Subject: playtime at red’s 2 Play time at reds 2 Cajuncock If you’ve gotten this far you know the deal. This is a work of gay fiction, the sole property of the author. It may not be reused or reprinted without the author’s written permission. If you enjoy the stories on this site consider a contribution. Comments ail I lay there in the apartment ready to surrender to the handsome lifeguard. I’d begged him for his cock. I was ready to learn to enjoy man to man sex. He would be my teacher. He kissed gently saying “Sweet boy, my sweet boy you will learn to enjoy me in many ways. I like young boys, always eager to be taught how to please a superior man’s cock. Are you ready to surrender that cherry?” I moaned yelling “Yes! Yes!” He spit on my exposed hole rubbing it around with the tip of his rigid cock. He grabbed a bottle of poppers telling me to inhale. I did as ordered, inhaling deeply. He took a hit and then I felt it. The tip of his cock pushed against my tight hole until it penetrated just a few inches. The poppers dulled the pain a bit. But an intense feeling of fullness was there. Another hit of the potent fumes and the remainder of his thick cock fully entered me. I felt his bush rub against my ass. I was now fully his to use. He paused for a few minutes enjoying the feel of my moist love tunnel around his cock. Wrapping my legs around his hips, I sought to get more inside me. In no time he’d set up a steady pace plowing my hole. We both were feeling the intense fullness. He yelled out with one final push and I felt his cock jerking in my ass delivering his load. He pulled out and flipped me over on my stomach. He pulled me to my knees and bent over my exposed dripping hole. He admired his work before kissing the ankara eve gelen escort red, puffed hole and then he began sucking out his deposited load. He lay back breathing heavily. He leaned over to kiss his chest and then suck on his hard nipple. He inhaled deeply saying “Baby boy you need to cum now. I want your load inside me now. Fill me with that sweet teen cream please.” I jumped to my knees and held his open legs back. His ass was covered with a light dusting of fine hair. I saw his winking hole spasm. I did as he had done. I spit on the winking hole, spreading the spit around with the tip of my cock. I looked into his smiling face asking “Are you ready? This is my first time fucking.” He nodded permission and I plowed in with a single push . My balls slapped his ass cheeks as I began a fervent motion in and out of my first adult man. I didn’t last long as I yelled out “I’m going to cum, to fill you up!” I felt my cum rocket through my cock and into the void that was his body. He moaned at feeling me give him all that was in my balls. I collapsed on his chest breathing heavily. He patted my back whispering “Well done baby boy. You gave me just what I wanted.” I showered and dressed before heading home. My body was super charged. I entered to see my dad in his usual place with the newspapers. His balls were hanging out of the open leg of his boxers. I licked my lips as my desire for more cock overtook me. I sat o the floor next to his chair. I gently blew on the hairy balls causing his cock to jump against the cloth of his boxers. He let out a slight moan. I took that as permission to continue blowing. His cock rapidly stiffened before my eyes. He put the paper aside saying gaziantep escort “I wondered when you’d do that. Don’t stop now, I’m yours. I’ve waited years for you to boxers I licked the now leaking tip. I savored the taste of the cock that made me for the first time. He placed his hands on the back of my head to encourage me. He abruptly stood and pushed me on my back as I hungered for his cock. His boxers were soon on the floor as he pulled my pants and underwear off at the same time. He saw my hard, pink coke bobbing in the air and grunted “Baby boy, I made you with my cock and now I intend to use you with it.” He lifted my legs up to see my red, swollen hole. He smiled and said “I see that I’m not the first. Good, another man has taken you cherry and made you his slut. No need to be gentle. I can now use you whenever I want. If you’re good now I might even consider sharing your sweet boy pussy with a few friends.” I moaned out “Yes, daddy take me, make me your slut, and share me. I want all those cocks to give me their loads.” Dad spit on his cock and my hole. He rubbed the head around my hole. My ass opened and swallowed his entire length at once. He moaned “My God! Your sure need it don’t you boy? I’ll have to take you to my Friday poker game. I bet you’ll be very, very popular with the guys.” Dad proceeded to fuck me like a common whore. He didn’t even notice when his brother walked into the living room. I heard the sound of a zipper and then pants dropping to the floor. Dad paused saying “What are you waiting for? You spent years telling me how you’d like to fuck a boy, any boy. Well, now is your chance and with your own nephew.” I turned to look at my uncle’s hard 10 inches of uncut man meat ankara gerçek resimli escort pointing straight out from his body. I licked my lips and he slowly walked over to the two of us. Dad said “Let’s get naked in his room. No one will be home for a few hours and we can both fuck him on his own bed. It will give him something to jerk off to at night smelling us on the sheets and knowing that he’s been taken in his own bed by the men of the house.?” We now all three naked moved to my room. Inside I grabbed my uncle’s cock now slippery with his juices and jerked him. He moaned and pulled my face up to bury his tongue into my mouth. Pulling away he whispered “Jake, I changed your diapers seeing that tiny hole and thinking that someday Id bury my cock in there. Now is the day that dream will be fulfilled.” Dad moved behind me to pull me back onto his hard cock. I moaned as I felt him sink all of his hard inches into the base. By the end of this day I knew that I would have the seed of three men filling me. I was in paradise knowing that from this day on I could have all the cocks I’d ever want in my teen ass. My uncle bent me over pushing me toward his hardness. I licked and sucked his nipples on the way down. As I sucked his stiffness, he and my dad leaned over to share a deep kiss while using me. Soon dad increased his pace of plowing me. He yelled as he let loose with his stored daddy seed into my guts. My uncle quickly pushed him aside and mounted me like the stallion with blotted balls. As he plowed me he kept telling me how long he’s wanted me to be here on the end of his cock. Every inch filled me as I looked over to my dad’s recharged cock stiff with need. My uncle’s cock exploded in my guts. But he didn’t get soft. He lay back on the bed still buried deep inside me. My dad seeing his brother’s dick buried in my hole moved quickly to place his cock on top of his brother’s at my hole. I felt him ease until both cocks filled me beyond what I thought was possible. I yelled “MY GOD! Both in me please fill me with the family seed.

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