Ask Me If I’m Ready Part 4 – Nora Helps DarbyAsk Me If I’m Ready Part 4 – Nora Helps Darby


PRESENT DAY ***** Jake sat there, stunned at what Nate and Nora had told them. He had no idea that they had been a couple for all this time. He asked Nora, “So you didn’t plan on this?  You just wanted to tease him?”“Yes, but trying to make him want me, ended up making me want him even more. And while we were, well, having sex,” (shy Nora was back) “well, we fell in love.”“And you guys have been together for a year and a half? What about school?”Nate spoke up, “Jake, Nora’s still my daughter. The fact that we’re sleeping together doesn’t change the fact that my main concern is her future, so yeah, I insisted she go back to school, and finish, WITH HONORS, and once she did that, if she still wanted this with me, then I was all in. We’ve been pretty much living like man and wife since the day she graduated and got back.”Jake looked at Darby, “Did you know about all this?”“Not at first. I mean, Nora was acting a little squirrelly, like she was keeping a secret. I just figured there was some guy, but she wasn’t ready for me to meet him. No biggie. She’s my girl, and I knew she’d tell me when she was ready. But then mom’s affair happened, and you threw her out, and I was pretty worried about you. So I went over and talked to my best friend…” ***** SIX MONTHS AGO… Nora was taking a nap in her daddy’s, no make that in THEIR king-size bed. She was sleeping like a kitten with a tummy full of milk. She’d just graduated from college with a 4.0 GPA. She was back home with her precious father, in his arms and in his bed, and she had no intention of ever being away from him again. As she slept, she dreamed of the life they’d share. And that dream sounded like a doorbell. Maybe her dad could find a way that they could get married. That would be so great. She looked at her wedding ring. It sounded just like a doorbell. Who would marry them? That was probably the preacher at the door, ringing the bell. She loved her dad so much. Why was he ringing the doorbell… didn’t he have a key? Darby would have to be her Maid of Honor. She could almost hear her voice now, calling…“Nora! NORA!! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! Why are you sleeping in your dad’s bed?”Shit!! Nora was suddenly wide awake. Stall… get a minute to think… keep it brief… “Uhhh… What?”Perfect“Why are you… it doesn’t matter. I gotta talk to you!”Bullet dodged, now Nora could help her short, cinnamon-hued BFF who was in obvious distress. “What’s wrong, Dar?”“I told my dad about my mom, and I showed him that video we took. And —”“You told him?” asked Nora.“I told you I was. Girl, that’s my Daddy! She can’t do my Daddy like that!”Nora calmly said, “Okay, just hear me out… what if your dad had been cheating on your mom. Would you have told her?”Darby’s expression turned increasingly darker and angrier as she seemed to contemplate her dad with some other woman. Finally, she shook her head. “I don’t know. But I would definitely fuck that bitch up! Fuckin’ skank!” She practically spat the word on the floorNora pursed her lips in that way that only black women can do. “Mmmm-hhmmm.” Nora’s suspicions were confirmed: she and Darby were apparently cut from the same incestuous cloth. “Anyway, so what happened?”“Soon as she got home, all happy and cheerful and probably freshly fucked, he hit her with it!”“He hit her?!”“No, bitch!  My dad is a real man. He would never hit a woman. Would yours? Jesus! He CONFRONTED her with it,” Darby said, getting a little annoyed. “Damn, why you bein’ so difficult?! Anyway, he showed her the video and she—”“You were there for all this?!” Nora interrupted.“Well, I was in my room when she came in, but I sneaked down to the top of the stairs, and I could see it all.”“Wow!”“I know, right? So he plays it, and she just folds.” Darby’s voice went all high and mocking, “’Baby, I’m sooo sorry, it’s not what it looks like, it only happened bonus veren siteler once, wah wah wah!’ Dad just turned around and got in his car and left mom on the couch crying her eyes out. The next morning, dad looks at mom and tells her to get the fuck out. She’s all, ‘Where am I gonna go,’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t care. Sleep in the store. Go stay with that motherfucker. I don’t give a shit. Just be gone when I get back.’ And he walked away again. He stopped at the door and said I could come with him if I wanted. I looked at mom, and she looked pitiful, but dad was in pain, and she caused that pain. So of course I went with my dad.”Nora nodded and pursed her lips again, “Of course you did, baby. Where’d you go?”“Dad said seeing that dude driving his car after fucking his wife, he never wanted to see that car again. He traded it in. He got an XModel, though, so that’s cool. Anyway, we got home, and she was gone. Dad let me hug him, but then he just went into the bedroom and closed the door. Didn’t see him all night or today. He didn’t work today, just stayed in his room. So I came here.”“So what do you want from me?” asked Nora.“Advice,” said Darby.Nora considered her friend for a minute, and then, “I think I know what you should do. But first, I need to talk to my dad.”“Why? What —”“Just come over here tomorrow. Better yet, you probably don’t want to leave your dad alone,”“I don’t!”“Just go. I got this. I’ll come over there tomorrow. Okay? Now go home and be there for him.”“Thanks, girl. See you tomorrow.” And Darby left, sad and deeply worried about her Daddy.Nate was heading home from work, rushing back to his baby, Nora. He couldn’t tell you what happened at work, because he spent virtually every minute looking forward to getting home to her. And it wasn’t just the sex, although their lovemaking was absolutely amazing… they had much better chemistry than he ever had with his ex-wife Janie. It was more that. He loved being with her, laughing and talking with her, appreciating her as a woman and an equal. There was no doubt. Nate Rochester was completely in love with his daughter. And she loved him right back.As he walked in the house from the garage, he saw Nora sitting at the kitchen counter, apparently waiting for him. As soon as she saw him, she happily exclaimed, “Daddy! Welcome home! I missed you! We need to talk!”“Uuuggghhh!” groaned Nate and he sighed deeply. “What’s wrong?” Fuck!! And it had been such a nice day.Nora looked confused. “What do you mean?”“Baby, every man knows that ‘we need to talk’ is girl-speak for ‘you done fucked up and we need to talk about your behavior.’”“No, dad, it’s not bad, it’s that, oh, fuck it! Did you hear about Jake and Meredith?”Nate replied, “No, I haven’t talked to Jake in a few days. Why? What happened?”“Meredith was cheating on Jake. Me and Darby saw it. She told her dad and he threw her mom out!”Nate’s jaw dropped. His eyes were so opened in surprise, he looked like somebody had stuck googley-eyes on his face. “That cannot be the whole story. Tell me.”Nora took a breath to slow down. “Okay, you remember the other night me and Darby went over to Lake Point? By that new movie theater? Well, we saw Jake’s car parked in front of the hotel there.”Nate interrupted, “Well that don’t mean anything. That’s Jake’s favorite theater. Him and Mer were probably at the movies.”Nora touched his chest lightly, “Dad, it was last Friday night. Where were you Friday night?”“Well, you were out with Darby, so me and Jake just went to— ohhh… Right. Go ‘head.”Nora rolled her eyes playfully at her dad. “Anyway, we saw Jakes’s car, thought it was him, and Darby called him to check. He told us that Meredith had his car. So we waited. About a half-hour later, she comes out all hugged up with this Ken-doll looking asshole. Darby got them coming out together on bedava bahis video, all hugging and kissing, and everything. Then, hands him the keys and lets him drive Jake’s car!”“So she’s banging this guy, and then lets him drive his car? Baby, are you sure?” Nate asked, skeptical. Surely not Meredith.“Just look for yourself,” said Nora as she pulled up the video Darby took. Nate watched until the car drove away and the picture ended.“Oh, yeah. They fuckin’. They definitely fuckin’, for a while now. AND she let him drive my boy’s ride?! Nah, that bitch gotta go!”“That’s what Jake said. And that’s what Jake did. But dad, let me ask you something. I know it’s bad that she’s cheating, but why are you guys so mad about him driving Jake’s car? I mean, why is that extra bad? I just wanna understand.”“Sweetie, let me explain. Cheating is never the problem. It-““The hell you mean, ‘it’s not a problem’?! Dad, I love you with all my soul, but if you cheated on me, man, I’d –““Let me finish, baby girl. And also, I would never, ever hurt you like that. So like I was saying, cheating isn’t the problem. It’s a symptom of the real problem. Kinda like cancer with a cough. For as bad as the cough is, it’s not the problem. The cancer is the problem, and that’s what causes the cough. You see?”Nora nodded.“Letting that asshole drive Jake’s car was disrespectful. The problem in that marriage isn’t that she’s fucking around… she’s fucking around because she don’t respect Jake. That’s the problem. Damn. So he just kicked her to the curb, huh? That’s probably the right move. She don’t respect him, she can’t love him. Gotta call my boy…”Nora stopped him before he could leave. “Wait dad, we’re not done talking.”“Shit! There’s more?!”“Yes! When I said we need to talk, THIS is what I wanted to talk about!” Nora seemed so excited she was almost quivering. “Dad, Darby is straight-up in love with her dad. Just like me with you! I was thinking, if I tell her about us, I’ll bet they’ll end up just like us! Just think about it! Wouldn’t it be great to have another couple we could be ourselves with? And they’re both already our best friends in the world. What do you think?”“Whoa, sweetheart. We knew when we started, this would always have to be a secret. Hell, that’s the price I pay for getting to sleep with my daughter, and I pay it gladly. What if she tells somebody? What if-““Dad, Darby has been my best friend since sixth grade. That’s a ten-year friendship. As far as I’m concerned, she’s my sister. Even if she didn’t have feelings for her dad, and believe me, she totally does, she would keep our secret. I know that for a fact.”“You’re sure, baby? This is serious,” Nate warned. Nora nodded emphatically ‘yes’. “I know Jake… he’s sorta sensitive, but in a good way. He’s probably torn up tight now. Getting together with Darby would be good for him.”“Darby said he’s pretty bad right now.”“It would be nice to have somebody we could really talk to. Alright. But if this blows up our life, I’m blaming you,” laughed Nate, clearly excited at the prospect of his best friend experiencing the same kind of joy that he’d been experiencing for the past year. “So how do we do this? I work on Jake, and you work on Darby?““Dad, let me ask you something. Down in Florida last year, at what point would you have ever made the first move?”Nate thought about his answer. “You’re right, baby. As much as I wanted you, I know that I’m your dad and it’s not right for me to be making moves on my baby girl. It just never would’ve happened unless you made the first move and then made damn sure I understood you really wanted to do this. And here we are. So what do we do?”“I’ll tell her about us, swear her to secrecy, and not suggest, but flat out say she should go after the same thing with her dad. But she should take it slow. He’s hurting and we don’t want deneme bonus him to think this is, you know, rebound sex. She’s crazy smart, and she’s sexy. She’ll get her Daddy.”“Sounds like you’re the smart one,” beamed Nate.“No, you don’t understand, Dad. I graduated with a 4.0 because I worked my ass off. Darby got out with a 3.8 or something and barely cracked a book. No study groups, no extra credit, just crush the assignments and ace the tests. She’s like MENSA level or something.”“But you were always talking about studying together.”“I’d study. She’d help me. She could’ve probably passed all my finals just from what she picked up helping me. She didn’t let anybody know ‘cause she didn’t want faculty hassling her about…” Nora stopped and stared off into the distance like something was finally becoming clear. She said, to herself, really, “Darby doesn’t want to go off and find some big, high-powered career. All she wants is…”“What?”“All she wants is to somehow become Mrs. Darby Steele. That’s all she wants. That’s what I want, too, Mrs. Nathaniel Rochester! Daddy, we’re gonna make all that happen! But first…” She took his hand and led him into the bedroom. “… I need you to explain to me…” she laid back on the bed, beckoning him, “…why my poor neglected pussy is in such an un-licked state?”“Awww, poor baby. Why don’t you take off your shorts and panties and let Dr. Daddy take a look,” Nate said while pulling off his clothes and throwing them to the side. Naked, he crawled up the bed to Nora and pulled her shirt over her head, removing it along with her bra. He bent down and kissed her hungrily, their tongues dueling inside her sweet tasting mouth. He felt her full, lush tits pressed against his naked chest, her nipples like little pebbles hard against his skin. He covered her face and neck in kisses, and then went to her breasts, biting and tugging her nipples with his teeth, eliciting a satisfying groan. As he was sucking and kissing her breasts, he held her close with one arm, and with the other hand, he unsnapped her shorts and pushed the waistband down enough to slip his hand inside her panties, rubbing her smooth, dampening lips. Nate got up from loving her breasts, and stood on his knees over her, proudly displaying his chiseled body and pulsing eight-inch cock to daughter’s worshipful gaze. He reached down and pulled off her shorts and tiny panties in one tug, then took in the sight of his ebony princess, naked and spread out before him eagerly waiting for whatever her king wanted to do to her.He pulled her down the bed a little, then knee-walked up to her head, turned and faced her feet, and then straddled her face, bringing his balls down to her face. She eagerly opened her mouth, licking and sucking his ball sack into her mouth. Darby grabbed her father’s hard cock and squeezed while jacking it slowly up and down, never stopping her tongue-bath of his balls. She licked his taint, and let her tongue slip to tickle his asshole. Nate had never felt anything so amazing! He lost his balance and fell face-first between her legs spread wide, into her simmering pussy, Nora finally getting that 69 she’d been hungry for all day.Nate’s mouth went straight for her clit, massaging it with his skillful, experienced tongue, causing her to cry out, “ooohhh, Daddeee….. ohhh!”  He slid two, then three, then finally four fingers into her tight channel, stretching her beyond belief. Nora was overloading on the pleasure of what her dad was doing to her body. She grabbed his cock and swallowed it, gagging as she struggled to take it all in her throat. Her hips were fucking back at Nate’s fingers, and she got used to the sensation of him using her face and throat. Nate took his fingers out of his baby girl’s abused pussy, and then shoved two back in her snatch and two long thick fingers into her ass, all the way. Nora screamed around her daddy’s cock in her mouth as her orgasm consumed her very soul. She rode that cum for what seemed like an eternity, her father still pumping in and out of all three of her holes and massaging her clit with his tongue. It seemed to go on and on.

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