Clowning AroundClowning Around


I wish I could have met my mother before she died. I thank her every night in my prayers for the remarkable genes she gave me. I’m proud to say I’m perfect. Five foot five, blond hair, and eyes that change from sky blue, to midnight blue, depending on my mood. The only fat on my body is contained in my thirty six inch D cup breasts. I can (and do) eat anything and everything. I never gain an ounce, and have never had a single pimple. The only flaw is a small mole on the back of my right hand. My father raised me by himself, making sure I had everything I could ever want.

We never had a single disagreement, and when I turned eighteen last year, he insisted that I continue to live there as long as I wanted. I took him up on his offer, and enrolled in the local college. Neither of us dated, as we preferred each others company, even though we both had plenty of friends, and even our own social lives despite the fact that we lived in such a small town.

Every holiday, every year, we did the same things as we were creatures of habit. This would be the first year things changed. Most of the kids in our little neighborhood had grown up, so there wouldn’t be much in the way of ‘trick or treaters’ this Halloween. Dad decided to hang with his buddies, and I was going to watch scary movies with my girlfriend, Sara.

Sara was bummed when I arrived, because the cheesy video store ran out of anything remotely scary. We sat around for almost an hour, when Sara had an idea.

“Hey! I know! Let’s put on costumes and go to that silly Halloween party at the Elk’s lodge!” She was all excited, and ran to her room before I could respond. I’ve never been one for dressing up, and I let her know that.

“Oh come on, you big party pooper!” she said as she rummaged through her closet.

“Besides, I don’t have a costume.” I said dryly.

“Aha!” she exclaimed, pulling a box out from under a pile of clothes. Flipping the lid off, she pulled out bunch of latex masks. “Since I wasn’t as pretty as you, I had to cover up my face every Halloween!” she teased. All of the masks were scary, or gory, and we came up with the perfect costumes. After pinning our hair up, we both pulled the latex forms over our heads. We emptied her closet and dresser to find just what we needed to finish our look. Twenty minutes Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort later, we looked at each other, giggled and high fived.

The lodge was fairly subdued with middle aged and older folks, all wearing some corny outfit. They were just standing around, getting plastered, and making small talk. That is, until we walked in. All eyes were upon us as they tried to absorb what they were seeing. Freddy Kruger, and a guy with a hatchet stuck in his head…both wearing mini skirts and spike heeled shoes.

Some stared because we were scary, some stared because we were sexy, I guess it depended on where their eyes fell. The silence was broken when Wolfman started howling at us. Another masked man handed us drinks, and soon the place was back to normal. The punch was well fortified, and we were tipsy within the hour.

Everyone was flirting with everyone else, and we ended up hanging out near the only two guys who didn’t hit on us. They were dressed as clowns, but instead of lots of make up, they wore latex masks, like us. Sara and I teased them by crossing and uncrossing our legs very slowly. Even though they wore masks, we could see their eyes following our every move. Sara excused herself, and headed for the ladies room. She was back in a flash, literally, giving me that Cheshire like grin.

“What?” I whispered. She looked down, and I followed her gaze. She opened her hand enough to show me the skimpy panties she had removed, then stuffed them into her purse. Looking directly at the two men, she again crossed and uncrossed her legs, giving them quite a treat.

“Your turn!” she whispered into my ear. I was nervous, but wasn’t about to be outdone, so I shuffled off to the ladies room. I returned a moment later and sat down next to Sara.

“Well?” she asked impatiently. I just opened my purse and showed her my panties. Then I pushed them aside to reveal my bra. Her jaw dropped when I slowly removed my sweater and sat there in a sheer blouse, with my breasts in plain view. As I began crossing my legs, I giggled at the men. They looked like bobble head dolls, the way their heads bounced up and down, trying to see as much as possible.

The party was contained in one half of the huge building, while the other half was dark. Sara whispered in my ear, and we got up from the well lit table. We sauntered over to the darkened half, and sat next to each other on a padded bench.

“Here they come! Let’s get them off!” she said excitedly. I started to protest, but they were there before I could say anything to Sara. The men stood there, trying to think of something witty to say, when Sara reached out to the guy in front of her. His eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the dark, and was taken by surprise when she grabbed the front of his pants and pulled him close to her. With lightning speed, she had him unzipped and was massaging his penis. I followed her lead, and my guy jumped, but didn’t pull away when I squeezed his cock. Sara leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I’m gonna suck him!” Her head moved in an arc from my ear to the hard member in her hand. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but could hear the soft slurping, and could make out the bobbing of her head.

I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I had the basic idea as my lips touched their first cock. Instinctively my tongue shot out and explored the hard warm skin. His stifled moans told me I was doing the right thing. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sara’s head bobbing faster and faster, and could hear her man groaning. I figured that was what I was supposed to do, so I slowly pushed my lips over his cock. I could feel it throbbing and his hands gently held the sides of my head. I felt I had to do something with my hands, but knew it would probably hurt if I squeezed his nuts, so I just lightly scratched them with my long fingernails.

Sara’s guy grunted and suddenly Sara started choking. I thought that would be embarrassing, and wondered why she was choking all of a sudden. I found out all too quickly when my guy made the same grunting sound, and filled my mouth with something warm and sticky. Because he was holding my head, I couldn’t pull away, and began swallowing. All I could think of was “Don’t choke!” as I tasted the salty syrup. It wasn’t bad at all, and I found myself sucking hard on his cock to get as much as I could.

Some old lady either noticed the two guys were missing, or heard the noises coming from the dark half of the building, because she was heading our way. The two guys quickly zipped up, and intercepted the lady before she saw us.

We slipped out the side door and practically ran all the way back to Sara’s house. After changing, I went home, wearing the mask I borrowed from my friend. I beat my dad home, and had changed into my pajamas and was watching TV when he came in.

“Hi honey!”

“Hi dad.” He walked past me into the kitchen, but did a double take when he walked past the end table.

“Wow, who’s mask?” he asked pointing to the scary head laying there.

“Oh, it’s Sara’s…I borrowed it for Halloween.”

“That’s a popular one…Saw one just like it at the lodge tonight.” he said as he popped a beer open.

“You were at the lodge?” I asked, hoping he didn’t see us there.

“Yeah, Tom’s cable went out so we dressed up as clowns and went down to the lodge.”

Oh my god…

“See?” he said as he pulled a latex clown mask out of his back pocket. “Are you OK?” he asked as I went from pale to bright red and back again. How could I tell my dad I sucked him off an hour ago? And enjoyed it!

“Uh…I’m just a little tired. I think I’m going to go to bed.”

“OK honey, goodnight.”

“Goodnight daddy.” I almost made it up the stairs.

“Oh honey…” I stopped mid stride and spun around. “Mom would have been so proud.” I was confused as he slowly walked towards me.

“She choked the first time, just like your friend, but you handled it well.”

“But…how did you…” I was flustered.

“First off, there’s no hiding your beauty, not even with a mask, and second…” he met me halfway up the stairs and reached for my hand. “And second, this was a dead give away.” he said as he touched the small birthmark on the back of my hand.

“Daddy…I don’t know what to say!” I was mortified.

“Just think about your poor friend Sara, when she finds out her ‘date’ was her uncle!” he chuckled.

“Oh no!” I stammered, remembering Tom was her uncle.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him, and he was pretty smashed. He probably won’t even remember tonight.” he said reassuringly, still holding my hand. His touch told me everything was OK.

He walked me to my bedroom door, but I held his hand tightly as we walked on past and into the master bedroom. I closed the door behind us, and walked over to mom’s side of the bed. Without a word, I slipped out of my pajamas and slid under the covers. Daddy was all smiles as he turned off the light and slid in next to me. Halloween will never be the same!

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