An Asian Spa ExperienceAn Asian Spa Experience


This is a departure from my dedication to BBW’s. (Don’t worry. I’ll be back!) I was asked by a friend to post this story, written several years ago. I’ve updated it and hope everyone enjoys.

SUN SPA. I’d passed the place a hundred times since it opened and never given it a second glance. Man was I missing out.

It had been a particularly awful day at work. My boss had treated me like a piñata all day.

“When’s that fucking report going to be done? Where’s the goddamned Drummond file? Can you be any fucking slower getting that audit onto my desk, you dumb shit?”

I thought that if I heard one more complaint come out of his mouth I’d have to… Well. I don’t know what I’d have to, but it wasn’t going to be pretty.

“Dumb fuck”, I thought to myself.

My shoulders were knots. My head was killing me. I felt like I had the DT’s I was shaking so badly.

5:00pm had never looked so good.

Though there is a lot more to the process, in simple terms, thunder is caused when a lightning strike creates a vacuum as it burns up the atmosphere. The air crashing back into this vacuum causes thunder as the air “claps” together.

My leaving the office that day was just like that. I left so fast I created a vacuum. I actually think I heard thunder behind me as I went out the door.

My mind was going a mile-a-minute. I was busily telling my boss what I thought of him, his fucking company, his mom, and the horse he road in on.

Suddenly though I was aware that traffic was stopped ahead of me and that I hadn’t even begun to slow down.

I didn’t know that both feet would fit onto the brake pedal until that very moment. How I didn’t push a hole into the floorboard I’ll never know, but the horrific screeching of tires, followed by the blessed lack of metal on metal contact sounds, assured me that I had stopped in time.

I don’t think a sheet of paper would have slid between my front bumper and the rear bumper of the car in front of me.

The guy in that car was animatedly telling, and showing me, that I was

in his book.

I consciously made an effort to stop thinking about work on the rest of the drive.

I turned onto Harborough Drive, about four blocks from my place, and saw the sign. SUN SPA. SHIATSU. BODY SHOWERS. STRESS-RELIEVING MASSAGE.

Without even thinking about it I pulled into the parking lot.

Stress-relieving massage was just what the doctor ordered.

I parked the car and walked to the door of a rather plain, one-story, white, aluminum sided house. A sign over the doorbell read, “Please Ring Bell”. (Which I personally probably never would have figured out.

“Oh you RING the doorbell”, I thought to myself grumpily.

Thinking that, only made me more assured that a massage was what I needed, and the sooner the better.

I depressed the doorbell and heard chimes inside the building. Moments later the door opened and an Asian woman, who looked to be about 50 years old, beckoned me inside.

I was standing in a small vestibule. A teakwood table held a vase of silk flowers and a small basket of peppermints. Two overstuffed chairs were against the wall. The lighting fixture was a red oriental silk design, which washed the entire area in a dim red light.

The woman smiled at me.

“You want massage?” She asked pleasantly.

“Yes I would.”

“Come with me honey”, she said as she turned and walked down the hallway to the right of the vestibule.

I followed her to a door which was simply marked “3”.

She opened the door for me and led me inside.

The room was dimly lit but the room contents were clearly visible.

A chair stood against the right wall. Just above it was a clothes bar with several hooks. A shoehorn, a small plastic bag with a string tie, and a robe hung there.

A dressed massage table, with linens folded with military precision, stood in the center of the room. Three towels were neatly folded and sitting on the massage table.

In the corner, against the left wall, was a small, two-tiered table. A clock radio, a small copper incense burner, and a small sign that read “Tipping is not mandatory but appreciated” were on the top tier. A comb and a variety of toiletries (baby powder, massage oils, colognes) were on the bottom tier.

The smell of incense, and the warmth of the room, was making me feel better all ready.

The sound of the woman’s voice snapped me back from my reverie.

“$50”, the woman said to me matter-of-factly.

I didn’t say it to her, but if anything would make me feel better right now I’d have paid $200.

I took out my wallet bursa escort and gave her a $50 bill.

“Shower?” She asked.

After a day like I had, a hot shower would feel great, I thought to myself.

“Sure”, I said.

“You get undressed and Suki will be with you in a minute”, the woman said as she exited the room.

“Suki”, I murmured to myself in surprise.

It was the first time that I realized that the woman who met me at the door was not the masseuse.

I undressed and hung my clothes on the clothes bar. Then feeling self-conscious, as the clothing looked out of place in such an orderly room, I took them down and folded them neatly, placing them on the chair. I then put on the robe.

Moments later there was a light rapping at the door, and the door opened.

How do you explain a woman like Suki? She was wearing a silky, blue, oriental style robe. Her hair fell almost to her knees; jet black and perfectly straight.

Her smile was warm and friendly. Beautiful, dark almond eyes, that exuded raw sensuality and beauty. She was simply magnificent.

“Hello. I am Suki. Do you want sauna before your shower? She asked in heavily accented English, instantly bringing me back to reality.

I introduced myself, “I’m Don. That would be nice”, I said sheepishly as I caught myself staring at her.

I followed her down the hallway to a wooden door. The thermostat outside the door confirmed that this was the sauna.

She opened the door and I entered. She asked me for my robe. As she took the robe from me she handed me a towel which I quickly wrapped around my waist. She closed the door and walked away.

I sat down on the bench and began soaking up the heat. Suki was right. This was a good idea before I took a shower. Relax a bit. Open the pores. I was definitely feeling better.

As I sat on the bench I noted a pile of magazines off to my right. News, entertainment, sports. The usual stuff until I got midway into the pile.

I picked up a magazine and read, “ASIAN EXTASY”. The picture on the front cover showed an Asian woman sucking on a dildo. A large black circular sticker had been strategically placed to move the “XXX” rating to a heavy “R”.

I began to page through the magazine and had to admit that it was pretty hot stuff.

As luck would have it the door opened and Suki was back. I dropped the magazine onto the bench with the page open to a picture of a strapping young man driving, what appeared to be, his foot-long cock into a young Japanese girl, as she was bent over her bed.

Suki walked towards me and simultaneously looked down at the picture as she wrapped her hand around my stiffened cock.

“You like her fuck?” She asked in a sensuous voice that nearly had me cumming right there.

“Oh yeah”, I breathed out sharply.

She pulled on my cock urging me out of the sauna.

“You come take shower”, she said as she continued to pull me by my dick down the hallway.

We stopped at another doorway that was covered with a shower curtain. She pulled the shower curtain aside and released my cock, beckoning me to enter before her.

I entered the room to find another clothes bar on the right wall, and a long Naugahyde covered table against the left wall. At the far end of the room was a large green barrel, full of water, and a hand-held showerhead hanging on the wall, with a long shower hose connected to it.

I felt Suki’s arms wrap around my waist as she untied my robe.

“Hang your robe here and lie down on table, facedown, when I tell you”, she instructed me.

Suki took off her robe and hung it on the clothes bar next to my robe. She wore a simple one-piece bathing suit that revealed little, but accentuated her petite breasts and cute butt.

She walked around me and took a large bucket filled with water out of the barrel. She threw three or four buckets full across the table and then instructed me to lie down.

I was a bit concerned about lying on the table in the condition I was in, but I managed after an adjustment or two.

In the meantime Suki had adjusted the water temperature from the showerhead and had placed it into the barrel. She began taking buckets of warm water and pouring them all over my body from my neck down to my toes.

She then sprayed a sweet smelling liquid soap onto my back and legs, and began washing me with a large sponge.

Suki was extremely thorough and did not miss a single spot, even washing between my toes, and deep into the crack of my ass. Once I was completely soaped down, and thoroughly washed, Suki took the showerhead and rinsed me off.

When she bursa escort bayan was through, she instructed me to roll over and repeated the process. It was an exhilarating feeling.

When my body shower was complete, Suki had me sit up, and she washed and shampooed my hair.

Now that I was totally clean, Suki had me stand in front of her as she towel dried every square inch of my body.

Completely dry, I put my robe back on and followed her back to Room 3.

When we entered Suki again instructed me to hang my robe and to lie face down on the massage table. Fortunately the table had a circular cutout so my face could parallel the floor and I could breathe easily.

After I lay onto the table, Suki covered my lower back and ass with a large towel.

She came around to the head of the table and asked me how I wanted the massage.

“Light, medium, or hard”, she asked.

As I had never been here before, I wasn’t sure what she meant.

I thought about it a moment and figured that, since it had been a hard day, I might as well get a hard massage.

“Hard, I think”, I said.

“Just minute”, Suki said to me sweetly. “Be right back.”

Suki left the room and I had a chance to think for a minute. So far I had been right. The sauna and shower had definitely helped me leave the day behind me.

Despite the fact that Suki had grabbed my cock and led me to the shower, the shower had been just that, a shower.

Even though I was nude, Suki wasn’t, and she had performed her job quickly and efficiently. Even grabbing my cock might have been a scolding of some sort. (Yeah I’m a dummy sometimes!)

I decided to play it cool and just enjoy my massage.

The door reopened and I could definitely here Korean voices speaking softly to each other, though I could not see who was speaking.

The door shut and Suki walked back to the head of the table.

“Don”, Suki said. “Kimi to help me. Okay?”

I looked up from the massage table. Both women were dressed in their bathing suits. Kimi had much shorter hair and much larger breasts. I had no compaint whatsoever.

“Sure Suki. Hi Kimi”, I said as I settled my face back into the table’s breathing hole.

I heard both of them approach the table and open a massage oil bottle. I then felt a small stream of cool liquid spray across my back and arms.

Kimi came to my side and immediately began to massage my left arm. Her fingers dug deep into, and under the muscles, making me wince and inhale sharply at the unexpected pain.

I felt Suki climb onto the table and kneel over my butt as she leaned forward and began to massage my back.

Suki’s fingers worked with the same unexpected strength. She dug deep into the muscles of my shoulders and neck, and slowly, methodically, worked her way down my back.

“You tight”, Suki said to me. “Bad day?”

“More than you’ll ever know”, I said, tightening up a bit more as a picture of my boss flitted through my mind.

Kimi leaned forward near my ear. Her English was much better than Suki’s.

“Well you just let us take care of that. We have you feeling much, much better.”

My cock stiffened a bit as I thought of how they could make me feel better, but a sudden double assault on my muscles drove that thought away quickly.

Both Suki and Kimi were experts at their profession. What started off painfully became most pleasurable as my muscles loosened. Even though they were still massaging the muscles hard, I was feeling invigorated.

My arms, my hands, my fingers, my back, my neck, my head, my legs, my feet, my toes. The only area they hadn’t touched was my towel-covered butt.

Suki and Kimi had worked their way to the soles of my feet and I felt great. I would definitely have to do this again I thought to myself.

Unexpectedly the massage intensity changed.

I could feel one set of hands lightly dragging fingernails along my legs, slowly stroking each leg from my ankles to the edge of the towel, a few inches below my ass.

A minute or so later the fingernails on my legs stopped and I felt the same light touch of fingernails dragging across my back. It was an exquisite change from the hard massage I had just experienced.

A minute or so later I felt two sets of hands. One continued to lightly scrape my back, the other lightly scraped my legs. It was an unbelievable feeling.

The sensations changed moment to moment. I felt what was obviously Suki’s hair dragging across my back, and Kimi was apparently lightly kissing and licking my legs. They would alternate between hair and lips, with their fingernails.

When escort bursa I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt Suki lightly kiss my back, and then a new sensation. It took me a moment but I realized that Suki was massaging my back with her nipples.

As Suki began to work her magic on my back I felt Kimi’s fingernails reach the edge of the towel and pull it off of me. Her fingers began to delve down along my inner thigh, slowly dragging the fingernails, driving me crazy.

My cock was rock-hard, painfully so as it pressed into the massage table.

Suki’s hair dragged across my ass as I spread my legs and attempted to raise my groin off of the table.

As I spread my legs Kimi’s fingernails worked their way to my scrotum, lightly scraping it as well. A lightning bolt of pleasure shot through me and I raised up even further from the table.

Suki was now dragging her fingernails across my ass. Kimi had a hand wrapped around my throbbing cock and was slowly stroking it. The massage oil on her hands helped them slide easily and evenly along its length.

I found myself raising up even further from the table as I spread my legs even wider.

Kimi had begun to stroke my cock in earnest, and Suki’s hair and fingernails seemed to be everywhere, heightening the excitement in every nerve of my body.

I could feel the cum welling up in my balls and I knew that it was only going to take another moment or so to take me over the top.

I felt Suki’s fingernails travel from my ass to my groin as she helped Kimi egg me on. Kimi’s hand was pistoning up and down my cockshaft, driving me absolutely wild.

I began to moan incoherently.

“Oh god. Oh my god. I’m going to cum! I’M GOING TO CUM!!” I shrieked.

Suki’s hands began to fondle my balls as Kimi suddenly shoved a finger deep into my asshole.

Surprise and pleasure mixed to vault me over the top.

A blast of milky sperm juice jetted from my cockslit and splattered on a towel that one of the ladies must have slipped in place when I raised up off of the table.

Neither Kimi nor Suki changed their tactics.

Kimi wormed her finger deeper into my ass while Suki moaned as she felt the blasts of sperm exit my balls.

Stream after white-hot stream exploded from my cocktip, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. Suki and Kim did not slow down until the last vestige of goo dripped from my deflated cock.

Suki folded the towel over and lightly wiped the last couple of droplets from my limp dick.

As she pulled the towel off of the table she told me to roll over onto my back.

Kimi placed a pillow under my head and I had a chance to see them both in their totally naked glory for the first time.

“Lie back and relax”, Kimi said to me as she began to massage my temples.

Suki took a warm washcloth and completely cleaned my cock and balls. She then began to massage my legs.

Other than the fact that they were both completely nude, you would never have suspected that these ladies had performed such an act as I had experienced. Their massage technique was almost clinical, but felt oh so good.

A few minutes later the massage came to an end.

Kimi lightly kissed me on the forehead.

“There. Do you feel better now?” She asked with a smile.

I was so relaxed I could hardly speak.

“Absolutely”, I said. “I can’t thank you enough.”

Suki and Kimi helped me up from the table and I went and took my wallet out of my pants pocket.

“Tipping may not be mandatory”, I said with a grin, “but it is definitely well deserved”.

I handed them each a $100 bill.

Kimi stuck hers into the pocket of her robe, which was hanging next to Suki’s. She then gave me a hug, squeezing her body against mine in a way that definitely was bringing the dead back to life.

I looked over at Suki who was bent over at the waist putting her money into a small box under the two-tiered table.

Her ass looked scrumptious from where I was standing and I suddenly pictured the photograph in the sauna magazine with Suki and I being the models.

My rod sprung to full attention and pressed against Kimi. She reached down and wrapped her hand around its girth.

As Suki walked back towards us I took another $50 out of my wallet.

“I’m still just a wee bit tight ladies”, I said with a chuckle. “Maybe another session will help that go away.”

Suki stopped, turned, and bent over the massage table, spreading her legs, and exposing her almost hairless pussy and pink, puckered asshole to me.

Kimi took the $50 bill out of my hand and said, “Oh we can’t have you leaving here tight now can we?”

It was an expensive, but totally satisfying, evening that left me hoping that my boss would scream at me at least once a week. (Okay, at those prices, once a month.)

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