a very lonely man, too. Heartbroken from his soul mate leaving him and being thrown into the responsibilities of solely tending to his Baby Girl, Daddy never started dating anyone else. Oh, I wish he did, though. I want someone to love him as much as I love him!

Secretly… I kinda feel like Daddy doesn’t want to date anyone else because of me…

Oh no Sillygoose—not like THAT! Daddy loves me, of course, but, tehehhee, he doesn’t actually wanna “do-it” with his daughter! Oh gosh, that would be so naughty! I can’t believe YOU would even THINK that!

What I meant to say was that Daddy doesn’t date anyone else because he doesn’t want me to be hurt by another woman. Daddy couldn’t bear to see his Baby Girl start to have nice feelings towards a lady he decided to date, and did not want me to suffer the heartbreak of loosing another motherly figure in my life should things not work out between themselves.

I applaud Daddy’s bravery though. He is such a strong and powerful man, and I know he only wants the very best for his little girl. And believe you me—Daddy has made sure to make me the very best girl in the whole wide world!

You see, Daddy always has my best interest in mind. He’s made me do cheerleading from an early age so I could develop my toned figure and agile finesse. Daddy would always buy me pretty dresses and lacy bras, “for proper support” he says. He even makes me watch YouTube tutorials on Hair and Makeup so I can look my very best—but only for Daddy! Daddy never lets me dress up outside of the house, and would never ever allow me to date, and it’s because I promised him when I was just a little girl that I would never, ever leave his side; I would be his perfect little princess forever and ever!

Daddy is the King and I am his obedient little princess. I will kiss Daddy’s ring on his finger, fetch his slippers for him, and massage his feet anytime he asks. I also sit on Daddy’s lap whenever he requests, and then I read stories to him! Daddy says he really likes it when I read to him; in fact, he usually leaves early and goes to his bedroom, “to go to sleep” he says.

Wow, I must be really good at reading bedtime stories!

When I look in the mirror, I do see half of Daddy within me. I am pretty short—that’s from my Mommy’s side—so I have to hop up on the bathroom vanity countertop to check out my reflection in the mirror. The first thing I see are my eyes—two sparkling gems the color of sapphires with long eyelashes surrounding and protecting them. My blonde eyebrows are manicured and my ivory face is speckled with cinnamon freckles. I have the cutest little nose that comes up to a little point on the tip, and I have these plump pink lips and two adorable dimples, making me look like a little fairy princess!

And what princess is complete without her beautiful crown atop her head? My hair is long and blonde and cascaded from my head in curly swirly ringlets. They bounced and they bobbed like the hair on a porcelain doll, sort of reminding me of Shirley Temple from my Daddy’s antique collection.

I know my Daddy is super handsome, but I am sooooo glad I do not look all big and strong and hairy like him! Hehee!

Looking past my face I notice my breasts, Gaziantep Vatan Escort small yet perky with two pink jellybean nipples hardening in the cool air conditioning. I giggle as I admire my tight young body, soft silky skin, protruding hip bones, and pierced belly button—a present from Daddy on my 16th birthday! Oh, he’s such a cool Dad!

Averting my eyes downwards, I stopped a moment to appreciate the way my panty-parts looked. I have a longer labia than most I’ve seen, showcasing my clit and my lips on the front of my mound. Freshly shaven and as cute as can be, it was the same pink color as my nipples and my lips. Oh, I just love how color coordinated I am!

“Well,” I told myself, staring at my reflection up and down in mid-morning light, “today’s the day I finally become an adult. So I’m going to look and act like an adult, too.”

Daddy taught me well.

I start applying makeup like the models on YouTube. Pitch-black mascara accentuates my sapphires while I line my eyes in ebony eyeliner. My recently waxed eyebrows are filled with color while I dust mineral powder across my face, flawlessly covering any teenage imperfection. My lips soak in the color of crimson while cheekbones are contoured with a light brown bronzer. I look back and gasp at my reflection of perfection, revealing a remarkable resemblance to that of an 18-year-old Drew Barrymore.

I tousle my hair and let it bounce into place. Blond ringlets tickle my nape and send shivers down my spine, making my nipples harden even more. I lightly unleash hairspray in my hair, whirling around in a circle to capture every airborne particle. I run my fingers throughout my scalp, bunching hair up in place, adding more volume. And with one final hair toss, completion is reached.

It’s nearly 8am—and it is my responsibility to wake up Daddy. And yes, even though it’s my birthday, today is no exception. I must greet him by the foot of his bed, ready his slippers, and kiss his cheek good morning. Everyday. No exceptions. This is how all Kings should be treated!

…and this is why I’m late to school everyday! Tehehe!

So just before 8am chimed, I snuck into Daddy’s room, fully adorned and yet completely naked—this would be my birthday present to Daddy! I sure hope he likes seeing his little girl all grown up from head to toe!

I started massaging Daddy’s feet as his iPhone alarm went off. Daddy, facedown in his pillow, reached over to his nightstand, silenced the ringer, and let out a manly groan as my little hands wrapped around his feet.

“Good morning, Daddy.”

“Mmmmm morning, birthday girl,” he muffled in his pillow as he relished in the delights of having his feet rubbed upon waking up.

Slowly, Daddy started to rise and pushed himself up, swinging both legs off his bed while I kneeled down on the floorboards to present his slippers. Carefully, methodically, I slid the plush slipper around Daddy’s perfect foot, and then did the same for the other. Daddy’s toes wiggled with apparent approval.

I stood up and bent over to give Daddy a kiss on the cheek, whispering “I love you” across his stubbly face. Daddy yawned and his eyes started to flutter. I backed off just a bit, making sure that I was fully visible once Daddy rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

His eyes opened all the way. A gasp escaped his lips. He sat up straight. He again rubbed his eyes. His hands then gripped the flesh of his thighs and sunk in deep as he bellowed:

“Baby Girl!”

“Tehehe!” I giggled as I wiggled around in the faint morning light, my little naked body looking like a real-life Barbie. “Do you like my birthday present to you?”

“I…I…” Daddy gasped as something started to grow beneath his boxers. I noticed it too, my eyes peering hard as Daddy’s manhood started to grow and grow.

Daddy thrust both hands down to cover himself up. Again I giggled and took a step closer.

“It’s okay, Daddy,” I cooed, kneeling down again while looking up into his eyes. He coughed and pushed his hands lower. So I leaned in closer. I was fixated on that big gold ring on Daddy’s finger. I closed my eyes and puckered my pout and wrapped my lips around the golden nugget, leaving a lipstick ring atop his fingers. Daddy growled in his throat as I felt his groin give off heat.

“Is something wrong, Daddy?” I piqued, opening my eyes and inhaling Daddy’s scent through clenched hands and cloth boxers.

“Not at all, Baby Girl,” Daddy exhaled, relaxing a little. “I just…I just thought this was a dream…”

“Aww Daddy!” I cheered, bouncing up and embracing him in a hug. “You have dreams about me?”

“All the time,” Daddy instantly confessed, his face pressed against my chest. “All the fucking time, Baby Girl.”

He lifted his hands and wrapped both arms around my tiny torso. He pulled me closer as he rubbed his face side to side against my chest, tickling my tits with his unshaven face. I giggled and wiggled and freed myself from his grasp, nearly toppling backwards when I saw how much more Daddy had grown down-there!

Oh dear! A tingle began to brew in my bald panty parts! The more I looked at Daddy’s dick, the more warm and tingly I felt… surely this cannot be right… I’ve never felt like this before… but whatever this feeling was… I surely liked it!

Daddy patted the bedspread next to him. I obeyed like a little puppy and hopped onto his king-sized bed, snuggling up close to him as he wrapped one arm around my shoulders. I nestled my head in the crevice of his armpit and stared up at him while he breathed down on me.

“You know Daddy loves you, right?”


“You are the most precious thing in the whole wide world.”

“Aww Daddy!” I cooed, nuzzling my face against his tight chest. He started petting my hair lightly and started breathing heavily. I could feel his heartbeat thump against my cheek, and I smiled widely in our warm family embrace. “You mean the world to me, too!”

“I…I do?”

“Yes silly!” I giggled, sitting up a bit to rub Daddy’s face with both my hands. “You’re the only man for me!”

“I…I am?”

“Gosh Daddy,” I said, rolling my eyes, “I’ve only told you like a million times that I am never, ever going to leave you! You made me!”

Daddy gulped. Hard. “Yes… yes I did…”

“I’m all yours!”

“Yes… yes you are…”

“Daddy,” I pouted, tossing my hair backwards and batting my eyelashes, “I did my hair and makeup just like you like it. Well… do you like it?”

“Yes… yes I do,” Daddy groaned, fidgeting his hips next to me. “You’re… you’re fucking beautiful, Baby Girl.”

“Well you showed me how! I only have you to thank, Daddy!” I cheered, snuggling closer. “But… but Daddy… how could I ever repay you?”

Daddy gulped. Again. I could feel his heart rate flutter and his abs tighten up. He looked down at me and I stared up at him, my eyes moist with emotion. I became fixated on his lips as he slowly said the following words:

“You can let me fuck you.”

I gasped aloud. My asshole clenched. My pussy hole quivered. My mouth hung open with disbelief. Daddy just said WHAT?

He said it again, louder this time:

“Let Daddy FUCK his Baby Girl.”

I… I… I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never had sex before—I’ve never even had a boyfriend! Heck, I’ve never even kissed anyone else besides Daddy!

But… but I have never disobeyed Daddy, either. He always knows what’s best for me. He made me, he raised me; he is my King and I am his good little princess. I would do anything for Daddy to make him happy. I just want the very best for Daddy, too!

“Okay,” I squeaked, burrowing my face into Daddy’s chest.

I don’t think he heard what I said.

So I said it again, this time pulling my head back and looking straight into Daddy’s unblinking eyes, nodding and smiling all the while whispering:

“Yes, Daddy. Anything for you, Daddy.”

Daddy gulped.



“Then,” he moaned, pushing me back a little so I fell softly to the bed, “go ahead and lie there for Daddy.” He was looking downwards at my upturned body, my legs hanging off the side of his bed, my toes curling on their own. My tummy was aflutter with butterflies. Daddy was breathing heavily. I could see him staring at my body, starting at my bare chest and stopping at my smooth little cunt. Daddy inhaled deeply as I proudly presented my squeaky clean and completely legal parts right in front of him.

“Baby Girl,” he whispered, tracing one hand up the length of my leg, leaving goose bumps in his wake, “I’ve got a confession to make… I promised I’d tell you on your 18th birthday… and… today’s that day.”

“What is it, Daddy?” I cooed, lifting my head up a little.

“Baby Girl…” Daddy gulped, “I’ve been grooming you to be my little fuck doll.”

Daddy mounted me, straddling his thighs over my quivering figure. Electric tension filled the little space between us. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I looked up at him and he peered down at me. I’ve never seen Daddy look more serious; his unblinking stare and furrowed brow and stern mouth made him look like a hungry animal. He licked his lips and uttered a roar through clenched teeth—my insides spasmed and a lump swelled in my throat!

Warm tingles tickled my thighs and bloomed in my pussy. Dizzy feelings flooded my mind and lubricated my insides. A dab of goo escapes my trembling hole, and I instinctively contract my muscles to stop the flow. I couldn’t help but think that I accidently peed myself!

“My God you’re beautiful.”

“Thanks Daddy!” I beam with delight beneath his shadow.

“You are ripe for the picking,” Daddy growls, his face now an inch away from my lips. “And now, I’m going to take what’s rightfully mine.”

Daddy thrusts face first against my mouth, forcing his tongue past my lips and touching my taste buds. Oh my gosh—my first kiss ever! He starts swirling his slippery tongue all around my own while placing both hands around my cheeks, helping direct me into more passionate positions. My tongue is a little shy at first, but with a little coaxing and with Daddy’s help, I soon loosened up and allowed myself to freely explore.

More warm tingles flooded my insides. My little lips felt perfect against his mouth. His ruff face tickled my rosy cheeks. My hipbones were lifting up all on their own. I wiggled and squirmed around Daddy’s wet kisses while still trapped between his two taught thighs.

But then Daddy pulled away and suddenly removed his underwear. A massive cock flooded my view. Oh my gosh—Daddy’s dick is HUGE!

A giant purple mushroom head stared directly at me, my watery eyes fixated on the little dripping slit. Daddy’s dick then plumed past its tip, his meaty 8-inch shaft covered in fleshy veins engorged with desire. A great big pair of balls hung beneath his begging daddydick, instinctively filling up with all of his seed.

Daddy grabs himself by the base of his cock and lowers it down towards my lips. I subconsciously swallow hard. His dripping head is less than an inch from my mouth. I part my lips and flick my tongue to taste his tip. Mmm, sorta salty!

“Mmm,” Daddy purrs as I savor his wetness, “that’s a good little girl.”

Daddy smiled down at me, and I knew he wanted me to do more. So I licked in circles around his sensitive head, cataloguing every curve of the mushroom while tasting its flavors. I then ran my tongue on the underside of his great big daddydick, feeling fleshy veins as I tickled his member all the way to its base and then back up. I swirled my tongue around it again, lapping and licking Daddy’s dick like an ice cream cone that tastes like forbidden fruit.

His moans of delight encourage me further. I open my little mouth and gently nibble on the long shaft. Springy flesh and a sudden grunt startle me, forcing me to back off. But Daddy touches my cheek, silently saying it was alright, so I went back and softly sunk my teeth into his throbbing daddydick. A wail of delight escapes his throat! Daddy’s dick starts flexing between my teeth!

But then a spurt of something from my pussy causes me to pull away. My face flushes. I feel like I’m going to pee myself…again! I instinctively lower my hand between my legs to stop whatever-that-was from coming out. Daddy notices, grabs my wrist, and brings my moist hand to his face. He inhales deeply. His dick throbs hard. He pushes my fingers into his mouth, running his tongue in ticklish semicircles. A gasp turns to a giggle before Daddy pulls my hand back out and kisses it softly.

“You taste so good,” Daddy moans, giving my finger one last lick.

“But Daddy,” I cry, uncertain of what just happened, “did you just taste my pee-pee?”

Daddy chuckles. “No Baby Girl… that’s not pee. That’s… your secret juice.”

“Secret juice?” I squeal, shaking my head, not understanding.

“Mmm-hmm,” he sighs before releasing my hand and readying his hips.

“And now, you are going to taste Daddy’s secret sauce.”

To be continued…

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