Classical Lover Ch. 02Classical Lover Ch. 02


My name is Samantha. I am an announcer at a classical radio station. I got to interview a violinist named Andre. He asked me to follow him on the rest of his tour. I was surprised when the station manager allowed me to take off work and follow Andre along. The first thing that happened was that Andre and I had sex together. Maybe I was weak, but I had just left my old boyfriend. Andre has been fucking me for nearly two weeks now.

Andre has a long, thin cock that sends shivers up and down my spine. He likes to pull his cock out as we are fucking and just leave the head inside me. This nearly sends me over the edge. That is what Andre is doing right now. He plunges deep inside me and then pulls out. He will ask me if I want anymore from him. I am normally not that vocal in bed, but he is making me beg for his cock. I pleaded with him to continue. He pushed into my wet pussy and he held his dick in place.

My muscles went into some sort of convulsion. I would grip him with all my power until he pulled back once more. I hate to admit it to myself, but Andre has me under his spell. I’ve lost count on how many times he has seeded me over the past couple of weeks. Andre likes to speed up before he fills me. I had my hands on his hips as he drove his erect prick into my hole. That was just ataköy escort when Andre buried his cock inside me one last time and he exploded.

It seems like a shock to my system whenever I feel Andre fill me with his hot cum. This time was no different. Thankfully I am on the pill. I didn’t need to be pregnant right now. Andre kept pumping into me and I gripped his dick and milked him of his cum. We finally cooled down and Andre pulled out of me. Surprisingly, he climbed up over top of me. His dripping dick was positioned right at my mouth.

“Open for me Samantha,” he told me.

This was the first time something like this had happened. Andre slapped the head of his cock against my lips and I opened for him. Andre slid his spent cock down my throat. I was gagging some as he was fucking my mouth. I did clean his root off with my mouth. When Andre finally pulled out I could taste his oily spunk on my breath.

“God, that felt so good,” he told me.

It was something out of the ordinary, that much was for sure. Andre got onto the bed next to my body.

“I need to ask you something,” he told me.

I asked him what it was.

“Come live with me,” he said.

I was so taken by surprise. This was the first he had ever mention this subject. I told bakırköy escort him I had a job, a career that I spent a lot of years trying to build up.

“You won’t have to worry about supporting yourself,” he told me, “I have plenty of money.”

I was always the independent type since leaving college. I didn’t like the thought of putting my fate in any one person’s hands. I told him I liked my job and I don’t like relying on another person for my money. Andre looked hurt when I told him that. I asked him if he was proposing marriage.

“I don’t believe in marriage. I much prefer just having a woman by my side.”

That was not going to work as far as I was concerned. I told him I couldn’t accept his offer. Andre got a pained looked on his face.

“I guess you will be flying back to your work then,” he said to me.

I hated to end our time together on a down note. I told him yes, I would be heading home. I thought that maybe Andre was going to abandon me there in the hotel room. He got up and went to a dresser. He handed over a first class airfare back to my home town. That was the last time we had sex together. The next day I flew home. I got back to my apartment that evening. I had broken up with my lazy boyfriend right before I left to be with Andre. The place was deserted.

I went and took a shower after I got back. My mind was still spinning from all that had happened. I got onto my bed and reached over to the dresser. I opened it and pulled out my vibrator. It is probably eight inches in length and fairly thick. I hadn’t used it in some time. I turned it on and brought it to my pussy lips.

I started to rub up and down my slit. All the time I was thinking about Andre. Did I just fuck up a good thing with my classical lover? I slid the vibrator into my wet pussy. I ended up pushing it in the whole way. I turned the speed up to maximum and I let out this loud moan. I was pushing it in and out and pretending it was Andre. I was wishing he were fucking me right then. I circled the vibe around inside me. I managed to get myself worked up.

I knew I was getting close and I pulled it out one last time and then shoved it into my greedy pussy. I started to squirt uncontrollably. I would pull it out and squirt my juices and then push it back into my tunnel. I must have shot five good times until I finished myself off. I pulled the vibrator out. I was on my back with my legs spread wide. I almost reached for my phone to call Andre back. I wanted to tell him I would accept his offer, but I didn’t place the call.

Maybe I was just stubborn. I didn’t want to trade in my freedom for sex. I just hope I don’t weaken over the next few days and beg Andre to take me back and fuck me like I have become accustomed.

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