College Freshman free to fill his AssCollege Freshman free to fill his Ass


As I was taping up the last box, I couldn’t control my excitement. I was finally leaving for college. Out of my parents house, out from under there watchful eyes. They kept a close eye on my the last year, but I can’t blame them. THey caught me doing enough illegal things in highschool to where I deserved it. But I was a days drive from being free from them.

I left before the sunrise to make sure I got to college before the move in festivities closed. I made it just in time to have the helpful volunteers help me take my sutff up to my new dorm. I couldn’t believe it, but I had managed to get a room to myself. My own room and my own bathroom. Complete privacy for myself… and whoever I wanted to join me.

After I finished getting all the boxes out of the hallway and into my room, my RA stuck his head into my room. He said I had a package. I couldn’t belive it. My plan I put in place a week ago worked out. He handed me the package, introduced himself and went on his way. I couldn’t help but stick my head out the door and watch him walk down the hallway. What an ass, but I was much more interested in what was hanging off the otherside of him.

I quickly locked the door and tore open the package. Waiting for me was exactly what I wanted. While I was living under my parents Halkalı Escort roof I had to use what was around me to satisfy my needs, but now I don’t have to. My needs will be met with my new toys. A 5 inch butt plug and an 8 inch black dildo that looked exaclty like a real cock. I picked it up and my own dick immidietly started to drip.

I tore my pants off and jumped into my new bed, ready to break it in. I started rubbing my own dick and brought my new fake cock to my mouth. I stuck my tounge out and licked around the head. I had a stream of pre cum coming off the head of my cock and I ran my finger through it. I wrapped the pre cum around my finger and brought it to my mouth. I licked the nector off my finger, and then started rubbing my rose bud of an asshole. slowly I started to press in, getting my ass ready for what was about to live inside it. I had a long weekend before classes started on Monday and I planned on having my ass invaded by 1 of my 2 new toys all weekend long. unless I could get lucky and have something else fill it.

I pressed my finger into my ass and moved it in and out. After a few in and outs, I brought it back to my mouth to savor the flavor. I got a second finger wet and really started in on my hole. I wanted to get a toy in Escort Halkalı there fast, so while my fingers loosened up my hole, I started lubing up the toy. I took it in my mouth as deep as possible and started fucking my own face. I felt like such a cock slut and my emoutions took over. I took my fingers out and then replaced them with the toy.

I slowly pressed the head of my new cock into my ass and felt my ring expand. This was bigger than anything and i lost my breath as it breached my ass. I kept pressing till I needed to stop. I was 4 inches in, but was hungry for more. I let it sit for a minute before pulling it out a bit, then pressing it all the way in. I felt the fake balls press against my body and the head of the toy hitting a special spot inside. I left it there for a moment and enjoyed the feeling of being so full.

I started to move it in and out and my cock was a stream of pre cum now. I kep going faster and faster with the toy cock till I was full on fucking my self. I grabbed the butt plug and started sucking it, as if I was being fuck in both holes… abusing my self like the slut I aim to become.

The feeling was becoming too much. I took the plug out of my mouth and started moaning. I hadn’t even touched my cock, but I fel the Halkalı Escort Bayan biggest orgasm ever coming on. I kept fucking myself, in and out. each time bottoming out and feeling the dildo press into my prostate. It was becoming too much.

I took my free hand and started stroking my cock. One hand fucking my ass as fast as I could and one hand stroking my cock. I almost passed out from the pleasure and then it started. The cum shot out of my dick and hit my chin. I had never cum that far up without my legs over my head. (I had givin myself plenty of facials before). I kept coming and painted my check. I had never cum so much in my life. I plunged the dildo into my ass one more time and left it all the way in. trying to catch my breath, I was seeing stars.

I took the butt plug and ran it up through the pools of cum on my body. I coated the plug and put it straight to my mouth. I wrapped my tounge around it and sucked the cum off, enjoying my own flavor. I slowly started to pull the cock out of my ass, but pushing it back in every so often making myself moan. finally I had it out, but I grabbed the plug and pushed it into my ass. It was all the way in there and I loved it. I rocked on my ass moving it around inside me. I couldn’t wait to find the first real cock to bread me.

As I laid there finally catching my breath, I grabbed the move in pamphlet next to me and looked it over. I saw a few different events happening tonight and figured I’d head out to one of them… to find my first college hook up.

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