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Sarah closed the cover of her textbook, rubbing her eyes. 11pm, she thought, glancing at the clock on her desk. Another evening, lost to studying. Graduation was a few weeks away, but she felt that somehow, despite her excellent GPA, she had failed at experiencing many of the life lessons that college offered.

Her roommate, Kim, had embraced these lessons heartily. Sarah looked over at the empty bed on the other side of the room. Kim was, once again, over at her boyfriend’s. She was there most nights, leaving Sarah alone with her thoughts.

Standing up and walking across the room, she pulled off the t-shirt she was wearing, unclasped her bra, and deposited both in her hamper. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she cupped her breasts and turned side to side. She had nice breasts, she thought. Grapefruit sized, firm, with small, slightly upturned nipples. Would anyone ever get to see them? With how busy she was with school work, she wasn’t sure how it would be possible. After school, there would be the job hunt, and…well, dating is hard work, too. Maybe after she gets her career going, she thought.

Removing her pants and tossing them into the pile of clothes, Sarah slipped on a baggy t-shirt and climbed into bed. She ran a hand up the silky skin of her leg. What would it be like, being with a man? Her fingers traced the light fur that peaked from the top of her panties. She knew the mechanics of it, of course, and knew that the first time would probably hurt. The pain couldn’t be too bad, she thought, or no one would ever do it. As her fingers slid inside her panties and traced her outer lips, she tried to envision what it would be like. It would be someone gentle, of course. After he thoroughly wooed her, they’d come back to her room. The heat between her thighs rose as she pictured herself with her imaginary lover. They would kiss, and touch each other all over.

She disrobed her fictional man, taking in his rock hard abs and perfectly sized penis, whatever size that was. A musky scent greeted her, and she could feel the moisture clinging to her lips. Sarah pictured his strong hands sliding the clothes off her body, caressing her curves. He would lay her down on her back, and place a small kiss on each of her nipples. Her perfect man would then slowly slide his manhood inside her. She parted her own lips with a finger, sliding it in to feel the intact membrane of her hymen. Would her man’s penis feel different than this? As she thought about him piercing her virginity and sliding inside of her, she flicked a finger across her clit. Of course he wouldn’t hurt her, she thought.

He plunged his shaft in and out of her, and her finger rubbed her button in time with her mental images. Her back arched under her own ministrations, and as Sarah pictured her lover coming deep inside her, her own orgasm let loose. She collapsed down on the bed with a moan. Feeling her fluids that soaked her panties, she stripped them off and tossed them into the hamper. Another night masturbating herself bottomless, and still no man in sight. With a sigh, Sarah pulled the blankets up over her and turned over to sleep.

Throughout the day, Sarah was distracted by her dilemma. She couldn’t really concentrate during her classes, and kept thinking about what it would be like to be with a man. After daydreaming through a particularly dry history lecture, it wasn’t a big surprise to her when she stood and felt the lips of her pussy against her panties, dripping and swollen. Between classes, she ducked into the ladies room to relieve some of the tension, and quickly fingered herself to orgasm.

In the evening, she sat in a classroom tutoring some of the freshman Calculus students. It was the usual lineup of kids, and as always, it was mostly the ones that didn’t need extra help that were there.

As she leaned over one of the guys to give him a pointer on a problem, she noticed his eyes flicking back and forth between his paper and her chest. Glancing down, she saw that at this angle he had a pretty good view of her cleavage through the wide neck of her shirt. She was surprised at how little this bothered her as she stood to move onto the next student.

Sarah glanced at the guy on and off as the night progressed. Jim wasn’t bad looking, a little pale and very thin, but kind of cute. He wasn’t the most social person, and seemed to have fairly few friends. She caught herself wondering – could she? He was shy, and not always the smoothest spoken, would he fall into the same trap and not take time for himself throughout his college career? She made sure to give him a few other views at her breasts, a thrilling tingle rising every time she saw his eyes wander.

The night drew on, and soon only Sarah and Jim were left in the room. She was helping him through a problem that was giving him lots of trouble, and the others all had completed their work and left. She kept wondering if maybe Jim was the answer to her problem. Her brain was unsure, but judging from the way her pulse Eskort was rushing and the moistness between her thighs, her body was all for it.

“So, Jim. I couldn’t help but notice you looking down my shirt earlier.”

He immediately flushed red and began to stammer, but she held up her hand and took a breath.

“It’s okay, really. It actually, well, it might actually have helped me with a problem.”

“A problem?” He finally met her eyes, a confused look on his face.

“Yeah, I guess. Listen, have you ever been with a girl? ” When he started and began to stammer again, she interrupted. “No, it’s fine. I’m a virgin, too. That is my problem. I don’t want to be.”

Jim’s face went dead still as he looked at her. “How can I help you with that problem?”

She gave him an amused look. “I’d think that part would be pretty obvious, don’t you?”

“You want me to have…you want to have sex with me? Why me? Can’t you get lots of guys?”

Startled at her own initiative, she shut him up with a kiss on the lips. “Lot’s of guys? Sure. Smart freshman who are cheeky enough to snatch glances at my boobs? Probably, but none of them are here right now, and you are. Look, it’s a crazy idea, and it’s not like we’d be dating. I’ve turned down the opportunity a few times, and I regret it now. I’m just looking for a guy to come back to my room for one night, and you seem like the right guy at the right time.”

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you.”

“That’s a hell of a thing to say to the girl that just offered to sleep with you. Yes, I’m serious. I want you to come back to my room, I want both of us to get naked, and I want us to lose our virginities together. Do you have other plans tonight?”

Jim grinned, “Not anymore. Let’s head back to the dorms, subtract our clothes, and divide your legs.”

Sarah shook her head. “Yeah, let’s. But if you make any more bad jokes, the only person you’re going to be having sex with tonight is yourself.”

They gathered up their books and headed for her room.

As the door clicked shut behind them, Sarah looked over at Jim. Her heart pounded nervously, and she once again wondered if this was incredibly stupid. She shoved the thought out of her head and walked over to him.


“Hi.” He looked around, as if unsure what to do next. “So, um…”

She stepped right up against him, and stopped his talking with a kiss on the lips. It was awkward at first, neither one of them was very experienced. They soon got the hang of it, and the air was filled with the sound of kissing and heavy breathing. With her body pressed against his, she could feel the bulge forming in his pants. She slid his shirt up over his back, and tossed it in a heap on the floor. Bare chested, she could now see that he wasn’t exactly the heavily muscled piece of man that she had envisioned, but at least he wasn’t so thin that his ribs poked out. He fingered the hem of the bottom of her shirt.

“Do you mind if I, um…take this off of you?”

She kissed him again. “It’s going to be hard to get me naked in bed, if you don’t get me naked first, right?”

He gave her a bit of a nervous, lopsided grin. “Yeah, I guess so, I just…I guess I just am still a little shocked that this is actually happening.”

She reached out and patted the bulge at the front of his pants. “Well, believe it, it’s happening. Here, I’ll help with the first part, it’s up to you to do the rest.” Did she actually just say that? What possessed her to touch him like that? Shoving the thoughts out of her head, she ripped her shirt off and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were firm and tight, with her cleavage accentuated by the black bra. His eyes locked on her chest, and his hands came up towards her involuntarily. They stopped just short of her as he realized what he was doing.

He looked back up into her eyes. “Oh, um…”

Will this guy ever just go for it? She again wondered if this was the wrong choice to make, but she had gone this far, and worried that she’d crush the guy if she stopped it now. She grabbed his hands, and planted them on her breasts. Her breath halted, and it felt like her heart stopped as someone other than her felt her there for the first time. After a second’s pause, he began to gently squeeze and feel her through her bra.

She finally caught her breath, and could feel her nipples getting harder as his hands wandered. “Now. I brought you back here so that you would fuck me.” Fuck? She never swore. Her heart pounded as she continued, “No more questioning, no more hesitation. Be gentle, but remove whatever you want, and touch me however you want. At least for tonight, my body is yours. Have your way with me. ” What had gotten into her? The heat of the moment must have been effecting her more than she thought it would be.

He looked at her for a second, then his hands moved to her waist, where he quickly unbuttoned her fly and pushed her pants down around her ankles. She laughed and stepped out of them, kicking them aside. “There’s the spirit!”

She moved back in to kiss him. His hands were a little more bold with their wandering. He traced the skin of her belly, grasped at her breasts, and felt around the edges of her black panties and her bra. His fingers lingered on the skin that was exposed by the cut of the back of her underwear as she undid the fly of his pants, dropping them to the ground. His boxers were tented by his hardened shaft, and she could see little dark wet spots from his precum.

Guiding him onto the bed, Sarah straddled him as they kissed. She could feel their sexes pressed together, separated only by a few pieces of thin cloth. Something stirred in her, driving her to grind against him as his fingers fumbled at her bra clasp. The strap popped free, and Jim stared intently at her chest as he rendered her topless. He softly reached forward and touched one of her nipples, by this point hard as diamonds. A feeling like lightning shot down her spine with his touch, and goosebumps prickled over her body. He cupped her bare breasts, squeezing them and watching her smooth skin shape beneath his fingers.

When she grew tired of him groping her breasts, she scooted back and grabbed the waistband of his boxers. She hesitated, and took a deep breath. The two held each others gaze for a moment, then she slid his boxers down, exposing him completely. She examined her first penis as it rested, rock hard, against his stomach. It’s tip was swollen and reddish, and glistened slightly. She had no idea how it compared size-wise, but was certainly larger around than her finger. She swallowed the lump in her throat, as reaching the end goal of this evening became incredibly real.

The two shifted in bed, with Sarah lying on her back and Jim taking a position over her. They kissed, and he began touching her breasts again. His hands wandered down to her waist, and he sat up. She adjusted her hips, giving him the access he needed to slide her panties down off of her. By this point, she had become quite aroused, and the moisture between her thighs caused the material of her undergarment to cling slightly before coming free and pulling away. His fingers touched her slick lips, leaving a moist trail through her fur as they wandered around. A little moan slipped from her as she felt the tip of his finger part her.

Sarah’s breathing was quick and shallow as he lie down on top of her. She could feel his bare manhood press against her pussy as they kissed. This was it, she thought, the point of no return. Their bare skin warmed each other, the acrid scent of her arousal hung heavy in the air.

“Do you have a condom, ” he asked?

“No need, I’m on the pill. No time for periods when you’re going for straight A’s.” She smiled, and rubbed herself against him.

Their lips bore into the others, and his fingers traced around her nipples. She could feel the fire between her thighs, and wanted him badly. Soon, she thought. Her wet lips slid across his shaft and head, and she knew it was only seconds before he would be sliding into her. She felt almost light headed as she mentally prepared herself for him to press inside of her.

He began to breath quickly and harshly, and his hand went down between their legs. “Oh…oh god,” the word exploded from him. Sarah felt a warmth on her thighs and stomach, and looked down to see them glimmer with pearls of semen. “Oh god…I’m so sorry, that’s…oh god.” She frowned, watching his softening shaft pulse once more.

“I…that’s all right, I hear it happens. I…um.” Disappointment welled in her as she reached for the box of tissues she kept on her night stand. She could feel her arousal fading as she wiped the goo off of her. Stupid, she thought, stupid. Why did I think this was a good idea? Drops of cum clung to her pubic hair, and nestled on the lips of her pussy. So close, she thought. Stupid.

The two lie beside one another in the bed, wanting to go to sleep. Sarah yearned for a release, but didn’t dare add awkwardness to the situation by handling it herself. Jim was curled up, facing away from her. It took much longer than usual, but they both eventually drifted to sleep.

Sarah awoke to motion in the room. Jim was up, gathering his clothes from the floor. As she watched his naked form move around, the fire and ache from last night returned. This wasn’t what she wanted. She got a guy back to her room, he got her clothes off, got her so ready for it, then is leaving with her still a virgin. Definitely not what she wanted.

As he started to slide his boxers on, she made a decision. “Stop.” He froze at the word, and looked at her.

“Oh, um…good morning.” He started to pull his boxers the rest of the way on, and she climbed out of bed to grab his hands.

“I don’t think so. You left me hanging last night.” She slid them back to the ground. “I brought you here for a reason, and you haven’t completed your task yet. Back in the bed.”

“But…what if I, you know, again.” His face turned red. “And don’t we have to get to class?”

“I’ll handle that issue. Don’t worry about class, I’ve never missed one before, and as a freshman, you should learn to live some.” She pushed him onto his back in the bed, then climbed on top of him, grasping his penis, already hard as he again took in her naked body. As she held it, she thought back. Kim liked to talk about her sex life after a few too many drinks. Sarah remembered her mentioning how she loved being with a guy she had just given head to, how he would always last so much longer. She stared down at the shaft in her hand, and took a deep breath.

Sliding back, she leaned down over him. “What are you…oh. Oh!” She wrapped her lips around him. She wasn’t really sure how this was supposed to go, but was pretty sure she could figure it out. A salty taste floated through her mouth as she moved him in and out. She tried sucking gently, and he gasped, his hand grabbing her head. She bobbed her head, moving her lips up and down his length. He moaned at her attentions, and soon she could hear his breath again become ragged.

A moment of panic gripped her. What was she doing? This isn’t something she would do. Should she stop? The question was answered for her, as she felt him pulse and twitch. A warm, salty liquid shot into her mouth, and she was committed to continuing. After a few more quick spurts, he was done. She let him slide from her mouth, then wondered what to do next. She tossed the viscous fluid around with her tongue, then swallowed.

He lay on the bed, breathing heavily. She moved next to him, and placed his hand between her legs. “Your turn.”

“What do I do?” She rolled her eyes, and placed her hand on top of his, guiding his fingers into her. She showed him where she loved to be touched, where she usually would send her own fingers. She became slicker with moisture as the lesson progressed, and her heart was beating like crazy. Their hands split her open and delved into the wet hole, then circled her clit. Jim’s free hand came up to pinch her breast, and he leaned in to kiss her lips, her throat, and her chest. Her body shook with small tremors as he nibbled and sucked her nipples. Her hand slid from his as he took control for himself.

His kisses traveled lower, down from her breasts across her belly button. Sarah grasped the sheets as he planted a kiss firmly on her pussy, and then moaned as he parted her lips and his tongue flicked inside of her.

The tingling, boiling sensation that preceded an orgasm welled up in her. Her body writhed beneath his tongue and fingers, and her back arched as she came hard. He backed off as she nearly drove her hips into his nose, but his fingers continued to dance across her sex. When it finally became too much, she drew his hand away and lay panting and quivering.

As the shaking subsided, she looked over at him. “Not bad,” she smiled. As she looked down his body, she noticed that he was hard again. “And, ready so soon.”

He once again climbed on top of her. He felt her breasts as her fingers wrapped around his penis. She guided it towards her virginity, letting the tip rest against her wetness. His hardened cock was a rod of fire against her. As he pressed it into her, she gave a little gasp. Her lips parted easily as his cock glided against her moist insides. It felt different than her finger, certainly thicker, longer and warmer. She stiffened and grasped at his back as he pierced her hymen, continuing on until he was buried fully inside her.

They lie still, joined in the most intimate manner. After the stinging between her thighs subsided, she opened her eyes and stared into his. She ran a hand along his jaw, and pulled him in for a kiss. He moved inside her, sliding in and out. Her lips clung to his shaft, which glistened with her wetness. The feeling was unlike anything she had experienced. All thoughts of whether this was a good idea or not were forced out of her head as he pumped in and out faster.

With every thrust inside of her, she could feel her breasts bouncing. Jim watched this intently, though her own eyes were on his face. As he settled into a rhythm, the bed creaked in time. Soon, her moans joined the chorus. She clawed at his back, and her hips moved in against his, as if trying to pull him deeper. Years of pent up sexual frustration built a fire in her loins, and sent bolts of lightning through her body. She gasped as her back arched, and the orgasm ripped through her.

Jim was ecstatic at the response he got from her, and thrust into her hard. Soon, an orgasm wracked his body as well, and he collapsed on top of her. She shifted, feeling their combined fluids shift around his softening manhood. He slipped out from inside of her, and they lay kissing softly.

Sarah looked him in the eyes. “Aren’t you glad you skipped class?” Jim grinned, and nodded.

As they continued to lie in bed, Jim tracing circles around her bare breast, suddenly the lock to room popped and the door swung open. They quickly pulled the covers over themselves as Kim walked in. Sarah’s roommate froze, and narrowed her eyes.

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