Daddys babygirl.Daddys babygirl.


I would never harm a child. My story is completely fictional and I would never encourage anyone to harm a child. This is my first story.

One night, 13 year old Stacey was taking a bubble bath. She only lives with her father since her mother fled 6 months ago. She was splashing rather loudly, and her father peeked in the door to make sure everything was alright. As he looked and confirmed she was safe, he couldn’t help but take in her lovely, growing features.
Stacey started develpoing when she was 12, so her now B cup breasts sat perky on her chest. Her father couldn’t see her pussy underneath the bubbly water, but as he was growing hard, he longed to see it, and her virgin ass. He stood there rubbing against his growing 9″ cock. Stacey didn’t even notice him standing there until he grunted.
She turned her head, startled. “Oh, Honey, I heard you making noise and just wanted to see if everything was alright.’ He said to her, slightly flustered at being caught. “It’s alright daddy…” She said awkwardly. Thinking he left, she layed back and shut her eyes, soaking in the warm, bubbly water. He crept back in the doorway, massaging his now fully erect dick. Staring at his daughter, he crept closer, queitly unzipping his pants.
He let is big dick out of his pants and started stroking İçmeler Escort it, being so close to his naked daughter. Her eyes opened and she screamed as his dick was so close to her face. “What are you doing daddy?!?!?!” “Shut up and put my dick in your mouth!” She started to refuse but as soon as she opened her mouth, he shoved his hard dick into her moist mouth. He started to face fuck his 13 year old daughter.
Grabbing the back of her head and shoving all 9 inches down her throat felt amazing, especially when she started gagging. He would hold his dick in there for a while, making it impossible to breathe. He’d finally give her a breath and then shove it back in. As she cried, he laughed at her. She looked up at him helpless as he kept face fucking her. As soon as he took his dick out of her mouth, she pleaded “please stop daddy, I don’t—-” Wham. He slapped her right in the mouth. She grabbed her face and cried out in pain. “You listen to me you little bitch. You’ll do whatever I want you too! No arguements.” “O-o-okay daddy” She stuttered out.
“Stand up!” He yelled at her. She stood. “Turn around and bend over!” She turned around and said “Daddy I’m sorry, please stop.” After that, he slapped her ass so hard he left a welted hand mark, and told her to shut her Escort İçmeler slutty mouth. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart so he can see her tight, little pussy and even tighter asshole. He put his finger in his mouth and then slid it in her pussy. He worked her pussy hard, and then put that one finger in her ass.
She let out a scream. “Daddy, please STOP! That hurts!” “Shut up, bitch!” He screamed as he ripped at her hair with the other hand. He laughed as he started to rub his dick at the entrance of her virgin asshole. “You’re gonna like this, baby!” He said as he began thrusting his dick in her tight little asshole. She screamed in agony, as unbearable pain flooded through her body. He continued thrusting in and out of her tight, now bloody asshole. “I love you babygirl.” He said as he came in her asshole. “You pleased daddy very much!” When he took his big dick out of her little asshole, she sat down in the bubbly bath water and cried her eyes out.
She stood up and began drying herself off. She ran to her bedroom and started putting her cotton panties on, when her father came in again. He said “You know, I was just thinking about how good you were, and I got hard again.” She trembeled. “Daddy, please don’t.” He stared into her eyes for a minute, then tore İçmeler Escort Bayan off her underwear. She began crying again, trying to push him away. He smacked her face again.” What did I tell you about resisting you little whore!?!” “I’m sorry daddy. I’m so sorry”
“You’ll be sorry!” And with that, he shoved her head down on his fully hard dick, and began face fucking her again. This time he fucked her so hard she vomitted all over his dick and herself. He pushed her head up and said “You sick little cunt! Lick this shit up!” She started licking off the vomit off her fathers dick. Keeping even more wanted vomit down while she swallowed her own vomit. He put his dick back in her mouth and fucked her with such fury, she almost vomitted again.
He removed his dick from her little mouth and told her to bend over the bed. She cried and did as she was told. He bent over and licked her tight, virgin pussy. Twisting and turning his tounge into her pussy and on her clit. This she kind of licked and let out an accidental moan. “You like it when daddy licks your little cunt, do ya?” “y-y-yes daddy.” He continued licking her now soaking wet pussy, and then stood up and put the head of his large dick in her little, virgin pussy.
He began thrusting his huge dick, in and out of her pussy, hard. She was in pain, but also liked the feeling of her pussy being pounded. She felt this trembling, shaky feeling in her legs, and then let out a huge moan as she experienced her first orgasm. Her father enjoyed this and came in her little pussy.

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